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Isekai Kaeri No Ossan Wa, Fusei Sukiru De Fathercon Musume-tachi O Tororori Ni

Chapter 35: Chapter 35

Published at 20th of August 2019 02:58:56 PM Chapter 35

Ayako-chan and I walked through the night streets .

Honestly, I don’t want to know how long Angelica has been waiting .
But I’m more afraid in not knowing .

I looked at the screen of my smartphone .


I return home two hours later than promised .
With a girl on top of that .
I’m the worst .

My apartment are just over there, but my heart feels heavy .

“Nakamoto-san, you’ve been heaving sighs since earlier, haven’t you?”
“I have something to do after this, so…”

As soon as I said that, a system message popped up;

【Ootsuki Ayako‘s favorability point increased by 9999】

This happened because of our exchange just now . I couldn’t even start to guess what part of what I did that she liked .

Earlier when our arms brushed against each other’s, it rose by 99,999, just about breaking the 5-digit barrier .
She really makes me want to say “what is wrong with you”
Even after I beat the Wraith after my quarrel with Angelica, her numbers didn’t go this high .

“Aah, you see that? That’s where my room is . ”
“Yes, I’ve memorized your address . Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit at any time . Even if uninvited . ”

What do you mean don’t worry?
No, not that .

“To be honest, I’m living with someone…a foreigner . ”
“That blonde-haired girl?”
“Y-You’re sharp, aren’t you . ”

I guess it’s because they’ve seen each other before, so of course she would know .

“I have to talk to her a bit, and I’m confused on how to explain to her that I’m giving you shelter for now . ”
“Fufu, you sure cherish her a lot . ”

She said Fufu but her face is devoid of emotions .
I really hope she doesn’t go around stabbing anyone .
Not that Ayako-chan can make a scratch on me or Ange based on her status .

…but wait,
Didn’t I already enchanted the blades I have at home?
I’ll need to dispel those before I get to sleep .

I climbed the staircase as a scene from a suspense drama unfolds in my head .
Ayako-chan was following after me .
With the stairs ringing in our rhythmical footsteps, we finally reached the second floor .
We proceeded to the front of my room and stopped .

“Wait here for a moment . ”

I opened the door and walked in by myself for now .
I have to persuade Angelica by all means .
I nervously took off my shoes and creeped to the living room .

“Sorry, Ange! I was late! ……Ange?”

Weirdly enough, the room was dark .
The lights aren’t turned on .
Is Angelica sleeping? I hope she is . Please be sleeping .

I repeated a pathetic wish as I pulled the string of the hanging lamp .
After several flickers, the light turns on .

“…mm . Dad…?”

Someone’s’s there .


Someone with a bad look in her eyes lies on top of the bed .
A dim light dwells in her emerald green eyes, and the girl turned her sights my way .
It was Angelica, holding a messed up clothes as she laid on her side .
Her mood was so bad that it doesn’t look like there are no way for me to talk .
Thus, this is where I die .

As I stood still, Angelica woke up .

“You’re late……You’re too late!”

She threw the clothes at me .
As I picked it up, I realized it was a man’s sleepwear, and it’s mine .
It smells a bit sweaty as well .

“…Isn’t this to be laundered?”

This is the pajama I jammed into the was.h.i.+ng machine before I left earlier .
I was hurrying quite a bit in the morning, so I didn’t get to wash it yet .
Ange still couldn’t use the was.h.i.+ng machine just yet, so she couldn’t possibly wash it in my stead .
So it’s still thick of my body odor .
She went out of her way to take it all the way to the bed and holding it tightly…I wonder what was that for?

“…It’s your fault, dad…it was your fault that a Sacred Maiden that I am had to go through such humiliating act . ”
“What did you do?”
“What do you think I did?”

I’ll leave it to your imagination, Angelica said as she came flying at me .
She buried her face in my chest, and like a cat, she rubbed her face against it .

“Hey, what do you think a lonesome girl who loves her daddy very much would do to dad’s unwashed clothes if she was left waiting for up to two hours for you to come home?
It’s all your fault, you know?”
“Were you cleaning the place with it?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know . ”

I turned my eyes away since it’s embarra.s.sing .

“I was lonely!”
“My bad . ”
“I was lonelyyy!”

Squeeeeeze, she pestered with a fierce hug .
Every single soft spots on her body are being pressed against my torso .

“I definitely won’t forgive you . I have you reserved for tonight, dad, since you have made me do such disgraceful thing . ”

With her cheeks red in embarra.s.sment, her upturned eyes looked at me .

This girl really loves me .
Judging by her status last night, there was a change in the comment section of her status compared to before .
It changed from She is aiming for Nakamoto Keisuke’s body to She is aiming for Nakamoto Keisuke’s heart and body .
Which means now she’s also after me on the inside .

And I’m about to tell this good girl something like “my bad, my bad, I just picked up a girl”

I’m an absolute trash .

It would be okay if it just ends with me getting slapped, but if I make her cry then that’ll be considered domestic violence .

“After we eat dinner, then I want to go to the place called Love Hotel . That’s okay, right?”
“Incidentally, you know what that place is, right? Your eyes are telling me that you clearly know what kind of place that is,”

Seems like she’s gained some weird knowledge from the the Fas.h.i.+on and Women’s magazine that I bought her .

“I want to go to Hotel Amaryllis . ”

Angelica looked at me with drowsy eyes .
She looks like she’s in heat, and her aura says that “I love you, and I will not forgive you if you cheat on me .
It’s going to be difficult to talk with her .

“What is it?”
“I feel like there’s the smell of another girl on you . ”
“about that…”

I carried Ayako-chan when I saved her, and just like that she was constantly restless in my arms as we walked around the station, so perhaps that’s why Ange immediately found out .
Or perhaps Ange’s olfaction is somehow very sensitive?

“…You got strands of hair on you . Look here, long black hair . You got two of them snagged on your b.u.t.ton . ”
“Uh…you see, this is…”
“Mou, you don’t have to panic, I understand”

The train was crowded, right? Angelica asked with a smile .

“Dad commute to work in that steel snake, right? If so much people are crammed into it, then it’s natural that you’d have a woman pressed against you . ”

It couldn’t be helped~ said Angelica, picking the strands of hair from my b.u.t.ton and dropping them on the floor .

“I believe in you, daddy . You took care of me so dearly, so it’s impossible for you to get close to other girls . I understand at least that much you know . ”

She’s looking at me with sparkly eyes . They were fully filled with trust and love . s.h.i.+ning brightly than most ordinary people .
I can’t look at her directly .
I am about to confess to this daughter of mine that “I brought a girl home . ”


I have something important to tell you, I whispered .
Ange looked at me blankly and tilted her head .

“What is it, why are you being so formal?”

Ange circled her arms around to my back and said “Aah, don’t tell me you’re feeling weird?” while making an obscene expression .

“It’s okay you know~ . I’m always ready a~ny time . You’re a man too, right dad? If a girl sticks to you this much you’ll get in the mood, right?”

I swallowed my spit and said it out;

“I…brought a girl, she’s outside . ”

I checked at her upturned eyes, and Angelica’s expression froze .

“Something happened and she’s got no place to return to, so I thought I could give her shelter for now . ”
“You remember that there are cases where people got cloned recently? She’s a victim of that . It’s bad if people paid more attention to that incident rather than my shows, so I thought I want to help resolve it . Now that she’s with me, I thought I could ask her about a lot of things . On top of that, she’s someone I know, so I just have to help her, right?”
“Dad, seiza¹ . ”
“Yes . ”

As I thought that this is the complete opposite to what happened that time with Rio, I followed what she told me to .
Angelica folded her arms, looking down at me with arrogance .

“So you’re telling me that instead of coming back at 5 as promised and dress yourself up to prepare to go to out to dinner with me, you ended up bringing home another girl?”

What a t.w.a.t, that person .
I wonder who that could be . Which Nakamoto is that . Oh, it’s me .

“Good for you, dad . ”

Her eyes were cold . It’s like she’s looking at a piece of garbage or an insect .

“I’ll bet it’s another black-haired girl, isn’t she . ”
“I can’t help it, a lot of people in this country have black hair . ”

“…should I dye my hair black too?”
“No, you’re okay as you are . Blond suits you best . ”

Is she angry? Is she going to cry? Or is she just tired?
With those interpretable emotions, Angelica fell into silence .

“You explained it quickly earlier, but she’s a victim of those cloning incidents, right?”
“Y-Yeah . That’s true . As a Hero, I should go ahead and resolve it, right? I have no shred of ulterior motive . At all . ”
“But she doesn’t really need to stay at our place, does she?”
“Wouldn’t it be fine to just leave her in a hotel or something?”
“Wouldn’t that be too harsh? She got her clothes torn apart you know?”

Besides, it doesn’t have to be Ayako-chan, I’d feel bad if I treat someone that harbors some affection toward me like that .
I’d say I have a desire to protect her .

“She won’t stay for long…so can’t she?”

Angelica stayed quiet with a pout .
There was no room for negotiation, and we couldn’t reach an agreement .

However, I have another trick up my sleeve .
If I use it, I would be able to persuade Angelica, but I’d lose something important in exchange .

But I couldn’t think of anything else .

“Please, Ange . ”
“I don’t care anymore!”

Aah, so I have no choice but to do it, huh .
Forgive me, Angelica .
I don’t even want to use this .
She had the Fathercon (elementary) skill that gives her great interest in spoiling and being spoiled .
So there’s a negotiation method that I could use against such person .

Now that I think of it, Angelica felt sorry for me who had lost Elza, so that’s one of the reasons why she wants to spoil me .
She was sympathetic .

And I’m about to negotiate with her using that .
Establish the feeling that I’m tired and unhappy, I could slowly try to cry…!

“Ange…I’m sorry . ”

I prostrated down with a voice that sounds like my wife just ran away from me .
I thought I’m already bad enough of a person to be able to make that sort of tone at will .
I even cringed at myself for being able to look so pathetic .
This is an ability that I’ve gained after the life where I fell down low .

“…It was a sudden impulse . You’re still the only one for me . ”
“All men would say the same thing, wouldn’t they? I didn’t think dad would also do the same . ”

I lifted myself while still trying to look pathetic .
Her eyes met with mine, but then she turned away, p.i.s.sed .

“That’s it then…if you hate me, then that’s the end of me . ”
“…Are you trying to get me to sympathize with you? Your acting looks stupid, you know . ”
“My wife also ran away from me . ”
“W-Wife? Are you talking about Elzsan?”
“Haha…I bet Sanae-san is getting along well with another men right about now . ”
“Who is Sanae? Wasn’t it supposed to be Elzsan?”
“Me and Elza had black hair, so we couldn’t possibly give birth to you . Your actual mother is actually Sanae . You get that, right?”
“Give birth…huh? The setting is that we’re blood-related?”

I didn’t miss that chance . The moment she said “blood-related”, her eyes s.h.i.+ned .
If she had the Fathercon attribute, this is the best method .

“I’ve got no one else but you…listen…I’ll even stop drinking…so please…”
“You don’t usually drink though do you?”

I’ve nothing to hide, I don’t drink .
but I don’t care about such fact .

“What would I do if even you throw me away…?”
“W…what would you do…”
“I’ll probably just hang myself . ”
“…I can’t…I-I’m not good with that weak face…I can’t!”
“Angee…please don’t go anywheree . ”

I broke down crying as if I just spent our entire living expenses on the pac.h.i.n.ko .
But at the same time, I scold myself asking why the h.e.l.l can I do this kind of voice .

“Daddy…it’s okay . I’m here with you . ”

Angelica got down on her knees and put my head on her laps .
Meanwhile, I circled my arms around her to cling on to her .

“You smell really nice . ”
“W-What are you talking about…?”
“You’ve grown really well . ”
“Dad…? You’re getting really weird, you know?”
“Your looks too…you start to look like your mother . ”
“Well we’re mother and daughter after all…of course we’re going to look like each other . ”
“I remember Sanae when she was young when I see your face . ”

I let out a careless chuckle as I gazed into her eyes .
I don’t know how I look in her eyes though .
But judging by her responses, it seems like she’s taking it in quite well .

“Seems like I’ve fallen so far . When I look at you, I tend to misunderstand . I feel like I’m hugging with your mother again . ”
“N-No way…we’re blood-related, you know…? This is absurd, you know…?”

A blue-eyed blonde foreign daughter and a j.a.panese black-haired old man .
We’re obviously not related by blood, but it seems like Angelica is already on board with the idea that we are .

“…Isn’t it fine?”
“W-We can’t . We can’t! I’m sure you’re just feeling lonely right now . ”
“…Ange…let me forget about the harsh reality…please be my Sanae…!”
“Aaaahh…! Even though we can’t do this…!”

Angelica’s breath turned erratic as she was absorbed in our world-building .
She was red up to her ears as she continued imagining the immoral situation .

“…O-Okay then . From today on, I’ll take on mom’s duty . I’ll be…I’ll be dad’s wife . So please, don’t die, dad…I mean…darling!”

In the meantime, the system message is furiously saying that Angelica’s favorability points and arousal level is shooting through the roof .
The moment this little drama of ours plays out, the system message immediately says 【Angelica‘s s.e.xual arousal reached 120%】

“So…can Ayako-chan stay? She’s just outside . ”
“…yeah…you can, darling…”

Leaving Angelica still in the state of confusion, I headed for the door .

“Sorry, it took a bit longer than expected . ”

Ayako-chan rubbed her hands together trying to withstand the cold, a.s.suming a pose that looks like she’s praying .

“Can I go in? I’m sorry to be troubling you . ”
“Don’t mind it . I’ll be the landlord of the room you’re staying at anyways, so don’t mind it . Ange would generally listen to what I say anyways . ”
“Oh my . You sound like a controlling husband, Nakamoto-san . ”

I bet you convinced her with such domineering tone, Ayako-chan laughed .

In the meantime, what’s occupying my brain right now is what to buy and how to apologize to Angelica .
I’ll have to sound pathetic again tomorrow to seek forgiveness as I give her something .