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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 113: Chapter 113 Another Nickname

\"Can\'t I do business with friends? I don\'t think this beautiful sister will mind being friends with me.\"

Ding Ning said shamelessly with an ambiguous smile on the corner of his mouth and winked at the beautiful young woman. It would be also an improvement that he could make the ice queen angry.

The beautiful young woman was extremely smart and immediately realized. She smiled charmingly at Ding Ning, took out a business card, and handed it to Ding Ning,

\"Of course, I like to make friends with handsome men. Here is my business card.\"

The business card was simple and elegant, written with White Jade Veranda, general manager Liu Muyu and a series of phone numbers.

\"Sister Muyu, my name is Ding Ning. Happy to be a friend of you.\"

Ding Ning shook hands with Liu Muyu and introduced himself to her with a bright smile.

Liu Muyu batted her eyes at him, scratched his palm with her little finger, and said with a s.e.xy and charming look,

\"Little brother, Ding Ning, call me when you are free. From now on, we are good friends.\"

Then she lifted her E-cup chest to display her strength to Mu Yanran. With a seductive smile and her large chest quivering, every man was attracted by her with their eyes fixed on her.

To be frank, although this beautiful young woman\'s appearance was slightly inferior to Mu Yanran\'s, she was definitely a stunner.

In particular, her hot and s.e.xy figure was like a ripe peach filled with the charm of a mature woman. Every smile and every move of her made people have a maggot in their head.

She made a little bit of tease and made Ding Ning go off into wild flights of fancy and want to ask her out.

But after all, he was still shy. He couldn\'t help but blush being teased by a beautiful young woman in public and said perfunctorily with two awkward laughs, \"Yes, sure!\"

\"What a pair of shame people, huh!\"

Looking at Liu Muyu and Ding Ning\'s pretentious closeness, Mu Yanran suddenly felt jealous, couldn\'t help but scream coldly and turn away.

Seeing that there were no more scenes of bustle to watch, people all started to leave, with their mouth still discussing. \"That lucky broke has got an oil type of jade. Maybe his luck will pa.s.s to us, and we can also have a raise gamble.

Liu Muyu did not pay attention to that and said with a familiar voice giggling, \"Little brother, your little lover ran away with jealousy. Hurry up and get her.\"

\"I am not familiar with her. We are not even friends. Sister Muyu, maybe we could find a place and have a chat!\"

Ding Ning made a drooling face and said with his eyes staring at the peak of the swell of Liu Muyu\'s chest.

Mu Yanran stamped her feet, snorted, and hurriedly stepped away.

\"Little brother, I am very busy. I have no time to chat with you today. When I have time, let\'s make another appointment!\"

Liu Muyu saw that she almost finished the acting, refused Ding Ning with a charming smile.

In her eyes, Ding Ning was only a young man with luck. It was only for returning the favor of Ding Ning selling the jade to her. There were many men who wanted to take her. But she would not let them get close to her.

Ding Ning did not mean to have further communication with this beauty who was with big chest either. Seeing that Mu Yanran had already gone far, Ding Ning stopped looking lascivious and said with a shy smile, \"Thank you for helping me, Sister Muyu. If you need help from me, give me a call.\"

\"Then you need to keep your promise. You can\'t turn me down when I ask. Okay, I still have things to do. See you!\"

Liu Muyu said with a giggle and a voice that seemed ambiguous but exactly sleek. Then she waved her hands, turned around and left gracefully with her slim waist swinging.

Ding Ning shook his head and smiled bitterly. It was just a moment of anger, but the ice queen was completely p.i.s.sed off. He had no idea that if he still had the chance to sign the contract to be a jade carving master.

Whatever. The plan to conquer the ice queen was only a moment of curiosity and a rush of blood. He already had a girlfriend and could not blow hot and cold to betray Ling Yun. Making money should be a priority.

He turned around and continued to pick raw stones. To avoid suspicions from others, he deliberately selected two raw stones that contained no jade inside and one with the highest data value.

The staff did not dare to look down on him again this time and started introducing for him with a respectful smile, which somewhat made him uncomfortable.

Hearing that the lucky boy picked up a few raw stones and began to cut again, people gathered together again and wanted to see how lucky this guy was.

Mu Yanran, who was waiting for the raw stones to be loaded, heard that he began to cut again, showed a sneer on her face. \"He was really a guy who didn\'t know how to advance or retreat.\"

There was no difference between stone gambling and other gamblings. The more people who tasted the sweetness, the easier it was to be addicted to gambling. She could already foresee the wicked guy lose everything.

That made her feel a bit unbearable in her heart. It was a pity that she couldn\'t use the exquisite carving skills of his. Although she wanted to recruit him, when she remembered how he flirted with Liu Muyu, she felt angry.

\"I don\'t care. You deserve it anyway. We don\'t even count friends!\"

She waited for a long time with patience and recalled something. Then she cursed in a low voice with a temperamental face full of jealousy.

Although she said that she didn\'t want to go, she felt quite itched in her heart as if a cat scratched her. She stroked the moon-dragon on her neck, bit her teeth, stamped her foot, and said self-comforting,

\"I don\'t care about you. I just want to see you hit the skids so that I can take pleasure in your misfortune.\"

Therefore, the Queen of cold face finally succeeded in convincing herself, and went to see the fun, but did not find that her subconscious mind had begun to care about Ding Ning, and even her pace had invisibly accelerated a lot.

\"He is losing, again. I knew it. No matter how good his luck is, he won\'t win one after another.\"

\"A man whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant. He has already won once and wants to win more. How can people\'s luck be that good?\"

\"What\'s there to worry. Didn\'t you see that the kid still bought the raw stone in the low-end zone? How much would that cost? He had won more than 10 million dollars along with the bet. He won\'t lose anything even if he loses on these stones.\"

\"You are right. But the problem is that he will definitely not stop, sooner or later he will lose. If I gamble and win more than 10 million, I would turn around and leave, and I would not play gambling again for the rest of my life.\"

\"Huh, you have said that many times. But you keep none of those words.\"

\"Man, I can\'t even talk about it? I have spent tens of millions, and I haven\'t got paid off yet.\"

When Mu Yanran just got near the stone cutting area that was very crowded, she heard people\'s discussion. She suddenly got nervous. It looked like he had lost twice already.

Perhaps the beauty could enjoy the privilege everywhere, or people thought that she was Ding Ning\'s companion. She was thinking of how to squeeze her way through, and people made way for her.

Mu nodded at the crowd with a straight face. Several of the womanizers were almost dripping out their drool. If it were not her daunting temperament, they would have accosted her.

When she entered the crowd, Mu Yanran saw that Ding Ning was looking at her with a half-smile, and implied that he knew that would come. She couldn\'t help but be ashamed, and her face became colder.

For some unknown reason, seeing that Ding Ning still looked light-mood after he had lost twice, Mu Yanran felt relieved.

But when she thought that he had already won more than ten million dollars in a short time, she understood why he was calm. These low-grade raw stones were very cheap. Even if he lost for dozens of times, it would not affect his mood.

\"Kid, do you dare take a bet with me again?\"

Xiang Bolong showed up as a haunting ghost and said provocatively.

After learning that Ding Ning began to cut stones again, he returned and wanted to see if Ding Ning\'s luck was still good.

Seeing that Ding Ning lost twice in a row, he gained his lost confidence back and finally could not help but provoke.

Ding Ning\'s eyebrows were raised, and the corner of his mouth was upward. He started to feel a bit bad for him. He was absolutely the guy who always gave money away.

If the simpleton came to challenge him before, he had no way. After all, there was nothing in the other two raw stones. He knew it well.

He came a long time ago, but he only watched in the crowd with his friends. Every time Ding Ning lost, he laughed very loud.

The transition period of the two gambling had ended. When Ding Ning was about to rise again, this guy came looking to send money. If he was not the guy who always gave money away, what else would he be?

Seeing that Ding Ning did not speak, Xiang Bolong thought he was afraid, suddenly became more aggressive, and said proudly, \"What? You don\'t dare?\"

\"It\'s not that I don\'t dare. I don\'t want you to lose again. You have already lost ten million dollars to me. How can I do that again? We should forget about it.\"

Ding Ning was very sincere and persuaded.

Xiang Bolong\'s face turned red, and he said with anger, \"If you don\'t dare, say no. Don\'t tell me nonsense. A few tens of million dollars for me is affordable. Now I am asking you, do you dare to take the bet?\"

Ding Ning felt very helpless, and sincerely advised, \"I dare, but I really don\'t want to win your money. My dad taught me from an early age to be kind. If I win your money again, I am afraid that when I sleep at night, I will have nightmares.\"

\"Don\'t talk nonsense with me. Tell me if you dare to bet or not? This time we play bigger, we will bet ten million on this raw stone.\"

Xiang Bolong stalked his neck and screamed like a thunder.

\"Ten million?\" Ding Ning\'s eyes brightened. Who would complain about having too much money? But his conscience was really uneasy, and he shook his head firmly. \"I won\'t take the bet!\"

\"You are not willing to spend the ten million in your pocket. You are coward, b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You have no boldness like a peasant from the countryside. Forget it, since you don\'t dare, you can keep the money to buy medicines.\"

Xiang Bolong heard that Ding Ning was not willing to gamble, and suddenly he got anxious. He shouted loud right away. He was not completely brainless and knew to prod him into action.

Ding Ning was a bit annoyed. \"I want you to lose less with kindness, but you don\'t appreciate. Now that you have to give money to me, I will accept it. Otherwise, I would be unrespectful to your whole family.\"

\"Don\'t be fooled. He is stimulating you. You have won much. Keep the money. No need to gamble with him!\"

He heard a tender voice coming into his ear and got intoxicated. It turned out that Mu Yanran was warning him with a cold face in fear of him getting fooled.

\"Are you caring about me?\"

Ding Ning looked at the front and asked with a teasing voice as if the words were not what she said as Mu Yanran.

\"You rogue, caring about you my a.s.s. You deserve to lose!\"

Mu Yanran snorted with her ears slightly red. She secretly repented of what she did, which made this rogue mistake that she cared about him and reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

Rogue? Ding Ning felt helpless. Was his character that bad? Xiao Nuo called him a weirdo all day long. Shen Muqing called him a pervert all the time. And now the Queen called him a rogue.

It seemed that his official girlfriend Ling Yun treated him the best. She would at most call him a sidekick, which was a word much more commendatory than the word pervert, rogue and weirdo.

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