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I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

Chapter 72: Chapter 72

‘Rage point +333\'

‘Rage point +123\'

The rage point must be from Yuan Tianchu and w.a.n.g Yunfei.

What Master Lin said was not wrong, if Lin Fan wanted to keep living the way he did right now, he must be the strongest.

“Cousin, where did you go?” Lin Fan shouted.

“Cousin, I\'m here.” Zhou Zhongmao waved his hand, Yuan Tianchu was very annoyed by the demon behind Zhou Zhongmao.

Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao completely ignored w.a.n.g Yunfei.

“Cousin, I have been looking for you, where have you been this whole time?” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao was a little embarra.s.sed. “Cousin, I\'m lost in a crowd.”

“Young Master Lin, do you hear me when I\'m talking to you?”

w.a.n.g Yunfei tasted Lin Fan\'s signature dish that had special flavors in it, shame, hatred, humiliation.

Lin Fan kept ignoring him.

‘Rage point +444\'

Lin Fan was surprised by how much rage point he could produce.

w.a.n.g Yunfei has never felt so humiliated before.

Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao were only a few meters away, it was so obvious they just wanted to make a fool of w.a.n.g Yunfei.

And Lin Fan was so sure he already found a new toy for him to play with.

“Young Master w.a.n.g, please calm down, just keep walking and ignore them.” Yuan Tianchu said.

He couldn\'t let w.a.n.g Yunfei became one of Lin Fan\'s prey.

Yuan Tianchu was afraid if w.a.n.g Yunfei got beaten up by Zhou Zhongmao, “He was a monster wearing a human skin.” He thought.

Plus, w.a.n.g Yunfei was a guest in Yuan Family right now.

“Brother Yuan, where are you going?” Lin Fan asked.

Lin Fan kept ignoring w.a.n.g Yunfei.

“Young Master Lin, I\'m talking to you.” w.a.n.g Yunfei couldn\'t help but say that.

But unfortunately, Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao kept ignoring him.

“Stop this childish joke at once!” Yuan Tianchu asked.

Yuan Tianchu discovered that the man standing in front of him was the true demon.

Lin Fan laughed, “I thought it was you who talked to me earlier, brother Yuan. What\'s wrong?”

w.a.n.g Yunfei\'s face was turned pale like a corpse. When Yuan Tianchu realized that, he pulled w.a.n.g Yunfei\'s body and kept walking home. If he didn\'t do that, w.a.n.g Yunfei may faint at any moment right now.

“Young Master, shall we go back now?” Zhou Guangyi asked.

He thought Lin Fan was done with his prank, but since he was a servant, he didn\'t understand a young master\'s feeling. Lin Fan wasn\'t satisfied yet, so he said…

“Why must we go back now? Let\'s keep it up.” Lin Fan said, “Cousin, just as I told you, watch my signal.”

“Relax, cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao answered.

In the distance.

“Young Master w.a.n.g, please calm down.” Yuan Tianchu comforted him.

“You want me to let it go just like that?! I really didn\'t expect there was someone that crazy in Tranquil City. He has been ignoring me all the time!” w.a.n.g Yunfei was furious.

“If he\'s in Lotus City he will know who I am.”

When Yuan Tianchu hearing w.a.n.g Yunfei\'s complaint, Yuan Tianchu expressed sympathy.

But unfortunately, he couldn\'t do anything, Lin Family was the strongest family there.

“I know your capability, but forget it, you will just waste your time dealing with him.” Yuan Tianchu said.


There was a gust of wind came flowing.

Yuan Tianchu turned back and stunned.

That guy appeared again.

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