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Medical Sovereign

Chapter 74: Chapter 74 Making A Plan

Mr. Hu thought for a moment and said in a low voice, \"Since you want to do it, let\'s take it seriously and call the old guys from Yan Jing.\"

Mr. Zhang was stunned and said, \"You don\'t like the bureaucratic style of the old guys, do you?\"

\"Even though I don\'t like them, senior brother is responsible for the rise of Chinese medicine. What we two old guys can do is to escort him. Although the old men are bureaucratic and unpopular, they hold real power in their hands after all. Even though we feel wronged, we must lay the road for senior brother.\"

Mr. Hu said meaningfully.

Mr. Zhang suddenly realized, \"Are you talking about the qualification of Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners of senior brother?\"

Mr. Hu slowly nodded, and there was a trace of worry in his eyes. \"It is a good thing for him to save people, but he does not have the qualifications for practicing medicine. He has made such a big movement. If some people know this, he will be in big trouble.\"

\"Yes, how could I forget this. I was too happy. If someone causes trouble due to this, he may have to go to court.\"

Mr. Zhang\'s face straightened, and he nodded slowly. \"We should conform to the trend and make contact with the old men in Yan Jing. The qualification test of Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners is coming soon. As long as we help senior brother get the qualification certificate, all the problems will disappear.\"

\"How can it be that simple? The current surgery is also graded. Even if senior brother gets the a.s.sistant\'s qualification certificate, he is not qualified to operate on a patient.\"

Mr. Hu shook his head and sighed emotionally. \"People who have the skills have to be limited by a paper certificate, but those who have certificates do not have the ability. They neglect their duties and compare qualifications. What a pity!\"

Mr. Zhang fully agreed and bitterly smiled. \"This is a social phenomenon. We cannot do anything about that. Let alone doctors, college students can\'t even get jobs without education background or work experience. Since all the units are reluctant to accept students who have no work experience, how can they get work experience? But this is related to the macro-control of the superstructure, and it is not us, two Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners, who can control it. I heard that the country has decided to carry out medical reform. I hope it will be improved.\"

\"It\'s useless. Medicine is a very particular profession. It can be said that they can determine many patients\' lives and deaths. Therefore, the rules of these qualifications are impossible to change. This cannot be changed, and it cannot be said to be wrong. I think some special talents should use special treatment, like our senior brother. Even if he cannot be a chief physician, he can be an a.s.sociate chief physician. We can discuss this with the old men from Yan Jing and let them talk to the leaders. Maybe they can give us a special regulation. At least we can make senior brother an attending physician.\"

Mr. Hu tried to plan for Ding Ning\'s future.

\"You are right. Every time I think about the fact that a talented person like senior brother has to be limited by those rules, I feel deeply sad. But he is still young, and we do not need to be so anxious. It\'s better for young people to be down-to-earth.\"

Although Mr. Zhang recognized the idea of Mr. Hu, he still put forward his own views.

\"I agree with you. It may not be a good thing for senior brother to act too hastily. That\'s my bad. Oh, I just wanted to see the rise of Chinese medicine earlier, and I became pushy.\"

Mr. Hu couldn\'t help but smile and shook his head.

\"Okay, you look healthy and your face is ruddy. Not mention one hundred years, you can definitely live for more than one hundred years. You don\'t have to worry about it. Even if we are all dead, senior brother will do that for us.\"

Mr. Zhang thought that Mr. Hu had a terminal illness. After careful inspection, he found that there was nothing wrong with him, so he could not help but laugh.

\"Oh, I am older, and I overthought about it. OK, let\'s concentrate on seeing senior brother make Chinese medicine famous.\"

Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang once again turned their attention to the live broadcast. It was weird that they watched the live broadcast on the computer.

At the same time, Ding Ning had used acupuncture as a cover and had sealed w.a.n.g Guoliang\'s pain nerves with the Meridian Severing Hand.

\"Dr. Ding, I can\'t feel pain.\"

w.a.n.g Guoliang was a little nervous. Although it was very painful to connect the meridians, the pain made him feel very at ease. He once again had no feeling and that made him feel uneasy.

\"Don\'t worry, I used a Chinese medicine anesthesia method. It can maintain for two hours so that you don\'t feel pain. There will be no aftereffects, rest a.s.sured!\"

Ding Ning smiled and said. His smile made w.a.n.g Guoliang\'s heart at ease. He gratefully said, \"Thank you, Dr. Ding.\"

He was a soldier and knew nothing about medical skills. Naturally, he would not know how huge a sensation it would cause for there to be a traditional Chinese medicine anesthesia without any aftereffects.

As the live broadcast spread, the entire medical community was boiling, and many western medical pract.i.tioners had once again condemned it both in speech and writing. They believed that Ding Ning had amazing medical skills, but the Chinese medicine anesthesia was pure nonsense.

Even many traditional Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners were also amazed if Ding Ning was telling the truth. It was only after Hua Tuo invented Chinese anesthesia drugs, that he dared to apply it to surgery.

Ding Ning used no medicine to mend the bones and connect the nervous system and he did not cut anything. This was enough to shock the world. Now he said Chinese medicine anesthesia only needed a silver needle. That was too ridiculous.

The silence of the traditional Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners caused another round of censure from the people who believed Western medicine. They called Ding Ning a liar. Some of the unsteady netizens began to follow them and insult Ding Ning. The public opinion began to rebound again, showing a one-sided trend.

Just as Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang were ready to post, \'Sun after Rain\' from Ding Ning\'s fan club posted messages and supported Ding Ning.

Sun after Rain: \"The truth is always in the hands of a few people. If you haven\'t seen it, that doesn\'t mean it doesn\'t exist. It also represents your ignorance from the side. Ignorance is not your fault, but showing ignorance will be your fault.\"

Mosquito Hit the Cannon: \"It\'s ridiculous. You used to say that Ding Ning was a liar. What\'s the result? Does losing face hurt a lot?\"

I Love the Doctor: \"This wonderful doctor was born like this. You lose your face every day and you don\'t feel pain. Besides being filthy and suspicious, what will you do?\"

Ningning\'s Kitten: \"Don\'t look at the advertis.e.m.e.nt, look at the result. I really don\'t know how you can jump out, you capricious villain. I firmly believe that my husband is a good doctor. Everything he said is the truth. If you speak before it is proved, you will lose even more face.\"

Quietly be a Beautiful Woman: \"I hate incompetent people like you who suspect my husband. My husband is the best. Come on, husband, I want to have a kid with you.\"

Wild Calling: \"You are really the \'experts\' who can\'t allow people to be better than you. Your remarks only show your ignorance and incompetence. If Ding Ning used a Chinese medicine anesthesia method, time will give us an answer. The patient\'s reaction has proved that Ningning\'s medical skills are far from what you can understand. I don\'t know what you are reproaching.\"

\"Go back, impudent \'experts\'. Ningning, you are the best. We will always support you! 666\"

\"Go back, impudent \'experts\'. Ningning, you are the best. We will always support you! 666+1\"

\"Go back, impudent \'experts\'. Ningning, you are the best. We will always support you! 666+2\"

\"Go back, impudent \'experts\'. Ningning, you are the best. We will always support you! 666+3\"

\"Go back, impudent \'experts\'. Ningning, you are the best. We will always support you! 666+186\"

... People had to say that Ding Ning\'s fan club had broken through the milestone of one million, instantly occupying the entire network, and they madly starting to post, spamming the screen at the rate of hundreds of comments per second and engulfing the posts of poor \'experts\' among the countless messages.

Ding Ning knew nothing about this. He followed his own plan as if he was explaining to w.a.n.g Guoliang. In fact, he was seizing the opportunity to advertise.

\"I know that many people can\'t understand what Chinese medicine anesthesia is. I can now give you a scientifically based explanation. The so-called Chinese medicine anesthesia is the same as cutting a tooth nerve when people have a toothache. However, if the tooth nerve is cut, it cannot be recovered. The traditional Chinese medicine anesthesia I use is essentially different. The difference is that this temporary cut-off pain nerve has a time limit. It takes two hours. Dr. Fang, do you mind if I take you for an example?\"

Fang Mingyang looked at him with ignorant eyes and stupidly asked, \"For what?\"

\"For a Chinese medicine anesthesia test!\" Ding Ning smiled very gently, but Fang Mingyang read a trace of unkindness.

\"I volunteer!\" Nurse Liu stood up willingly as if she would punch someone if they competed with her. She had completely transformed into Ding Ning\'s fan. It was estimated that even if Ding Ning wanted to be indecent, she would cooperate to take off her clothes.

Ding Ning sighed. \"It seems that Dr. Fang still does not trust me.\"

\"No... No, I just didn\'t respond for a while.\"

Fang Mingyang murmured and felt ashamed.

\"Dr. Ding, I can do it. Let me do it. I want to have a try.\"

Nurse Liu said tenderly and looked at Ding Ning with her eyes blinking.

Xiao Nuo crushed a bottle of drink that she had just bought, and the juice spilled all over the person next to her.

The man was going to argue with Xiao Nuo, but when he saw her face that was dark and ferocious, he whispered, \"What a b.i.t.c.h!\"

On the Internet, there was also a wave condemning nurse Liu. \"Get out, b.i.t.c.h. Let me do it.\"

\"Although you look fine, I am better than you. b.i.t.c.h, if you take my husband, I am going to kill you.\"

\"Let the guy go, I am coming.\"

\"Husband, don\'t be seduced by that woman, I am 10,000 times more beautiful than her.\"

\"Phew, how dare you seduce my husband? Husband, you are mine. Who dares to have you, I will cut her.\"

It was a pity that Ding Ning could not hear the voice of the After nodding, he took out a silver needle as a cover and gently p.r.i.c.ked nurse Liu.

Nurse Liu widened her eyes, and her cute little mouth became O-shaped. She stood there as if she had been attacked at a vital point.

Ding Ning smiled slightly. \"I am doing general anesthesia, so although you still have your consciousness, you can\'t move or talk. Now I am giving you half anesthesia so that you can talk.\"

He p.r.i.c.ked her again. Nurse Liu said with amazement, \"Oh my G.o.d, it\'s amazing. I just felt like I was attacked at a vital point like martial arts novels. I couldn\'t feel anything.\"

\"What about now?\" Ding Ning was very pleased with the cooperation of nurse Liu and asked with a smile.

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