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I'm Pregnant With The Villain's Child

Chapter 46: Chapter 46

t.i.tle: I\'m Pregnant with the Villain\'s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 46 - Brother-in-law? (1)

Rewind a bit.

Plotlines were bound to become formulaic when there were a lot of writers.

For example, going to bed with someone would lead to pregnancy, kneeling to ask for shelter in rain, meeting a highly skilled person after jumping off a cliff. If you hesitated when leaving, then you definitely wouldn\'t be able to leave in the end. If you said to wait for me to come back, you definitely wouldn\'t come back.

Ye Zhen understood this very well.

After finding out that she was pregnant, Ye Zhen asked Father Ye to purchase an international plane ticket for her and went to sleep. The night felt long, and she had many dreams. There were too many variables.

Since she no longer requested a large sum of money, Father Ye was of course very happy. He purchased the earliest available plane ticket for her that very night. 

The next day, Ye Zhen felt that she should rush to the airport. She had been feeling uneasy since early this morning. Her female intuition told her that today wouldn\'t be a good day for traveling.

She dawdled around the Ye family\'s villa until 4 PM. After debating back and forth with herself, she decided to not back out and went to the airport to take the 5PM flight.

While waiting in the boarding area, Ye Zhen kept wondering if a dramatic scene would take place before her eyes. One moment before she was about to hand over her doc.u.ments to the flight attendant for verification, she was still feeling glad.

Unexpectedly, Lu Beichuan really did appear in the boarding area! Why was he here?!

Ye Zhen looked in the direction of the entrance. She saw Lu Beichuan\'s tall and straight figure. He was wearing a tailored suit with an Adam\'s Apple-style tie knot and folded back cuffs that were secured by cufflinks. His presence looked all the more out of the ordinary. It couldn\'t be underestimated. As he walked over here, there was no expression on his face. He was followed by two bodyguards, who were also dressed in suits. His gaze was fixed on her. There was a slightly gloomy look in his deep eyes. He was very eye catching, and he very easily attracted the attention of many nearby pa.s.serbys.

Ye Zhen felt her head feeling numb as soon as she saw him. She turned and lowered her head. As she was handing over her boarding pa.s.s to the flight attendant, a pair of distinct hands stretched out and grabbed Ye Zhen\'s boarding pa.s.s before the flight attendant could accept it.

The flight attendant had a professional smile, but she still looked at Lu Beichuan with a bit of enthusiasm, \"Sir, the plane is going to leave soon. Is there a problem here?\"

With such a short distance between them, Ye Zhen could hear Lu Beichuan\'s low voice by her ears, \"She\'s not leaving.\"

Ye Zhen\'s brow slightly furrowed. She raised her head; her gaze showed that she was at a total loss. In a voice loud enough that everyone in the boarding gate could hear, she exclaimed, \"Mister, I don\'t know you at all! Please don\'t hinder me on my trip. Could you return my boarding pa.s.s back to the flight attendant?\"

After saying this, Ye Zhen quickly said to the flight attendant, \"Sorry, I don\'t know this person. Please help me board the plane.\"

The flight attendant maintained her professional smile. \"Sure. Sir, please give back the young lady\'s boarding pa.s.s. Please don\'t delay her boarding, okay?\"

\"You don\'t know me?\" Lu Beichuan looked at Ye Zhen with great interest, then glanced at the boarding pa.s.s. \"Ye Zhen?\"

Ye Zhen nodded.

\"I\'m not wrong then.\" Lu Beichuan\'s eyes slightly narrowed. His expression really couldn\'t be considered good. \"Let me introduce myself. My name is Lu Beichuan. I\'m your older sister\'s husband.\"

Ye Zhen pretended to look surprised. \"Brother-in-law? Oh, so it\'s you. What a coincidence to see you here. My plane is about to leave. I\'ll be sure to visit you and older sister after I come back from my trip.\"

\"No need for that. I came here today because your older sister entrusted me to bring you back.\"

\"My sister?\"

\"Your older sister said that you ran away from home because of love. Your family members are really worried about you and scared that something might have happened to you while you\'ve been missing. They\'ve been looking for you this entire time. A while ago, your older sister asked me to help her look for you,\" After saying this, Lu Beichuan grasped her hand.