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Love Cafe: When Only Memories Remains

Chapter 156: 156 You Are Afraid I Will Run....

From their words Smrity knew they had no idea about her ident.i.ty it means that the person behind all this don\'t want them to know about her ident.i.ty. Nor she had a plan to tell them she never believe problem could solve by bribery. And for greedy person like them are not trust worthy so she decided to go along with her previous plan.

\"A mere girl like me , who don\'t have anything how could provoke any one you must mistaken that you kidnapped me.\" Smrity said in low and trembling voice.

\"You are questioning about our potentiality?\" The Boss of the group immediately retorted angrily, this little girl is really daring that she is questioning his work.

\"No, I mean you kidnapped wrong person.\" Smrity said in even more low and trembling voice. Tears from her eyes started to flow uncontrollably, she raised her eyes slowly as like a frightened kitten who is begging to let go.

\"Oh you are scared little girl...\" He pulled up her chin with a great force, Smrity\'s eyes turn grave now there growth intent of murder. She really hate when someone touch her, for her only her loved ones can touch her if anyone tries to touch her against her will, she always makes sure that regret.Smrity soon turn her expression into scared, she have to endure it for a while.

He notice her change of expression, when her expression change into murderous he could feel dropping temperature of ware house. He felt strong aura of the girl, he could barely breathe but soon he found normal. The fear in his heart calm down little,

\"No, I am not but it seems you are...\" Smrity said low and afraid voice tried to force herself to speak.

\"Oh, how??\" He said with mocking smile.

\"No, you are afraid that I would run away, that you tied me.\" Smrity said mockingly this time but her voice is trembling like that she is forcing herself to say, she looked like little rabbit who is afraid and trying to hide.

\"Really, you can\'t even run away even if you want or I will untie you my little girl...

That is just your dream, so dream on dear...\"

He patted her head mockingly, Smrity\'s strong hatred flashed on her eyes. He dared to mock her and also he said she is weak. Smrity really wanted to untie herself but she is in false state right now.

After saying he stretched his hand untie her, Smrity was slightly surprised by his such a provoking behaviour. If her subordinates do this type of mistake she will kill them immediately.
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\"Can I drink water?\" Smrity asked permission in low voice, like a student taking permission of teachers.

\"You can, about your dream running away it is impossible.\"

Smrity didn\'t say anything she just walked towards the direction of chemical and flower. They didn\'t doubt her because they think Smrity is just a 19 year old girl who have offended big shots.

Smrity reached at the corner where flower is planted and slowly picked up few flower without noticing then after then she picked up the bottle of chemical from cabinet.

n.o.body is paying notice on her, in their eyes Smrity is just a helpless girl.

Smrity\'s lips curved up, her cold smile spread on her face. She get a gla.s.s of water while hoodlums were playing cards occasionally taking glance of Smrity.

Smrity made poison within 3 minute, she would really wanted to thank that certain person who accidentally teach her some medicinal remedy when she met him.

Smrity put poison on their drinks secretly while they were busy playing cards. Sometimes she really wanted to laughed on the peoples who wanted to hurt her, don\'t they know they are not even 1% comparable to her.