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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 116: Chapter 116 The Bidding

\"I know, I know, knight of beauty protection. This is my business card. Give me a contact number. If there is a chance, we can go to play together.\"

Bai Qing seemed to think about something funny, and the smile on his face became extremely weird.

He unceremoniously raised a claim for the exchange of contact numbers. Ding Ning was also shy to refuse. Hence, he had to exchange his contact information reluctantly with him.

Looking at the reluctant look showed by Ding Ning, Bai Qing\'s canthi were twitching. \"What the f.u.c.k. I just asked for a contact number! Does it make you feel reluctant, the same as asking for your life?\"

However, he also thought, \"This guy is really interesting. He not only dared to win my money but also dared to threaten me. Even though I condescended to take the initiative to make friends, he was also very reluctant to promise to be friends with me.\"

It seemed that he had not encountered such an interesting person for many years, which made him have a faint excitement.

Ding Ning did not care what he thought in his heart. What he cared more about was what kind of jade was cut from this raw stone. The data was much higher than the s.h.i.+ny Type. Would it be the Ice Type?

If it was Ice Type, he could make a fortune, which was twice as big as the Ice Type jade that Xiang Bolong raised the price through gambling.

\"It\'s the Ice Type. Oh my G.o.d, it\'s the Ice Type.\"

The stone cutting master carefully polished, wiped the fog and observed it carefully, and suddenly yelled in surprise.

\"What the f.u.c.k, this guy really has a beginner\'s luck, and he has been raising the price through gambling twice.\"

\"Quickly, let\'s cut it completely and have a look at how big it is.\"

\"If you compare with others, you will be extremely angry. No, I\'m gonna gamble on stones.\"

\"This luck... Hey, it\'s so f.u.c.king extraordinary. The Ice Type is not a cabbage, but it is cut twice in one day.\"

\"This shows that this group of the crude raw jade stone which was just restocked has a lot of things to gamble. No, I\'m gonna choose one too. Maybe I can raise the price through gambling.\"

... Each of the bystanders was envious, jealous and hateful, and the motivation of gambling on stones would be increased invisibly. This promoted the business of the Fantastic Stones Shop increasing, and even the boss was startled.

The boss of Fantastic Stones Shop, Yun Sihai, looked like a 40-year-old or 50-year-old, wearing a cotton T-s.h.i.+rt, shorts and cloth shoes. His skin was dark, and there were thick calluses in his hands.

If there was not his spirited buzz cut, stately square face, the fierce look and the occasional astute emotion in the eyes, he looked just no different from the old farmer in the countryside.

\"Little brother, I don\'t know if you are going to sell this jade or not. If you have plans to sell it, my Fantastic Stones Shop can buy it at a high price.\"

Yun Sihai enthusiastically held Ding Ning\'s hand and asked politely.

\"I don\'t know what the high price of Boss Yun is.\"

Ding Ning took his hand back and smilingly asked. He didn\'t care about who he was selling to. After all, this stuff was not useful for him. He wanted to see what price Boss Yun could offer.

\"10 million, we the Fantastic Stones Shop can offer 10 million.\"

Yun Sihai tentatively offered this price.

\"I will pay 11 million.\"

The person next to him was not happy. They were all jewellers. Under the circ.u.mstance that the Gla.s.s Type was becoming less and less, the Ice Type jade could sell for a good price.

Yun Sihai was a crude raw jade stone supplier and also running a small jewellery store. He really had an evil mind that wanted to buy this Ice Type which was worth at least 18 million by offering only 10 million.

\"I will pay 12 million.\"

\"I will pay 13 million.\"

\"I will pay 15 million.\"

\"I will pay 16 million.\"

... The bid sound came one after another, and soon it was bid to 16 million.

Ding Ning smiled and said nothing. He did not declare because Mu Yanran had not yet bid. He did not believe that there was no attraction to this ice queen.

\"18 million!\"

Finally, Mu Yanran could not help not only bidding but also adding the price of two million.

Although she expressed her determination to win and also let many bidders back down, all people still did not leave and looked at Ding Ning eagerly.

In particular, by coincidence, the 16 million was bid by the beautiful young married woman Liu Muyu who had bought an expensive thing at a low price. After all, this woman did not follow the common rules before. It was unknown whether she would play tricks this time.

\"19 million!\"

No one expected that the lazy Childe Bai abruptly shouted out a price of 19 million.

Mu Yanran\'s face was cold, and she kept a straight face without talking. If she did not need to wait for Ding Ning to go to the company to sign the contract, perhaps this girl would turn away.

Ding Ning smiled very brightly and asked at Childe Bai, \"Is Childe Bai also interested in this?\"

\"Yeah, there is an old man in my family who\'s gonna have a birthday. A big peach can be carved by using such a large piece of Ice Type jade.\"

Childe Bai smiled and said.

Ding Ning smiled coyly, \"I have such a habit that I like to take care of my friends. So Childe Bai, I am afraid I will let you disappoint.\"

Liu Muyu\'s eyes were suddenly bright after she heard this and she was excited again. Liu Muyu\'s eyes were suddenly bright after she heard this and she was excited again. Did this guy really have a crush on herself? She was charmingly ogling Ding Ning.

Mu Yanran\'s face was even more ugly and she secretly cursed a pair of b.i.t.c.hes.

\"Are we not friends?\"

Childe Bai smiled and asked with great interest.

Ding Ning tilted his head and thought for a moment. He showed a reluctant look and nodded. \"You can be barely regarded as my friend.\"

\"Then why are you hesitating? I will transfer the money to you now.\"

Childe Bai smilingly took out the cellphone and was about to transfer the money.

\"Hold on, but I feel very embarra.s.sed. Although Childe Bai can be regarded as my friend, Sister Mu is also my friend. I can\'t let her come back empty-handed.\"

Ding Ning showed a very embarra.s.sed and confused look.

Liu Muyu was elated, swayed and took a step forward and charmingly threw Ding Ning a kiss. \"Little brother, then I won\'t refuse your offer. Thank you.\"

Ding Ning\'s face was dumbfounded, and he did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, \"Sister Muyu, don\'t make trouble.\"

\"Making trouble?\" Liu Yuyu\'s smile froze on her face and she asked confusedly, \"Don\'t you want to sell it to me?\"

\"No, I have been calling you Sister Muyu, but Sister Mu that I said is not you, but her, my Sister Mu.\"

Ding Ning smiled and pointed at Mu Yanran whose face was full of confusion and also winked at her vaguely.

Mu Yanran suddenly blushed and gritted her silver teeth with a creak. The anger in her heart continued to rise.

\"Sister Mu? Could this rascal be more shameless? When did I become his sister Mu? Was I familiar with you?\" She wanted to slap this guy and let him be disoriented.

However, she had missed the chance to buy the s.h.i.+ny Type jade because she said that she was not even a friend with the rascal Ding Ning before. This time, she would not miss it again in any case.

She gnashed her teeth and endured the angry. The corners of the lips stiffly went up. She showed a forced smile that was more confused than constipation. She thought that she would get the jade first and then punish this guy.

Ding Ning secretly smiled in his heart. \"Haha. Even if you were a queen, you would still lose to me.\"

\"The sword should be given to the warrior, and the cosmetics should be given to beauty. Since Mr Ding has already made a decision, I will not s.n.a.t.c.h what you love.\"

Childe Bai smiled free and easy. Originally, bidding this jade was on the spur of the moment; he would not care about whether if he could buy it or not. Naturally, he would not be unhappy.

Instead, Liu Muyu made a fool of herself and felt too ashamed to show her face in everyone\'s funny eyes. She stomped angrily, showed eye-rolling to Ding Ning, turned back and left in twisting her booty.

\"Hey! I am really offending people, but for my Sister Mu, everything is worth it.\"

Ding Ning naughtily sighed with emotion and got the killing cold eyes from the queen next to him.

Quickly stopping smiling, he said seriously, \"Boss Mu, please transfer the money, 18 million. This is my account.\"

Mu Yanran snorted coldly and took the cellphone and transferred the money on the spot.

As the text message arrived, Ding Ning smiled and handed the piece of Ice Type jade to her, \"This is yours.\"

There was nothing to watch the scene of bustle for all people. They dispersed once again. Yun Sihai shook his head, showed a wry smile and familiarly talked with Childe Bai.

\"Childe Bai, Boss Yun, I\'ll go with my Sister Mu. I will see you again if we have the destiny that ties us together!\"

Ding Ning smiled and greeted them. Then he left with Mu Yanran who was poker-faced.

At this moment, it was afternoon, and the crude raw jade stones purchased by Tianfu Company\'s employees were almost loaded in the truck.

Mu Yanran did not return by her own car but sat on Ding Ning\'s Land Rover. The reason was that Ding Ning did not know where her company was and did not know the road.

This time, the employees of Tianfu Company were shocked and stunned. Everyone knew that Mu Yanran was the G.o.ddess with a cold face in Tianfu Company and was never with a kind and pleasant countenance to any men.

Today, she actually sat on a young man\'s car and let her own car follow. This was too abnormal. Who was that young man? He unexpectedly could let the cold-faced G.o.ddess get on his car.

\"Say, what is your purpose that you intend to approach me?\"

In the Land Rover, Mu Yanran who was sitting on the pa.s.senger seat with a serious look started to interrogate severely.

Ding Ning did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, \"Please, Sister Mu, I just know you today. What purpose do I have to you?\"

\"Humph, then why do you send me a pendant worth more than three million? Also, I am not your Sister Mu. I am your boss; you can call me Deputy General Manager Mu.\"

Mu Yanran\'s face was cold and she questioned closely, and she would completely dispel Ding Ning\'s improper thoughts on her.

\"That\'s enough. Don\'t you need to be so decent? Me, I am a very casual person. I feel that I am congenial with you, so I sent you that pendant. You don\'t have to think too much.\"

Ding Ning looked forward, not looking at her suspicious eyes, and said seriously.

\"Is it that simple?\" Mu Yuran asked uncertainly.

\"It\'s that simple. Do you want me to have other purposes?\"

There was banter on Ding Ning\'s corners of the mouth. \"Do I have to say that I fall in love with you, at first sight. I love you so much that I could live for you or die for you, so you are satisfied?\"

\"Get out, rascal!\"

Mu Yanran cursed coldly and there was a blush on her face and then she said seriously, \"I am older than you. You can call me Sister Mu in secret, but you must call me Deputy General Manager Mu in the company. \"

\"Isn\'t OK to call you General Manager Mu? Is it necessary to add a \'Deputy\'? That is so uncomfortable!\"

Ding Ning said in disapproval.

\"No, you must call me Deputy General Manager Mu. Our boss is a serious person. If he has heard that others call me General Manager Mu, he will definitely feel uncomfortable.\"

Mu Yanran said with a serious look.

Ding Ning was shocked and opened his mouth wide. Then he shook his head and showed a wry smile. \"It\'s just a t.i.tle. Your boss is too freak.\"

\"In short, just remember this. In fact, our boss is a good person. He likes to support the juniors and values working ability. Otherwise, I will not be a deputy general manager after taking the job for two years. But he is a person who pays attention to hierarchy and cares about the t.i.tle. But as a whole, the defects cannot obscure the advantages; he is still a very good boss.\"

Mu Yanran rarely explained this to Ding Ning.

\"I dare to say that he must have been betrayed by the following people. It is very possible that his former subordinate has replaced his position, so that he has no sense of security, so he is so serious and afraid of repeating the tragedy. The desire for control of such a person must be strong.\"

Ding Ning thought for a while and a.n.a.lysed confidently.

Mu Yanran frowned and thought for a moment. She suddenly was enlightened and nodded. \"You don\'t have to say that. It\'s really possible. I have heard from the private discussions from my colleagues. It is rumored that our boss comes from the head office. Originally, he would have been the vice president of the company. Later, however, he was replaced. The person who has replaced him seems to be his former subordinate. It is no wonder that he cares so much about a t.i.tle.\"