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Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 321: Chapter 321 - Miracles and Faith

Chapter 321 Miracles and Faith

Personal training is dull and boring while the mortal world is tempting. Cultivators always advocate staying away from the mortal world. It is because cultivators are most likely to be tempted by fame and fortune during such boring cultivation in the bustling world, thus losing his moral mind. If so, his cultivation will have no future

Lin Luoran’s situation is different.

Not until she was twenty-seven years old didshe start to know cultivation. Before that, she earned her tuition and even supported her ex-boyfriend, a liar and a cheater. Moreover, because of the lack of education, she could not find a decent job. She was also unwilling to accept the “unspoken rules” of her boss, so her efforts in work turned into nothing … She endured all kinds of obstructions and difficulties for she did not want to lose her self-esteem just for the salary.

Her life would only follow this path which is to find a balance between reality and self-esteem. She would work hard to make money, finding a partner ina similar situation. They would struggle together in the city for a lifetime and may be lucky enough to buy an apartment that can provide a slightly decent background for her children.

The small s.p.a.ce among the family heirloom and the small size of that herb field has redefined her life after that.

She can turn a stone into a jade, and she has cut emeralds valued more than ten million RMB. All of her experiences are like Fan Jin, who suddenly the Chinese Imperial Exam. Someone will send a villa with a market value of billions of dollars to her. With the improvement of her personal ability, money becomes available with extreme ease. Many people rack their brains, just to make an acquaintance of Lin’s family … At last, she becomes a power that can have some influence in Huaxia’s world of cultivation.

There are great differences between the past and the present. Many people who have a sudden rise in life will not adapt to it. However, Lin Luoran is an exception.

She could not have been so diligent on cultivation. With the money of Lin’s family and her status in Huaxia’s world of cultivation, Lin Luoran can have access to the best food, the best cars, and the best houses. She can be a lord over a small district and live freely.

Why does she still have a closed-door training, bearing the separation with her relatives and friends shortly?

Lin Luoran, whether rich or poor, always knows what she wants.

It can only be worthwhile to live when she sees the vast world and has the strength to travel the world by cultivation. Instead of guarding the waters of Dongting with the dream of a monarch in the gorgeous Dragon Palace, she wants to look at wider seas; Instead of taking up the low Qingcheng Mountains and drawing a circle on her governed ground , she wants to climb higher peaks.


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