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Heir Of Yggdrasil

Chapter 33: 35 Not Golden But Still Great, Also Elves

The alterations were mostly of a simple nature. An apple was usually filled with nutrients and all that stuff. Now, what would happen if it was filled with something different? Or what if it wasn\'t just filled with how much needed to be in the but with how much could fit in there?

I\'d first attempt the later, it seemed easier. I first grew a normal apple. Then, making sure not to overdo it I slowly increased its nutritional value to the max. The apple looked more vibrant now.

I couldn\'t test its effects but maybe that new workforce could help with that. So for now, I grew some more of these vibrant apples before returning to the former plan in mind.

The next apple I filled with nature magic instead of nutrients. The outcome was an emerald green apple.

I tried the same with all the magic types I was proficient in. Lightning gave me a yellow apple, healing was spring green and the one wind was lime green.

So the color depended on what element the fruit was filled with. Their different effects were still unknown but I a.s.sumed they would correlate with what they were made of.
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I was really curious about those effects. Wait, who said I couldn\'t do some tests! I recalled the little verdant serpent and squirrel that were nested in my crown. The serpent was a little too precious to use for first trial experiments but the squirrel was just perfect.

Now from the four possible effects created by the elemental apples nature seemed the best to begin with. Lightning and wind were too dangerous and healing would likely show no effect.

So I let the squirrel start nibbling at the nature apple. It had barely eaten a sliver when its size increased a little. By the time it was done eating the whole apple, it was roughly half the size of a human!

Naturally, I repeated the experiment a few times... On a side note, may I introduce my 3-meter squirrel to you?

Yeah, that happened.

So the nature apple made things grow. Next was the wind apple. The squirrel consumed it and was wrapped in a mini cyclone. A slight increase in speed followed by an attack of hyperactivity. Definitely not safe for consumption.

The lightning apple nearly killed the squirrel. Good thing it had grown so big and could endure the arcs of lightning that ravaged its body.

The healing apple then made the squirrel good as new. Its effect had been the only one I could predict.

\"Are you lord Eldar? You look quite different from Aldi\'s description. He never mentioned that you were this big.\"

Who? I searched the area with my magic perception. The one who had just spoken was hard to notice. Amidst all the nature his body blended into the surroundings near perfectly. I quickly carved a rune of sight pointing in his direction.

Blond, sparkly hair that reached his waist accompanied by a pale complexion, light green eyes, and pointy ears. He wore leaf-green clothing that was hard to spot within the forest and from his back hung a long yet slender bow.

He was an elf! Though not your average wood elf. Based on his magic he was at the duke magus realm. Also, the intricate carvings on his bow were lined with gold and even emeralds.

My guess was that this elf should be of elven royalty.

\"I apologize if I have scared you with my sudden appearance, lord Eldar. I am Epli, prince of the elves and amba.s.sador to the great tree of destiny.\"

\'Uhm... hi? You probably already know but I\'m Eldar... I hate to ask but who is that tree of destiny?\'

\"That would be you.\"

\'How about no.\'

\"But you are the one mentioned in the prophecy.

A wooden giant north the skies of mankind that possesses consciousness beyond this world. Fruit, ore, and beasts he gives them all but should he burn in hate and leave this world... All will be lost.

We elves have received this prophecy from our eldest seer and that old witch has never spoken untrue. Thus, we are here to help and protect you.\"

\'You said we. Who else is there?\'

\"I was accompanied by twenty others but I left them behind when I saw your majestic height. They should arrive alongside Aldi in the next few days.\"