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King of Gods

Chapter 1265: 1261 A Name That Shakes The Ziling Zone

Chapter 1261 - A Name that Shakes the Ziling Zone

 The Spiritual Race disciples down below instantly felt a strength that was impossible to defy crus.h.i.+ng down on them. Their bodies groaned as they were on the verge of snapping, and their souls were battered and barraged to point of breaking.

 Zhao Feng suffered under pressure not one bit inferior to anyone else\'s. If not for his formidable physical body, firm soul, and the protection of his G.o.d Eye, he would have already bent the knee to this half-step G.o.d Lord.

 \"Correct; I want a few days to think!\" Zhao Feng barely managed to squeeze these words out from between his clenched teeth.

 These words made the hearts of everyone present freeze. The disciples present cursed Zhao Feng\'s name countless times.

 In the sky, even some Ancient G.o.d Elders broke out in a cold sweat. In front of a half-step G.o.d Lord and the pressure he exuded, Zhao Feng still refused. Not even these Ancient G.o.d Elders dared to do such a thing.

 At this moment, the oppressive energy suffocating the world suddenly vanished.

 \"I will give you three days. After that, I will return to secluded cultivation!\" With these words, the Third Elder vanished.

 He knew that Zhao Feng had actually already rejected him, but he would not treat Zhao Feng any differently because of this. After all, Zhao Feng had directly attained Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm, so as long as the Spiritual Race was willing to nurture him in general, he would become a G.o.d Lord without any problem.

 G.o.d Lords were the supreme experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. Zhao Feng even a tiny hope of reaching the very peak of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds and become a G.o.d King!

 But since the Third Elder of the Spiritual Race was a half-step G.o.d Lord, he found it somewhat demeaning to be refused by Zhao Feng. Thus, he gave the excuse that he was very busy and could only give Zhao Feng three days. If Zhao Feng could not make his decision soon, he would lose out on this opportunity. These words not only raised the Third Elder\'s prestige but also greatly reduced the awkwardness that came from Zhao Feng\'s refusal.

 When the Third Elder was gone, everyone in the Spiritual Race breathed a sigh of relief, some people even dropping to the ground.

 Everyone had very complicated looks in their eyes as they looked at Zhao Feng.

 At the start, Zhao Feng had been rejected by everyone. However, now that Zhao Feng had attained Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm directly, he had become the most brilliant genius of the Spiritual Race, making them all feel rather envious. Then, Zhao Feng defeated a Rank Six True G.o.d of the Life Sacred Land, which came as a pleasant surprise and made them rather admire him. In the end, Zhao Feng went and offended the Spiritual Race\'s Third Elder.

 After all these events, the Spiritual Race disciples had no idea how they should treat Zhao Feng.

 Zhao Feng also sighed. He was sure that the Third Elder wouldn\'t do anything to him, but that world-crus.h.i.+ng pressure was something that not even he could endure. He had been worried that, if enough time pa.s.sed, the Third Elder would\'ve seen through his secrets.

 \"Brother Feng!\" A graceful figure dressed in violet floated to Zhao Feng\'s side. This person was none other than the number one beauty of the Spiritual Race, Zhao Yufei.

 Zhao Yufei said no more. She only stared with affectionate eyes and an enchanting smile at Zhao Feng. It was like she would never doubt Zhao Feng no matter what he did.

 Zhao Yufei\'s att.i.tude warmed Zhao Feng\'s heart. After all, Zhao Yufei had spent decades in the Spiritual Race, and by refusing the Third Elder just now, Zhao Feng was basically opposing the entire Spiritual Race.

 As everyone looked at the G.o.ddess of their hearts being so close to another man, all sorts of feelings welled up in their hearts.

 In the distance, Quasi-G.o.d Luo Yu and Wei Qingying looked at Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei with an indescribable feeling in their hearts. In the beginning, they had treated Zhao Feng as a tool to poke fun at Zhao Yufei, but now, Zhao Feng was the most dazzling genius of the Spiritual Race. Even if they wanted to form a relations.h.i.+p with him now, they wouldn\'t be able to.


 Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit drifted down.

 \"Zhao Feng, we finally meet!\" Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit smiled.

 \"I must thank Senior for taking care of Zhao Yufei in the Spiritual Race over the years.\" Zhao Feng respectfully bowed.

 Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit was none other than the member of the Spiritual Race who had descended to the Continent Zone to take Zhao Yufei away. Zhao Feng could not possibly forget him.

 \"Zhao Feng, you are now a core disciple of the Spiritual Race. Why don\'t you move next to Zhao Yufei?\" Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit\'s face was beaming.

 \"Master!\" Zhao Yufei blushed to the shade of a ripe apple.

 The Spiritual Race would now only try to keep Zhao Feng, not try to impede their relations.h.i.+p.

 \"That\'s fine.\" Zhao Feng gave an indifferent nod.

 Zhao Feng followed Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit and Zhao Yufei to the territory of the core disciples.

 The crowd in the peripheral disciple area also dispersed. Everything that happened today had left an indelible mark on their minds.


 At this moment, a golden-robed youth exuding waves of majestic dignity arrived.

 \"Jin Wei, what\'s the situation?\" 

This golden-robed youth was somewhat similar in looks to Jin Wei, but there was a sharpness about his face.

 \"Big Bro, you only got here now? You missed a good show….\" Jin Wei told his big brother Jin Kun everything that happened. His big brother had the Spiritual Race bloodline and was an outstanding genius of the previous generation. He was currently an Ancient G.o.d expert.

 \"Rank Six True G.o.d!?\" Jin Kun had a look of stunned disbelief on his face.

 \"It\'s true! Even the Third Elder wanted to take him as a personal disciple.\" Jin Wei also knew that his brother had a proud personality and would never believe that an outsider was capable of directly becoming a Rank Six True G.o.d.

 \"Hmph, that kid actually dared to refuse the Third Elder?\" Jin Kun coldly snorted in displeasure.

 \"He truly did miss out on an excellent opportunity. If he had become the Third Elder\'s disciple, no one in the Spiritual Race would have dared to provoke him, but he insisted on refusing,\" Jin Wei said in confusion.

 \"There\'s a chance…. I want to see this person!\" Jin Kun\'s eyes flashed with a sharp light.

 Long ago, Jin Kun\'s ancestor had recommended him to the Third Elder in the hopes that the Third Elder would take Jin Kun as a disciple, but the Third Elder only glanced at him before rejecting the notion. Now, the Third Elder personally asked Zhao Feng to be his disciple, but Zhao Feng refused him. This left Jin Kun\'s heart burning with injustice.


 Upon arriving at his new residence, Zhao Feng entered a period of seclusion. He had just broken into the Ancient G.o.d realm, meaning that his cultivation was extremely unstable. He would need a great deal of time to stabilize it. In addition, he had comprehended some things through the battles earlier.

 \"On the surface, I\'m a Rank Six True G.o.d, but I\'m really already an Ancient G.o.d. This will be my trump card.\" Zhao Feng had a calm look on his face.

 He was now protected by the five-star faction that was the Spiritual Race. However, the talent and potential he had displayed were far too shocking, meaning that he might encounter some unpredictable dangers.

 While cultivating, Zhao Feng also began to nurture the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

 \"Master, I will return to my peak strength soon!\" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon respectfully said.

 It had been cultivating in the s.p.a.cetime Robe this entire time and knew nothing about what was happening outside. Thus, when Zhao Feng began exuding the aura of an Ancient G.o.d the moment he came in, it was almost scared out of its wits. It then learned that Zhao Feng had directly attained the Ancient G.o.d level and became extremely respectful to him.

 \"Mm.\" Zhao Feng nodded and went to his own cultivating area.

 As the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon recovered its strength, it was also cultivating new things. By the time it returned to its peak, it would definitely be even stronger than it was back then.

 In addition, he didn\'t know what sort of precious resources the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had received from Zhao Wan, but its Destruction Dragon Race bloodline appeared to be a little thicker.

 Of course, this was exactly what Zhao Feng wanted to see. If the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon couldn\'t keep up with him, it wouldn\'t be very useful.

 Zhao Feng shot a glance at the gray egg beside him.

 \"This thieving cat tricked me!\"

 Zhao Feng felt at a loss for words. The little thieving cat had said that it was going to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm, but did breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm require becoming an egg? Did it really need this much time?

 At this moment, Zhao Feng didn\'t really care about such things though. He just wanted to see what the little thieving cat would look like when it emerged from the egg.

 Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng entered a cultivation state.


 A peerless genius who had become a Rank Six True G.o.d in a single breakthrough had appeared in the Spiritual Race; this news immediately swept through the Ziling Zone, unleas.h.i.+ng a ma.s.sive earthquake.

 Directly becoming a Rank Six True G.o.d was the stuff of legends, with no verifiable event existing on record. No one had expected for it to truly occur.

 Of course, the vast majority of people doubted this news. After all, no one would believe such an absurd thing unless they personally witnessed it.

 A few days later, several of the peak four-star factions near the Spiritual Race dispatched people to pay a visit. However, Zhao Feng happened to be in the middle of seclusion at this time. Thus, not one of these visitors was able to see Zhao Feng himself.

 As a result, they all believed this genius to be a fabrication of the Spiritual Race. The goal was naturally to intimidate the Blazing Gold Race.

 The Ziling Zone, Blazing Gold Race:

 Deep underground, in a secret hall exuding a searing light, the upper echelon of the Blazing Gold Race had gathered.

 The mood in the hall was extremely oppressive, with everyone focused on one person. They were so fearful that they didn\'t even dare to breathe too loudly. An authoritative elder floated in the air, his seemingly steel body blazing with golden flames. He was a half-step G.o.d Lord.

 \"Explain the situation,\" the half-step G.o.d Lord of the Blazing Gold Race suddenly said.

 \"Based on the reports of our spies in the Spiritual Race, there truly was someone called Zhao Feng who managed to reach Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm in his breakthrough!\" a middle-aged man down below said.

 These words caused the hall to buzz with conversation. Even the face of the half-step G.o.d Lord turned gloomy.

 \"This boy can\'t be left alive!\"

 \"He must be removed, or else the Blazing Gold Race will never be able to rest easy!\"

 Ruthless expressions appeared on the faces of some of the upper echelon members.

 \"Directly attaining Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm… an outsider?\" the half-step G.o.d Lord elder softly asked.

 \"Correct. Apparently, for the sake of pursuing Zhao Yufei, this person entered the Spiritual Race as a worker disciple….\" The middle-aged man said everything he knew.

 \"Keep a close eye on this Zhao Feng. Try to lure and recruit him, and if he refuses… exterminate him!\" the half-step G.o.d Lord coldly said.


 In the s.p.a.cetime Robe, Zhao Feng opened his eyes.

 \"I need to search for new techniques now, or else my cultivation speed will be too slow.\" Zhao Feng sighed.

 He previously cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, but both were complete and no longer possible to cultivate.

 \"Master, there\'s no need to worry. The Spiritual Race is a five-star faction, and you are its most brilliant genius. They will offer any technique to you that happens to catch your eye!\" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon respectfully said.

 Zhao Feng nodded and prepared to leave so that he could search the Spiritual Race for a suitable technique.

 But at this moment, his soul received an urgent message.

 \"Zhao Wan\'s in trouble!\" Zhao Feng\'s face froze in shock, and he immediately sent his mind to the dream-like silver ball in his G.o.d Eye Dimension.