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I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband

Chapter 456: 455 Hungry Knight In Shining Armor

Upon hearing Zaki\'s growling stomach, Hinari looked at him worriedly. 

\"You didn\'t eat yesterday, did you?!\" she asked and Zaki immediately nodded. 

\"You didn\'t eat too, right?\"

\"It\'s okay if I didn\'t eat. I was fasting yesterday to become s.e.xy again to try and catch another fish in the sea because you rejected me and broke my heart! But you are sick, how could you not eat when you\'re already this weak?!\" Hinari yelled at Zaki as her eyes narrowed. \"Are you planning to starve yourself to death? Huh?!\"

Zaki was surprised. He didn\'t expect Hinari to get angry over something like this. His stomach just growled, how could she make this a big deal? 

Looking at Hinari, crossing her arms with her puffed cheeks like an angry mom, somehow amused Zaki. He then raised his hand and flicked Hinari\'s forehead gently as he smiled. 

\"Stop acting like an angry mom or you\'ll get old fast,\" he teased and Hinari almost fell in a daze because of that sweet smile that momentarily carved on his face if not for her stomach which growled again. 

Zaki of course heard the loud growling monster so he held her hand.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

\"Let\'s better feed the monsters now or they might really go berserk.\"

Zaki was about to pull her but Hinari stood rooted on the ground. When Zaki turned, he saw her pouting.

\"Beauty, I am too hungry to walk.\"

As soon as he heard her, he knew that she was being mischievous again but she was right. He really did crush her heart so bad so this was his fault. Zaki then moved closer to her and he was about to scoop her up when his stomach growled again. 

Hearing it, Hinari seemed to have remembered something and she stopped him.

\"Wait beauty! Stop!\" 

Zaki creased his brows as he straightened again. The next moment, Hinari suddenly crouched down in front of him. 

\"You are sick and hungry. You are not wearing your sleepers either. So hop on my love. I will carry you. Come my beauty, come.\"

Lines formed on Zaki\'s forehead as he listened and stared down at her. Hinari was crouched in front of Zaki like an old woman with a hunchback. Her legs were bent into a squatting position and her arms were stretched behind her back, ready to hold onto his legs when he hopped on. She then flapped her arms behind her, indicating to Zaki to hurry up and climb on. If people were watching her at that moment, they could easily mistake it as her doing some sort of bird dance. However, Zaki didn\'t move an inch. So Hinari turned to look at him with a frown on her face.

\"C\'mon, don\'t be shy,\" she insisted and Zaki\'s vein could only pop. But, Zaki wasn\'t angry or anything with the way this fragile lady was treating him right now. He couldn\'t blame her especially after she saw him break down in tears. He was in a really sorry state right now that if he was in Hinari\'s shoes, he would have probably done the same. 

\"After acting like a mother, you\'re trying to act like my knight now?\" Zaki teased but Hinari was quick with her comeback. 

\"Yes beauty. Let me be your knight in s.h.i.+ning armor,\" she said and Zaki almost choked. His vein popped again and the next moment, he wrapped his hand around her neck and put his weight on her. 

Of course, his sudden move surprised Hinari that she almost fell on the ground. 

\"My Knight… are you really sure you can carry me?\" A mischievous smile carved on Zaki\'s face as he felt how Hinari struggled to maintain her balance. 

\"Err… it\'s because you startled me, my princess. Th-this knight is caught off guard,\" she reasoned out quite smoothly causing Zaki to bite his lip.

Positioning himself to put more weight on her, Zaki grinned. \"My Knight, my position is good now, it\'s time for you to stand.\"

\"Yes, yes, princess.\"

Hinari then tried to stand but as expected, she trembled like a little puppy that lost all its strength from its legs.

\"Beauty! How come you\'re so heavy? You clearly lost weight and yet you\'re still like a heavy stone mountain?! You\'re giving this hungry knight in s.h.i.+ning armor a hard time! Beauties should be light like a feather, you know?\" Finally, after a few tries Hinari gave in. Zaki also pulled away from her as he chuckled.

\"Don\'t laugh at someone who genuinely tries to help y---\"

Suddenly, Zaki scooped Hinari up in his arms like she was as light as a feather, causing her eyes to widen as she looked up him. 

\"Hinari, I can no longer be your invincible superman, but from now on, I will be your normal knight.\"