A Billion Dollar Exchange
A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log
A Chaotic World
A Crowd Of Evil Spirit Lines Up To Confess To Me
A Cute Master's Cultivation
A Cute Woman And Her Clingy Husband
A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, And Heartwarming Bliss
A Devil May Cry Fanfic
A Different Kind Of Journey
A Fairytale For Wizards
A Fascinating Marriage With The Colonel
A Fight For Love
A Gallop On The Embankment With Spring Breeze
A God In Percy Jackson Redux
A Good For Nothing
A Guide To Raising Your Natural Enemy
A Joyful Happenings In The House - The Gentle And Virtuous Man That Fall From The Sky
A Kaiju Reincarnated Into Pacific Rim
A Life's Story
A Lifetime Of Peace And Care
A Living Armour Owns A Tavern
A Love Beyond The Nations
A Lovely Girl Turning Into A Rat
A Maiden's Strange Voyage
A Match Made in Heaven
A Match Made in Heaven (Huang Yan Ting)
A Mistaken Marriage Match - The Pirate's Daughter
A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue
A Mythology On The Universe's Conception
A NEET's Guide To The Parallel World: Healer, The Strongest Cheat?
A New Beginning In A Mana Apocalypse
A Paragon Of Wuhun
A Psychic's Scarlet Dream
A Rain Of Blood Stains Flowers Red
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
A Reincarnated General Manager
A Reincarnated Mage's Tower Dungeon Management
A Returnee Wants To Play VRMMO
A Rose Dedicated To You
A Saiyan In The Multiverse
A Saiyan Reincarnation
A School Story
A Sense Of Purpose
A Serenade For The Innocent
A Shy Girl With A Hidden Talent
A Slave Who Became Emperor
A Snails Wisdom
A Sojourn Of A Transmigrated Housewife
A Sorcerer's Journey
A Spoilt Princess
A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return
A Stay-at-home Dads Restaurant In An Alternate World
A Straight Guy's Nightmare
A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad
A Suspect Of Chase
A Tale of Two Phoenixes
A Thousand Years Of Separation~Today, I Shall Be The Villainess~(WN)
A Time Traveller's Guide To Feudal Japan
A Walk-on Actor Who Wants To Be A Baker
A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu
A Weasel Pays A New Year's Visit To A Chicken
A Webnovel Poem Anthology
A Wifes Cry
A Wild Last Boss Appeared
A Wish To Grab Happiness
A Wizards Secret
A World Without String Is Chaos
A World Worth Protecting
A Yandere' Boyfriend
Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World.
Abandoned To Loved
Abe The Wizard
ABO Cadets
About Making The Low-Tier Tamer Profession Top-Tier Using My Previous Life's Knowledge
Absolute Shopping Addict
Absolute Strengthening Technique
Abyss Domination
Abyss Watcher In The League V2
Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World
Accident Prone
Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife
Accompanying the Phoenix
Ace Of The Dragon Division
Across Time And Space
Adam Black The Grand Sorcerer
Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife Of The Military Ye
Addicted To You
Adopted Soldier
Adopting And Raising The Male Lead And The Villain
Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!
Adremedian Prince
Adventures Of Gaea
Adventures Of Jessica
Adventures Of Sarah Stevens
Adventures Of The Ancient Genius
Adventures With A Reincarnated Bush
Affection: Fate Of The Pair
After Being Approached By His Son's Dad
After Brushing Face At The Apocalypses Boss For 363 Days
After Exchanging Shadows
After The Legend
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
Against the Gods
Against The Gods With An Anime System
Against The Heavens
Age of Adepts
Age Of Adventure
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens
Aiming To Be The Best Magician In The World!
Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor
Akila DarkBrother: Book Two Of The Kasai Series
Aku no Joou no Kiseki
Akuyaku Reijou Ni Nanka Narimasen. Watashi Wa『Futsuu』no Koushaku Reijou Desu!
Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Oitaishi ni Dekiai Sareru
Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu
Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao
ALE: Xithymia - The Sins Of Transcendence
ALE: Xithymia - The Sixth Judgement Of The Darkest Fate
ALE: Xithymia - The Sixth Sin Of Transcendence
Alexander Rose : Rise To Stardom
Alexithymia: The Sins Of Transcendence
Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria
Alien Evolution System
All It Takes Is One Night
All The Male Leads Want To Eat Swan Meat
Alluring His Wife: The Evil King's Fifth Consort
Almadianos Eiyuuden
Almighty Game Designer
Almighty King Of Medicine
Almighty Sword Domain
Almost A Cat-astrophic Love Story
Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary
Although I Am Only Level 1, but with This Unique Skill, I Am the Strongest
Although Its The Weakest An Unprofitable Occupation,『Blacksmith』, Has Become The Strongest. ~Realized He Can Make Anything He Wants, The Man Started His Leisurely Life~
Am I A God?
Am I A Vampire
Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru ni wa
Amazing Doctor With Super Vision
Amnesiac Queen
Amorous Slave Girl
An A-Ranked Adventurer's
An Adult In Pokemon
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
An Isohel Of Hope
An Ordinary Tale About A Hero Defeating The Demon King
An Unparalleled Master Of Martial Arts
Anarchy Of Marvel
Angel Reborn
Angel Smile
Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~
Another War
Another Worlds Versatile Crafting Master
Anti-Cheater Strategies
Apocalypse Cockroach
Apostle Of The Gods
Arafoo Kenja No Isekai Seikatsu Nikki
Arcane Age
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
Arnie In The World Of Centaurs
Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4
As The Demon King, I Am Very Distressed Because The Hero Is Too Weak 1.0
As The Minor Gay Rival In Het Novels
Ascendance of a Bookworm
Ascendance Of A Scummy Hero
Ascenders Rift
Ascending, Do Not Disturb
Ascension Of God
Assassin Farmer
Assassin's Wishes
Assassins' Guild: God Tier
Assistant Architect
Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddys Infinite Pampering
Auntie Toasts The VRMMORPG
Auto Assigned Villainess
Avoid the Death Route!
Avoid The Protagonist!
Awakening Of Legends
Awakening Of The Ancient
Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen
Azur Lane - Cleve Life (Doujinshi)


Baby Contract: Forced Deal With A Dragon
Back Then, I Adored You
Back To The Age Of Dinosaurs
Badge In Azure
Ball Of Nothing
Bambi And The Duke
Bambi And The Dukee
Banished To Another World
Battered Young Miss
Battle Frenzy
Battle Of The Worlds
Battle Royale Of The Sinners
Be Happy With Sports
Beast Cultivating System
Beast Under Her Dress: Princess Don't Run!
Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū
Beautiful Farming Wife
Beautiful Girl Under The Bright Light
Beautiful Monsters
Beauty After Quest Online
Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO
Beauty and the Bodyguard
Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You
Because Janitor-san Is Not a Hero
Becoming The Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed
Behemoth's Pet
Behind Your Mask Is A Beautiful Smile
Being A Cat In A Dungeon, It's Not Easy
Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus
Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation
Being Cinderella's Evil Stepsister
Being Enslaved
Being Recognized As An Evil God, I Changed My Job To Guardian Deity Of The Beastmen Country
Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Diety of the Beastmen Country
Being The Carefree Empress
Beloved Empress
Beneath The Embroidered Brocade
Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife
Best Story Ever
Best Story Ever2
Better To Forget Than To Meet Again
Beware My Power
Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort
Beyond Gods
Beyond Omnipotent
Beyond The Primordials
Beyond The Sunset
Beyond Time, Living In Sengoku
Billion Of Pampering Only For You
Birth Of A Beauty
Birth Of The Demonic Sword
BJ Archmage
BL - One Night In Pingjing
BL: My Best Friend
Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please
Black Bellied Husband's Indulgence: His Wife is not Allowed to Hide
Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife
Black Belly Wife
Black Iron's Glory
Black Jack
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
Black-bellied Movie Emperor's Clever Wife
Bleach - A New Beginning
Bleach System Within Bleach
Blood Contract
Blood Creed
Blood Type: Dragon
Bloodlight Goddess Ru
Bloodline Wars
Bloody Emperor
Blue Star Cultivator
Boku No Kanojo Sensei
Book 1 Of The Seeker Of Knowledge: I Shall Find The Truth!
Book Of Soul
Born From A Divine Gamble
BOSS Dresses As A Cutie
Bosss Death Guide
BOSSs Guide To Seeking Death
Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Boukensha Ni Naritai To Miyako Ni Deteitta Musume Ga S Rank Ni Natteta
Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician
Boundless Sky
Breaking The Limits
Breaking Through The Clouds
Breakthrough With The Forbidden Master
Bringing Along a Ball and Hiding from Foreign Devils
Bringing The Advanced Arsenal To Another World
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World
By A Slight Mistake


Can I Become An Adventurer Without Gift?
Can I Touch Your Aura Of Fortune?
Can Someone Please Explain This Situation
Can You Love Me?
Cannon Fodder Cheat System
Cannon Fodder Counterattack System
Cannon Fodder Is Always Lucky E
Captain Raven
Captivated by You
Card Room
Carefree Path Of Dreams
Castle of Black Iron
Celestial Peak
CEO Of My Heart
CEO's Secret Lover
Certificate Of Conformity
Chairman Husband, Too Boorish
Chang'an Intoxicated, A Chaos-Bringing Concubine
Chaos Fiend In The Naruto World
Chaotic Sword God
Chasing Tides
Chat Group For Magicians
Cheat Pharmicist's Slow Life ~Making A Drug Store In Another World~
Child Of Destiny
Children Of A Lesser God
Chimera Girl
Chitose-kun Wa Ramune Bin No Naka
Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata ~Senjou wo Kakeru Kaifuku Youin~
Christmas Comes Not For Us
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
Chronicles of The Hardships of Komachi in The Sengoku Era
Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Chu Wang Fei
Cinderella Innocent And Boss Charming
City of Sin
Class Teacher System
Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story
Clouded Heart
Co-renting Immortal Doctor
Combatants Will Be Dispatched
Comeback Of The Abandoned Wife
Coming of the Villain Boss!
Commanding Wind and Cloud
Common Sense of a Warrior
Concealed Crime Investigation
Conclave Of Tyrants
Congrats, I've Turned Into A Girl!
Congratulation Empress
Conqueror Of All
Consort Of A Thousand Faces
Consort Overturning the World
Consultant - Victorian Detective
Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies
Continuous School
Control The World
Convincing Her (Jen And Lucas)
Cool CEO And His Model Wife
Cool Goddess Special Agent
Cool I Got Super Powers And All, But I Don't Think I Deserve Them
Cop Craft - Dragnet Mirage Reloaded
Copper Coins
Corporate Slave Hero Says He's Quitting His Job
Coven Of Witch Craft
Crashing Into You
Crazy Chicks Thoughts
Crazy Detective
Crazy Leveling System
Creating A Virtual World
Creative Thinking Is Everything I Have
Creatures Of Habit
Criminal Psychology
Cross Worlds: The Tale Of Two Boys Who Swapped Worlds
Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love
Crossing The Divide
Crossing to the Future, it's Not Easy to Be a Man
Crowbar Nurse
Crown Of Kings V1
Cthulhu Gonfalon
Cub Raising Association
Cultivation Chat Group
Cultivator In A Zombie Apocalypse
Curse The Mainframe!
Cute Beast Store No. 138
Cutest In The Omniverse


Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan
Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
Daily Life Of A Wealthy Woof
Dance With Darkness And Light
Dancing Of The Flame
Danganronpa Kirigiri
Danshikou Ni Dokusareta Otokonoko
Dao: Journey To The Top Of The Universe
Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan
Dare ga Tame?
Dark Blood Age
Dark Hope
Dark Hours
Dark Moon Era
Dark Star Survivor
Darkness Inside The Light
Data Dragon Danika
Daughter of the Emperor
Daughters Of The Elite
Dazzling Glow
Dead On Mars
Dead's Requiem
Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
Death Notice
Death Progress Bar
Death Scripture
Death Sutra
Death's Door
Deleted Novel DN001
Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across The Galaxy
Delta In The Darkness
Demon Emperor's Wild Husband
Demon Guardian In The Multiverse
Demon Is Diary
Demon King/The Parting of the Orchid and Cang
Demon Lord's Reincarnation
Demon Maiden Poison Maiden - Lilith And Sara's Faithless Journey
Demon Slaying System
Demon Sword Maiden
Demon's Virtue
Demoness's Art Of Vengeance
Demons Beside You
Demons Of Society
Demon’s Diary
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Depression's Many Faces
Descent Of The Phoenix - 13 Years Old Princess Consort
Desharow Merman
Destined For You
Destined Marriage Of Shang Jun
Destined Wife: The Apple Of My Eye
Destiny Demons
Destiny Dreams And Demons
Destroy Your New Life, Repair It, Destroy It Again By Doing Crazy Things While Screaming YOLO!
Destroyer of Ice and Fire
Destruction OF Heavens
Devils Son-in-Law
Devoured Eccentric
Devouring Heaven Sword God
Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei
Di Wang Gong Lue
Diary Of Alison Rose : Complex Girl
Didn Know General Was Female
Different Possibilities
Different World Business Symbol
Different World Reincarnation As A Sage ~With My Gaming Knowledge, I'll Become The World's Strongest~
Dinghai Fusheng Records
Dio El
Disciple Of Immortal
Discovering Something Special
Divine Beast Adventures
Divine Beast Ascension
Divine Brilliance
Divine Card Creator
Divine Emperor Of Death
Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort
Divine Golden Dragon Body
Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again
Divine Protection of Many Gods
Divine Talent Born Mortal
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter
Do You Remember My Name?
Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat The Demon King?
Doctor Clairvoyant
Doctor Jiang's Beloved Sweetheart
Doing All Kinds Of Tricks Everyday
Dominating Sword Immortal
Dominion 1
Don Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don Heal The Others
Don Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin
Don't Act Naive: You Are Already Mine
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Don't You Like Me
Doomsday Pillars
Doomsday Wonderland
DOTA's Madness
Douluo Dalu - The Story Of Sheng Feilong
Douluo Dalu : White God
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend
Dragon Ball Digital Colored
Dragon Ball: Altered Time
Dragon Breaks The Void
Dragon Emperor, Martial God
Dragon God Of Blood
Dragon God System
Dragon Prince Yuan
Dragon Sid
Dragon's Raja
Dragon-Marked War God
Dragon-san Wants A Friend
Dragonborn Saga
Dragons Heart
Dream Star
Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~
DROPPED:Juvenile Entertainer
Dual Cultivation
Dudus Diary
Dungeon Battle Royal ~ Since I Became A Demon King, I Will Aim For World Domination ~
Dungeon Core Online
Dungeon Defense
Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha
Dungeon Predator
Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army
Dungeon System: World Of Chaos And War
DxD System In DxD
Dying In The Middle Of A Class Summoning


Earth's Core
EBS-Empire Building System
EFate: An MMO Story
Eiyuu No Musume To Shite Umarekawatta Eiyuu Wa Futatabi Eiyuu O Mezasu (LN)
Elder Blood Witcher
Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife
Elixir Supplier
Elysium - A Journey
Emery By Miu
Emisyl And The Missing Yearly Christmas King
Emperor Is Domination
Emperor Of Blue Flower Mountain
Emperor Of Kings
Emperor Of Steel
Emperor of the North
Emperor's Conquest
Emperor’s Domination
Empire Of Souls
Empire Of The Ring
Empty Promises: The CEO Cunning Bride
Empyrean Blacksmith
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine
End Of The Magic Era
Endless Journey: Infinite Realms
Endless Pampering Only For You
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
Endo And Kobayashis Live Commentary On The Villainess
Engraved In Bone
Enlightened Empire
Entertainment Queen System
Entrepreneur Fifth Young Miss Wants To Stay Single
Entrust The Rest Of My Life To You
Eodem: A Rifle And Sword Adventure
Ephemeral Of Us
Epic Of Caterpillar
Epiphanies Of Rebirth
Epitome Series: The Path To Be A SUPER FAMOUS
Era Of Authority
Escape From Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals A Treasure
Eternal Country
Eternal Freedom
Eternal God Emperor
Eternal Love
Eternal Love: Apocalypse
Eternal Reverence
Eternal Sacred King
Ethera: Tale Of A Legend
Ethereal Paradigm
Even Though I'm A Former Noble And A Single Mother, My Daughters Are Too Cute And Working As An Adventurer Isn't Too Much Of A Hassle
Everlasting Journey
Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me
Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man
Every World Seems Not Quite Right
Everyday I Get Up To See The Villain Stealing The Show
Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend
Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak
Everyone Is Young Except For Me
Everything Was A Mistake
Everything Will Be My Way!
Evil Awe-Inspiring
Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~
Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss
Evil Goddess System
Evil Husband Is A Little Sweet
Evil Margery And The Seven Dwarfs
Evil Monarch Wields Nine Yangs
Evil New Wife Seduces
Evil Sword Overlord
Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei
Evolution God
Evolution In Another World
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World
EX-Brave Wants A Quiet Life
Exalted Toxin Lord
Exalted Warlock
Exclusive Property: Mr. Mus Favorite
Excruciating Deep Love With You
Exodus: The Assassin's Path
Exp Book
Experimental Log Of The Crazy Lich
Extraordinary Genius


Faceless Phantom
Fairy Tale Chronicles
Fairy Tale Of A Village Girl
Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You
Fake Cinderella
Fake Holy Sword Story ~I Was Taken Along When I Sold My Childhood Friend~
Fake Slackers
Fall For Me
Fallen Monarch
Falling For The Possessive CEO
Falling For You Once Again
Falling In Love With You
Fallout 4 Infinity
Fanatic Divine Cultivator
Fantastic Journeys Through The Stars
Fantasy Farm
Fantasy System
Faraway Wanderers
Farmer Lady Of Fortune, Imperial Concubine, Don't Be Too Sweet
Fatal Shot
Fate Online: Shadow
Father, Mother Escaped Again
Fei Pin Ying Qiang
Female Immortal's Return To Earth
Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess
Femme Fatale First Daughter
Femme Fatale: The Kings Deadly Temptress
Feng Yin Tian Xia
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens!
Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married
FFF-Class Trashero
Fields Of Gold
Final Boss
Finding Glowing Beauty in Books
Finding Stardust
Fire Emblem: The Lion's Blade
Fire Lord Sofie
Fire Starter At White Day High
First Marriage Then Love
Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Flash Marriage : Another
Fleeing Cherry Blossom
Fleshcrafting Technomancer
Floating Color
Flower Demon’s Inn
Flower Master In The City
Flower Of Ruins
Fluffy Cultivation
Flying Whale's Wonderful Life - I Who Has Fused With An Invincible Weapon From The Age Of Gods Will Build A City On My Back -
Following A Whisper
Food Master Of The Underworld
Football System
Forbidden Alpha
Forbidden Forest
Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife Is Very Popular
Forever Youth
Fortunately, I Met You
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Fourth Prince's Debauchery
Fox Demon Cultivation Manual
Fragrance Beauty
Free Spirited Villainess
From Fish To Dragon
From Seas To Skies
From The Strongest Job Of Dragon Knight, To The Beginner Job Carrier, Somehow, The Heroes Are Depending On Me
Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
Full-time Lottery System
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Futari De Hitori No Fuguu Hime-tachi Ha Jiyuu Ni Ikitai~ Isekai Tensei O Shitara, Bishoujo No Nake De, Utahime O Suru Kotoninarimashita~
Future Corp


Gacha Sovereign
Galactic Garbage Station
Galactic Technological Library
Game Alive
Game Of Divine Thrones
Game Of Gods
Gamers Of The Underworld
Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki
Gate Guardian - Song Of The Frozen Soul
Gate of Revelation
Genius Aberrant: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Genius Detective
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Genius Fundamentals
Genius Prince's National Revitalization From State Deficit ~ Right, Let Us Sell The Country.
Get Back To You
Get To Know About Wife Fan
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Ghost Hunt
Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures
Ghost Of Culture
Ghost Wars
Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort
Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Gilga Kill!
Girl With The Golden Eyes
Girl With The Golden-Cat Eyes
Give A Kiss To Paranoid Men
Global University Entrance Examination
Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~
Goblin Kingdom
Goblin Plane
God Emperor
God Is A Game Designer
God Level Demon
God of Cooking
God of Music
God Of Soul System
God Rank Hero
God Slayer Chronicles
God Succession System
Godfather Of Champions
Godking Ascending The Heavens
Godly Empress Doctor
Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!
Godly Genius
Godly Model Creator
Godly Otaku System
Godly Stay-Home Dad
Godly Student
Gods Battle
Golden Age Legitimate Fei
Golden Fox With System
Golden Stage
Gone With The Bustling World
Good Man Operation Guide
Good Morning, Mister Dragon!
Good Morning, Mr. President!
Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband
Gossip! The Prince And The Dragon, That Shameless Couple
Gourmet Food Supplier
Gourmet of Another World
Gourmet Restaurant In Fantasy World
Grand Magus
Grand Slam
Granting You A Dreamlike Life
Granting You A Second Life
Grasping Evil
Great Demon King
Great Doctor Ling Ran
Great Tang Idyll
Green Skin
Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian
Guardians Of The Crystal Kingdom
Guide On How To Fail At Online Dating
Guide To Raising A Supporting Male Lead
Guild Wars


Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
Hacker System
Hacking Eden
Hacking Special Armed Forces System
Hail the King
Hakushaku to Yousei
Half-Dragon Slave Life
Half-elves Fall In Love
Handsome CEOS Bewitching Wife
Handsome CEOs Darling Wife
Harassing Thief Girl
Harry Potter And The Forger Of Worlds
Haunted Duke’s Daughter
Haven Online
He Became The Aunt Of His Best Friend After Waking Up
He Is A Nymphomaniac.
He Was Shining With The Stars
He's Mine, No Objections Allowed
He's Not My Shadow Guard, He's My Lover
Headed By A Snake
Healing Heart
Heart Cultivation
Heart Demon, She Is Doing Things Again
Heart Of Glass
Heart Protection
Heaven Awakening Path
Heaven Official's Blessing
Heaven Revolting Garuda
Heaven's Wrath: Blood Demon Empress
Heavenly Castle
Heavenly Curse
Heavenly Dao Child
Heavenly Farmer
Heavenly Soul
Heavenly Star
Heavenly Sword Dao
Heavenly Zenith
Heavens Devourer
Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon
Heidi And The Lord
Heir Of The Divine Phoenix
Heir Of Yggdrasil
Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes To Speedrun Becomes Peerless In A Parallel World With Obsolete Setting~
Hello, Heir
Hello, Hello And Hello
Hello, Mr Li
Hello, Mr. Major General
Her Chance Of A Lifetime
Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate
Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?
Here Comes A Cute Baby—To Kidnap A Daddy As A Gift For My Mommy
Hero Scout
Hero without Blood or Tear
Hero's Return
Heroes Of Marvel
Heroic Wife Reborn
Heroine Of The Broken Engagement
Herscherik (Reincarnated Prince Series)
Hes Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
Hi, My Adorable Sweet Wife
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering : The Conglomerate's Little Wife
High School DxD: A World Without God
Hikkikomori Reijou Wa Hanashi No Wakaru Seijuuban
Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce
His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light
His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling
Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
History Is Strongest Senior Brother
History's Strongest Manager
History's Strongest Senior Brother
Historys Strongest Husband
History’s Number 1 Founder
Holding On To My Man
Holding Onto My Man
Holistic Fantasy
Holy Akashic Conqueror
Holy Emperor's Grandson Is A Necromancer
Holy Institution
Homebody Fairy
Hone To Issho No Isekai Seikatsu
Honey : The Empires Treasure
Horoscopia : Hymn Of Hope
Horror Game Escape Guide
House Dad's Literary Life
How An Ordinary Company Slave Became The Prince Of Darkness
How An Ordinary Company Slave Became The Vampire Prince Of Darkness
How To Be A Good Mortal Father To Your Demon Kids
How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating
How To Melt An Ice Cube
How To Say I Love You
How To Survive As A Villain
Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
Hunters Moon Black And White
Hunting for a Delicious Wife (After)
Hunting For A Husband In A Vampire Apocalypse
Hunting For Love For 101 Times
Hurricane:A Flash Story


I Accidentally Became A Legend!
I Alone Level-Up
I Already Said I Don't Want To Be Reincarnated, Didn't I!? ~the Suffering Of The Goddess Of Reincarnation~
I Am A Big Villain
I Am A Good Man
I Am A Legendary BOSS
I Am A Matchmaker On Taobao
I Am A Summoning Master
I Am A Witch Requested By My Crush To Make Love Potion
I Am Become Scum
I Am Legend
I Am Really A Superstar
I Am Supreme
I Am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat Of The Chivalric Order!
I Am The Legendary BOSS
I Am The Lucky Cat Of An MMORPG
I Am The Male-Lead's Ex-Girlfriend
I am the Monarch
I Am This Type Of Woman
I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is A Villain
I Became A Magical Cheat Loli Witch ~My Different World Life With My Reincarnation Privilege [Creation Magic] And The [Seed Of Magic]~
I Became A Virtuous Wife And Loving Mother In Another Cultivation World
I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island
I Became The Secretary Of A Tyrant
I Can Download
I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse!
I Can Speak with Animals and Demons
I Cant Miss !!!
I Decided To Cook Because The Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce
I Deserve A Second Chance
I Didn Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate!
I Died And Turned Into A Cat
I Don Know Martial Art
I Don't Love You Anymore
I Don't Want To Be Famous!
I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky
I Don't Want You To Be Responsible!
I Found A Planet
I Found My Dad Is A Crossdresser
I Hate You, Devil!
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
I Have A Secret
I Have A Sickness
I Have Amnesia, Don't Be Noisy!
I Have Medicine
I Heard That My Fiance Is Super Fierce
I Heard You Are an Alien
I Just Want To Be In A Relationship
I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home?
I Like Your Pheromones
I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband
I Married Female Lead's Crush
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
I Never Run Out of Mana
I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game
I Really Can't Act
I Really Want Go Against The Sky
I Really Want To Go Against The Sky
I Reincarnated As A Stick
I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
I Rely On Kisses To Clear Survival Games
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
I See Them
I Shaved. Then I Brought A High School Girl Home.
I Suddenly Became A Mother
I Think My Boyfriend Is Sick
I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything!
I Want To Be A Racing Driver!
I Want To Be In A Relationship
I Want To Waste Away Time With You
I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated
I Was Born The Unloved Twin
I Was Just An Only Child Boy, Now I Became One Of A Four Quadruplet Sisters
I Was Kicked Out Of The Heros Party Because I Wasn A True Companion So I Decided To Have A Slow Life At The Frontier
I Was Naked When I Reached The Other World
I Was Reincarnated And Now Im A Maid
I Was Reincarnated As A God
I Was Reincarnated But I Don't Know Why
I Was Sent To Another World To Take It Over
I Wasn't Born Lucky
I Will Be The Harem King
I Will Survive
I Woke Up In A Completely Different World!
I Woke Up Piloting The Strongest Starship, So I Became A Space Mercenary
I Would Like To Become A Fox You Like
I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind Of Man
I'll Always Be With You, Okay?
I'm A Duke
I'm A Hallyu Superstar
I'm A Villainess But The Capture Target Is Too Abnormal
I'm An Olympic Superstar
I'm Not Human
I'm Not Shouldering This Blame
I'm Pregnant With The Villain's Child
I'm Really a Superstar
I'm Sick And Tired Of My Childhood Friend's, Now Girlfriend's, Constant Abuse So I Broke Up With Her
I'm sorry for getting a head start but I decided to live everyday erotically
I'm Sorry I'm Not Qualified To Be Empress
I'm The Ex-Girlfriend Of A Soldier
I'm The King Of Technology
I'm Using The Interstellar Live Broadcast To Raise Cubs
I've Been Pregnant For 10 Years Without Giving Birth
I've Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?
I've Transmigrated Into This Movie Before
If I Were A Creator
If It's Your Will
If You Are A Dodder Flower
If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die
If You Don't Go To Hell, Who Will?
Illicit Relationship
Illimitable Until Death
Im Guilty, My Beauty
Immaculate Spirit
Immoral System
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation
Immortal Becomes A Stay-at-home Dad After Return
Immortal Betgod
Immortal Devil Transformation
Immortal Emperor
Immortal Era's Crafting Master
Immortal God Emperor
Immortal Moon
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Impenetrable Dungeon
Imperfect Desires
Imperial Uncle
Imposing Heavenly Lord
In a Different World with a Smartphone
In A World With Magic: Eon's Story
In Another Life
In Another World With Common Sense
In Another World With Escanor Powers
In Another World With JUST MONIKA
In Retirement Playing Games
In Search of Love
In The Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure
In Which The System Torments The Protagonists: My Wife Is My Life!
Inadvertently Invincible
Indulgent Husband And Sweet Wife
Inevitable Road To Divinity
Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband
Inferno Tale
Infinite Adventure
Infinite Finity
Infinite Hate And Undying Love
Input Log Dates
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
Inside My Mind
Inside The Fire
Instant Death
Into the World of Medicine
Invincible Conqueror
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
Invincible Kungfu Healer
Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World~
Invincible System: I Am The Great Devil
Inyouchuu ~Exorcisms Of The Lewd School~
Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu!
Isekai Blacksmith
Isekai Izakaya Nobu
Isekai Kaeri No Ossan Wa, Fusei Sukiru De Fathercon Musume-tachi O Tororori Ni
Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu
Isekai Slave Master
Isekai Tanjou Series
Isekai Tensei No Boukensha
Isekai Trip no Wakiyaku datta Ken
Isekai With An Ero-RPG System
Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~
It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake
It Is A Different World And Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters
It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future
It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World of a Yandere Otome Game
It's Actually Not Easy Wanting To Be A Supporting Male Lead
It's Tickling To Be Loved All Of A Sudden
Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu
Its Easy To Take Care Of A Live-in Hero!
Its Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future
Its Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me
Ivan Dejavu No Ichinichi
Ivory Moonlight
I’m in Hollywood
I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl
I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless


Lacrimosa's Monochrome And Prima Donna
Lacrimosa's Monochrome And Prima Donna: 1st Arc
Ladies' King
Lady Boss, Please Spoil Your Husband!
Lady Cultivator
Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality
Lady Su's Revenge
Landing In The Fantastic World
Last Trip To Forever: Happily Ever After
Law of the Devil
Laws Of The Other World
Lazy Dungeon Master
Lazy Immortal
Leanna By Miu
Learning To Live As A Cultivator
Legacy Of Forgotten Times
Legacy: Lord Alba
Legend Of A Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess
Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan
Legend Of Fei
Legend of Fu Yao
Legend Of Fuyao
Legend Of Swordsman
Legend of the Asura
Legend Of The Demon King Wong Ye-Qui
Legend Of The Dragon Phoenix Warrior
Legend Of The Empyrean Blacksmith
Legend of the Great Saint
Legend Of The Mythological Genes
Legends Rise
Legends Unite : MLBB FanFic
Let Him Love You First
Let Me Game In Peace
Let Me Shoulder This Blame!
Let's Be An Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons With A Skill Board~
Level 0 Master
Level Eater
Level Up Sect
Level Up! Ultimate NPC-san!
Leveling Through Lust
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable
Library Of Heaven Is Path
Library of Heaven's Path
Library Of Heaven's Path: Anime Art
Lie Huo Jiao Chou
Life After Marriage
Life And Death Decision
Life As A God
Life As A Servant
Life Of The Vampire Girl
Life-Saving Guide
Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You
Lightning God's Oblivious Consort
Lightning Master In Marvel
Lights, Camera, Love!
Like A Ray In My Night
Lilim Heritage Online
Lily Bouquet - A Girls Love Anthology
Little Merman
Little Miss Devil: The Presidents Mischievous Wife
Little Mushroom
Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal
Little Prodigal Alliance Head
Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect
Live Surgical Broadcast
Living In The Last Days
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through
Living With Monsters
Lock You Up In My Heart
Lola's Brushes
Lonely Attack On The Different World
Long Black Train
Long Live Summons!
Long Live The Hokage
Long Live The Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against The Princess
Long Live Your Majesty
Look At Me
Lord of All Realms
Lord Of End Of World
Lord Of Lust
Lord Of The Magical Beasts
Lord Of The Mysteries
Lord Shadow
Lost In Character: Transmigration Chronicles Of A Nameless Heroine
Lost Souls Found
Lovable Beauty
Lovable Package
Lovable Sisters
Love At First Kiss
Love Betrayal
Love Cafe: When Only Memories Remains
Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant
Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities
Love Is Black, Baby!
Love is More Than a Word
Love Sings
Love System: Changing Destinies
Love With Danger In The Purple: Being Beloved By The Hardhearted Avenger
Love's Vicissitudes: A Pursuit Of Beloved Wife
Love, Expired
Love, Tale
Loved By Her Sister's Former Fiancée
Lovely Awakenings
Loving With A Heavy Heart
Low Dimensional Game
Low IQ Supporting Female, Waiting For Death Online
Lucy Reborn
Lucy Wickshire
Lust Knight


MAGDA: A Mother's Struggles
Mage System In A Martial World
Magi Craft Meister
Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic
Magic Emperor
Magic Empyrean: Blood Coin
Magic Farmer Dara - 2nd Edition
Magic Industry Empire
Magical Academy: Rise Of The Supreme Magic Crafstman
Magical Academy: Rise Of The Supreme Magic Craftsman
Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won't Hang Her Head Down Anymore
Magical Explorer
Magitech Awakenings
Magi’s Grandson
Mai Kitsune Waifu
Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Maiden Of The Twilight
Main Character Hides His Strength
Major General's Smart And Gorgeous Wife
Makikomarete Isekai Teni Suru Yatsu Wa
Malachi God
Male God, Shine Bright!
Man Huang Feng Bao
Mana: Before The Rise
Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha
Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~
Marielle Clarac’s Engagement
Marriage Of Benefits
Married 24 Times
Married By Mistake: The CEO's Destined Wife
Marshal, Please Calm Down
Martial Arts Master
Martial God Asura
Martial God Space
Martial King's Retired Life
Martial Peak
Marvel:The Last Avenger
Masked Knight
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
Master Devil Don't Kiss Me
Master Of Erossu Book
Master Of Exotic Planting
Master Of Legends
Master Of The Dark Arts
Master Of Time
Master Of Trading Star Card Game
Master Of Untold Daos
Master’s Smile
Maximum God OP System
May I Ask For One Final Thing?
MAZE - The Endless Quest
Mechanical God Emperor
Medical Martial God
Medical Master
Medical Princess
Medical Sovereign
Mediterranean Hegemon Of Ancient Greece
Meeting My Abductor Again: Book 2
Memories Of The Night
Mermaid's Egg
Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Mezametara Chikashitsu!? ~Tensei Shoujo no Yume no Saki~
Midnight Cinderella
Midnight Offering: Hades's Little Pet
Miharashi-sou No 5-nin No Hanayome
Milady's Fine Gentleman
Million World Game
Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits
Minister Family's Black Belly Woman
Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress
Miracle Doctor Princess
Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress
Miraculous X-Ray Vision
Miss Demon Maid
Miss Sales Manager
Mistake - A Naruto Fan-Fiction
Mistaken For The Demon King
Mister Li, The Heart Bandit
Mistress, I Was Wrong
MLBB Fanfic
MMO: Isekai No RPG - Halloween Special - One-shot
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til It Breaks
MMORPG: Martial Gamer
MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
MMORPG: The Tales Of Souls
Mo Yan's Transmigration Inside The Book
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Beyond Everything
Modern Military System
Modern Weapon System
Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
Monarch of Evernight
Monarch Of Heaven's Wrath
Monogatari no Naka no Hito
Monster Card Master
Monster Factory
Monster Integration
Monster no Goshujin-sama
Monster Paradise
Monster Pet Evolution
Monster Soul Online
Monster Turned Human
Moon's Labyrinths
Moonlight On The Snowfield
Morning, The Heir
Most Powerful Sect System
Moto Sekai Ichii No Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki
Mr Ceo's Little Lover
Mr Fu, I Really Love You
Mr. Earnest Is My Boyfriend
Mr. Nobu’s Otherworld Chronicles
Mr. Rong's Lovelorn Diary
Mr. You, Please Dote On Me
Ms. Attractive And Inciting CEO
Muchuan And Xiang Wan
Mulan Has No Elder Brother
Murder School
Murder The Dream Guy
Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku
My Artist Is Reborn
My Attack Stat Is Negligible, So I Can't Help But Rely On Critical Attacks To Succeed
My Beastly Husband
My Beautiful Commander
My Beautiful Wife, Please Give Me Some Pin Money!
My Bothersome Life
My Boyfriend Is A Dragon
My Castle, My Castellan
My Classmate Is 200 Million Years Old
My Cold And Beautiful Wife
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
My Daughter Was My Sworn Enemy In Past Life
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby
My Disciple Wants To Tease Me Every Day
My Doomsday Territory
My Engagement Got Broken, But I Don't Remember Getting Engaged In The First Place
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me
My Evil Cinderella: Taming A Villainous Wife
My Extraordinary Achievement
My Extraordinary Achievements
My Fairy Lord
My Fantastic Chef Wife
My Father in Law is Lu Bu
My Father Is A Hero, My Mother Is A Spirit, The Daughter (Me) Is A Reincarnator.
My First And Last Man
My Funny Consort
My Fury Will Burn The Heavens
My Future Self Is Ruining My Life!
My Future Wife Is Androphobic
My Gay Husband Is A Pervert
My Girlfriend is a Zombie
My Girlfriend Is Really A Superstar
My Good Life
My Guardians - Abused RWBY Fanfic
My Hair Length Determines My Super Saiyan Power!
My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer
My House Is a Magic Power Spot ~Just by Living There I Become the Strongest in the World~
My House Of Horrors
My Husband Extends My Life With His Money
My Husband With Scholar Syndrome
My Inseparable House Guests
My Last Day With You
My Life As A Salamander
My Life As A Tomb Robber
My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra
My Love, You Will Never Escape From Me
My Mafia Man
My Master Disconnected Yet Again
My MCV And The Apocalypse
My Mr.Mermaid
My Neighbours
My Obsession
My Offers For You
My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System In Doomsday
My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
My Possessive Admirer
My Ranch
My Range Is One Million
My Rebellious Vicious Concubine
My Second Life Is A Heroic Power Fantasy
My Semen Is The Strongest Resource In This Cultivation World!
My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!
My Sister The Villainess
My Status As An Assassin Obviously Exceeds The Heros
My Stubborn Mistress
My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You All Will Regret!
My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic
My Unconventional Lover: Seeing A Different World
My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You
My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes In Anger After I Ran Away
My Way To You
My WeChat Got A Plug-In
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
My Wife Is A Rare Woman
My Wife Spoils Me Too Much
My Wife, The Ice Queen President
My Youth Began With Him
My Youth Begins With Loving You
Mystical Encounters


Naked Sword Art
Nan Chan
Nano Machine
Nanomancer Reborn - Ive Become A Snow Girl?
Naruto System Within Naruto
National School Prince Is A Girl
Nerd Reformed
Nero, My Existence Is Perfect
Netori System
Never Be Afraid To Do The Things To Make You Feel Free
Never Dare To Abuse The Female Protagonist Again
Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins
Never Thought You'd Be This Kind Of Hero!
New Earth- The Dungeon Of Madness
New Freshmen At Summoner High
New Life : A Second Chance
New Life In Another World
New Moonrise Over Naruto World
New Times, New Hell
New Year's Eve
Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Wa S Rank Boukensha Toshite Heion Ni Sugosu ~ Zense Ga Kenja De Eiyūdatta Boku Wa Raisede Wa Jimi Ni Ikiru ~
Nidome No Jinsei Wa Zettai, Shiawase Ni! ~Murabito Ni Tensei Shitan Dakedo, Kondo Wa Hitonami No Shiawase Ga Hoshii! Demo, Dekiru No?~
Nidome no Yuusha
Nightmare's Call
Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
Nihonkoku Shoukan
Nina's Fabulous Life
Nine Astra Skies
Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts
Nine Sun God King
Nine Yang Sword Saint
Nine-Tailed Fox
Ninja #1 Flying Kato
Ninth In The World
No Content
No Fatigue: 24-jikan Tatakaeru Otoko no Tenseitan
No Hero
No Longer Human
No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You
No Money To Divorce
No Way, My Best Actress Wife
Non-Human Seeking Re-employment
Non-Human Sub-district Office
Not A Cultivator
Not So Lonesome Road
Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated In Another World
Nothing But Numbers
Nowhere To Be Found
NPC Town-building Game
Number One Zombie Wife
Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death


Ochita Kuroi Yuusha no Densetsu
Odd One Out
Ode To Longevity
Off Air ~Yes, No, Or Maybe Half?~
Offer To The CEO
Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons!
Ohanabatake No Maousama
Okami Wa Nemuranai
Omae Mitai na Hiroin ga Ite Tamaruka!
Omni Genius
Omniscient Reader
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
On A Godless Planet
On The Way Home I Got A Bride And Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons
Once Human, Now A Parasite
Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain
Once We Come Across Love
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife
One Hundred And Eight Maidens Of Destiny
One Hundred Ways To Become A God
One Man Army
One Night With The Prince
One Piece And The Celestial Dragon
One Piece System In One Piece
One Piece Talent System
One Piece: Journey With A System
One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
One Useless Rebirth
Open A Clinic To Cultivate Myself
Ordered To Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei
Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them
Ore No Ongaeshi: High Spec Murazukuri
Origin Of Evil
Origin System
Ostentatious Zhao Yao
Otaku Card System
Otherworld Adventure
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou no Aruji o Mezasa Nakya, ne?
Otome Game Rokkushuume, Automode ga Kiremashita
Ou-sama Game
Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant
Our Cool School~!
Our Journey
Out Of Space
Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!
Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic
Overgod Ascension
Overlord And The Blue Citadel
Overlord In Cultivation
Overlord Of Goldema
Overlord Of Sin
Overlord, Love Me Tender
Overlord: Blue Citadel Alternate


Painting of the Nine Immortals
Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness
Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife
Paradise of Demonic Gods
Paragon Of Destruction
Parallel World Pharmacy
Parental Qualification Certificate
Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love Nest
Part Time Star Full Time Dad
Part-Time Taoist Priest
Past Promises
Past, Present, You
Path Of Medicine With A System
Path Of The Lilies
Peach Blossom Debt
Peerless Battle Spirit
Peerless Genius System
Peerless Martial God 2
Peerless Pill God
Perfect Fiancé
Perfect Match
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Perfect Superstar
Perfect World
Persona 5 - Eien No Shounen No Kowashikata (Doujinshi)
Perverted Mage
Perverted Otherworlder
Pet Addiction: The Princes Desire To Spoil His Pet
Pet King
Petite Mother Of Four Big Shots
Philosophical Questions
Phoenix Phire
Phoenix's Fated Half
Physicians Odyssey
Picked Up In Winter
Pill Master's Depraved Underling
Pink Conspiracy
Pinnacles' Edge
Pivot of the Sky
Plan To Trap The Golden Thigh
Please Confess To Me
Please Continue Protecting Me
Please Respect The Occupation 'Evil Spirit'
Please Treat Us Fairly, Your Majesty
Pleasing Start-Over
Poison Doctor Demon Consort
Poison Genius Consort
Poison Of The Human Panacea
Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey
Pokemon - Adventure
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Untold
Pokemon World With A Rip-Off Pokemon Go
Population Control
Positive Energy System
Postnatal Care Of A Sow
Power And Wealth
Power Of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves
Power Up, Artist Yang!
Powerful Creator God
Precisely In Love With You
President Daddy's Excessive Love
President Daddy's Infinite Pampering
President Wife is A Man
Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle Vs Young Wife
Pretty Her
Previous Life Was Sword Emperor. This Life Is Trash Prince.
Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories
Priceless Babys Super Daddy
Prime Originator
Primordial System
Prince Charming's Complicated Love Story
Prince Of Death
Princess Dolly And The Witch Of Ezra
Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams
Princess Medical Doctor
Princess Of The Insurgents
Princess Sets Poison Again
Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old
Pristine Darkness
Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me
Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
Profane Prince Of Domination
Professional Accomplishment Of A White Lotus
Profound Dragon Warlord
Prohorovka Trovishka Revoir Demolitions
Project Doomsday Paradise
Protection: How To Protect Your Guardian
Protection: How To Save Your Guardian
Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire
Psycho Hero
Psycho: You're Dead
Psychopath Shapeshifter
Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy
Pure Love X Insult Complex
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
Purple Lightning Emperor
Pursuit of the Truth
Put Your Head On My Shoulder


Raging Love
Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home
Raising Dragons In Hollywood
Ranker's Return
Re: Incarnation Death Match
Re: Level 100 Farmer
Re: Survival
Re: Sword Emperor
Re:Aquatic Life - The Blue Serpentine
Re:Birth - Restarting Life From Zero
Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Real Cheat Online
Real Empress From A Noble Family
Realm Of Myths And Legends
Realms In The Firmament
Reaper Of The Martial World
Rebellious Wife Of President Wang
Rebirth - City Cultivation
Rebirth And Redemption
Rebirth And Second Chances
Rebirth In Against The Gods With The Ultimate System
Rebirth In Bleach
Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character
Rebirth Into An Interstellar Marriage
Rebirth Junior High School: The Exceling Top Student Goddess
Rebirth Merchant: Wonderful Space Hunting For Military Officer
Rebirth Of A Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei
Rebirth Of A CV Star
Rebirth Of A Dragon God
Rebirth Of A Fashionista: This Life Is Soo Last Season
Rebirth Of A Serial Killer
Rebirth Of A Star
Rebirth Of A Villainess
Rebirth Of Abium
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
Rebirth of Chen An
Rebirth of MC
Rebirth Of Spoiled Crown Princess
Rebirth Of The Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei
Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife
Rebirth Of The Gaming God
Rebirth Of The Generals Granddaughter
Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal
Rebirth Of The Heavenly Demon (Taegyu)
Rebirth of the Marquis' Di Daughter
ReBirth Of The Primordial
Rebirth Of The Rich And Wealthy
Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant
Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns
Rebirth: Lord
Rebirth: President Fatah Escapes
Reborn - Super Chef
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress
Reborn As A Dragon!?
Reborn As A GOD
Reborn As A Good Child
Reborn As A System
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel
Reborn As Narutos Twin Brother
Reborn As The Hero's Daughter! Time To Become The Hero Once More!
Reborn At Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around
Reborn Girl's New Life
Reborn In Harry Potter
Reborn Into A Hamster For 233 Days
Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter Of Concubine
Reborn Little Girl Won Give Up
Reborn With An Old Enemy On The Day Of Our Marriage
Reborn: Legendary Female General Is Here!
Reborn: Level 100 Farmer
REBORN: Revenge
Reborn: Revenge Of The Concubine's Daughter
Reborn: Runaway Bride
Reborn: The New Empress
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
Red Packet Server
Refining The Mountains And Rivers
Reign Of The Hunters
Reign Of The Phoenix
Reigning Beauty
Reijou Wa Mattari Wo Goshomou
Reincarnated As A Fallen Angel
Reincarnated As A Footballer
Reincarnated As God
Reincarnated In Another World With The Ability To Create A Modern Country
Reincarnated Into A Hell Hound - BL/Yaoi
Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Reincarnated Into Warframe Universe: Tyranny Of The Tenno
Reincarnating As Issei Hyodo In DxD World
Reincarnating Into A Fantasy World As An Autonomous Machine Arsenal
Reincarnation - Lord Is Extremely Hardcore
Reincarnation Of A Living God
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Reincarnation Of The Cheater
Reincarnation Of The Last Human
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman
Reincarnation Paradise
Release That Man
Remarried Empress
Remember Self-Control: Bossy Husband Loves Me Deep To Soul
Remember The Name
Replica - Swordmaster
Reposted In Fanfiction
Resident Evil: Vengeance
Restart Home
Return Of The 8th Class Mage
Return Of The Demon
Return Of The Female Knight
Return of the Former Hero
Return Of The Goddess
Return Of The Legendary Hunter
Return Of The Monarch
Return Of The Swallow
Returning After 10000 Years Cultivation
Returning from the Immortal World
Revenge Of The Sixth Young Lady
Revenge With The Power Of Monkey King
Reverend Insanity
Rewrite System
Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta
Rich Sex
Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife
Ring Of The Gods
Rise From The Doom
Rise Of A Fallen God
Rise Of Demon King
Rise Of Humanity
Rise Of Myriad Magic Emperor
Rise Of Myth: Heir To Valor
Rise Of The Apocalypse Era
Rise Of The Demon God
Rise Of The Eternal King
Rise Of The Immortal Wraith
Rise Of The Undead Legion
Rise Of The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics In Another World
Rising Of The Demon Emperor
Risou no Himo Seikatsu
Rock Sugar And Pear Stew
Romeo And Julius
Royal Bad Boy
Royal Roader on My Own
Run, Girl (If You Can)
Runaway Guide
Runes - A Tale Of The Abyss
Ruri To Yuri To Hime To Majo
RWBY: Reborn With A System


Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi no Slow Life~
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
Salvation Began From Cafe
Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement
Saving Ludo
Saving The Future
Scheming Villainess's Counterattack?
Scholar's Advanced Technological System
Scum Males Whitewashing Manual
Sea of Clouds Prison Heart
Seal Cultivation For Self-Improvement
Searching For You
Second Chance War
Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance
Second Life Ranker
Secret Love
Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband
Secretly, Secretly; But Unable To Hide It
Secrets Of The Deep
Seeking Good Temptation
Seeking Happiness
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
Seijo Ni Narunode Nidoume No Jinsei Wa Katte Ni Sasetemoraimasu ~Outaihi Wa, Zensei De Watashi Wo Futta Koibito Deshita~
Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou
Seized By The System
Seizing A Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort
Seizing Dreams
Self-proclaimed! An Ordinary Demonic Hero's Life ~ The Result Of Creating A Cheat Dungeon Despite Being A B-class Demon
Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely
Serial Transmigrator
Server Lost
Sha Po Lang
Shadow Hack
Shall I Make You Fall In Love With Me
Shambala Sect
Shameless Gangster
Shameless Great Marshal
Shan He Biao Li
ShangriLa Frontier ~ Shitty Games Hunter Challenges Godly Game ~
Shapeshifter Paradignam
Shapeshifter System
She Becomes The Hero In Another World
She Is A Goddess
She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN)
She Retaliated Because Her Entire Family Was Wrongfully Executed. And Thoroughly At That!
She Transmigrated And Started Different Life
She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan
She Will Be Mine
She's That Knight Known As Zero
Shh, There's A Beast In The Imperial Palace
Shiinamachi-senpai no Anzenbi
Shikkakua Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō To Nana-ri No Kikōshi
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō To Shichi-nin No Kikōshi
Shinigami Ni Sodaterareta Shoujo Wa Shikkoku No Ken Wo Mune Ni Idaku
Shinka no Mi
Shinobi Fenrir
Shirokuma Tensei: You became the Guardian God of the Forest Legend
Shoujo Grand Summoning
Show Love System
Show Me The Money
Shut Up: You, Nymphomaniac Evil Sword
Sick Petty Guy Please Let Go
Side Character Transmigrations : The Final Boss is No Joke
Side Profiles And Irises ~Yes, No, Or Maybe Half? Spinoff~
Silent Crown
Silent Reading
Silver Overlord
Silverhart Online
Simply Trading
Sina Lorena, Pawikana At Ang Kaharian Ng Mga Sirena
Sinful Temptations
Sinister Ex-Girlfriend
Skeleton Knight, in Another World
Skill Build Online
Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch
Sky Fall Legend
Slime And Punishment
Slow Prison Life
Slowly Falling For Changkong
Snake Reincarnation
So I Am A Demon Descendent!
So Pure, So Flirtatious
So What If You've Been Reborn?
Soaring of Galaxia
Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?
Son God Marvel
Son Of Chaos
Son of Destruction
Son Of The Spirit Beast
Sona, A Goddess Queen In A Modern World.
Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage
Song Of Heroes
Song Tian's Farm And His Daily Life
Sono Mugen no Saki
Sons Of High Society
Sorcha Knight In The City
Sorry For The Inconvenience
Soudana, Tashika Ni Kawaii Na
Soul Land 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect
Soul Land 3: Legend Of The Dragon King
Soul Of Searing Steel
Soul War: Journey To A New Life
Soulmate; Life After Death
Sovereign of the Three Realms
Sovereign To Immortality
Space And Rebirth
Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman
Spare Me, Great Lord!
Special Agents Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration
Spending My Retirement In A Game
Spending The Villain's Money To Extend My Life
Spider-Man: Duty And Loss
Spirit Immortal
Spirit Realm
Spirit Vessel
Spiritual Seed Awakening
Spoiling His Wife Inordinately
Spring Blooms When I'm With You
Spy Room
SS Glasgow Castle
Star Rank Hunter
Star's Malice
Starbound: A Space Odyssey
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
Starlight Has No Past
Starship Commander Trapped In A Fantasy World
Start By Becoming A Mangaka
Starting A New Life For The Discarded All-Rounder
Stay Away From Him
STB System In Strike The Blood
Stellar Transformation
Still, Wait For Me
Stolen Love
Stone Age Husband Raising Journal
Stop Bothering Me, Emperor
Stories About Merchants Or Cunning Merchant
Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam
Story Of Legends
Strange Love
Strange World Alchemist Chef
Strangers In Love
Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
Strategy To Capture That Scum Gong
Strike Back, Proud Goddess!
Strong Offense And Defense
Strongest Abandoned Son
Strongest Counterattack
Strongest Multiverse System
Stronghold In The Apocalypse
Stuck In The Baracks During An Invasion
Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess
Stupidly Cute Qing Mei: The Childhood Friend Is Too Black Bellied
Style The Witcher
Succubus-san's Life in a Another World
Sugar And Spice: The CEOs Feisty Wife
Sugar Baby
Summers Stories
Summon System In My Novel
Summoned Slaughterer
Summoner of Miracles
Summoner Sovereign
Summoning The Holy Sword
Sunset Boulevard
Super Card System
Super Dimensional Wizard
Super Doctor
Super Driver
Super God Gene
Super Male God System
Super Male God System [Fast Wear]
Super Soldier
Supercar System
Superstars Of Tomorrow
Supreme Commander: Star Wars The First Jump
Supreme Conquering System
Supreme Emperor Of Swords
Supreme Lord Shapeshifter
Supreme Magus
Supreme Martial System
Supreme Origin: Time King
Supreme Soaring Immortal
Supreme Uprising
Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?!
Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld
Surviving In My Novel
Sustaining The King's Life
Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!
Sweet Desire
Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire
Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled By The Executive
Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me!
Sweet Wife, Pampered Fast
Sweet, Although Short
Sweetest In The Universe
Sweetest Top Actress In My Home
Sweetheart, I'll Spoil You
Sweetness Drowning, Callous Boss And Awkward Wife
Sword Among Us
Sword Art Online: Aincrad's Flash
Sword Art Online: Red's Path
Sword Edge
Sword God
System 64
System : Game World
System Anime-game-univers
System In Anime
System Of Gods And Devils
System Programmer
System Supplier


Take A Husband For Farming
Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands
Taking On The Magical World
Talented Magus
Tales From The Spirit World
Tales Of A Killer Flower
Tales Of A Main Character
Tales Of Demons And Gods : Dao Of Patience
Tales Of Demons And Gods: Reincarnation
Tales Of Herding Gods
Tales Of Magic Swordsman
Tales Of New World: The Magus
Tales Of The Supremes
Talia Of Animalistic
Talisman Emperor
Taming Master
Taming The Las Vegas Playboy
Tang Yin's Adventure In Another World
Taoist Doctor
Taoist Mind Breeds Demons
Tatsumi Nanami Can't Stop Hypnotic Masturbation
Tear A Path
Technomancer: Genesis
Teen Wolf The Argent
Tell Me Again, My Love
Tempered Immortal
Tempest of the Stellar War
Temporarily Closing
Tempting You To Marry Me—Pampered Cute Wifey
Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband
Tensei Kenja No Isekai Raifu ~Daini No Shokugyo Wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou Ni Narimashita~
Tensei Oujo wa Kyou mo Hata o Tatakioru
Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai
Terror Infinity Multiverse
Terror Paradise
Test Book2
That Ordinary Mister Is A War God
The #1 Pretty Boy Of The Immortal Path
The 3 B's- Beauty , Brains And Bravery
The 70th Awakened
The 99th Divorce
The A In The Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending To Be A B
The Ability to Make Town!? ~Let’s Make a Japanese Town in Different World~
The Abyss Of Fortune
The Achievement Junkie
The Adventure Of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli
The Adventures Of Naruto And Scarlet
The Adventures Of The Vampire King
The Alexis Empire Chronicle
The All You Want System
The Alley Man
The Almighty Asura
The Almighty Martial Arts System
The Almighty Ring
The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort
The Amber Sword
The Anarchic Consort
The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder
The Ancient Genes
The Anime Traveller
The Anime Trope System: Stone Vs. The Viper, A LitRPG Novel.
The Annals of the Flame kingdom (LN)
The Apocalyptic Survival
The Arcane Archer
The Archer Of A Fictitious World
The Aria Chronicles
The Arks
The Arrival
The Atlantean Compensator
The Attack Of The Wastrel
The Author Of Love
The Avarice System
The Azure King's Last Life
The Bad Boy Wants Me
The Banished Villainess Husband
The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse
The Beast Of Both Worlds: A Drunk Mythology
The Beautiful Idol's Secret
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
The Beauty's Comeback! What My Wife Says Goes
The Beginning After The End
The Best Friend's Contract
The Best Of You
The Big Landlord
The Biker Brothers And The Golden Baby
The Billionaire's Contracted Wife
The Binary World
The Birth Of A Saiyan God
The Black Market
The Black Technology Chat Group Of The Ten Thousand Realms
The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me
The Blood Hourglass
The Blood King
The Blood Song Of The Three Realms
The Blood Summoner
The Blue Bride
The Bookworm Teacher Becomes A Swordsman
The Boss Behind The Game
The Boy Who Swore Revenge On The World
The Brilliant Fighting Master
The Broken System
The Brothers Kim
The Buggiest System V1
The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting
The Card Player In The End Age
The Cardboard Explorer
The Case Files Of Jeweler Richard
The Cause-and-effect Relationship Between Beauty And Teasing
The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account
The CEO Is My Second Husband!
The CEO's Lovely Wife
The CEO's Villainess Childhood Friend
The CEOs Loser Wife
The Charm of Soul Pets
The City of Terror
The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams
The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort
The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess
The Complete Guide To Rearing An Alien Boyfriend
The Concubine's Daughter Came Around
The Concubine's Daughter Comes Around
The Consequences Of Having A Master-Servant Relationship With A Yandere After Reincarnation
The Copy Cat
The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils
The Correct Way Of Face-Slapping In Transmigration
The Corrupted Soul
The Counterfeit Madam Hou
The Craftsman
The Crazy Forensic Doctor Consort
The Crimson Dragon
The Crimson Prince: Awakening
The Cultivation God
The Cultivation Of The Maid
The Curious Play
The Daily Life Of A Foodie In The Office
The Daily Life Of The Immortal King
The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side
The Dao Of Filler
The Dark Demon Lord
The Dark King
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
The Decade Of Deep Love
The Defeated Dragon
The Deity Of War
The Demon Against The Heavens
The Demon King Observation Diary
The Demon King Seems To Conquer The World
The Demon King's Hero Of Light
The Demon King's Wife Adventures
The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife
The Demon's Mage
The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss
The Destiny Eclipsed
The Destruction And Creation System
The Devil Is Cage
The Devil WithInn
The Devil's Cage
The Devil's Race
The Devilish Immortal
The Devils Little Villainess
The Devious First-Daughter
The Divine Doctor And Stay-at-home Dad
The Divine Martial Stars
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron
The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!
The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
The Doctress With Healing Hands: Your Highness, Please Behave Yourself
The Domination Of Martial Spirit
The Dragon Evolve God
The Dragon Princes Wife Is A Translator
The Dragon's Pet
The Dragons Legacy
The Dreamer In The Spring Boudoir
The Dryad
The Duellist And The Emperor
The Dungeon Struggle Of An Earth Dragon!
The Earl's Bad Wife
The Emperor's Dog
The Emperor's Pampered Wife
The Employed Empress
The Empress Is Dead
The Empress Is Gigolo
The Empress' Livestream
The Empress' Poor Quality Special Effects
The Empress's Gigolo
The Enchantress Of Medicine, With The Heaven Defying Child, And The Black Belly Father
The End of the World
The End Of The World's Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby
The Eternal Sanctum
The Euthanasia Facility
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady
The Ex
The Exceptional Godly Thief: The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
The Extraordinary Ordinary
The Extraordinary Player
The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button
The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess
The Fantastic Super Vision
The Favored Son Of Heaven
The Favoured Medical Princess
The Feast
The Female General's Little Childhood Sweetheart
The Fierce Illegitimate Miss
The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking Broadcast
The Final Protectors
The Final Theocracy
The Fine Food Broadcaster
The First Dragon Convention
The First Order
The Flame's Daughter
The Flames In Mind
The Foolhardies
The Forgotten Otsutsuki
The Forgotten Princess
The Former Wife Of Invisible Wealthy Man
The Fortune Of Rebirth: The Counterattack Of The Princess
The Fox Concubine
The Fresh Start In An RPG World
The Gamer - Naruto World
The Gamer: Runeterra
The Gate Of Good Fortune
The Gatekeeper
The Geared Immortal
The General Loves To Collect Little Red Flowers
The General Who Hates Me
The General's Little Peasant Wife
The Generals Genius Daughter
The Generous Poor With The Really Stingy
The Genie's Curse
The Genius First Love
The Gentleman
The Ghost Dungeon Master
The Girl Raised By The Death God Holds The Sword Of Darkness In Her Arms
The Girl Who Restarted Time
The Glory After Rebirth
The Goal Is To Become A Gold Spoon So I Need To Be Completely Invulnerable
The God Of Cells In League Of Legends
The God of Sky & Earth
The God Of Speed In Another World
The God Of War Challenging Heaven
The God Virus
The Gods' Decree
The Godsfall Chronicles
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
The Good-For-Nothing Cultivator
The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss
The Grand Elementalist
The Grandbell Legacy
The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm
The Great Number Adventures
The Great Planned Marriage: Becoming A Splendid Princess
The Great Queen And The Twin Dragon Sword
The Great Thief
The Great Worm Lich
The Grim Reapers Apprentice
The Han Sisters
The Harem King
The Haunted
The Hedonist Sword God
The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!
The Heir Of The Dragon Emperor And His Bride Corps (WN)
The Hero's Supplier
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
The Hitting Zone
The Holy Grail Of Eris
The Host Of An Ancient Spirit
The Hourglass
The Human Emperor
The Human Path
The Humble Noble Wanderer
The Hypnotizer
The Ice Lord Prime Minister's Black-Bellied Wife
The Idle System
The Immortal Emperor Returns
The Immortal Mutant Teen
The Immortal Player
The Immortal's Poison
The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise
The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs
The Infinite Duo: Bennu Effect
The Infinite Spirits Series: Bennu Effect
The Inheritor
The Invincible Dragon Emperor
The Invincible Hero
The Job Of An Imperial Concubine
The Journey Of Yin And Yang
The K-Pop Dream
The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife
The King Of Special Warfare
The King of the Battlefield
The King Of The Worlds
The King's Avatar - For The Glory
The King's Avatar Epilogue - Reunion
The King's Bastard Child
The King's Game
The Kuntur Legend
The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2
The Last Cat In The Universe
The Last Embrace
The Last Space King
The Last Survivor
The Law God - Artic
The Lazy Young Master
The Legacy Of House Auron
The Legend Of Black Eyes
The Legend Of Eternal Life
The Legend Of Futian
The Legend Of Ice
The Legend Of Karachuo
The Legend of Sun Knight
The Legend of the Dragon King
The Legend Of The Heavenly Dragon
The Legend Of The Seven Crystals - The One Crystal
The Legend Of The Witch Girl
The Legendary Mechanic
The Legendary Rebuilding Of A World By A Realist Demon King
The Legendary Roll
The Legitimate Daughter Doesn't Care!
The Lie Of Reality
The Life Of A Female Knight And A Dark Elf
The Life Of Mt. Hororyuu: The Forefather Of All Life And Magic At 4.6 Billion Years Old
The Life Of One
The Light Of A Black Star
The Little Prince In The Ossuary
The Little Prince Of The Earth
The Lone Dragon
The Long-awaited Mr Han
The Longest Day In Changan
The Lord Is Empire
The Lord Of The Living Dead
The Lord's Empire
The Lost Mage
The Lust System
The Madec Legacy
The Mage Of The Millennium
The Magical Revolution Of The Reincarnated Princess And The Genius Young Lady
The Magnolia Beauty
The Majin
The Male Lead's Substitute Wife
The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée
The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother
The Man From Hell
The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)
The Marshals Want to Get Divorced
The Martial Emperor With Dragon Blood
The Marvelous Dragon Balls
The Mask Of A Siren
The Master Of Cards
The Men At Her Feet
The Mercenary Group Of The Demon Lord Army's Former Dragon Knight
The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism
The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife
The Most OP Protagonist In History
The Myriad Hack System
The Mysterious CEO
The Mysterious Empress
The Mystic Healer
The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
The Night The Clock Hit 12:07
The Noble Girl Living in Debt
The Noble Girl Who Finds A Nerdy And Plain Guy Moe Thinks That The Arrogant Prince Is In The Way
The Novel's Extra
The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together
The Ocean In The Sky
The Old Man Who Got A Second Round In Another World
The Online Craftsmaster
The Only Favourite Ugly Husband
The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl
The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby
The Overlord of Blood and Iron
The Path I Walked
The Path Toward Heaven
The Pathway
The Peach Blossoms Begin To Dance
The Peerless Master
The Perfect Destiny
The Perpetual Traveler
The Perverted Evil Cultivator
The Phantom School
The Phoenix Arises
The Pleasure Lord
The Portal of Wonderland
The Potato System
The Power Of Radiation
The Power Of Ten: Sama Rantha
The President Is Being Shameless Again
The Priestess Of Rodona
The Prince Of The World
The Princess Wei Yang
The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool "Asley"
The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex
The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian
The Prodigy Sefiria’s Overpowering Program
The Progenitor
The Promotion Record of A Crown Princess
The Protagonist Is In The Right Position To Get Along With The Villain
The Queen Maker
The Queen's Avatar
The Rain's Sorrowful Tale
The Random Passerby I Married Is The Richest Man!
The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort
The Rebirth Of Han Yuxi
The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage
The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back
The Reborn Girl's Path To Glory
The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse
The Record of Unusual Creatures
The Records of the Human Emperor
The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~
The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap
The Resplendent Farming Apothecary
The Rest Of My Life Is For You
The Results From When I Time Leaped To My Second Year Of High School And Confessed To The Teacher I Liked At The Time
The Return Of A Spoiled Villainess
The Return Of The Devil's Wife
The Return Of The Noble Abandoned Consort
The Returner
The Reverence Of The Food God
The Reverse Life Of Jiujiu
The Rightful Queen
The Ring That Defies The Heavens
The Rise Of A Legend
The Rise Of Annixon Bright
The Rise Of Otaku
The Rise Of The Strongest Tyrant
The Rise Of The White Lotus
The Rise Of Xueyue
The Rivers And Mountains
The Road Home
The Road To One Day Be The Strongest
The Ruler Of All
The S-Classes That I Raised
The Sacred Ruins
The Sage Who Transcended Samsara
The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent (WN)
The Scion's Jack Of All Trades Wife
The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System
The Second Coming Of Gluttony
The Secret Cultivation Manual: Qisha
The Secrets Of Lost City
The Seeing Eye Dog
The Selection
The Seven Swords
The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President
The Shapeshifter
The Sigil Of Chaos
The Silly Alchemist
The Sin Of Aeon
The Sinful Life Of The Emperor
The Sinners' Queen
The Slaughterman Of Love
The Song Of Hope
The Southern Allied Forces: Badang And Lapu-Lapu Expedition
The Sparrow Reluctantly Upon The Branch
The Spearmaster and the Black Cat
The Special Agent Princess
The Spoilt Wife's Happy Life With The Commander
The Star Light Shines When He Came
The Statsguy's Mag
The Story Of A Fallen Angel
The Story Of A Stroppy Princess
The Story Of Dusk
The Story of Hero Among Heroes ~The Founding Chronicles of Arestia
The Story Of Kaira And The Dragon
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
The Strong Wife From Peasant Family
The Strongest Beast Tamer
The Strongest Clans Master Is The Weakest And Most Evil Support Class ~Even With A Fail Job「Talker」, With My Brains And Dependable Allies Abilities, Im The Worlds Strongest Seeker~
The Strongest Cultivator
The Strongest Dan God
The Strongest Gamer Became A Game Character
The Strongest Hokage
The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball
The Strongest Masterr
The Strongest Prophet Who Had Trained 100 Heroes Is Admired By His Apprentices Around The World Even As An Adventurer
The Strongest Sect Of All Times
The Summoner Is Going
The Super Doctor From 2089
The Supreme Lord Donghuang
The Supreme Sovereign System
The Sweetest Medicine
The Sword And The Dress
The Sword Deity In Tokyo
The Sword Dynasty
The Swordsman Called The Countless Swords Sorcerer
The System For Mentoring Villain Bosses
The System Of A Vampire
The Tale Never Ends
The Talentless Sect Master Chosen By The System
The Taming Master
The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor
The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him!
The Tatami Galaxy
The Tiger Within
The Tower Of Test
The Transcendent!
The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother
The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML
The Traveling Hero Won't Let The Innkeeper's Son Escape
The Treasure She Never Asked For
The True Endgame
The True Martial God Asura
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
The Twilight Dream
The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir
The Tycoon's Daring Wife
The Tycoon's Secret Bride
The Typhoons Wife
The Ultimate Business Lady
The Ultimate Evolution
The Ultimate Kingdom System
The Undead World With Sword And Magic
The Undead World With Swords And Magic
The Undefined Love
The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker
The Unexpected Discovery Of Love
The Unfilial Daughter Qia Yun
The Unforgiven And The Exile
The Universe Is Innately Just
The Unknown Beauty
The Unrivaled Tang Sect
The Unwanted Princess
The Vampire Project
The Venerable Swordsman
The Vicious Princess Overturns The World
The Villain And The Cannon Fodder's Mother
The Villain Has Blackened Again
The Villain Has Something To Say
The Villain Is Happy Being A Father
The Villain's Mother
The Villain's White Lotus Halo
The Villainess Fell In Love!
The Villainess Is Happy Today
The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower
The Villainous Celebrity Wife Of The CEO
The Villainous Daughters Butler ~I Raised Her To Be Very Cute~
The Villainous Villainess
The Villains Face Slapping Counterattack
The Villains Need to Save the World?
The Villains Wife
The Void Emperor
The Vow Of A Broken Heart
The Wanted Wife: Daddy, Mommy Escapes Again!
The War God Reincarnation
The War That Transcends Timelines!
The Warm Breeze Is Not As Warm As You
The Way Of The Evil
The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins
The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
The Weapon Master's Transmigration
The Wheel Of Samsara
The Whimsical Dungeon
The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap
The White Cat's Divine Scratching Post
The White Hair Man
The White Wing's Polaris
The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me
The Wish Of The Dragon
The Witch's Rebirth
The Witch, Who Once Was Called A Saint
The Wizard Of Creation In A Dark World
The Wizard Who Came Back
The Wolf Lord’s Lady
The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess
The Woods Of Night: Book One Of The Kasai Series
The World Is Overflowing With Monster, I'm Taking A Liking To This Life
The World Of Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs
The World That Tao Rules
The World We Do Not Know
The World's No. 1 Den Of Iniquity
The World's Strongest Martial Artist Who Has Worked Too Hard, Survives In The Magic World With Ease
The Worst Princes' Battle Over Giving Up The Imperial Throne
The Wrong Target
The Wrong Way To A Demon Sect Leader
The Wuxia Phone
The Zombie Knight Saga
There Was No Secret Organization To Fight With The Worlds Darkness So I Made One (In Exasperation)
There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions Of Starting A Harem
These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy
They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!?
This Hero Is Invincible But Too Cautious
This MC Is Kickass
This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations
This Time You Are Mine
This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong!
This World Has Gone Crazy
Those Boys Gave Me 18 Roses
Those Good Old Days In Brothel After Rebirth
Those Sweet Times
Those Years I Opened A Zoo
Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus.
Thousand Autumns
Thousand Face Demonic Concubine
Thousand Years Promise
Three Marriages
Throne For The Next Idol Queen
Throne of Magical Arcana
Throne Of World
Through The Strait Gates
Thunder Martial
Thy Multiverse And Its Pokemon Master
Tianbao Fuyao Lu
Tilea’s Worries
To Be A Heartthrob In A Horror Movie
To Deprive a Deprived Person
To My Sunflower
To Raise A Soul
Toaru Majutsu No Index SS: Biohacker
Tobias The Cat: A Short From The Nexus
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System
Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star
Touch Of Fate
Touhou - Amaranth (Doujinshi)
Transcending the Nine Heavens
Transition And Restart
Transition To Another World, Landmines Included
Transmigrated As My Best Friends Ex
Transmigrated As The Villain In A Frustrating Love Novel: Big Bear Love
Transmigrated Into A Fantasy World As A Paladin
Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the Entire World
Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister
Transmigrating Into The Reborn Male Lead's Ex-Boyfriend
Transmigrating To Become The Boss's Little Fairy
Transmigration & Reverse Transmigration
Transmigration Of The Famous Cyber Star
Transmigration With QQ Farm
Transmigration: Let's Kill The Heroine!
Transmigration: Raising The Child Of The Male Lead Boss
Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella
Tranxending Vision
Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama
Trapped With Tycoon
Trash In The Apocalypse
Trash Of The Count Is Family
Travel To A Primitive World To Build Infrastructure
Traveler Notes
Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Treasured Sword, Golden Hairpin
Trek For Survival
Trial Of Love
Trial Of Monsters And Summons
True Star
Trust In Love
Trust The Pathfinder
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
Turn On The Love System
Two Saints Wander Off Into A Different World
Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!
Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife


Waiting For You Online
Waking To Dragons And Elves
Walking Through Decades
Wandless - A Harry Potter Fanfic
War Grounds
War Love Snow
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
Warlock Apprentice
Warlord Of Chaos
WARNING! Tsundere President
Warrior's Promise
Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen!
Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu
Water Recovery System
Way of the Devil
Way Of The Knights
Way To The Heavens
We Are Destined.Let Me Pamper You
We Can Trek It
We Live in Dragon’s Peak
We Married To Divorce
We Real Cool
Wealthy Familys Sweet Beloved Reborn
Welcome To Arcana
Welcome To Freak Class!
Werewolf In The Modern Age
What About Us Last Request
What An Audacious And Sly Servant!
What Are You Two Doing?
What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?
What Happens Before Reincarnation In Novels/Fan-fiction!
What If My Brother Is Too Good?
What Should I Do If The School Bully Is Interested In Me
When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer
When Love Happens!
When She Finds Love
When You Grow Up
While killing slimes for 300 years, I became the MAX level unknowingly
While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends!
White Tuft Of Fur And The Prideful Flower
White-Robed Chief
Who Allowed You To Get On The Bed
Who Cares About An Isekai? Surely Not Me!
Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother
Who Moved My Ashes
Who Moved My Ashes (Rebirth)
Who Moved My Mountain
Wholly Undead
Why Did You Summon Me?
Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead
Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me during Lunch Break?
Why Not Soar Your Majesty
Wife, You Can't Run After Eating
Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince's Courtesan Wife
Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss
Wild Princess: Marrying An Ugly Prince
Winter Rabbit In Wonderland
Wishes Granted :Your Genei
Within A Grey Twilight
Wolf King
Wolf's Love
Woof Woof Story ~I Said I Wanted To Be A Rich Person's Dog, Not A Fenrir!~
Words I Was Afraid To Hear
World Development System
World Domination System
World Of Fibre Generals
World Of Monsters
World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination
World Seed
World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent
World Through Blank Eyes
World's Best Martial Artist
World's Greatest Militia
Worlds Apocalypse Online
Wrong Girl
Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth