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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 752: Chapter 752

Published at 12th of July 2019 12:25:08 AM Chapter 752: 752

Liu Changfu raised his voice . “So should I wait for the authorities to apprehend me? Should I go to jail?”

In a gentler voice, Fang Jiayin spoke, “So you need to listen to me . ”

Liu Changfu seemed to have heard a joke . “Listen to you? Why should I?”

Although Fang Jiayin had become less aggressive, the coldness in her eyes remained . “Only I can save you . ”

She stood up straight, looking completely confident .

Liu Changfu scoffed, “Sounds like you really can do it . ”

If Yan Rusheng really had the evidence of his crimes, even G.o.d wouldn\'t be able to save him .

Fang Jiayin said, “You just need to say that you had instigated those hooligans and make sure I\'m not being suspected . If Yan Rusheng isn\'t cautious towards me, I will have the chance to save you . ”

Liu Changfu sneered . “I\'ve lived for nearly sixty years, do you take me as a fool?”

Fang Jiayin had expected that Liu Changfu wouldn\'t believe her . With no urgency in her voice, she said, “I have a trump card against him . ”

Liu Changfu obviously didn\'t take her word seriously . “I want to know what your trump card is . ”

“Flourish & Prosper\'s coastal county project person-in-charge, w.a.n.g Bin . ” Fang Jiayin\'s mouth split into a devious smile .

Liu Changfu narrowed his eyes in suspicion . “What does that have to do with me and you?”

Fang Jiayin lazily replied, “You are still unaware that someone had deliberately planned to destroy Flourish & Prosper\'s outstanding reputation for decades . ”

“Who?” Fang Jiayin\'s claims piqued Liu Changfu\'s interest, and he felt more emboldened .

Fang Jiayin proclaimed, “Yan Weiye\'s second son, Yan Runan!”

“How did you find out?” Liu Changfu was still suspicious of her claims .

Fang Jiayin stared at him in contempt . She pompously said, “Uncle, didn\'t you say you\'ve lived for nearly sixty years? To put it bluntly, you\'ve lost to me even though I\'m so young . I already know how to deal with Yan Rusheng . He intends to protect Yan Runan, if not why didn\'t they reveal the mastermind behind the coastal county project?”

She paused and lifted an eyebrow . “And, who do you think arranged for those high school girls to enter his room?”

“It was you?” Liu Changfu surveyed the girl with a look of doubt .

He felt that he didn\'t quite know her the more he looked at her . She had always been an obedient and refined niece .

First, she was accused of breaking up someone else\'s marriage, and then she was exposed that in her bid to marry into a wealthy family, she had drugged her boyfriend .

Fang Jiayin neither shook nor nodded her head, but she gave a mysterious and devious smile .

It etched shock and disbelief on Liu Changfu\'s face .

Fang Jiayin repeated . “Hence why I said I could save you . ”

“Really?” Her words had already swayed Liu Changfu . “How confident are you?”

Fang Jiayin didn\'t hesitate and answered, “As long as you do what I say, I will make sure you\'re safe . At most, you will just spend a few days at the police station . ”

“But if you lie to me…”

Fang Jiayin interrupted Liu Changfu . “Uncle, do you have any other options right now?”

There was a triumphant and smug look on her face, and Liu Changfu detested it . With his teeth gritted, he said, “I\'ve indeed underestimated you . You were once the girl who had begged me for help so that you could go overseas to study . You even knelt down and promised to do anything for me once you returned . You\'ve really changed . ”

He sounded regretful and disappointed .

She was an ingrate .