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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 105: Chapter 105 Rage

Ding Ning just noticed that he had put his hand Chu Yunxiu\'s chest, which made him look embarra.s.sed. He hurriedly relaxed his hold as if he got an electric shock, and said in embarra.s.sment.

\"I... I didn\'t do that on purpose. It\'s a mistake, mistake!\"

\"You are such coward. Even if you did that on purpose, so what? You\'ve touched my mother\'s b.r.e.a.s.t.s when treating her for her breast cancer. Maybe you can marry my mother as well. Anyway, she is also single. \"

Ling Yun burst into laughter. Her charming look and daring words made Ding Ning distressed and speechless. He thought that this girl was so mindless that she dared to say any bulls.h.i.+t. If he dared to agree, bone demon would definitely kill him.

He gave Ling Yun a hard look which was not flattering and said, \"What nonsense are you talking? I did that for treatment, but you describe me as a s.e.x maniac. I am a doctor with professional ethics, okay?\"

Ling Yun covered her mouth and said with a tempting smile, \"You don\'t want that? You can marry me and my mother at the same time, are you really not tempted?\"

Her flirt aroused Ding Ning\'s desire. He had never found that Ling Yun could be so charming. Was it the difference between a girl and a woman?

For fear of losing his composure, Ding Ning quickly changed the subject and asked, \"What happened to your phone? Why can\'t I get through?\"

\"Ah, you called me?\"

Feeling inexplicably surprised, she concealed her guilty conscience in an extremely confident tone, \"My phone was out of battery, so I left in the office and didn\'t bring it with me.\"

\"Where did you go last night? Why did you come back so late?\" Ding Ning continued interrogating her.

\"Ah, don\'t mention it. Last night, my mom asked me to ask for leave for relieving boredoms with her. However, one of her friends took us to a business club where we played mahjong till midnight. It was so boring.\"

Ling Yun complained while changing her clothes, without dodging Ding Ning\'s anxious eyes. She even deliberately threw out her chest of the size of C cup and winked at Ding Ning, which made him almost pounce on her and have s.e.x with her again.

\"Okay, stop horsing around. Hurry to get out. Come to me tonight, and I will tell you more.\"

Ling Yun pushed Ding Ning away breathlessly, while eating fritters and drinking soy milk.

Ding Ning touched his shrivelled belly. It seemed that he had to go out to have breakfast, otherwise Chu Yunxiu would find that breakfast had reduced after waking up.

\"I am leaving now. Remember to turn on your phone!\"

Ding Ning took out the silver needle and immediately disappeared in the room like a gust of wind.

There came Ling Yun\'s pretentious scream from behind him,\"Mom, what happened to you? Why did you suddenly pa.s.s out? Wouldn\'t it be hypoglycemia?\"

She was so incredible in acting. It was really a loss, if she didn\'t get an Oscar golden statuette.

Ding Ning, who was overjoyed, did not notice the faint worry flas.h.i.+ng through Ling Yun\'s eyes when she was staring at his back.

Ding Ning had vented his inner depression under her guidance, but it had not been completely released. Although it would not be a problem for the time being, it would burst again sooner or late when things did not go well.

She would like to take Ding Ning to see the psychiatrist, but she knew that it was impossible, because he would never admit that he had mental problems.

Perhaps Shen Muqing could help him? As Ling Yun thought of Shen Muqing\'s limpid eyes which was capable of penetrating one\'s thought, her eyes lit up.

\"It\'s weird. Why did I suddenly pa.s.s out?\"

Chu Yunxiu was still confused, wondering what had happened to her, but failed to figure it out.

\"I think that it might be hypoglycemia. Nothing serious. I\'ll ask Ding Ning to have a check later.\"

Ling Yun said calmly, while drinking soy milk.

\"Forget it. I feel quite good. It should be nothing serious. By the way, Yunyun, aunt Sun asked me to hang up together tonight, and it may last for the whole night. Come back early tonight to walk Doudou. Don\'t wait for me. You can go to sleep first.\"

Chu Yunxiu said with joy. Last night it was the first time she had been to such a luxurious private club to play mahjong and won tens of thousands yuan in a few hours, which made her increasingly like this life.

\"Mom, have you returned the diamond necklace?\"

Ling Yun thought of the business and asked quickly.

\"I\'ve returned it to aunt w.a.n.g, but she was not willing to take it. She said that Liu Junwei went to other place to talk about some project, and asked me to directly return it to him after he comes back.\"

Chu Yunxiu said helplessly, \"I\'ve offended aunt w.a.n.g for this blind date. You didn\'t see her darkening face. Ah, since Ding Ning hasn\'t come to you now, you really don\'t take Liu Junwei into consideration?\"

\"Mom, have you finished talking?\"

Ling Yun looked displeased, secretly muttering, \"Ding Ning has slept with your daughter. What the f.u.c.k do I need to consider?\"

\"Well, forget it. You can handle it yourself. I\'ll stay out of it.\"

At the sight of Ling Yun\'s unhappy face, Chu Yunxiu hurriedly waved her hands and shut up. She still felt a little timid at the thought of her daughter\'s resolute eyes when her daughter intended to break off the relations.h.i.+p with her that night.

It was hard to keep a grown girl at home. If she kept doing that, she would turn her daughter into her enemy. She ate silently, while her heart had already flown to the luxurious club.

As Ding Ning just got on the car, his face became extremely serious.

Psychological problem? Maybe he had some, but it was not the main reason. It was not that Ding Ning was unwilling to admit it, but that he knew what the matter with him was.

The ancestral Cattle-butchering Skill was a practice method which started with killing. The first page began with the words, \"A man should kill mercilessly. The immortal cause depends on killing. Killing one makes you a sinner, while killing tens of thousands makes you a hero. A man who has killed millions can be considered the hero of heroes.\"

Cattle-butchering Skill emphasized rearing murderous intent. The more people he killed, the more powerful he would be. Nevertheless, how many people in this world were born with a formidable hero\'s nature which enabled them to kill others without blinking?

Now it was a society ruled by law, and one should bear criminal responsibility if he killed someone. It increased the mental pressure on the murderer. The rage acc.u.mulated in his chest and couldn\'t be vented for a long time, which would drive the pract.i.tioner mad and possessed by the devil.

When his father taught him the technique of using knife, his father seriously took out the ancestral medical book Compendium of Vegetation which was a practicing method. It and Cattle-butchering Skill were supplementary to each other.

In Compendium of Vegetation, there was a practicing method called Heart Sutra of Bodhi which was about dissolving rage through cultivating benevolence.

It should be the method that the ancestors of Ding family came up with to dissolve the side effects of the technique of using knife. However, his father did not have the talent to study medicine. As soon as he read medical books, he dozed off. He considered it an abstruse book. Thus, he had learned nothing from the book during decades.

When Ding Ning was young, his father had never explained it to him. But now he thought that learning medicine was not the only way to release rage.

For example, sleeping with a women and slaughtering some livestock which did not make him feel guilty could help him relieve stress and release rage.

Why did Ding Ning think that he could dissolve his rage through sleeping with a woman? He got the answer because he felt refreshed after sleeping with Ling Yun that night.

It made Ding Ning a little curious. Why didn\'t his father relieve his rage through sleeping with a prost.i.tute in town? He didn\'t know it, or distained to do that, or didn\'t want to cheat on his mother?

It was no wonder that he worked in the slaughterhouse. It turned out that he wanted to relieve his rage thus to increase his murderous intent through slaughtering livestock. It seemed that his reticent father was exclusive in marriage.

Ding Ning had learned both using knife and medicine since he was a child. He cultivated Cattle-butchering Skill while practicing Heart Sutra of Bodhi. His father even specially asked Sister Qiao to supervise and teach him. His father had expended much care and thought on keeping the balance between his rage and benevolence.

However, Ding Ning had muddled along without any aim since he went to college. It had been a long time since he practiced Heart Sutra of Bodhi last time.

After all, his losing control of rage this time could be caused by his rebellious mentality. His father disappeared with his four masters without a word for five years, which made him feel like abandoned. He subconsciously expressed his grievances by throwing himself away.

Pract.i.tioners described losing control of rage as being possessed by the devil. It was a very dangerous state. The most dangerous situation would make him die, while the least dangerous situation would make his meridians burst, the rage enter his brain, his nerves disordered, and make him a disabled person or even a homicidal maniac.

Ding Ning knew that his losing control was very dangerous. If Ling Yun did not appease him with her tenderness and the stone man didn\'t drive the superpower to restore his meridians and protect his consciousness sea, he would definitely become a disabled person or a homicidal maniac.

It scared him greatly. Becoming a disabled person was still acceptable. Once he lost his sanity and became a homicidal maniac, he did not know how many people would be killed by him.

Therefore, he made up his mind that no matter how busy he was, he must persist in practicing Heart Sutra of Bodhi so as to keep his mentality stable. He could never let himself lose control again.

Nevertheless, misfortune generated happiness, and happiness bred misfortune. His losing control this time was not entirely unhelpful. Although his superpower energy ball had shrunk dramatically, his meridians became wider and tensile after being damaged, and he could run the True Qi twice faster than before.

Unconsciously he had returned to the courtyard in the western suburbs. Chu Yunna joyfully jumped into the arms of Ding Ning like a kindergarten child who finally waited for the arrival of her parent after school, which made a group of workers who were working hard envious.

Although Chu Yunna had used the bio-simulated skin to make her less good-looking, her curvaceous shape which was comparable to that of a model did not change.

The man in charge of the construction team was a middle-aged man in his early forties. He looked honest, called w.a.n.g Dahai. The workers called him leader w.a.n.g. He seemed to be very prestigious.

w.a.n.g Dahai handed Ding Ning a box of Double Happiness cigarettes which was worth seven yuan, greeted him in mandarin with a strong Huizhou accent, and stopped talking. Obviously he was an inarticulate person.

He stole a glance at the Land Rover with his envious eyes from time to time, seemingly considering Ding Ning a young man from a rich family and more in awe of Ding Ning.

Ding Ning respectfully took his cigarette, took a drag and kindly asked w.a.n.g Dahai whether there was any difficulty in the construction.

Speaking of his industry, w.a.n.g Dahai didn\'t look numb, but talked with joy instead. His words was closely reasoned, well argued and clear.

The work of infrastructure construction was not complicated. It was equivalent to building a large greenhouse, and didn\'t cost a lot. The most costly part was the constant temperature equipment. Only the equipment cost more than a million yuan.

In order to keep the temperature, air humidity and ground moisture in the greenhouse consistent with those in the rainforest, he needed a set of artificial self-circulating rainfall equipment.

To put it bluntly, in order to completely imitate the climate and environment of the rainforest, he needed a reservoir and to use the artificial rainfall equipment to make rain every one or two days.

It required the construction team to use frame tubes which were waterproof and rust-proof with spray holes to build the infrastructure in order to match the artificial self-circulating rainfall equipment.

Fortunately, Ding Ning had already stated his intention. Otherwise if they used general frame tubes which didn\'t match the equipment, the equipment couldn\'t be run and it would cause a big trouble.

It made Ding Ning think that pract.i.tioners of each industry had their own special skills. He didn\'t expect that this uncomplicated infrastructure included so many skills. It seemed that the infrastructure construction was well worth 300,000 yuan.

However, the most troublesome thing for him was that he didn\'t have enough money. He couldn\'t afford merely the constant temperature equipment, not to mention the artificial self-circulating rainfall equipment and the modification of all the circuit and wires.

At the later stage, merely the electric charge every month of maintaining the operation of the greenhouse which simulated the environment could be an astronomical cost.

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