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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 172: Chapter 172 Running Across

Perhaps they relied on many hands providing great strength.

Perhaps they were customary for domineering in the Qian Family.

Perhaps it was because Zhang Zheng was forced to apologize and was expelled from the Qian Family, which made them feel sad for the loss of their companion and made them share a bitter hatred of the enemy.

The men in black suits, who should have listened to the command of the young master and then taken action, now heard the order of the Fourth Childe of the Qian Family and immediately rushed at Ding Ning together.

It was too late to stop them after a short while of hesitation of the Oldest Childe of the Qian Family. Ding Ning did not move, but Xiao Nuo took the initiative to act.

The skills of Xiao Nuo, who could hit playboys, kick childes, act in every major circle, and become the captain of the Gunfire SWAT Team, were very good.

Although there were 40 or 50 people of these men in black suits, they were not better than ordinary people.

Xiao Nuo was like a tiger going into the flock of sheep. There was no one who could stick one round. After a short while, they cried and shouted and lay down on the ground.

Everyone\'s eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell out due to shock. They looked at Xiao Nuo in shock, who was like a female Ares. What the f.u.c.k, was this beauty still human? She was simply a f.u.c.king humanoid tyrannosaurus.

Ding Ning appreciatively looked at Xiao Nuo\'s performance. Even he had to admit that the beauty captain of the SWAT Team who could challenge Li Buji really had skills. And the battle was very beautiful, full of pleasing artistic sense.

Xiaoyao stood in front of the window on the second floor and saw that Dai Zhefeng\'s plan failed again. She could not help wrily smiling and feeling deeply disappointed with Dai Zhefeng again.

This Dai Zhefeng was really so sinister to handle things and was too lacking in confidence. It was okay that he and her talentless fourth cousin set a trap to make Ding Ning embarra.s.sed. But they even wanted to take the opportunity to test Ding Ning\'s skills.

Now, Ding Ning had not even moved his fingers and Xiao Nuo had done the work for him. It could be seen how much this Big Sister in Yan Jing liked Ding Ning.

What made her feel more uncomfortable was that Dai Zhefeng had done this simply to provoke the hatred between Xiao Nuo and the Qian Family. She knew what kind of frightening background the Xiao Family had.

Regardless of winning or losing this duel, Dai Zhefeng could just walk away from it. But the Qian Family and Xiao Nuo would definitely have the contradiction.

The ridiculous thing was that the trash fourth cousin thought that he had powerful backing, but he did not know that he had provoked a more powerful person for the Qian Family.

In any case, the Qian Family was also her grandfather\'s family. She could not just sit by and do nothing. She had no time to say goodbye to Qin Canglan, who was anxious now, and quickly ran downstairs. She had to stop any further deterioration of the situation.


Qin Canglan, who was bored, saw that Xiaoyao was running out as if she were flying. When he just wanted to ask what happened, Xiaoyao\'s figure had disappeared, which piqued his strong curiosity.

When he went to the window and looked down, his eyes widened immediately. He looked at Ding Ning and Xiao Nuo standing in the middle of the men in black suits, who were lying on the ground in shock. They were so conspicuous.

This made his pupils shrink sharply. \"Why did he come? Were these people all overwhelmed by him? Did that mean that he was likely to be the black-masked man?\"

Thinking of this, he could not sit any longer and rushed out in a hurry. He wanted to know who had overwhelmed those people.

If it was really Ding Ning, then it could be basically a.s.sured that he was the black-masked man. As for how the wolf kid was taken away by him, he believed that as long as he seized Ding Ning, there were ways to make him talk.

\"You... What do you want? Don\'t come over here.\"

The Fourth Childe of the Qian Family looked at Xiao Nuo slowly walking toward him and s.h.i.+vered convulsively due to fear and shouted.

The Oldest Childe of the Qian Family was dumbfounded and his brain was blank. This woman was too horrifying and he did not know how to deal with it.

\"Why? What can I do for you, trash? I have something to ask you and you have to honestly answer.\"

Xiao Nuo showed a scornful sneer. She was really angry and did not want to believe that all of this was Dai Zhefeng\'s arrangement. But this suspicion was lingering in her mind and would not go away.

Therefore, she had to interrogate the Fourth Childe of the Qian Family. If he really had been instigated by Dai Zhefeng, she would reconsider the relations.h.i.+p with this person.

They were siblings for so many years, but he used such despicable means to humiliate Ding Ning, and she could not tolerate that. She would not only end this friends.h.i.+p but also had to vent the anger for Ding Ning.

Although Ding Ning was likely not to care about this little trick, he was the boyfriend invited by her and had to bear such humiliation, which made her feel very sorry for Ding Ning.

\"Sister Nuo, Sister Nuo, these are all misunderstandings...\"

Just as Xiao Nuo was preparing to interrogate him, Xiaoyao ran down breathlessly and shouted.

Xiao Nuo glanced at her coldly. Her indifferent expression and eyes made Xiaoyao\'s words stop suddenly. She knew that Xiao Nuo was really angry.

She stood there and did not know what to do. Her eyes were blank and her figure seemed so lonely and helpless.

But Ding Ning\'s eyes stopped. \"Why is Xiaoyao here? Isn\'t she the little sister of Shen Muqing? How could she know Xiaonuo?\"

This made him confused and feel annoyed. He had good feelings toward this big-breasted girl. It was not because her chest was big, but she was a girl who dared to love and hate.

Then he coughed and asked in a soft voice, \"Nuo Nuo, is this your friend? Why don\'t you introduce her?\"

\"Yeah, this is my good sister. Her name is Wei Yaoyao. We all call her Xiaoyao.\"

Xiaoyao\'s little mouth opened wide as if a duck egg could be stuffed into it. She stared dumbfounded at Xiaonuo, who immediately changed her coldness and had a warm smile on her face. She held up her hand and introduced Ding Ning. The speed of her changing face could be said to be strange.

This gave her a sense of mystery. \"Is this the cold-faced witch?\" Her gentle and well-behaved tone was like a virtuous young wife introducing her best friend to her husband, which made her doubt it if was that Xiao Nuo herself.

\"h.e.l.lo, Wei Yaoyao. I am Ding Ning!\"

Ding Ning took the initiative to reach out his hand and speak with a smile.

\"You... h.e.l.lo, you can call me Xiaoyao, just like Sister Nuo.\"

Xiaoyao, who had come back from her fantasy, quickly shook hands with him with a fake smile on her face.

\"Cousin, you\'ve finally come. I was beaten by them. You have to give me a statement. I\'m helping your friend...\"

The Fourth Childe of the Qian Family saw his cousin, who had always been revered by him, immediately felt wronged, and showed his achievement. In his view, Dai Zhefeng was the core figure in Xiaoyao\'s circle, his status was definitely the highest.

\"Shut up!\"

Xiaoyao was so angry that blue veins on her forehead bulged. She reproached and glared at him.

She had arrived here in time to resolve the contradiction between Xiao Nuo and the Qian Family. If this unscrupulous fourth cousin spoke without thinking to let Xiao Nuo hear something, she had to fall out with Dai Zhefeng.

Although their current circle had existed in name only and Dai Zhefeng\'s performance had deeply disappointed her, she still did not hope that her friends for so many years would fall out and become enemies.

Xiao Nuo had been doubting. At this moment, after she heard the half-words of the Fourth Childe of the Qian Family, she immediately affirmed her own guess, which made her face immediately become sullen. She coldly glared at Xiaoyao and asked, \"Where is Dai?\"

\"He... he just finished training with Huzi and is in the clubhouse.\"

Xiaoyao\'s heart trembled and she avoided Xiao Nuo\'s sight.

\"Do you also know this?\"

Xiao Nuo was expressionless at the moment. She looked at Xiaoyao and there was disappointment in her eyes.

Xiaoyao looked down, not daring to face Xiao Nuo\'s eyes. Her lips curled for a while and she could not speak for a long time. She did not know how to explain it. As the best sister of Xiao Nuo, she knew that Dai Zhefeng had set a trap for the person Xiao Nuo liked and did not tell her, which was a kind of betrayal.

Xiao Nuo stared at her for about three minutes and her face showed a trace of tiredness and sadness as she said, \"We\'ve been friends for so many years. But forget it. From now on, let\'s be completely isolated from each other the rest of our lives. Ding Ning, let\'s go.\"

She resolutely turned away.

\"Sister Nuo, I was wrong. I really didn\'t mean to hide it from you. But... but Mosquito likes Dai Zhefeng and she begged me not to say anything. We are all sisters. You... What do you want me to do?\"

Xiaoyao\'s tears immediately flowed down. She pulled on Xiao Nuo\'s arm and cried, entreating her.

\"Mosquito is your sister. Am I not? OK, Xiaoyao, stop talking. Just let it be.\"

Xiao Nuo pulled her hand away with no expression. Her eyes were slightly red and she turned and pulled Ding Ning away.

Unexpectedly, she could not pull him away. She pulled him again but still could not. She stopped her steps and blankly looked at Ding Ning and said, \"Let\'s go. Why are you still staying here?\"

Ding Ning took the initiative to hold her hand and look at her affectionately. He said with a voice that was gentler than ever, \"There is flesh on both sides of the hand. Although Xiaoyao doing this was not loyal to you, she has not let Mosquito down. What\'s more, if they are aimed at you and Xiaoyao is still helping them, I naturally agree with you to draw a clear distinction with her. But in fact, they were aimed at me but not you. I can understand. After all, I am just an outsider to them. It is understandable that Xiaoyao helped them. I don\'t want you to be unhappy because of me. I can see that you are very upset now, which means that you care about your friends.h.i.+p with them. Nuo Nuo, forgive Xiaoyao. Take a look at her crying so badly. She must be very concerned about you. Don\'t make yourself unhappy for me. Otherwise, I, as your boyfriend, will be uneasy for my lifetime.\"

Xiaoyao wiped her tears and looked at Ding Ning enquiringly. She did not expect that Ding Ning would speak for her, which made her feel even guiltier.

\"Such a man, such a mind, such tenderness, it is no wonder that Sister Nuo likes him.\"

Xiao Nuo was also moved. She looked at Ding Ning with tears in her eyes. She felt both excited and proud in her heart. This was the man she liked, he was so tolerant and understanding.

There\'s no harm without comparison. Dai Zhefeng was sc.u.m compared to Ding Ning. But what she most cared about was that Ding Ning called her Nuo Nuo and had admitted that he was her boyfriend, which made all the grievances and resentment in her heart immediately turn into nothing.

She movingly threw herself into his arms and held his waist tightly. A feeling called happiness quietly bloomed in her heart like a flower.

\"Ding Ning, you...\"

What was it known as that extreme joy turns to sorrow? With the sound of her stunned and incredulous familiar voice, Ding Ning deeply understood the meaning of this sentence and his heart instantly fell to the bottom.

Ling Yun\'s face was pale and she looked at him from the crowd with incredible sadness and despair in her eyes.

Chu Yunxiu\'s face was ugly and she dragged Ling Yun\'s arm and angrily said, \"This is the man you like? You can see his true face now. He is a sc.u.mbag who is two-timing. Let\'s go.\"

\"Where are you going? Yunxiu, we still have to play mahjong. If you are gone, what should we do with one person missing?\"

An old woman who came with Chu Yunxiu falsely shouted and there was a faint complacency in her eyes.

\"I won\'t play today. I\'m in no mood. Sister Sun, you can find someone else.\"

Chu Yunxiu dragged Ling Yun, who was like a walking corpse, and stopped a taxi to leave with a cold face.

Ding Ning, who was in a chaotic mood, pushed Xiao Nuo away like he had an electric shock. The desperate look of Ling Yun made him feel like a needle had p.r.i.c.ked in his heart, which made him feel pain and be unable to breathe.

\"Ling Yun, wait, listen to my explanation.\"

Ding Ning\'s face was pale and he blankly chased in the direction that Chu Yunxiu and her daughter had left.