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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 2533: Chapter 740: Lin Ruoxin Looking For Death (14)

What does it feel like to be eaten while still alive? If you happened to encounter such a situation, your experience would be living but wis.h.i.+ng you were dead!

Looking helplessly at her body being eaten piece by piece, that sort of acute pain caused her voice to become extremely mournful, as she wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf! The thing was that the parts these gold-seeking hamsters had eaten were insufficient to result in death...

However, for these gold-seeking hamsters who were accustomed to eating medicinal herbs, eating a live person was the same as eating feces. Not only was it unpalatable, it was also unpleasant to smell!

It was until the next morning that Lin Ruoxin had been completely devoured, without even a single bone left, and only a pool of fresh blood left on the ground as a proof of the torture she had suffered the previous night.

\"Let\'s go.\" Yun Luofeng had Xiao Mo and the gold-seeking hamsters return to the G.o.d Code World while she went out with Yun Xiao.

In front of the tents, there was a crowd waiting outside and their gazes looking towards Yun Luofeng were filled with fear, but no one dared to provoke her!

\"My lord,\" Seeing Yun Luofeng walking over, Long Fei frowned and asked, \"Don\'t you feel that the atmosphere today is odd? Furthermore, why did that young lady of the City Lord\'s Estate disappear?\"

As they only brought two tents with them, Long Fei had slept together with Su Zheng. With Su Zheng\'s extremely loud snoring, Long Fei did not hear last night\'s commotion in the slightest. Even Lin Ruoxin\'s wailing couldn\'t compare with Su Zheng\'s snoring...

However, what made them curious was, that Long Fei could actually sleep until dawn with Su Zheng\'s snoring!

\"Both of you slept too soundly last night,\" Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips, \"Therefore, you are unaware of what happened last night.\"

\"What happened?\" Long Fei was very curious.

Yun Luofeng recounted the situation yesterday night, and after hearing about everything that happened, Long Fei\'s expression instantly turned green.

\"Lin Ruoxin that s.l.u.t is simply looking for death!\"

It might be fine to provoke others, but she had foolishly provoked Yun Luofeng? There was no difference between that and looking for death!

\"Long Fei, you have yet to tell me what exactly happened to the Forest of No Return.\" Yun Luofeng slightly furrowed her brows, \"Why did the other king spirit beasts get sealed?\"

Long Fei smiled bitterly, \"It\'s not that I\'m not telling you, but I simply don\'t know the situation! I only know that right now, not only are they sealed in the depths of the forest, but they have also entered into a state of slumber. We can only understand the specifics after locating them but unfortunately, my martial uncle and I are unable to locate them…\"

At that time, if it weren\'t because his martial uncle was away from home, he would definitely be sealed along with those king spirit beasts!

\"Let\'s continue setting off. Regardless of anything, I have to meet Fu Sheng!\"

This was Tian Ya\'s wish, and she would help him to fulfill it!

Forest of No Return, in the deepest part of the forest.

Beside a clear green pool, a green-robed female was lying on the muddy ground, with both eyes closed and her cheeks were rosy, just like she was currently asleep, serene and unharmed.

There was a grey-robbed man beside her, and his entire body was shrouded in darkness as he squatted closely beside her. His hand was placed on her navel while he muttered to himself with a gloomy and sinister voice.

\"A little bit more and I\'ll be able to completely control this king spirit beast and wipe her consciousness, making her become a machine that will only fight for me!\"

This time around, the harvest he had in the Forest of No Return wasn\'t small. After subduing these king spirit beasts, the increase in his strength would be significant.


All of a sudden, the grey-robed man felt that the woman\'s consciousness resisted his attack, and was surprised for a moment.