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Ace Of The Dragon Division

Chapter 354: Chapter 262

Chapter 262.1 (2-in-1 Chapter): Mission Complete (Part one)

The elevator door automatically closed as Xu Cheng fired the last shot. The other bodyguards reacted right after they heard the gunshots, but when those five dead guys fell to the ground and cleared out of the other bodyguards\' vision, the elevator door was already closed. Right after it closed, Xu Cheng dropped his pistol and pulled out another one as he jumped back on top of the elevator after he pressed the 1st floor.

Seven bodyguards charged over and saw that the elevator Xu Cheng took was going down. They immediately pressed the b.u.t.ton and waited for another elevator, getting ready to chase after him.

Seeing another elevator coming up, Xu Cheng jumped onto it as the two pa.s.sed each other. When it stopped on the 58th floor, the seven guards came in and pressed the 1st floor. When the elevator was going down, Xu Cheng smashed down on the cover of the elevator, which fell down and directly sent two people to heaven. He then jumped down and fired in five directions with a pistol in each hand, killing all five remaining guards. All 7 guards were dead in the elevator, and Xu Cheng bent down and picked up two pistols. Each of these held 6 bullets, 12 in total, so he had to change guns frequently.   

When the elevator arrived at the first floor, the doors opened and revealed that the main lobby was already empty. 

 Xu Cheng pressed the elevator doors shut and went back up to the 58th floor, and again he climbed up above the elevator cover. He saw another elevator going up and stopping on the 58th floor briefly before coming back down. There were probably a few more people coming after him. 

When the two elevators crossed again, Xu Cheng aimed at the cables and fired a few bullets. The precise shots directly broke the cables and sent the elevator plunging down at a high speed from almost the 30th floor. Finally, with a loud bang, the guards inside that elevator died an instant death.

When his elevator arrived at the 58th floor, the remaining 5 guards waiting outside directly began firing blindly as the elevator door opened. But of course, Xu Cheng was nowhere to be seen. He wasn\'t inside, having been standing on top of the elevator the whole time. When the doors opened, he already jumped to the adjacent elevator cable and hung onto it.

When the five bodyguards cautiously walked in, they found the elevator top open and nervously aimed above them, Xu Cheng already opened the door of the adjacent elevator channel. Without even looking back, Xu Cheng walked out as he reached back and fired 5 shots at the five guys inside the elevator.

The 20-men line-of-defense was sorted.

Further down in the office, the 8 guys had already heard multiple gunshots. Curious, they spoke into their mic, \"What\'s the situation right now?\"

Xu Cheng picked up a mic from a body on the floor and replied in fluent English, \"Target neutralized.\"

Then, he picked up two more pistols, one in each hand, and headed straight into the office door. When the people opened the door to come out and check, the two that opened the door immediately received a bullet through their brains with two loud bangs.


Chapter 262.2 (2-in-1 Chapter): Mission Complete (Part two)

Then, Xu Cheng did a forward roll into the office. The 6 remaining guards were instinctively shooting at the chest-to-head height and naturally missed Xu Cheng. Before they could lower their hands and aim down, Xu Cheng raised his arm and pumped five bullets into them. The one left actually got the chance to fire a shot at Xu Cheng before he could aim at him from the side. When the bullet approached him, he dropped a pistol and caught the bullet between his fingers.

The only remaining guard stared in shock and his eyes almost fell out. Xu Cheng took aim and pumped a bullet into his brain before he could react.

After that, he threw away his pistol and shouted towards the veteran of the 5th Division Special Forces that was left guarding the vault behind the heavy metal door. \"You don\'t plan on coming out to fight me? I know I can\'t open your door for sure and you will be perfectly safe hiding inside. But if I just walked away like this, although the artifacts would be safe, the corporation lost this many bodyguards and you also let me escape. I\'m afraid you won\'t be able to give a good explanation to your superior, right?\"

When Xu Cheng was done speaking, the electronic security door to the corridor leading to the vault opened.

A big, bald man with tattoos slowly walked out.

\"I was just wondering, who would actually have the guts to think about stealing these artifacts. Tell me, who employed you? To be enough to come in by yourself, I must admit that you are very bold. The whole building is equipped with closed-circuit surveillance. You may have destroyed the bottom floors, but I can see exactly what you were doing in the upper half of this building. To be honest, after seeing your moves, I just want to say that you are not a very competent thief. You are pretty lousy in all aspects.\"

Xu Cheng laughed. \"Who said I\'m here to steal?\"

\"Oh?\" The big man blinked. \"You\'ve wrapped yourself so tightly and didn\'t expose an inch of your real face. You also have gloves, not planning to leave behind any fingerprints. What are you doing here then if you aren\'t here to steal the relics?\"

Xu Cheng: \"I came here to rob, directly rob, kill the guards first and take the relics. Do you understand now?\"

The big man: \"Do you know who I am?\"

Xu Cheng: \"Charles, used to be the Fifth Division\'s Lieutenant Colonel, and now you serve capitalists after your retirement.\"
When Charles heard that, his eyes gradually darkened, and he slowly put on his brawler\'s gloves that were made of pure steel and covered in sharp spikes.

\"You are right. If I don\'t keep you here dead or alive, it would indeed be difficult for me to provide an explanation for my boss.\" Charles slowly took back his cold smile, and then he immediately picked up a chair beside him and threw it at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng punched at the chair that flew over, shattering it to pieces.

With a loud roar, Charles charged over and threw a st.u.r.dy punch as he dashed at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng blocked the punch with his arm against Charles\' arm, but with a strong pull, Charles withdrew his fist. The exceptionally sharp spikes ripped Xu Cheng\'s clothes open, also cutting open his skin.

Xu Cheng kicked him in the stomach and sent him back a few steps. Checking the wound on his arm, he was a bit shocked by his injury.

Charles licked the blood left on the spike and said, \"This is made from the strongest diamond in this world. Are you familiar with the density of diamonds? Even if it\'s a steel slab in front of me, I can smash through it!\"