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Ace Of The Dragon Division

Chapter 340: Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Did Someone Ask Me Yet On How I Feel About My Wife Marrying Someone Else? (Part one)

Xu Cheng stood there in a daze, and he shouted at Lin Chuxue\'s back, \"But in the end, you still decided to stay, right?\"

\"She stayed because she wanted to spend more time before leaving you.\" At this moment, Lin Lei came out from some corner and he faintly said, \"My sis said that if she left back then, it wouldn\'t be fair for your hard work, and that your efforts would all be in vain. So, she decided to stay, and also take the TV show\'s opportunity to go to the military camp, wanting to spend more time with you. During those days at the military camp she would call me at night complaining about how tough the days were, waking up before sunrise and training every day, and not a day goes by without a heavy sweat, and that sometimes, even guys would cry. But she didn\'t say she couldn\'t take it anymore, she just said she felt that your life was too tough and that she misunderstood you for the three years of the cold war she had with you. It turned out that for those three years, you put yourself through h.e.l.l to empower and change yourself. The more she thought about that, the more her heart ached for you, and the more she felt that her existence in your life was a sin. So in the end, she made the choice to leave, for your sake and for the family\'s sake.\"

Xu Cheng\'s eyes were bloodshot. \"Then what about her? Doing this for me and the family but marrying someone she doesn\'t love?\"

Lin Lei bitterly smiled. \"At least that way everyone would be fine. In fact, this is also why I didn\'t want you to bring back my sis to Britain. Mom and Dad already decided, they would rather let the company go under, as long as you take good care of my sis. Without the company, those people that want to propose to my sis wouldn\'t be able to find a place to screw with us. But, out of filial piety, my sis obviously wouldn\'t let Mom and Dad do that. She\'s also in quite a pickle being stuck between all of this.\"

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled as well. \"In fact, ever since you little brat came to Huaxia, I noticed that your temper changed a lot and you were much more mature, and that\'s when I guessed something must\'ve happened back at home. She still doesn\'t believe I can give her what she needs, right? Right, perhaps the old me had already made a deep impression in your minds, and that\'s why she\'s still skeptical, which I can understand. Not everyone\'s powerful enough to take on those forces. I don\'t blame her for doubting me, but since I\'m already here, why not give me a chance?\"

Lin Lei was very direct. \"The company will need 3 billion euros of capital investment to survive, and right now, there are five companies in the country that are willing to provide that to the company, as well as the royal family which can provide policy protection to bring the company back to its feet. But all six of them all want the same thing - a marriage!\"

Xu Cheng sneered. \"Since when did my wife become this cheap? Wanting to marry Chuxue for just 3 billion, they can keep dreaming!\"

Lin Lei: \"Brother-in-Law, 3 billion for us right now, is indeed something we don\'t have.\"

Xu Cheng paused for a moment. That\'s true, where was he going to find that 3 billion?

Xu Cheng always thought that he wouldn\'t never be in a situation of being short on money in his life, and it seemed like it was true that he wouldn\'t be short on money for normal living expenses. However, it was impossible for him to immediately take out 3 billion euros.

Unexpectedly, the question still came back to money.

Even if Xu Cheng were to sell that condo of his, that would only be 800 million yuan, equivalent to 100 million euros…

Lin Chuxue\'s a.s.sets and that Imperial Entertainment company back in the country has a market value of about 2 billion, and that\'s at most 300 million euros. Plus Xu Cheng\'s total a.s.set of about 400 million euros, it was indeed not enough to fill the hole of 3 billion euros.

Seeing Xu Cheng silent, Lin Lei patted him on the shoulder and said, \"Let\'s go inside.\"

Dinner was already prepared.

Lin Lei pulled out the seat for Xu Cheng to sit beside Lin Chuxue. Lin Chuxue poured him a bowl of delicious soup and gently said to him, \"Careful, it\'s hot.\"

Xu Cheng didn\'t speak, nor did he intend to eat. He just sat there, thinking about G.o.d-knows-what.

Mommy Lin also put some dish into his bowl and said, \"Don\'t be upset, just eat first, health always comes first.\"


Chapter 258: Did Someone Ask Me Yet On How I Feel About My Wife Marrying Someone Else? (Part two)

Xu Cheng didn\'t want to throw a tantrum in front of the elders so he forced a slight smile, picked up the chopsticks and quickly finished his rice. Then, he drank the soup, placed the bowl down, looked at the four others solemnly, and said, \"Chuxue is my wife, the legally registered one on our marriage certificate. Now, you want her to be someone else\'s wife. Mom, Dad, have you two asked me? Do you know what this means to a man? Being cuckolded in such a way, I would rather die than take it!\"

Then, he looked up at the Lin Guiren couple, his eyes sharp.

After mellowing down a bit, Xu Cheng continued, \"Since right now I can still sit down and eat here, I\'m still a part of the family. Mom, Dad, I still owe you for raising me, so this time, let me pay you guys back. As for Chuxue, without my consent, she\'s not allowed to marry any other man!\"

Then, Xu Cheng turned to look at Lin Chuxue and said in a bit of a warning tone, \"You also are not allowed to have this thought! It\'s against the law to cheat on me, even if it\'s just mentally cheating. It\'s not enough to just be my wife? Why are you acting all great, trying to save the world? Before I divorce you, you are not allowed to marry any other man!\"

Then, Xu Cheng directly stood up. \"As for the money, I will think of a way. If someone wants to come to ask Chuxue to marry him, tell him that she\'s already taken! She\'s married to me now! If that person\'s not convinced, tell him to come and find me!\"

Then, he just left, leaving the four of them dumbfounded at the table, especially Lin Chuxue. Looking at Xu Cheng\'s back walking away, she was in a bit of a daze. It was her first time seeing Xu Cheng like this, a bit domineering and a bit selfish.

But right now, Lin Chuxuesmiled warmly. At least he loved her. To her, if she had to marry a person she didn\'t love, at least she would\'ve had been in love before, and it was enough for her with these sweet memories inside her heart.

\"Was that person really my brother-in-law?\" Lin Lei said in a bit of disbelief. 

\"That is your brother-in-law alright.\" Lin Guiren chewed on his steak and snorted. \"F-cking same temper as his dad, that is his son alright. I can recognize those two even if they turn into ashes. This brat doesn\'t know how complicated the situation is, but if he\'s really able to solve the financial problems, Chuxue, you will really have no more reasons to not marry him for the rest of your life.\"

Lin Chuxue watched as Xu Cheng walked away. Hearing her dad\'s words, she faintly smiled. \"Yeah, if he really can, then I will just have to go back with him to Huaxia.\"

After Xu Cheng left, he didn\'t know who he should chat with, and he remembered what Senior Brother Bei Shan said about how to find him as long as he left behind a mark. He took a taxi to a subway station, and then he posted two cards on the wall: the two of Diamonds and the Ace of Diamonds.

Right after, he heard Bei Shan\'s voice. \"Just take it down, I don\'t even understand what you are posting.\"

Xu Cheng was speechless. \"Were you f-cking following me the whole time?\"

Bei Shan grinned. \"I just wanted to see if Lin Chuxue was really your wife or not. I want to say that this flower was not just stuck onto a pile of horse p.o.o.p, it had fallen into a big pit of p.o.o.p. That girl must\'ve been forced.\"

Xu Cheng: \"Holy c.r.a.p, I can tolerate that, but my fists can\'t anymore!\"