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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 829: Chapter 829

Published at 1st of August 2019 01:30:07 PM Chapter 829: 829

Then Flourish & Prosper\'s shares would be divided into a ratio of 7:3 . Although their shares were also distributed in the past, every shareholder held a minor share and there were many of them . Furthermore, they were old employees of Flourish & Prosper and the situation was entirely different .

“That\'s what Grandmother had stated in the will,” quipped Yan Rusheng . He finally moved away from his desk and poured two of water . He slowly strode to the couch .

Yan Weihong trailed after him, and the father and son sat together .

Yan Weihong ignored the gla.s.s of water . He was anxious and angry as he looked at Yan Rusheng . “How much does she want? We can simply buy all of her shares . ”

Yan Rusheng frowned . “You know she wouldn\'t agree to it . ”

If she had the intention of selling her shares to them merely for money, she wouldn\'t have insisted on splitting it .

She just couldn\'t take it lying down . It was her way of seeking revenge against First Uncle .

Yan Weihong\'s face darkened and the atmosphere in the room turned icy cold .

He suddenly stood up . “I\'ll go look for your First Uncle . These shares are too important and too much to fall into an outsider\'s hands . ”

And if their rival managed to get a hand on these shares, the consequences would be dire .

Yan Weiye gazed at Yan Weihong as he stomped away . He knew that looking for Yan Weiye would be a futile attempt, so he didn\'t stop his father .

He held the gla.s.s of water with his finger circling the rim . He sat in a daze .

Just as what Xuxu had expected, they would have dinner with Ming Ansheng and the rest .

Since Xuxu was pregnant, they considered and chose the prestigious restaurant Jiangnan River Delta for its premium dishes and ambiance . And it goes without saying that the prices were equally premium too .

After Xuxu fastened her seatbelt, she felt her phone vibrating . She rummaged for her phone in her bag .

Su Yue sent her a text with a photo . She clicked on it .

Su Yue had taken a photo of herself acting cute and it made Xuxu smile in happiness .

“Who\'s that? You\'re smiling so beautifully right now . ” Young Master Yan saw that his wife was smiling so happily, so happy that she resembled a blooming flower . He craned his neck to look at the screen .

It startled him . “This little la.s.s takes photos of herself?”

“I feel that she has changed a lot recently and had become more cheerful,” Xuxu deeply remarked as she typed a reply to Su Yue .  \'You\'re so pretty in the photo . Have you done your homework?\'

Yan Rusheng seized the opportunity . “It\'s all your credit for brainwas.h.i.+ng her . ”

Xuxu\'s face fell . “Yan Rusheng, do you know how to talk?”

Yan Rusheng hastily corrected himself . “I said it wrong . You have counseled her well as her psychiatrist . ”

Xuxu ignored him and replied Su Yue\'s text .

An idea struck her and she turned to Yan Rusheng . “Shall we ask Su Yue along?”

Yan Rusheng nodded . “Sure . ”

“Then let\'s fetch her now,” added Xuxu as she dialed Su Yue\'s number .

It elated Su Yue when she heard that Xuxu was coming to pick her up for dinner .

The reason for her happiness wasn\'t because of food, but the fact that she could see Xuxu .

They haven\'t met for some time .

Su Yan\'s apartment was quite a distance away from the Yan residence .

Xuxu felt that Su Yan must have wanted to distance himself from the Yan family; that\'s why he had chosen a house that was so far away .

She turned to Yan Rusheng . “What kind of woman was she? Was she beautiful?”