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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 125: Chapter 125 The Abduction

\"Did you go shopping? How did you buy so many... Uh!\"

After entering the room, Ding Ning felt a little embarra.s.sed and saw that there was a pile of boxes stacked on the sofa which had not been able to open. He easily picked up a box, but when he saw the contents of the box in his hand, he was immediately more embarra.s.sed. What the f.u.c.k, it was women\'s close-fitting lingerie and it was a kind of s.e.xy lingerie.

\"Don\'t look...\"

After entering the room, Shen Muqing realized that something was wrong. She didn\'t have time to put the lingerie she had just bought away, and they were openly lying on the sofa.

But when she reacted and shouted don\'t look, it was already late. Ding Ning, this quick-handed geek not only picked it up but also looked carefully.

In particular, she didn\'t know what was wrong with her. She bought the legendary s.e.xy lingerie with a whimsy. The skimpy style made her feel shameful even just looked, not to mention being looked at by a man in hand.

After all, it was close-fitting clothing. She prepared to take it out and clean it, then wore it. She didn\'t expect that she just opened a few, Ding Ning suddenly came. The arrival of an hour earlier made her unprepared and had no time to put it away.

This made her ashamed and she hoped to disappear. She hurriedly grabbed it and hid it behind herself. The blush on her face was like bleeding, and she lowered her head and dared not to look at Ding Ning.

Looking at Shen Muqing\'s shy look, Ding Ning couldn\'t help but be mischievous, winked and made fun of her, \"I never thought that my confidante is so interesting.\"

\"No... It\'s not what you think. This... This is... I bought it for my friends. I never wear it like this.\"

Shen Muqing was bewildered and hurriedly explained. Her heart was full of shame and uneasiness. She let her imagination run wild. \"Would he think that I was a profligate, shameless and unrestrained woman?\"

\"Oh, what kind do you usually wear?\"

Ding Ning laughed. \"This girl was so cute.\" So he pretended that he did not believe and snickered.

\"I usually wear this kind. If you don\'t believe, you can look.\"

Shen Muqing, who was anxious to save her image, had already lost her usual wisdom. Lest Ding Ning did not believe, she picked up a few boxes from the sofa and tore them and gave him the white underwear of pure cotton as proof.

When she found Ding Ning\'s eccentric face, she realized that she had done another stupid thing. She shyly threw away the underwear in her hand and covered her face. She snorted and ran back to the room on the second floor like fleeing, and rushed to the bed. Pulling over the quilt to cover her head, her heart thumped and her face burned hot.

\"What was wrong with me? How could I do such a thing, showing him the most close-fitting underwear? Although it was just bought, not the original taste... Bah, what was the original taste? What was I thinking?\"

\"Would he think that I was seducing him? G.o.d, what to do? What to do? I really lost face.\"

Ding Ning was so depressed and secretly cursed himself that his hand and his mouth were out of control that he even forced Shen Muqing to be defeated and flee, who had always been so demure and pure. If her heart attack was caused and had an accident, then that was over the line.

But at the moment, he was so embarra.s.sed to face her. He p.r.i.c.ked up his ears and listened carefully to the movement upstairs and found that she was only too shy and there was nothing else strange, then breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the messy underwear on the sofa, Ding Ning scratched his head and felt very embarra.s.sed. It seemed that she wanted to take it out for cleaning. After all, it was close-fitting clothing. It was necessary to wash it for the first time wearing. Anyway, he was idle now and could simply do it for her.

Ling Yun was careless, and she could not do housework. Sometimes when Ding Ning washed clothes, he would help her wash her clothes by the way. He and Ling Yun both didn\'t think there was anything wrong with this.

Smothering the imagination in his heart, he put a few pure white underwears into the cylinder was.h.i.+ng machine and started was.h.i.+ng. Then he put the packing box into the trash can, hummed and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

But he did not think that even if Ling Yun was so careless, she would never let him help wash her underwears.

After all, a man helped a woman wash the most close-fitting clothing, the meaning was very special.

Shen Muqing calmed down the mood and pretended to be composed and went downstairs, watching the was.h.i.+ng machine tumbling, and she blushed again.

Listening to the sound of the water in the bathroom and the hum of Ding Ning, Shen Muqing suddenly had an impulsion to cry, not because of shyness, but because of a kind of warmth spread in her heart.

From small to large, because of this d.a.m.ned disease, even her closest family looked at her with a distressed and pity view which was not for looking at the normal people.

This kind of view made her very resistant, so she didn\'t like to stay with them. She would rather go to Ninghai alone, stayed alone in the big house and read quietly, and would not let anyone accompany her, even the closest mother was no exception.

Only Ding Ning, he was different. He never treated her as a patient but regarded her as a friend, as a woman he admired and even liked and as a normal person. She had never experienced this feeling.

She had suspected that because Ding Ning could cure her illness and made her have some kind of feeling of dependence, she mistakenly thought that she liked him. At this moment, a casual move of Ding Ning let her know that she really liked him, even wanted to set up a family with him.

Yes, to set up a family. A family, which did not need to be very big, but there was a man accompanying her, who was willing to cook and do laundry for her, willing to treat her as a normal woman, and occasionally dallied with her and took advantage of her.

Such a man, she would not miss and did not want to miss. It was not about money, not about interests, not about power and not about status, just because of simple liking.

How did Ding Ning know that his casual act touched the softest place in Shen Muqing\'s heart, so when he finished the shower and started to treat her, she took the initiative to send a kiss, which almost let Ding Ning cannot hold having s.e.x with her.

Noticing Ding Ning\'s embarra.s.sment, Shen Muqing showed a sly smile like a little fox. The road to love was a long way to go. She liked him but wouldn\'t tell him because she knew the principle that haste made waste.

She could feel that Ding Ning\'s heart was not belonged to, perhaps his EQ was not low, but that was definitely not in direct proportion to his IQ. Facing the feelings, he was more like an ignorant young person, blankly did not know what to do.

Shen Muqing felt that she was very lucky. She thought that her life was short, but it was changed because of the appearance of Ding Ning. The love that she had always been expected, seemed to be no longer so unreachable.

Although Ding Ning once again refused her invitation to stay, she was somewhat lost, but she did not show it. She sent him to the doorway as usual, just like a gentle and virtuous little wife sent her husband to work, and helped him sort the messy clothes out.

She was a very smart woman, wise and transparent, and understood that some small habits that had been formed unconsciously made men have a sense of belonging. The compet.i.tion between her and Ling Yun had started from this moment.

What made her most happy was that it was unknown why Ding Ning disobeyed the order of his teacher and taught her the rule of breathing. Did this mean that the balance in his heart had begun to tilt toward her?

After sending Ding Ning away, Shen Muqing took a shower and quietly lying on the bed, feeling the refres.h.i.+ng feeling brought by the rule of breathing, and even fell asleep without knowing it. Not knowing what was dreamed, her beautiful face showed a sweet and happy smile.

Ding Ning almost exhausted his greatest perseverance so that he could refuse the invitation to stay of Shen Muqing. This girl\'s sudden initiative made him almost out of control several times. He was afraid that he would be a beast when he stayed in the evening. Well, although rejecting a big beauty\'s invitation to stay would be worse than a beast.

He liked the feeling of being with her which made him very comfortable. Even if he frivolously dallied with her, she would not be angry. It was more like a kind of love between husband and wife for many years. Her soft whispers, quiet and peaceful character would always invisibly make him forget all the troubles and get the freedom of the heart.

He felt that he was on the verge of danger at the moment and if he took a further step, he would have something unspeakable with her. If he could take a step back, he would be unhurried and free among so many the beauties.

\"Had I already degenerated into a playboy who did not have a certain partner among the so many beauties?\" Ding Ning couldn\'t help but have a wry smile. But when he thought about Ling Yun, his heart began to be dull pain.

Driving on the brilliantly illuminated Ninghai street, he suddenly found that he did not have any sense of belonging to this bustling metropolis. He preferred the simple environment of his hometown, simple and quiet, which made the heart feel peaceful.


A blue Ferrari drove past his car, suddenly speeding up and turning right, forcibly overtaking to his front and then abruptly slowing down. He slammed the brakes on and stopped so that narrowly, there wasn\'t a rear-end collision. He was frightened in a cold sweat.

Before he could open the window to greet the other\'s 18 generations of ancestors, there was a hand extended from the Ferrari\'s window and defiantly gave him the middle finger.

\"Are you nuts?\"

Ding Ning had seen this kind of Drag Racing Group, who made troubles out of nothing, for many times. He shook his head and was too lazy to argue with such the wiseacre guy, continued to start the vehicle and ignored the boring guy.

But he did not expect that a red Lamborghini suddenly cut in from the right rear, almost pushed him into the retrograde lane, still arrogantly gave him a middle finger.

Ding Ning, who didn\'t want to have more things, chose to patch up this again, forwardly turned into another street but was unexpectedly converging attacked by a yellow Porsche and a white BMW from left and right, like a sandwich biscuit.

Then, the previous blue Ferrari suddenly accelerated beyond him, and surrounded him in the middle with the red Lamborghini one after the other like under escort, forcing him to follow their route.

There was a coldness flashed in Ding Ning\'s eyes. Even if his reaction was slow, he could see that someone was deliberately aiming at him.

\"Who are they? What do they want to do? Is it Xiang Bolong? Liu Junwei? Or Childe Bai? Or the mysterious organization lurking in the dark finally couldn\'t help but want to fight me?\"

In these two days, he always intangibly noticed that someone was monitoring him, but the other\'s means were so wise that he could not find the trace.

Always hiding in the dark to wait for an opportunity to move, the enemy who could always rush to give a critical strike was the most terrible, now the other openly came, which made him be at ease.

A man of great skill was bold, Ding Ning decided to follow them. He wanted to see who it was? What kind of tricks did he want to play?

In the yellow Porsche, a 17-year-old boy, who had an ear stud on his right ear, wearing a strange costume, with Mohican hairstyle, wearing a Bluetooth headset, excitedly reported.

\"Sister Chenxi, that guy has been seized by me and Mengzi and others, and he is following us honestly.\"

\"Well done, Chick, you take him to Songjun Driveway to have fun. Remember not to take his life, but you must not let him feel good. He dares to be a gigolo and lie to my good sister, this sc.u.m, must be taught a lesson.\"

The deliberately lowered voice of Chenxi came from the other end of the phone. Although she wanted to teach Ding Ning a lesson to let him keep away from Shen Muqing, she did not have the courage to kill people.

The statement to Chick and others was that Ding Ning was a gigolo, cheating on one of her best friends and letting them help teach him a lesson.