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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 72: Chapter 72 Criticism

Some authoritative medical experts began to write comments, saying that Ding Ning was sensational and young, frivolous and not self-sufficient, who was dying to be famous.

Of course, some people who wanted to show their existence believed that Ding Ning might really create a miracle.

For a while, there was a lot of confusion on the Internet. The voices of doubt and criticism accounted for the majority.

Until Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang, who were the masters in the Chinese medicine industry, jointly issued a Weibo. They claimed that Ding Ning was their senior brother, whose medical skills were wonderful, and they had absolute confidence in Ding Ning.

The buzz on the Internet paused. The two experts in the Chinese medicine industry were famous and they supported Ding Ning publicly. The people who didn\'t believe Ding Ning had to shut up, but they claimed to reserve their opinions till the treatment results.

The disciples of the two experts were anxious since they publicly supported Ding Ning, and they were gambling on their lifetime reputations.

If they won, everything would be okay. Their statuses would be raised. Once they lost, their fame would disappear with the failure of Ding Ning.

When they said Ding Ning was their senior brother, the disciples didn\'t take it into their hearts at all. How could a callow young man be called a senior brother by two masters? It must be that the two old people were eager to protect him and build up momentum for him.

However, no matter how they called their masters or went to see them personally, trying to persuade them to take back their remarks, they were bitterly rebuked by their teachers and went back gloomily.

In a villa in Ninghai, a figure shrouded in a black robe was quietly standing and watching the comments on the Internet with a silver mask on his face. No one could tell if the figure was a he or she and it had surprise in that person\'s eyes.

\"Your Honor, this young doctor appeared in Diannan, and he is able to create such a big buzz, will he...\"

A very short black-clad man with a pair of daggers on his waists bent down with respect and carefully asked.

\"Let\'s see if he can really cure this patient, maybe Monkey may not have died yet.\"

The black-clad man emitted mechanical synthesizing sounds and said with no emotion,

\"If Monkey is not dead, and the things are obtained by others, it will affect our plan. Hall Chief, Onitsuka is willing to go to Diannan to kill him.\"

The black-clad man bowed his head and took the initiative to finish the mission.

\"I always feel that this little doctor is different. Just in case, take your team with you. Be sure to take back the things in his hands. After you get the things, kill him to save trouble later.\"

The black-clad man waved and made a cutting gesture.

\"Yes, Onitsuka must succeed!\" Onitsuka, the black-clad man, said in enthusiasm, and reverently stepped back to the door before he turned to leave.

In another villa in Ninghai, another black-clad man also issued similar orders.

Unlike the former, the silver mask on this black-clad man\'s face had a few strange black patterns on it, which looked extremely fierce, and the order he issued was to kill the doctor with lawful authority.

Ding Ning closed his eyes and groped back and forth on w.a.n.g Guoliang\'s injured leg. In fact, he was moving the broken bones according to the three-dimensional image appearing in his mind.

Finding hundreds of pieces of broken bones in flesh and blood, carrying them with True Qi, and putting them together into a complete bone was a huge project.

It was destined to be an extremely energy-intensive puzzle process and a long process that took a lot of time to complete.

As he continuous consumed the superpower energy ball and the True Qi, Ding Ning sweated on his forehead.

Nurse Liu came to help him wipe his sweat, and her big eyes showed love. Xiao Nuo, who had to wait aside, felt sour in her heart. \"He always attracts women\'s attention, even the little nurse can\'t escape. What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, lecher, and hooligan...\"

As time went by, Ding Ning\'s face became pale. He found that he had overestimated his superpower storage. It was consumed too fast. He hadn\'t mended half of the bones and he had consumed a third of his superpower.

If this continued, he could not complete the entire reorganization of the meridians, and the neural network would not be rolled out before his superpower was exhausted. By then, the treatment would fail.

It was a pity that his superpower could not be increased by cultivation like the True Qi. He had not studied thoroughly how to use it, which made him extremely depressed.

Since it was impossible to increase the source, he had to be economical. While he was mending the bones, Ding Ning had to figure out how to save the superpower. At the very least, he had to hold on completing the entire treatment process.

Looking at the whole stereoscopic image of the human body in his mind, Ding Ning suddenly was inspired. If he only kept the image of w.a.n.g Guoliang\'s thigh fracture and ignored other parts, would he save more of the energy ball?

Ding Ning had to have a try. He thought about it in his mind, showing only the fracture of the thigh.

Most of the clear stereoscopic images of the torso faded as per command, leaving only the thigh bones. It made Ding Ning ecstatic.

Sure enough, the consumption of superpower became slower, which was enough to support him through the entire treatment process.

Not knowing if it was an illusion, he found that when he only saw the thigh bones, even the broken bones became more apparent. A variety of tissue was clearly showed among flesh and blood, including the cell tissue as if he was wearing a microscope.

This unexpected joy made Ding Ning even more energetic and he became more focused. The process of bone-building was getting faster and faster, and his sweat became more and more.

Fang Mingyang, who was doing nothing, looked at the nurse wiping sweat for Ding Ning. As an a.s.sistant, he was simply useless and extraordinarily redundant.

w.a.n.g Guoliang blankly stared at the ceiling, and his right leg could not feel anything. What Ding Ning was doing was not affecting him, which made him very serious. He slightly frowned and felt a little change in his heart. He gradually lost confidence in Ding Ning.

The heated discussion on the Internet was still going on. The people outside the ward watched the sensitive changes in w.a.n.g Guoliang and began to discuss again. The scene became as noisy as a market.

Listening to these people unscrupulously swearing and criticizing Ding Ning, Xiao Nuo bit her silver teeth and fiercely glared at those who were very arrogant. She was dying to sew their dirty mouths with a needle.

As Ding Ning put down his hand, his face showed a relieved expression, and the on-site arguments came to an abrupt end. They stared at Ding Ning on the screen and wanted to see the final treatment results.

Ding Ning stretched his body that was about to be numb, took a towel that the nurse handed over and wiped his sweat. He smiled gratefully, in exchange for a shy smile of the nurse with a red face.

Xiao Nuo almost felt furious. \"This stinking rogue is trying to pick up girls all the time.\"

If Ding Ning knew of her thoughts, he would feel very wronged. Fang Mingyang stood there like a piece of wood and only the nurse kept helping him wipe his sweat. He was grateful. How could she think that he was picking up girls?

\"Splint!\" Ding Ning quickly stopped smiling, revealing a focused look and extended his hand.

Fang Mingyang finally found the opportunity to perform. He quickly handed the splint to Ding Ning and received a white eye from the nurse.

Ding Ning found the right position skillfully, fixing the splint to w.a.n.g Guoliang\'s thigh fracture, and tightly wrapped it with bandages.

Fang Mingyang asked in confusion, \"Have the broken bones been restored?\"

\"Yes, I will connect the nervous system later. When the nervous system is connected, w.a.n.g Guoliang will be conscious.\"

Ding Ning naturally said without showing off. He just told a fact.

However, his words had been transmitted to the Internet, and once again it set off an uproar.

\"Connecting the nervous system without surgery. d.a.m.n! Showing off!\"

\"Wow, this Ninghai doctor is so amazing. I have not seen anyone who can connect the nervous system with a splint in the middle.\"

\"This awesome guy does not need to be explained. I deeply admire that he can become a celebrity like this.\"

\"The sensational clown is once again astounding. I have to admire him since he is always showing off.\"

\"This person can do anything in order to become famous, and win the attention of the people. I am beaten by this buddy\'s courage.\"

\"Do you know what are the consequences of showing off? But I have to admire his courage. Buddy, if you need to run, please tell me. I have been in the professional smuggling industry for 20 years and have a perennial business relations.h.i.+p with a Korean plastic surgery hospital. I recommend that you come back after the plastic surgery.\"

Public clamor could confound right and wrong. Bored people rode the waves on the Internet, and most of them were scolding Ding Ning. The news about Ding Ning became the top of the hot search list. A star who paid for the ranking felt enraged because he had to be second.

Ding Ning didn\'t know about it. Even if he knew, it would not affect his mood.

Until now, his mood was delightful. The treatment process was smooth, and he was also able to find a reasonable use of his superpower. This was his greatest achievement.

He did not care about how shocking it was and once again put his hand on w.a.n.g Guoliang\'s thigh. With a layer of splint, his energy ball looked slightly larger, but it was still under his control.

The so-called nervous system was a statement of Western medicine. In Chinese medicine theory, the composition of the nervous system was actually the neural reflex arc formed by the meridian network.

There was a great controversy in the medical field about if the meridians like Dantian existed. Traditional Chinese physicians believed that the meridians existed, but it could not provide scientific arguments. This was one of the reasons why Chinese medicine was regarded as pseudoscience.

After all, Dantian and the meridians were existences that could not be detected by medical instruments. They all existed in the ideology of human beings, and they could not be described with words.

Ding Ning confirmed that meridians did exist, but he didn\'t know whether Dantian existed. At least he hadn\'t sensed his Dantian yet, and the True Qi was only circulating in the meridians.

The appearance of the superpower energy ball made him understand that Dantian existed, but he had only developed the upper Dantian, not the traditional Dantian.

The most important thing was that he could not provide evidence of the existence of meridians and Dantian, so in order to avoid trouble and cause other\'s criticism, he had to say that he was going to connect to the nervous system, making people accept it more easily.

The meridians, which could not be detected by instruments, were clearly visible in Ding Ning\'s mind. It was as complicated as a cobweb. What he had to do was to connect these broken meridians and use the human body\'s self-recovery function to make it reborn with the True Qi running autonomously.

Yes, the True Qi. With Ding Ning\'s in-depth understanding of the human body structure, he clearly knew that everyone\'s body was innate with the True Qi.

However, average people could not run their True Qi. The True Qi could only be autonomously patrolled in the human meridians, and was unable to grow or leave. The total amount was constant.

Ding Ning was suddenly inspired and understood the secret of cultivation.

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