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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 139: Chapter 139 Someone Wanted A Duel

Xiao Nuo knew that these friends of hers must have been tired of Yanjing, so they came to Ninghai to have some fun with the excuse of missing her. She didn\'t feel like restraining them, \"Does everything go well? Have you found out something?\"

Xiaoyao stuck out her pink tongue to lick the wine stain on her red lips, and winked seductively at a group of guys who were looking straight at her chest, and laughed like a fox.

\"We can\'t find out something so soon. You know that my mother\'s home is in Ninghai, and my uncle is a successful person in Ninghai. Besides, my third male cousin runs a detective agency. I have already asked him to conduct an investigation. We\'ll get the result these days.\"

\"c.r.a.p. If it were not for your cousin who runs a detective agency, would I ask you to help me? Nevertheless, since you\'ve come here, don\'t provoke a dispute and get me into trouble. I am a policewoman now.\"

Xiao Nuo said impatiently, because she was slightly concerned about their arrival in Ninghai. After all, she came to Ninghai to work after running away from home and had kept a low profile.

She was now a policewoman, and no longer lived the unrestrained life like she did in Yanjing. She did not want to see these friends who were anxious to see the world in disorder make any trouble.

\"Don\'t worry, Sister Nuo. With Xiaoyao here, Ninghai is like our home.\"

A burly boy in his early twenties said disapprovingly.

Xiao Nuo who was angry twisted his ear, gave him a hard look and said, \"Huzi, you are so audacious, right? Don\'t ignore my words. If you dare to make trouble in Ninghai, don\'t blame me for arrest you by myself.\"

\"Sister, ouch, it hurts... hurts... I am wrong. Sister, you are a special policewoman, not a security policewoman. It\'s not your duty to arrest me, right?\"

Huzi covered his ears with a bitter face and begged for mercy with a grimace. After Xiao Nuo loosened her grip, he rubbed his red ears and argued pitifully.

\"Humph, I\'m not a special policewoman any more.\"

Xiao Nuo complacently crossed her legs and said, \"From today, I\'m the chief commander of the Criminal Police Corps of Ninghai Public Security Bureau.\"

\"What? Sister, you\'ve become a criminal policewoman?\"

The two men and two women were so shocked that they opened their mouths wide enough to stuff four duck eggs in each of them.

\"Yes, I\'ve been promoted to a cadre of division level.\"

Xiao Nuo complacently raised her brows. Compared to the captain of special police team which was at deputy division level, she had actually been promoted to a position of half a level higher.

\"Wow, sister Nuo is awesome. From now on, Ninghai will also be our place.\"

The other girl Mosquito said excitedly. Her delicate appearance made her look like a good girl, but actually she was an extremely coquettish girl who was anxious to see the world in disorder.

In their circle, Mosquito and Xiaoyao were two funny girls with extremely different characters.

Xiaoyao looked coquettish, but in fact, she was a conservative woman who had never held a man\'s hand. Mosquito looked conservative, but was actually an extremely coquettish woman.

Fortunately, they were not born in ordinary families. Although Mosquito was coquettish, she still kept the final bottom line and remaind a virgin after dating with countless man. Otherwise it was impossible for her to stay in the circle headed by Xiao Nuo who hated coquettish women until now.

\"Stop it. I\'m a criminal policewoman now, but don\'t expect me to your protective umbrella even though you are my friends. If you dare to make any trouble, don\'t blame me for falling out and breaking with you.\"

With a murderous face, Xiao Nuo squinted at the gentle man who wore a pair of and hadn\'t said anything. Everyone knew that Xiao Nuo was talking to him.

The gentle man was named Dai Zhefeng, nicknamed Lunatic. His grandfather was a cadre of deputy national level, his dad was a cadre of deputy provincial level, and his mother was the president of a state-owned enterprise.

Before Xiao Nuo entered their circle, he had been the leader of this circle. Until Xiao Nuo joined them, he gave up his position and was willing to be Xiao Nuo\'s a.s.sistant.

He looked gentle, but he was actually an evil person. His powerful family background allowed him to make trouble and calm trouble, so he had always played the role of villainous adviser in this circle.

He fell in love with Xiao Nuo at first sight and silently liked her for many years. Everyone knew about his affection for Xiao Nuo. But unfortunately, dropping flowers had affection, while stream didn\'t. Xiao Nuo only regarded him as a brother.

Only Mosquito and several other friends knew that after hearing the news that Xiao Nuo announced that she had a boyfriend, Dai Zhefeng, who was a wimpy drinker, drank two bottles of Moutai without saying anything on that night, almost died from alcoholism and survived after being sent to the hospital for rescue.

After being discharged from the hospital, he strongly advocated coming to Ninghai with the intention of seeing what the man with whom Xiao Nuo fell in love look like.

Xiaoyao and others sighed. They actually hoped that Xiao Nuo could be Lunatic\'s girlfriend. After all, charity began at home. They considered Lunatic one of them and Ding Ning an outsider.

Xiao Nuo was so smart that she had seen through Lunatic\'s affection for her, but she treated him as a brother without the feeling between a man and a woman. She said that in order to warn Lunatic not to p.i.s.s off Ding Ning, otherwise she would fall out with him.

\"Xiao Nuo, I respect your choice, and can guarantee that I will not bully him. But I can\'t accept him. I want a duel with him.\"

Lunatic picked up a gla.s.s of c.o.c.ktail and drank it. His white face quickly turned red like a monkey\'s b.u.t.t. With bloodshot eyes, he clenched his fists and reluctantly roared.

He was born in a wealthy home and had lived an extravagant life since he was a child. He had been offered everything he wanted, and this feeling made him feel bored, lose his goal of life and even feel world- weary. He had nothing to do and indulged in sensual pleasures to anesthetize himself, and bullied others for fun.

Until Xiao Nuo first appeared in front of him, his heart suddenly pounded rapidly. He, who had been known as an eloquent and cheeky person, became clumsy for the first time in front of the 18-year-old girl.

With sparkle in his eyes, he knew that it was love at first sight and the feeling of falling in love. Xiao Nuo became the driving force for his existence.

From that moment on, he who had always been despotic had tremendously changed from flaunty to low-key, from tough to calm, from despotic to gentle, from arrogant to modest.

It became his biggest hobby to silently stand behind Xiao Nuo and support her. Watching her trample the childes in Yan Jing underfoot one by one, watching her become the most s.h.i.+ning evil girl in the entire circle of Yanjing, he felt a greater sense of accomplishment than he felt for his own prestige.

Behind a successful woman, there was always a man who quietly supported her. Dai Zhefeng considered himself the man and was complacent about that.

No matter how many childes claiming that they would date with Xiao Nuo, he just smiled. He believed that Xiao Nuo would never fall for those guys he despised.

As it turned out, he was correct. No matter how brilliant the childes who pursued Xiao Nuo were, no matter how powerful their family backgrounds were, all of them were rebuffed by Xiao Nuo without exception.

Therefore, Dai Zhefeng didn\'t feel anxious. He firmly believed that as long as he persisted, he would eventually move Xiao Nuo and make her his wife for a lifetime. Even if she suddenly went to Ninghai to work as a special policewoman, his belief had never been shaken.

But now he panicked and was bewildered. He felt uncomfortable and angry as if the sapling which he had made painstaking effort to irrigate for years finally bore fruits but they were suddenly stolen by someone else.

Since they knew each other, it was the first time that Dai Zhefeng had talked with Xiao Nuo in such a tone which contained 30% of resentment, 30% of grievance, 30% of persistence and 10% of resolution.

\"Duel?\" As Xiao Nuo raised her brows, her face became a little weird with a faint smile.

\"What? He doesn\'t even have the courage to duel with me? Does he still deserve to be your boyfriend?\"

With a mocking sneer, Dai Zhefeng said in a proud tone. \"I remember you said that the men who can conquer you should first have the strength to defeat you. Therefore, I haven\'t wasted my time and have been practicing hard during these years. Although I may not be able to defeat you now, in terms of wrestling, the general special soldier was not my opponent.\"

Xiao Nuo\'s face changed. Although she knew that Dai Zhefeng had practised hard like a lunatic for years, she did not expect that he did that to pursue her. It made her touched and a little guilty at the same time...

With a softer voice, she earnestly propitiated him, \"Lunatic, we are good buddies for a lifetime. Stop talking about duel, okay?\"

\"Are you afraid that I will beat the man you like so heavily that he had to stay in bed?\"

Anger made Dai Zhefeng lose his senses. With his red eyes, he roared in a sharp and low voice.

\"Not really.\" Xiao Nuo said with some helplessness, \"I am worried that he will hurt you. He is very powerful. Even with ten times of my strength, I may not be his opponent.\"

\"Humph, Xiao Nuo, why is the man so attractive to you? In order to prevent me from dueling with him, you even tell this kind of lie.\"

Dai Zhefeng roard like an injured beast.

In his eyes, Xiao Nuo was already very powerful. In terms of wrestling, she could at least be included in the rank of the king of soldiers. He was ten times more powerful than her. Did this person exist? So he didn\'t believe it at all.

The reason why Xiao Nuo strongly praised Ding Ning must be that she was afraid that her boyfriend woild be hurt by him. It made Dai Zhefeng increasingly jealous and angry.

Xiaoyao and other were anxious to see the world in disorder, and were biased towards Dai Zhefeng. Naturally, they also subconsciously believed that Xiao Nuo said that in order to protect Ding Ning.

Although Xiao Nuo was the backbone of their circle and they were a little afraid of her, they must be loyal. Dai Zhefeng treated them well, so they naturally had to speak for him.

\"Since Lunatic wants to have a try, you can promise him and make him drop the idea.\"

\"Yeah, Sister Nuo, since the man you like is so powerful, what are you worried about?\"

\"Just let them have a duel. After all, they will stay in the same circle in the future. If things don\'t work out, they will have a grudge against each other when they meet. It\'s better to give Lunatic a fair chance to duel with him and let them solve it in men\'s way. The one who loses should quit, and neither of them should mention this in the future.\"

Xiao Nuo completely understood their thoughts and secretly sighed that it was difficult to lead the team since they had different ideas. Obviously they were biased towards Dai Zhefeng.

Nevertheless, it was just as well. After all, Dai Zhefeng was a friend she cherished very much. She did not want to break with him because of her relations.h.i.+p. Perhaps, if she could make Dai Zhefeng drop the idea, it could also be a good way to avoid hurting his feelings.

After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Nuo said resolutely. \"That\'s a deal. You two have a duel. Anyone who loses should not be perverse. Besides, we are still friends in the future. Don\'t be vengeful.\"

\"No problem. As long as he can defeat me, I will voluntarily quit. I will never avenge myself on him and secretly frame him.\"

With his face lighting up, Dai Zhefeng who had been dispirited right now said in high spirits, \"If I beat him, my demand is not high. I just hope that you can give me a chance to pursue you. I\'m not asking too much, right?\"

Xiao Nuo helplessly supported her forehead with her hand and secretly felt worried. She had a good intention indeed, but would Ding Ning, the eccentric rogue, really be willing to duel for her?