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Master Of Erossu Book

Chapter 100: 103 Luan'er

The days went on!

And as Xia Feng had decided, he began the normal life with his mother and beauty in small house. Other than helping his mother in the shop from shadows, Xia Feng also spent his time with Xia Xiu outside the house.

The commoners had a lot of ways to spend their time and the duo blended rather well to enjoy those! From theatre to shopping, Xia Feng tried a new lifestyle that wasn\'t really possible for old him! Xia Xiu also enjoyed those and the duo even took Klim to the animal\'s facility where there was playground for cats!

Meow! (Translation: d.a.m.n, newbies. Your milk is all my!)

But the experienced cat stole away all milk to her stomach which resulted in all cats crying out loudly! The customers and the boss became enraged with Klim, thus, Xia Feng had to pay for all loses.

Of course, it wasn\'t problem, but there must be some punishment...

Pah! Meow! Pah! Meowwwww!


\"d.a.m.n cat! Embarra.s.sing me in front of all those kids!\"

Xia Feng was slapping the cat\'s b.u.t.t as if already preparing her for the future! His slaps were obviously drenched in Erossu Touch which was stimulating the erossu qi in cat\'s little body! She kept quivering each time she felt his plam striking!

Of course, there was also another sound mixed which was human flesh getting slapped as well. It was Xia Xiu who was already on her four! Since both of them decided to spent their time normally like other commoners, they couldn\'t simply go sleep, right?

So the duo was cultivating in their own way every evening just after dinner with mother! And Xia Xiu knew that Xia Feng comprehended his mystery of erossu from her a.s.s, so each session was indeed from behind.

Not like she mind though.

\"Slap harder! This f.u.c.king erossu touch is too good! Ah! Yesssssss~~\"

Meow! (Translation: I don\'t want slaps! It feels strange!)

The white cat was on Xia Xiu\'s slim back as she also has stretched her body like cat. Holding onto bed\'s rail tightly, Miss Xia had her b.r.e.a.s.t.s hanging down like two enticing melons waiting to be eaten.

Those two kept asking for attention as she shouted out everytime Xia Feng slapped her a.s.s! Of course, as he slapped, Xia Feng always let his hand rest atop those b.u.t.tocks, grasping them tightly as if trying to rip those apart.


\"So hot from all those slaps... So d.a.m.n hot like some kind of tickling bomb~~Hy!\"

Xia Feng gasped as if comprehending something! The hand that was resting on her a.s.s tightened even more elicting yet another shot! Of course Xia Feng was raising the strength of his AWE, but it was far from good progress...

\"What\'s up with that gasp?! Have you perhaps failed with your comprehension? Then slap harder for another one! Ohhhhhhh!\"

\"I guess so. Scream for me, Xiu\'er.\"


Hot grandma was getting intoxicated with the erossu as one can guess. She kept inviting Xia Feng to slap her harder as she shook those mounds enticingly. Xia Feng who felt the sudden increase of his AWE concept nodded with contentment and raised the speed and amount of slaps.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Those slaps were shaking the whole body of Xia Xiu! And as she let go all her restraints resulting in moaning till the heavens, Klim had to focus even more as she didn\'t want to fall from Xia Xiu\'s back! If she fell... then Xia Feng would think that she tried to run away, thus, getting more slaps would be inevitable.

Meow! Meow! Meow! (Translation: Stop! Stop! Slower... No! s.h.i.+t! I am falling!)

She fell... poor cat fell on her back as those paws went up in adorable way! Her eyes were locked on Xia Feng\'s face simply to show her adorable sight! It was instinctual move to protect herself from further punishment. As she swung her paws...

Meow... (Translation: No a.s.s?)

\"So what?\"

Meow! Meow! (Translation: *Wide opened meow* *Blurgh meow*)

Xia Feng struck the tummy of cat with his erossu touch! It didn\'t do any serious damage at all, only giving slight feeling of pleasure and pain. Maybe he was truly preparing her for future! As Klim meowed in new way she hadn\'t even herself know, Xia Feng suddenly let her go as he felt this is enough.

\"Remember to think about your actions next time. It\'s not like all milk belongs to you! You can only drink my milk, get it?\"

Meow! (Translation: Hmpf! What\'s up with so haughty tone? I haven\'t forgotten your crying past! Hmpf!)

\"Go and rest in the corner. I have to focus on my cultivation.\"

Meow! (Translation: *Hmpf meow*)

Klim rolled herself on the bed, then stood up with fast jump! While leaving, she let out cat\'s tail attack which did no damage at all! It was reminder to prepare some milk for later! Of course, the little cat had problems moving after all those slaps!

\"Xiu\'er, so which one?\"

\"Why are you... haaa.. asking if you are going... to penetrate both anyway? Ahhh!\"

\"Bad grandma~~ Just tell me which one.\"

\"a.s.s! f.u.c.k the a.s.s first!\"

Heavens! Was she getting turned on by the forbidden relations.h.i.+p as well? Truly Xia! And speaking of Xia, Xia Feng grasped her b.u.t.tocks tightly as usual, then spread those wide exposing the little pink hole waiting to be conquered.

From all those slaps, Xia Xiu has perspired rather highly... Of course, erossu qi had done its job as well preparing this second garden! Xia Feng could easily begin the conquest once more, thus, he settled his weapon just on the entrace.


\"As hot as it is... I am sure that insides are way hotter, burning for me already, huh?\"

\"You f.u.c.king know it well, so stop this s.h.i.+tty teasing! Do you really want me to scream how badly I want it?!\"

\"Yeah, I am pervert and it turns me on, Xiu\'er.\"

f.u.c.king honest. But there is also other reason for that.

\"I want your rod deep inside me!\"

The warmth of their most private parts was already mixed as Xia Feng\'s rod kept resting atop her pink hole while waiting for those words. And as he heard them, Xia Feng leaned forward with smirk as the rod began the conquest!

\"Ughhhhhh! Mmmmm~~\"

One could see easily how this thick and long rod of Erossu Cultivator was slowly entering the burning heaven, spreading her insides for G.o.d knows what time. And Xia Feng himself was aroused to the fullest, holding the explosion with his strong will.

\"So d.a.m.n good... Now, tighten for me, Xiu\'er!\"

Slap! The body of beauty answered the wish of her man as she clenched the rod as much as she could! Of course Xia Feng didn\'t stop his a.s.sault at all. His body kept smas.h.i.+ng against meaty a.s.s of his grandma so d.a.m.n loud one could hear it from other street!

Then, Explosion!


\"It doesn\'t end with one, Xiu\'er!\"

\"I knownnnnnnnn~~\"

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Xia Feng was obviously aroused by the body of his grandma, but there was also another factor... As he grabbed the weak body of Xia Xiu who kept experiencing tide after tide, Xia Feng turned their bodies so it would face the doors to their room!

Here, one could see a gap and one eye peeking at them... It was of course Miss Luan who couldn\'t seal her senses at all! When she saw her son\'s rod for the first time, she was close to fainting from shc.o.k! Then, the huge amount of white seed and how he could keep going even after few shots without break at all!

It was so shocking and appealing she found it hard to fight her inner thoughts. After all, she had a debate within herself about surrendering to Xia Feng and enter the forbidden relations.h.i.+p... The \'common\' conscience was slowly losing each time she felt her son\'s gaze on her bottom...

While Xia Feng was comprehending, Miss Luan could feel his gaze that was as if finger sliding on her a.s.s!

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And now... it looked like her son had enough of those sneaky peeping as he showed the connection between him and his woman thoroughly. Xia Luan could clearly see the huge monster leaving and entering the sacred garden with fast thrusts!

The white seed of her son was also splattering because of such wild movement sending the poor mother on the brink of explosions as even stomach of Xia Xiu was slightly bulged! And as she knew her son\'s intentions, Xia Luan entered the room with weird walk...

Well, there was something dripping from her juicy garden!

Heavens! There was huge pool below her! Was she there from the very beginning or what?!

\"Mother... It\'s quite naughty to peep at your son and his woman, don\'t you think so? Or maybe there is more to this peeping?\"

Xia Feng also felt allure towards his mother, but respected her, thus, held himself as much as possible. But day after day, his mother kept peeping at this cultivation, so he decided to invite her and have talk while... swinging his waist... against the beauty\'s bottom...

\"Luan... don\'t look... at my face nowwwwww~~\"

Miss Xia and Miss Luan definitely became closer after living together.

\"It\'s fine... Xiu... There is something gathering my attention already...\"



As another explosion erupted, Miss Luan bit her lips, then after brief pause, she answered the question of her son honestly.

\"Feng\'er... it\'s your mother being greedy... I know that you can help me... to raise my cultivation... and I know that you feel allure towards my body, so, just say no as my intent is clear... I just want to use you to live longer.\"

\"And what\'s wrong with that? I love you, mother. Use my body as much as you want if that can help your dreams. Also, didn\'t you say that I feel allure towards your body? That\'s truth iss it also can make my ability stronger, so we both can help each other.\"


Xia Feng smiled as he exploded once again. This was the allure of mother being here all right! Then, with his rod leaving the sacred garden, another small explosion rang out as the white seed of Erossu Cultivator rushed out from this very place. This was enough to elicit yet another gasps from both ladies...

\"Xiu\'er, mother is here so I must settle a few things, you know what I mean.\"

\"Mmm, have fun.\"

Have fun, she said...

Softly putting down the hot beauty, Xia Feng jumped out from the bed all nude. He was glowing from all sweat which outlined those muscles honed from all Erossu! And the closer he got, the more nervous Xia Luan was! Of course, Xia Feng couldn\'t get very close to her as there was something between them.

Little brother swinging itself with excitement, eager to feel the forbidden, new warmth once more! It was gathering the attention of beautiful mother whose eyes were already mirroring it.

\"Mother, do you want to help me get stronger?\"

\"...Yes, Feng\'er. And in exchange, you will help your mother?\"

\"That\'s for sure, Luan\'er.\"

Oh, what a nice family... Wait, Luan\'er?


It\'s been a while since she heard her name which was filled with such affection. It was love that has been mixed with motherly and womanly one... Heavens... Miss Mother also didn\'t wait for Xia Feng to take off her clothes as she untied her clothes by herself! They fell slowly as if exposing every part of her body in slow motion!


\"Feng\'er also has nice muscles which is rare for most cultivators.\"

Most cultivators focus on qi, but that truly depends on cultivation method. Also, Xia Feng has body cultivation so the results are obvious. Miss Mother was the first to break the staring contest as she moved forward, but Xia Feng knows that...

\"Being healthy is important. I must clean this little brother first.\"

\"Ah, um.. Indeed.\"

The second garden is truly sacred and demanding garden!