A Billion Dollar Exchange
A Chaotic World
A Crowd Of Evil Spirit Lines Up To Confess To Me
A Cute Woman And Her Clingy Husband
A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, And Heartwarming Bliss
A Fight For Love
A God In Percy Jackson Redux
A Guide To Raising Your Natural Enemy
A Joyful Happenings In The House - The Gentle And Virtuous Man That Fall From The Sky
A Lifetime Of Peace And Care
A Lovely Girl Turning Into A Rat
A Match Made in Heaven
A Match Made in Heaven (Huang Yan Ting)
A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue
A NEET's Guide To The Parallel World: Healer, The Strongest Cheat?
A Paragon Of Wuhun
A Reincarnated Mage's Tower Dungeon Management
A Rose Dedicated To You
A Sense Of Purpose
A Serenade For The Innocent
A Snail's Wisdom
A Sorcerer's Journey
A Stay-at-home Dads Restaurant In An Alternate World
A Straight Guy's Nightmare
A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad
A Thousand Years Of Separation~Today, I Shall Be The Villainess~(WN)
A Walk-on Actor Who Wants To Be A Baker
A Wifes Cry
A Wild Last Boss Appeared
A Wish To Grab Happiness
A Wizards Secret
Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World.
About Making The Low-Tier Tamer Profession Top-Tier Using My Previous Life's Knowledge
Absolute Shopping Addict
Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife
Ace Of The Dragon Division
Across Time And Space
Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife Of The Military Ye
Addicted To You
Adopted Soldier
Adopting And Raising The Male Lead And The Villain
Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!
Adremedian Prince
Adventures Of Sarah Stevens
Adventures With A Reincarnated Bush
Affection: Fate Of The Pair
After Brushing Face At The Apocalypses Boss For 363 Days
After The Legend
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
Against The Gods With An Anime System
Age of Adepts
Age Of Adventure
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens
Aiming To Be The Best Magician In The World!
Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor
Akuyaku Reijou Ni Nanka Narimasen. Watashi Wa『Futsuu』no Koushaku Reijou Desu!
Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Oitaishi ni Dekiai Sareru
Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao
Alluring His Wife: The Evil King's Fifth Consort
Almadianos Eiyuuden
Almighty Game Designer
Almighty King Of Medicine
Almost A Cat-astrophic Love Story
Although I Am Only Level 1, but with This Unique Skill, I Am the Strongest
Although Its The Weakest An Unprofitable Occupation,『Blacksmith』, Has Become The Strongest. ~Realized He Can Make Anything He Wants, The Man Started His Leisurely Life~
Am I A God?
Amazing Doctor With Super Vision
Amorous Slave Girl
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
An Unparalleled Master Of Martial Arts
Another Worlds Versatile Crafting Master
Anti-Cheater Strategies
Apostle Of The Gods
Arcane Age
Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
As The Demon King, I Am Very Distressed Because The Hero Is Too Weak 1.0
As The Minor Gay Rival In Het Novels
Ascendance Of A Scummy Hero
Ascending, Do Not Disturb
Assassin Farmer
Assistant Architect
Avoid The Protagonist!


Daily Life Of A Wealthy Woof
Dao: Journey To The Top Of The Universe
Dark Blood Age
Dark Hope
Dark Star Survivor
Darkness Inside The Light
Daughters Of The Elite
Dead On Mars
Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
Death Progress Bar
Death Scripture
Demon Guardian In The Multiverse
Demon King/The Parting of the Orchid and Cang
Demon Lord's Reincarnation
Demon Slaying System
Demon Sword Maiden
Demon's Virtue
Descent Of The Phoenix - 13 Years Old Princess Consort
Desharow Merman
Destined Wife: The Apple Of My Eye
Devils Son-in-Law
Didn Know General Was Female
Different World Reincarnation As A Sage ~With My Gaming Knowledge, I'll Become The World's Strongest~
Dinghai Fusheng Records
Dio El
Divine Beast Adventures
Divine Brilliance
Divine Emperor Of Death
Divine Protection of Many Gods
Divine Talent Born Mortal
Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat The Demon King?
Don Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don Heal The Others
Don Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin
Don't Act Naive: You Are Already Mine
Don't You Like Me
Doomsday Wonderland
Douluo Dalu - The Story Of Sheng Feilong
Douluo Dalu : White God
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend
Dragon Ball Digital Colored
Dragon Emperor, Martial God
Dragon God Of Blood
Dragon God System
Dragon Prince Yuan
Dragon-Marked War God
Dragon-san Wants A Friend
Dragonborn Saga
Dragons Heart
Dream Star
Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~
Dual Cultivation
Dungeon Core Online
Dungeon Defense
Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army
DxD System In DxD
Dying In The Middle Of A Class Summoning


I Alone Level-Up
I Already Said I Don't Want To Be Reincarnated, Didn't I!? ~the Suffering Of The Goddess Of Reincarnation~
I Am A Big Villain
I Am A Good Man
I Am A Matchmaker On Taobao
I Am A Summoning Master
I Am A Witch Requested By My Crush To Make Love Potion
I Am Really A Superstar
I Am Supreme
I Am The Lucky Cat Of An MMORPG
I am the Monarch
I Am This Type Of Woman
I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is A Villain
I Became A Virtuous Wife And Loving Mother In Another Cultivation World
I Became The Secretary Of A Tyrant
I Can Download
I Can Speak with Animals and Demons
I Cant Miss !!!
I Deserve A Second Chance
I Didn Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate!
I Died And Turned Into A Cat
I Don Know Martial Art
I Don't Want You To Be Responsible!
I Found A Planet
I Found My Dad Is A Crossdresser
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
I Have A Secret
I Have A Sickness
I Have Amnesia, Don't Be Noisy!
I Have Medicine
I Heard That My Fiance Is Super Fierce
I Just Want To Be In A Relationship
I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home?
I Like Your Pheromones
I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
I Never Run Out of Mana
I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game
I Really Can't Act
I Really Want To Go Against The Sky
I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
I Rely On Kisses To Clear Survival Games
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
I See Them
I Think My Boyfriend Is Sick
I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything!
I Want To Be In A Relationship
I Want To Waste Away Time With You
I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated
I Was Born The Unloved Twin
I Was Just An Only Child Boy, Now I Became One Of A Four Quadruplet Sisters
I Was Naked When I Reached The Other World
I Was Reincarnated And Now Im A Maid
I Was Sent To Another World To Take It Over
I Wasn't Born Lucky
I Will Be The Harem King
I Will Survive
I Woke Up Piloting The Strongest Starship, So I Became A Space Mercenary
I Would Like To Become A Fox You Like
I'll Always Be With You, Okay?
I'm Not Human
I'm Not Shouldering This Blame
I'm Pregnant With The Villain's Child
I'm Really a Superstar
I've Been Pregnant For 10 Years Without Giving Birth
I've Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?
If You Are A Dodder Flower
If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die
If You Don't Go To Hell, Who Will?
Illimitable Until Death
Im Guilty, My Beauty
Immortal God Emperor
Immortal Moon
Impenetrable Dungeon
Imperfect Desires
Imperial Uncle
In Another World With Common Sense
In Search of Love
In The Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure
In Which The System Torments The Protagonists: My Wife Is My Life!
Indulgent Husband And Sweet Wife
Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband
Input Log Dates
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
Inside The Fire
Into the World of Medicine
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
Invincible Kungfu Healer
Inyouchuu ~Exorcisms Of The Lewd School~
Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu!
Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu
Isekai Slave Master
Isekai Tanjou Series
Isekai Tensei No Boukensha
Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~
It Is A Different World And Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters
It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future
Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu
Its Easy To Take Care Of A Live-in Hero!
Its Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future
Its Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me
Ivan Dejavu No Ichinichi
Ivory Moonlight
I’m in Hollywood
I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl
I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless


Magic Industry Empire
Magical Academy: Rise Of The Supreme Magic Craftsman
Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won't Hang Her Head Down Anymore
Magical Explorer
Magitech Awakenings
Magi’s Grandson
Mai Kitsune Waifu
Main Character Hides His Strength
Major General's Smart And Gorgeous Wife
Makikomarete Isekai Teni Suru Yatsu Wa
Malachi God
Male God, Shine Bright!
Man Huang Feng Bao
Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha
Married 24 Times
Martial Arts Master
Martial Peak
Master Of Erossu Book
Master Of Exotic Planting
Master Of Time
Master Of Trading Star Card Game
Master Of Untold Daos
Master’s Smile
Mechanical God Emperor
Medical Martial God
Medical Master
Medical Princess
Medical Sovereign
Mediterranean Hegemon Of Ancient Greece
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Mezametara Chikashitsu!? ~Tensei Shoujo no Yume no Saki~
Milady's Fine Gentleman
Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress
Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress
Miss Demon Maid
Mistress, I Was Wrong
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til It Breaks
Mo Yan's Transmigration Inside The Book
Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
Monster Card Master
Monster Factory
Monster Integration
Monster no Goshujin-sama
Monster Pet Evolution
Monster Soul Online
Moonlight On The Snowfield
Morning, The Heir
Moto Sekai Ichii No Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki
Mr Ceo's Little Lover
Mr Fu, I Really Love You
Mr. Earnest Is My Boyfriend
Mr. Nobu’s Otherworld Chronicles
Mr. You, Please Dote On Me
Ms. Attractive And Inciting CEO
Mulan Has No Elder Brother
Murder School
Murder The Dream Guy
Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku
My Artist Is Reborn
My Attack Stat Is Negligible, So I Can't Help But Rely On Critical Attacks To Succeed
My Beastly Husband
My Beautiful Wife, Please Give Me Some Pin Money!
My Boyfriend Is A Dragon
My Castle, My Castellan
My Classmate Is 200 Million Years Old
My Cold And Beautiful Wife
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
My Disciple Wants To Tease Me Every Day
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me
My Evil Cinderella: Taming A Villainous Wife
My Extraordinary Achievement
My Extraordinary Achievements
My Father in Law is Lu Bu
My Father Is A Hero, My Mother Is A Spirit, The Daughter (Me) Is A Reincarnator.
My First And Last Man
My Funny Consort
My Fury Will Burn The Heavens
My Future Self Is Ruining My Life!
My Girlfriend is a Zombie
My Girlfriend Is Really A Superstar
My House Is a Magic Power Spot ~Just by Living There I Become the Strongest in the World~
My House Of Horrors
My Husband Extends My Life With His Money
My Husband With Scholar Syndrome
My Inseparable House Guests
My Life As A Salamander
My Life As A Tomb Robber
My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra
My Love, You Will Never Escape From Me
My Master Disconnected Yet Again
My Mr.Mermaid
My Neighbours
My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
My Possessive Admirer
My Ranch
My Rebellious Vicious Concubine
My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!
My Sister The Villainess
My Status As An Assassin Obviously Exceeds The Heros
My Stubborn Mistress
My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic
My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes In Anger After I Ran Away
My Way To You
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
My Wife Spoils Me Too Much
My Youth Began With Him
My Youth Begins With Loving You
Mystical Encounters


Painting of the Nine Immortals
Paradise of Demonic Gods
Paragon Of Destruction
Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love Nest
Part-Time Taoist Priest
Past Promises
Path Of Medicine With A System
Peach Blossom Debt
Peerless Genius System
Peerless Martial God 2
Peerless Pill God
Perfect Fiancé
Perfect Match
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Perfect Superstar
Perverted Otherworlder
Pet Addiction: The Princes Desire To Spoil His Pet
Pet King
Phoenix Phire
Phoenix's Fated Half
Physicians Odyssey
Picked Up In Winter
Pink Conspiracy
Pivot of the Sky
Plan To Trap The Golden Thigh
Please Confess To Me
Please Continue Protecting Me
Please Respect The Occupation 'Evil Spirit'
Please Treat Us Fairly, Your Majesty
Pleasing Start-Over
Poison Doctor Demon Consort
Poison Genius Consort
Pokemon Pearl
Population Control
Postnatal Care Of A Sow
Power And Wealth
Power Of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves
Power Up, Artist Yang!
President Daddy's Excessive Love
President Daddy's Infinite Pampering
President Wife is A Man
Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle Vs Young Wife
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy
Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories
Primordial System
Prince Of Death
Princess Dolly And The Witch Of Ezra
Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams
Princess Medical Doctor
Princess Sets Poison Again
Pristine Darkness
Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
Profane Prince Of Domination
Professional Accomplishment Of A White Lotus
Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire
Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy
Pure Love X Insult Complex
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
Pursuit of the Truth
Put Your Head On My Shoulder


Re: Survival
Real Cheat Online
Realm Of Myths And Legends
Reaper Of The Martial World
Rebirth - City Cultivation
Rebirth And Redemption
Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character
Rebirth Into An Interstellar Marriage
Rebirth Merchant: Wonderful Space Hunting For Military Officer
Rebirth Of A Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei
Rebirth Of A CV Star
Rebirth Of A Dragon God
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
Rebirth of Chen An
Rebirth of MC
Rebirth Of The Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei
Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife
Rebirth Of The Generals Granddaughter
Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal
Rebirth Of The Heavenly Demon (Taegyu)
Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being
Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce
Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant
Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns
Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress
Reborn As A Good Child
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel
Reborn Girl's New Life
Reborn Little Girl Won Give Up
Reborn With An Old Enemy On The Day Of Our Marriage
Reborn: Legendary Female General Is Here!
REBORN: Revenge
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
Red Packet Server
Reign Of The Phoenix
Reijou Wa Mattari Wo Goshomou
Reincarnated Into A Hell Hound - BL/Yaoi
Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Reincarnating As Issei Hyodo In DxD World
Reincarnation - Lord Is Extremely Hardcore
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Reincarnation Of The Cheater
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman
Reincarnation Paradise
Release That Man
Remarried Empress
Remember Self-Control: Bossy Husband Loves Me Deep To Soul
Resident Evil: Vengeance
Restart Home
Return Of The 8th Class Mage
Return Of The Female Knight
Return of the Former Hero
Return Of The Legendary Hunter
Return Of The Swallow
Returning from the Immortal World
Reverend Insanity
Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta
Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife
Ring Of The Gods
Rise From The Doom
Rise Of A Fallen God
Rise Of Humanity
Rise Of The Undead Legion
Rock Sugar And Pear Stew
Royal Roader on My Own
Run, Girl (If You Can)
Runaway Guide
Ruri To Yuri To Hime To Majo


Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Salvation Began From Cafe
Scholar's Advanced Technological System
Scum Males Whitewashing Manual
Seal Cultivation For Self-Improvement
Searching For You
Second Life Ranker
Secrets Of The Deep
Seeking Good Temptation
Seeking Happiness
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
Seijo Ni Narunode Nidoume No Jinsei Wa Katte Ni Sasetemoraimasu ~Outaihi Wa, Zensei De Watashi Wo Futta Koibito Deshita~
Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou
Seized By The System
Seizing A Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort
Seizing Dreams
Self-proclaimed! An Ordinary Demonic Hero's Life ~ The Result Of Creating A Cheat Dungeon Despite Being A B-class Demon
Sha Po Lang
Shadow Hack
Shameless Gangster
Shan He Biao Li
ShangriLa Frontier ~ Shitty Games Hunter Challenges Godly Game ~
Shapeshifter Paradignam
She Becomes The Hero In Another World
She Transmigrated And Started Different Life
She Will Be Mine
She's That Knight Known As Zero
Shh, There's A Beast In The Imperial Palace
Shiinamachi-senpai no Anzenbi
Shikkakua Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō To Shichi-nin No Kikōshi
Shinigami Ni Sodaterareta Shoujo Wa Shikkoku No Ken Wo Mune Ni Idaku
Shoujo Grand Summoning
Show Me The Money
Shut Up: You, Nymphomaniac Evil Sword
Side Character Transmigrations : The Final Boss is No Joke
Side Profiles And Irises ~Yes, No, Or Maybe Half? Spinoff~
Silent Crown
Silver Overlord
Simply Trading
Sina Lorena, Pawikana At Ang Kaharian Ng Mga Sirena
Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch
Slowly Falling For Changkong
So Pure, So Flirtatious
So What If You've Been Reborn?
Soaring of Galaxia
Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?
Son God Marvel
Son Of Chaos
Son of Destruction
Son Of The Spirit Beast
Sona, A Goddess Queen In A Modern World.
Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage
Song Tian's Farm And His Daily Life
Sons Of High Society
Soul Of Searing Steel
Soul War: Journey To A New Life
Soulmate; Life After Death
Sovereign To Immortality
Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman
Spare Me, Great Lord!
Special Agents Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration
Spending My Retirement In A Game
Spending The Villain's Money To Extend My Life
Spirit Immortal
Spring Blooms When I'm With You
Star Rank Hunter
Starbound: A Space Odyssey
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
Starlight Has No Past
Starship Commander Trapped In A Fantasy World
Start By Becoming A Mangaka
Starting A New Life For The Discarded All-Rounder
STB System In Strike The Blood
Still, Wait For Me
Stone Age Husband Raising Journal
Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam
Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
Strategy To Capture That Scum Gong
Strike Back, Proud Goddess!
Strong Offense And Defense
Strongest Abandoned Son
Strongest Counterattack
Sugar And Spice: The CEOs Feisty Wife
Sugar Baby
Summoner Sovereign
Summoning The Holy Sword
Super Card System
Super Dimensional Wizard
Super Driver
Super God Gene
Super Soldier
Supercar System
Superstars Of Tomorrow
Supreme Magus
Supreme Origin: Time King
Supreme Soaring Immortal
Supreme Uprising
Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld
Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!
Sweet Desire
Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled By The Executive
Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me!
Sweet Wife, Pampered Fast
Sweetness Drowning, Callous Boss And Awkward Wife
Sword Among Us
Sword Art Online: Red's Path
System Anime-game-univers


Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands
Tales From The Spirit World
Tales Of Herding Gods
Taming Master
Tang Yin's Adventure In Another World
Taoist Doctor
Taoist Mind Breeds Demons
Tatsumi Nanami Can't Stop Hypnotic Masturbation
Technomancer: Genesis
Tempest of the Stellar War
Tempting You To Marry Me—Pampered Cute Wifey
Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband
Tensei Kenja No Isekai Raifu ~Daini No Shokugyo Wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou Ni Narimashita~
Tensei Oujo wa Kyou mo Hata o Tatakioru
Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
Terror Infinity Multiverse
Terror Paradise
That Ordinary Mister Is A War God
The 99th Divorce
The Adventure Of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli
The Almighty Asura
The Almighty Martial Arts System
The Almighty Ring
The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder
The Anime Traveller
The Atlantean Compensator
The Banished Villainess Husband
The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse
The Beautiful Idol's Secret
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
The Beauty's Comeback! What My Wife Says Goes
The Best Of You
The Big Landlord
The Black Technology Chat Group Of The Ten Thousand Realms
The Blood Hourglass
The Blood King
The Blue Bride
The Brilliant Fighting Master
The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting
The Card Player In The End Age
The Case Files Of Jeweler Richard
The CEO's Loser Wife
The City of Terror
The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams
The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort
The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess
The Concubine's Daughter Came Around
The Consequences Of Having A Master-Servant Relationship With A Yandere After Reincarnation
The Counterfeit Madam Hou
The Craftsman
The Cultivation God
The Daily Life Of The Immortal King
The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side
The Dark King
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
The Decade Of Deep Love
The Deity Of War
The Demon Against The Heavens
The Demon King Seems To Conquer The World
The Demon King's Wife Adventures
The Destiny Eclipsed
The Devil Is Cage
The Devil's Cage
The Devil's Little Villainess
The Devilish Immortal
The Devious First-Daughter
The Divine Martial Stars
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron
The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!
The Dragon Evolve God
The Dragon Princes Wife Is A Translator
The Dragon's Pet
The Dragons Legacy
The Dreamer In The Spring Boudoir
The Emperor's Pampered Wife
The Employed Empress
The Empress Is Dead
The Empress Is Gigolo
The Empress' Livestream
The Empress's Gigolo
The Enchantress Of Medicine, With The Heaven Defying Child, And The Black Belly Father
The End Of The World's Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby
The Eternal Sanctum
The Euthanasia Facility
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady
The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button
The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess
The Fantastic Super Vision
The Favored Son Of Heaven
The Feast
The Fierce Illegitimate Miss
The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking Broadcast
The First Order
The Foolhardies
The Forgotten Princess
The Former Wife Of Invisible Wealthy Man
The Fortune Of Rebirth: The Counterattack Of The Princess
The Fox Concubine
The Gamer - Naruto World
The Gate Of Good Fortune
The Gatekeeper
The Geared Immortal
The General Loves To Collect Little Red Flowers
The General Who Hates Me
The General's Genius Daughter
The Genie's Curse
The Genius First Love
The Glory After Rebirth
The Goal Is To Become A Gold Spoon So I Need To Be Completely Invulnerable
The God of Sky & Earth
The God Virus
The Gods' Decree
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm
The Great Queen And The Twin Dragon Sword
The Great Thief
The Great Worm Lich
The Haunted
The Heir Of The Dragon Emperor And His Bride Corps (WN)
The Hero's Supplier
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
The Hitting Zone
The Holy Grail Of Eris
The Host Of An Ancient Spirit
The Hourglass
The Human Emperor
The Ice Lord Prime Minister's Black-Bellied Wife
The Immortal Mutant Teen
The Infinite Duo: Bennu Effect
The Invincible Dragon Emperor
The Job Of An Imperial Concubine
The K-Pop Dream
The King Of Special Warfare
The King of the Battlefield
The King's Avatar - For The Glory
The King's Avatar Epilogue - Reunion
The King's Game
The Last Embrace
The Law God - Artic
The Legend Of Black Eyes
The Legend Of Eternal Life
The Legend Of Futian
The Legend Of Ice
The Legend Of Karachuo
The Legend of Sun Knight
The Legend Of The Witch Girl
The Legendary Mechanic
The Legendary Rebuilding Of A World By A Realist Demon King
The Legendary Roll
The Life Of A Female Knight And A Dark Elf
The Little Prince Of The Earth
The Lone Dragon
The Long-awaited Mr Han
The Longest Day In Changan
The Lord Is Empire
The Lust System
The Madec Legacy
The Male Lead's Substitute Wife
The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée
The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother
The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)
The Marshals Want to Get Divorced
The Martial Emperor With Dragon Blood
The Marvelous Dragon Balls
The Men At Her Feet
The Mercenary Group Of The Demon Lord Army's Former Dragon Knight
The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism
The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
The Mysterious CEO
The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
The Noble Girl Who Finds A Nerdy And Plain Guy Moe Thinks That The Arrogant Prince Is In The Way
The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together
The Old Man Who Got A Second Round In Another World
The Only Favourite Ugly Husband
The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl
The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby
The Overlord of Blood and Iron
The Path I Walked
The Path Toward Heaven
The Peach Blossoms Begin To Dance
The Perfect Destiny
The Phoenix Arises
The Pleasure Lord
The Power Of Ten: Sama Rantha
The President Is Being Shameless Again
The Princess Wei Yang
The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool "Asley"
The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex
The Promotion Record of A Crown Princess
The Queen Maker
The Queen's Avatar
The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort
The Rebirth Of Han Yuxi
The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back
The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse
The Record of Unusual Creatures
The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap
The Resplendent Farming Apothecary
The Rest Of My Life Is For You
The Results From When I Time Leaped To My Second Year Of High School And Confessed To The Teacher I Liked At The Time
The Return Of The Noble Abandoned Consort
The Returner
The Reverse Life Of Jiujiu
The Ring That Defies The Heavens
The Rise Of Otaku
The Rise Of The White Lotus
The Road To One Day Be The Strongest
The S-Classes That I Raised
The Sacred Ruins
The Sage Who Transcended Samsara
The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent (WN)
The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System
The Secret Cultivation Manual: Qisha
The Selection
The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President
The Sigil Of Chaos
The Silly Alchemist
The Sinful Life Of The Emperor
The Slaughterman Of Love
The Sparrow Reluctantly Upon The Branch
The Spearmaster and the Black Cat
The Star Light Shines When He Came
The Story Of A Stroppy Princess
The Story Of Dusk
The Story of Hero Among Heroes ~The Founding Chronicles of Arestia
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
The Strongest Clans Master Is The Weakest And Most Evil Support Class ~Even With A Fail Job「Talker」, With My Brains And Dependable Allies Abilities, Im The Worlds Strongest Seeker~
The Strongest Hokage
The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball
The Summoner Is Going
The Supreme Lord Donghuang
The Supreme Sovereign System
The Sweetest Medicine
The Sword And The Dress
The Sword Dynasty
The Swordsman Called The Countless Swords Sorcerer
The System For Mentoring Villain Bosses
The System Of A Vampire
The Tale Never Ends
The Taming Master
The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor
The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him!
The Tiger Within
The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother
The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML
The Traveling Hero Won't Let The Innkeeper's Son Escape
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir
The Tycoon's Daring Wife
The Typhoons Wife
The Ultimate Business Lady
The Ultimate Evolution
The Undead World With Swords And Magic
The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker
The Unexpected Discovery Of Love
The Unknown Beauty
The Unrivaled Tang Sect
The Venerable Swordsman
The Vicious Princess Overturns The World
The Villain And The Cannon Fodder's Mother
The Villain Has Blackened Again
The Villain Has Something To Say
The Villain Is Happy Being A Father
The Villain's Mother
The Villain's White Lotus Halo
The Villain's Wife
The Villainess Fell In Love!
The Villainous Daughters Butler ~I Raised Her To Be Very Cute~
The Villains Face Slapping Counterattack
The Villains Need to Save the World?
The Wanted Wife: Daddy, Mommy Escapes Again!
The Warm Breeze Is Not As Warm As You
The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
The White Cat's Divine Scratching Post
The Witch, Who Once Was Called A Saint
The Wizard Who Came Back
The World Is Overflowing With Monster, I'm Taking A Liking To This Life
The World That Tao Rules
The World's No. 1 Den Of Iniquity
The Wrong Target
The Wrong Way To A Demon Sect Leader
There Was No Secret Organization To Fight With The Worlds Darkness So I Made One (In Exasperation)
There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions Of Starting A Harem
These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy
They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!?
This Hero Is Invincible But Too Cautious
This MC Is Kickass
This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations
This Time You Are Mine
This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong!
This World Has Gone Crazy
Those Boys Gave Me 18 Roses
Those Sweet Times
Those Years I Opened A Zoo
Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus.
Three Marriages
Throne of Magical Arcana
Thunder Martial
To Be A Heartthrob In A Horror Movie
To Deprive a Deprived Person
To Raise A Soul
Toaru Majutsu No Index SS: Biohacker
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System
Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star
Touch Of Fate
Touhou - Amaranth (Doujinshi)
Transcending the Nine Heavens
Transition And Restart
Transmigrated As My Best Friends Ex
Transmigrated As The Villain In A Frustrating Love Novel: Big Bear Love
Transmigration With QQ Farm
Transmigration: Raising The Child Of The Male Lead Boss
Trapped With Tycoon
Trash Of The Count Is Family
Travel To A Primitive World To Build Infrastructure
Treasure Hunt Tycoon
True Star
Trust The Pathfinder
Turn On The Love System
Two Saints Wander Off Into A Different World
Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!
Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife