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Master Of Erossu Book

Chapter 185: 185 I Want More~~ Clap! Clap!

Xia Feng\'s words didn\'t truly surprise anyone.

Except Lilimoon as he spoke rather confidently.

Anyway, it was fine. The dragons like strong man, alright! She smiled sweetly and watched the duo while others caught up to them from afar. The justice knight only shook his head, then spoke slowly.

\"I am one of the servants from Justice Divine Sword. I have seen a lot of beautiful women like her, so calm down, erossu.\"

\"So you just killed others because of her talent?\"

\"She still has her dragon form and I am sure you also posses more. At the end of my life, I wanted to do something from my own will.\"

\"Your own will...\"

The servants from the Justice Divine Sword and ladies from erossu book have to listen to their masters. The orders can be absolute if they want so. The Justice Knights were bound to the sword by the sword mark that was tightly engraved within their hearts.

It was small sword ready to pierce their hearts if they dared to show the disloyalty.

\"Those who get tremendous achievements can get freedom. Do you understand what it means? If we killed you, we would\'ve been free, that\'s for sure. You are erossu and although it would be hard to get the book, your body definitely would be valuable for Milady.\"

\"So that\'s why you didn\'t wait for others.\"

\"Yeah... After waiting for enemies here, I was wondering... Whether I am lucky or not to be here. Those Justice Knights in the other pocket realm had chance to win freedom, but there was also chance of them being used as meat s.h.i.+elds.\"


\"Milady is merciless. But that\'s all because of the destiny. That\'s why, you won\'t win against her. Even in your dragon form, she will throw as much Justice Knights as possible at you untill you lose your qi thoroughly. At the same realm, how many cultivators can you take on with dragon form and treasures?\"


Lilimoon bit her lips when she thought about that. The exact number of Justice Knight wasn\'t known and if the justice knight himself was sure of it, then it must be more than one hundred. She clenched her little fists, and glared at Justice Knight who let out smile.

\"I can already inform you that all the keys from this realm got taken by Milady. There is nothing for you. You won\'t be able to reach the inheritance. And if you have killed every justice knight on your way, then she shouldn\'t be able to find you here. Her goal is to get everything here.\"

Every inheritance might be useful lately. The bloodline from Dang Gu that he seemed to be proud about also can be helpful for her family and other cultivators. The other treasures were also \'tasty\' and although she didn\'t know their content, they also might be helpful.

Xia Feng\'s father in past life was also telling him to not let any inheritance slip his hands. But he also told him to know when to step back. Anyway, the key was to always enter and check it. And for justice who has army in her dantian, it seems like this inheritance is nothing more than playground.

When the erossu heard it, they felt truly dejected. 

Although it was fine to keep up with few justice knights, it was understandable that few of them might be with better treasures.

After all, in order to equip the army of one hundred cultivators... One had to be truly wealthy! The one Xia Feng had met weren\'t that much equiped except their armors and swords.

As for them, they kept using more and more.

\"Now then, I shall say good bye. I hope that you will survive. It would be truly pity if your talents got wasted.\"

Taking out sword, the justice knight severed his head, then the silence descended onto the area.


Xia Feng began leaning towards the idea of retreating. Sitting on the ground while keeping his awareness around everyone, he kept thinking about survival. Not about the fight with Justice.

The words of Justice Knight were honest and he could feel his genuine intentions.

After living all this time, it was fine for him to give up his life for young talent. Then, the army of knights with few equiped like the erossu party...

It\'s simply too hard to survive.

\"We are staying here.\"


Softly whispering to everyone, Xia Feng decided to go into defensive mood. The bloodline might be alluring, but lives of his loved ones are more imporant. 

Xia Feng locked his eyes on Lilimoon and when she saw his eyes, her dejected expression got slightly red.

\"Lilimoon, I got mesmerized by you from the very beginning, but you were the lady who could go against the erossu destiny and its fragrance, so I hoped to form the pure friends.h.i.+p with you. But I guess we spent too much time together.\"

With all eyes looking at him, Xia Feng stood up and approached Lilimoon.

His hands already grabbed hers and looking straight into pink eyes, Xia Feng spoke yet again.

\"Your beauty is mesmerizing, but your cheerfulness and optimistic approach to life was what made my heart flutter for you. So, Lilimoon, can I kiss you?\"

\"Hehe~~ That\'s all? I want more~~\"

\"More? I want to feel that small b.r.e.a.s.t.s of your and suck on those red nipples. Hold this meaty a.s.s and ravage those thick thighs- BLURGH!\"

\"That\'s now what I meant!\"


Heavens! That\'s the erossu right here! Although Xia Feng seemed lovely and fluffy gentleman as he is, when he spoke about his desire to kiss her, Xia Feng misunderstood that and thought that she wants to learn more about his... hoh EROSSU!

She slapped him so hard that his whole face turned to the side. But, when Xia Feng\'s eyes went to the side, the lady grabbed his collar and pulled towards herself, going for the erossu kiss!

It was her first, but the dragon is legendary race alright!


She deeply went inside his mouth, then after five minutes or so, the lady gave up and looked at him with sultry eyes.

\"I also want to ride on you, Xia Feng. But that\'s not time, right?\"


Lilimoon\'s whole face was too adorable, so Xia Feng found it hard to agree. Nevertheless, it was fine to watch right now. He kept his eyes locked on her flushed face with eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with l.u.s.t.

Women are more l.u.s.tful than men, alright! Then women in love, oh erossu!


\"Wowww, congratulations. Should we clap right now?\"

\"Ahrisha, you shouldn\'t speak now... But I think we should clap.\"

The erossu ladies spoke, then strangely agreed.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Everyone began clapping as if getting dragon lady is big achievement! It made the whole things awkward, but only for a little as Lilimoon cheerfuly said \'Thanks sisters\' and took the erossu arm for herself!

Right now, she had one of two best spots.

Only Earis was trying to comprehend the att.i.tudes of other erossu ladies! She was looking at them without any emotions, but deep inside, she felt hugeeee confusion!


However, when everyone was in \'Erossu Mood\', the whole pocket realm trembled. Lilimoon who was knowledgable and sensitive to spatial concept looked up and told them that someone is here. 

Then, the Justice Knights\' treasures began to tremble violently.


Xia Feng immediately took the front and watched those items attentively. However, it wasn\'t attack, but something similar to his \'Erossu Harvest\'. The weapons trembled, then shattered. Next step was of course qi gathering.

The golden justice qi flew up and gathered in one point.

When Xia Feng curiously increased his eyesight, the sight of blonde beauty appeared.

She was... destructive in the terms of appearance. Her whole aura was sharp and she was giving the feeling of utmost confidence and resolution. With slightly furrowed brows, The Justice Cultivator stood proudly on the highest building with her body all exposed for others to marvel.

Through her armor that was tight and small, one could easily see her proportions and beauty as there was no helmet.

The Milady was indeed strong cultivator with all the golden qi gathered around her. Her sword was as sharp and deadly as her appearance.

\"Quite dangerous, right?\"


Then, the master of this place spoke.

Dang Gu was standing next to Xia Feng, his eyes full of sadness. The inheritance was meant so that at least few strong and talented individuals from lesser realms would rise and get one or two treasures from the five main ones.

\"But she killed everyone... In all... four pocket realms... I had saved as many as I could...\"

The master of this place also hoped for Xia Feng to beat her, but the more he fought against Justice Knights, the more hope had been lost.

\"Dang Gu... You can hide the main inheritance, no?\"

\"I can... But... Haa... I won\'t be able to do another one with my current soul qi. I guess it will be... scattered around the other worlds, waiting for lucky cultivator...\"

While Dang Gu spoke sadly, the Justice Cultivator entered the main inheritance room.

There was only one room she could take, but summoning other Justice Knights, the lady took all five rooms for herself.

Then, something that Dang Gu didn\'t predict happened... And he spoke with fear.

\"She saw us! She f.u.c.king saw us! HOW?! Howwwwww?!\"

\"f.u.c.ker! Send my women back! To my lesser realm! All, now!\"

\"I can\'t... I can\'t... She has sealed... the whole pocket realms... How... can this be...\"


The situation was becoming worse and worse.