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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1642: Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633 (Raw 1615): Speak Properly

Xiao Chen handed over his Captain Token to prove his ident.i.ty, and his group smoothly entered the Pirate Hall.

There were majestic statues at the entrance of every Pirate Hall. As the four pa.s.sed each pirate statue, their eyes lingered on it for a while.

The legendary Pirate Kings, the highest glory in every pirate's heart.

One of them had a thick beard and a muscular physique. He held a scarlet pirate banner in his hand. This was the legendary Scarlet Blood Pirate King.

Xiao Chen observed for a while before going to a quiet corner. Then he said to the three, \"We've traveled on the sea for so many days, so let's split up, then regroup here four hours later.\"

When the group approved this suggestion, Xiao Suo seemed especially excited.

After Luo Nan and Fei`er left, Xiao Chen called out to Xiao Suo to stop. Then, he handed Xiao Suo a stack of paper.

Xiao Suo received it and took a look. Every piece of paper had two or three strange, completely unintelligible talisman runes written on it.

\"What is this disorderly and hideous mess?\"

Xiao Chen smiled and said, \"Mess? That's the right word. These are the talisman runes on the Scarlet Blood War Banner; I copied them all down. This should be some kind of language. Go around and see if you can find people who can translate them. Remember not to get them all translated at the same place; split the work up between different places.\"

Xiao Suo immediately became excited. \"Great, leave this to me. I will definitely get it done.\"

\"There is no rush. The clues left behind by the Scarlet Blood Pirate King are surely not easy to figure out. In any case, no matter the result, be back here in four hours.\"

\"Alright, I got it.\" Xiao Suo rushed off with a happy smile.

Now that everyone had left, Xiao Chen stood alone, looking at this pirate city with its many tall and short buildings. He also had his own aims.

He wanted to ask around for information, as he had not managed to get much in Purple Sun City. He should be able to obtain some useful news here.

\"Young Hero, is this your first time in the Grave Sea's Pirate Hall?\"

A friendly-looking person walked over to Xiao Chen with a smile, doing his best to look good-natured.

Xiao Chen sized up this person. This person wore an azure s.h.i.+rt and was merely a Yang Essence cultivator. He appeared ordinary with nothing special about him.

There were many such people at the entrance. Every time an outsider entered, they would go over.

In Xiao Chen's previous life, such people were known as tour guides. They guided the strangers who were not pirates around the Pirate Hall.

However, most of these people made a beeline for Primal Core Venerates. Rarely would people take the initiative to chat up half-step Primal Core cultivators.

The principle was simple. Those with higher cultivations were definitely wealthier and would be more generous.

\"Hehe! Young Hero, don't overthink. I stay nearby. When I'm free, I wait here and help outsiders like Young Hero familiarize themselves with this place, to obtain some remuneration.

\"Young Hero, rest a.s.sured, aside from the dueling ring, fighting is prohibited in the other areas of this Pirate Hall. There will never be things like robbery or murder. I'm w.a.n.g Feng. Young Hero can just address me as Little w.a.n.g.\"

[TL Note: This w.a.n.g Feng is new in the story. The Chinese characters for his name are different from the other w.a.n.g Fengs that appeared so far.]

The azure-clad w.a.n.g Feng spoke a lot in one go, feeling somewhat nervous.

w.a.n.g Feng had pretty good judgment and could tell that this white-clad person was of extraordinary origins and no ordinary half-step Primal Core cultivator.

If he managed to close this deal, it would surely be a big one.

Such a person would be of an extraordinary family. Furthermore, he would no doubt be the elite disciple of a Rank 3 sect. Perhaps he might even be from one of the blessed lands.

Such a person would have very little experience, which would bring w.a.n.g Feng more profits.

\"You have pretty good judgment, but you still need more practice. I'm a pirate.\"

Xiao Chen took out his Captain Token and flaunted it before the other party.

The azure-clad man was surprised. Indeed, he had not expected Xiao Chen to be a pirate.

w.a.n.g Feng could not help feeling disappointed. The members of the Pirate Alliance only needed to go to the main hall of the Pirate Hall to have someone specially a.s.signed to bring them around. He would earn nothing from this person.

\"However, right now, I am indeed in need of a guide. I have a question: where can I ask around for information in this Pirate Hall?\"

w.a.n.g Feng's face lit up with joy at Xiao Chen's words. He looked around and smiled. \"You asked the right person. The Myriad Image Tower is the best place to obtain information. However, our Pirate Alliance is not much inferior. Just in this Grave Sea alone, we have hundreds of strongholds of various sizes.\"

\"Cut the c.r.a.p and just bring me over. I'll pay you well,\" Xiao Chen said bluntly, interrupting the other party's prattle.

With a happy smile, w.a.n.g Feng said, \"Alright, I'll bring you over now.\"

Having business to do was definitely a good thing. Now, w.a.n.g Feng could earn a large sum again.

Indeed, with a local leading the way, Xiao Chen saved a lot of time. w.a.n.g Feng led him through many turns and soon arrived at a tower.

w.a.n.g Feng pointed at the tower and introduced it. \"The West Wind Tower. This place specializes in information gathering in the Pirate Alliance. It is not open to the public, but you have the Captain Token. Entry will not be a problem.\"

Then, he smiled. \"Do you have any other instructions? If not, then I will wait here.\"

\"Wait here first, then.\"

Xiao Chen strode to the West Wind Tower. The entrance was heavily guarded. They checked him very thoroughly, but when they inspected his Captain Token, they were rather casual about it, only giving it a cursory glance.

The guards handed the Captain Token back to Xiao Chen with a stern expression, speaking in an unfriendly manner.

\"Your Captain Token is mediocre and only gives you access to the first floor. You cannot go to any of the other floors.\"

\"Is there a difference?\"

\"Naturally, there is. You will know after you enter.\"

Xiao Chen depressedly entered the first floor. Then, he was directed to a booth. There was a small window in the booth.

A lazy voice came from the other side of the window. \"Ask, then. What do you want to know?\"

Xiao Chen walked over and took a seat. Then, he thought for a while before said, \"I would like to know if there is a Ye Zifeng in the Grave Sea. If there is—\"

\"There is!\"

The voice behind the window answered very decisively. Then, it laughed craftily and said, \"Good. Your free question is already used. Next up, you will have to pay Spirit Jades for every question you ask. Don't feel dissatisfied. Your level is too low, qualifying you for only one free question.\"

The interrupted Xiao Chen was nonplussed. His voice sank as he asked, \"Which sect is Senior Ye Zifeng in, and how far away is he?\"

\"Hehe! Young man, those are two questions. Each question is ten thousand Spirit Jades.\"

The old man speaking in there smiled and stopped speaking.

\"Alright, a different question, then. I would like to know Senior Ye Zifeng's detailed information.\" Xiao Chen handed over the Spirit Jades, feeling upset. This was somewhat too expensive.

The old man seemed to be toying with him. If this continued, he would end up handing over even more Spirit Jades.

A hand stretched out of the window and quickly took away the Spirit Jades. Then, he said, \"For this question, you have to add another forty thousand Spirit Jades.\"

This was never-ending!

Xiao Chen's face sank. \"Are you messing with me?\"

\"Hehe! Don't vent your temper on me. These are the rules set by the Pirate Alliance. The value of your question is much greater than the earlier two questions. Young man, don't play word games with me.\"


The window immediately shattered. Xiao Chen had punched it, and when he pulled his hand back, he pulled out the old man in there.

The old man in there clearly had not expected him to be so tyrannical.

Xiao Chen acted promptly without any warning. Caught off guard, the old man fell to the floor after getting pulled out.

There were rows of bookshelves behind the window with all sorts of information there. Aside from those, the room was empty.

\"You dare attack me?\" The skinny old man who fell on the floor glared at Xiao Chen in a rage.

\"You are just an insignificant half-step Primal Core cultivator, and you dare to be so condescending. You are seeking death!\"

\"Whoos.h.!.+\" The old man's figure flashed, shooting up from the floor as he threw a palm strike at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen snorted coldly and welcomed the palm strike with a punch. He instantly exploded forth with three Cauldron Force. The devious old man vomited a mouthful of blood while flying back.

This old man was a peak Minor Primal Core Venerate, but he could not withstand even one move from Xiao Chen.

As the old man stared at Xiao Chen, he could not help an expression of horror. However, he still maintained a look of confidence and said, \"You hairless brat, how dare you make a move here? Quickly apologize! Otherwise, you will not be able to walk out of the West Wind Tower!\"

Xiao Chen showed a cold smile and said indifferently, \"There is no need for you to care about my matters. Before the people of the West Wind Tower come, you'd better speak properly.\"

An invisible force field spread out, encompa.s.sing the devious old man. He saw a terrifying murderous intent in Xiao Chen's cold eyes.

The old man's heart sank, feeling a scary sense of danger envelop him.

\"Alright, I'll speak.\" The devious old man's gaze flickered as he chose to endure the humiliation first.

The devious old man said, \"Ye Zifeng, one of the ten Great Saber Venerates of the Grave Sea. His cultivation is extremely horrifying, having long since reached the Starry Sky Stage.\"

\"Starry Sky Stage?\"

\"That's right. There are three stages within the Cloud Sea Realm: the Starry Sky Stage, the Holy Light Stage, and the Sovereign Stage. Starry Sky cultivators are known as Star Venerates, Holy Light cultivators are known as Holy Venerates, and Sovereign cultivators are known as Sovereign Personages, the sovereigns of humans, reaching the limits of humans. By advancing, they would leave the limits of humans, reaching another level.\"

Xiao Chen had skimmed through the cultivation realms of the Great Thousand Realms. Now that the old man mentioned them, he recalled this information.

Above the Cloud Sea Realm was the Divine Vein Realm. By opening one Divine Vein, one took a step into being a half-G.o.d.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, \"Continue.\"

\"It is said that Ye Zifeng is a nominal disciple of the Spring Snow Bladesman, Pan Huang. His strength is among the top of the Star Venerates. There are even rumors that he has already reached the Holy Light Stage.

\"However, he has rarely shown himself in recent years, and there is very little news about him. He comes from the Heavenly Profound Sect, which is located in Black Cave Mountain, one of the three blessed lands.\"

[TL Note: It is unsure whether this Heavenly Profound Sect is a.s.sociated with the one in the Kunlun Realm, where the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady comes from.]

Xiao Chen nodded in satisfaction. Then, he looked at the devious old man and said, \"Isn't speaking properly better? Yet, you insisted on suffering first before being willing to obey.\"

The devious old man smiled. \"Don't get The moment you walk out of these doors, you will learn the consequences of your actions.\"

Xiao Chen smiled. \"What consequences? This place is not an official information broker of the Pirate Alliance, clearly just a scam. That so-called w.a.n.g Feng is just a prop, right?\"

The devious old man's expression changed slightly. \"You…you… How did you know?\"