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Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!

Chapter 281: Chapter 277

He and Apostate

\"What was that…? Hand over Andre?\"
\"Yup. After all that\'s my job…. There.\"

The string that should have been wound on my sword came off. Its movement as if it was alive surprised me.
The silver string then returned to Apostate\'s hands.
However, until now I truly hadn\'t felt any presences. That only made me sense danger more.  Not to sound conceited, but I\'m by no means imperceptive. To erase his presence, he might be better than Cain.
I must focus more. While I was thinking so, Apostate said in an unamused voice.

\"I was watching from the start, and you didn\'t seem to think much of him. I\'d be happy if you could be quiet.\"
\"Apostate. Am I not your target?\"
\"Nn? It\'s different.\"

As he readily replied, I instantly turned my gaze to Lidi. Nevertheless, Apostate waved his hands that I was wrong.

\"The princess there isn\'t my target either. I only came to clean up this piece of trash.\"

The apostate chuckled. But I couldn\'t believe what he said.

\"… You took over Red\'s job, right? I can\'t believe you.\"

When I said that, Apostate scratched his hair.

\"Aah, perhaps you\'ve heard about it from Cain? Hmm. You could say I\'m playing by ear. The job content changes based on circ.u.mstances and state of affairs. Certainly, there were plans to kill you and the princess, but the priority is different now.\"

I couldn\'t see any lies in Apostate\'s expression as he nodded. That\'s exactly why he\'s revolting.
When I frowned, Apostate narrowed his catlike eyes and said, \"That\'s why\".

\"You are unrelated, so could you watch silently? He\'s a man who kept in touch with Sahaja, moreover he kidnapped your important princess. He won\'t escape death penalty anyway. The only difference is who does it, right?\"
\"It was you people who instigated Lidi\'s kidnapping, right?\"

When I spat that out, Apostate shook his head with a serious face.

\"It\'s different. Certainly, the contact came from us, but regarding the princess it\'s as that man had said. We only got on his idea. It\'s just that he said he wanted to kill the princess. You should be grateful. We negotiated to not have her killed.\"

When I s.h.i.+fted my gaze to Andre, I saw him stare at Apostate while trembling.

\"W… why? Why me… You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds should\'ve been at my beck and call. Our promise was different.\"
\"A shame. You were supposed to deliver that princess to us. We had paid in advance, but she was recaptured, so it\'s over… I\'m really sick of you. You gave worthless, bulls.h.i.+t orders again and again and let Black\'s members die in vain. I\'m finally cleaning up this mess. What a joke. I can only see it as making fun of Black.\"
\"Ah… Bulls.h.i.+t?\"
\"Am I mistaken? You only gave orders based on emotions without any kind of strategy, right? Do you understand how it feels to be given an order that\'s bound to fail? Ah, come to think of it, the victory celebration party was terrible. You went out on your own and got caught spitting abuse. I thought we should just abandon you. Imagine how happy I was when I finally I got permission to kill you.\"
\"Black is not your plaything… Do you understand?\"

He spoke in a warning tone, but there was something chilling in it.
Andre\'s body trembled in fear.
Then Apostate clapped his hands.

\"Ah, the women I\'d lent you already pulled out. To even have women help you, you really are a tyrant. Well, whatever. Anyway, there\'s n.o.body left at your side. n.o.body will listen to your orders. We only did what you told us because it was a job. And now, we\'ll kill you because it\'s a job.\"

Andre\'s eyes stained with despair.
Apostate and Andre. It looks like a powerful cat tormenting its prey, a mouse.
It seems true that Apostate has no interest in me or Lidi, he truly doesn\'t pay attention to us.
Taking the opportunity, I turned my gaze to Lidi.

\"Lidi. It\'s dangerous, so step back a little.\"
\"… Yup.\"

Lidi obediently nodded and got back. Unsurprisingly her face was tense. Lidi too must\'ve noticed Apostate\'s abnormality.
Apostate directed, \"It\'s alright\", to us.

\"I\'m a pro. I don\'t kill people other than the target. Especially that princess who\'s Cain\'s master. It can\'t be helped when it\'s work, but I don\'t want him to resent me for something unrelated.\"

As Lidi blinked her eyes, Apostate tilted his head.

\"Nn? Haven\'t you heard of me? I\'ve met him several times in town.\"
\"Perhaps… you\'re the one who was nibbling on an apple in town?\"
\"Right, right. That\'s me.\"

As Lidi suddenly understood and nodded, Apostate showed a broad smile like a child.

\"You\'re interesting. I\'ve been watching you the whole time, but it didn\'t cross my mind that a n.o.ble princess would enter a vent without any hesitation. I was sure this idiot would do something unnecessary, so I long ago prepared it so you could run away in emergency, but honestly I didn\'t think you\'d use it.\"
\"P, perhaps, the railing on that vent coming off…\"

As Lidi asked, saying, \"Correct\", Apostate clapped his hands.

\"I did it. No matter how you look at it, wasn\'t it too convenient? Didn\'t you find it strange?\"
\"You were at the top floor of the castle. It was a room for keeping people of certain social status locked up. Other than the vent, there was no way out. Your action was spot on. No, you really went inside gallantly. You were so amusing I could hardly contain laughter.\"
\"… Silently watching, what a bad hobby.\"

Lidi scowled at Apostate with a truly complicated face. Her cheeks looked a little red, surely from embarra.s.sment.

\"Sorry. But, isn\'t it fine since you were saved as a result? Besides, to accidentally fall from the ceiling and be saved by the fiancé you had been waiting for, just how lucky are you? I was surprised.\"

Perhaps recalling what had happen, Apostate looked like he was truly having fun.

\"No, I feel like I can understand why Cain has chosen you as his master. One can\'t get bored while watching you. Of course he\'d reject our King after finding such an interesting child. Yup, I can understand him.\"
\"U, um…\"

Mmhm, Apostate nodded. Then he turned to Andre.

\"I\'ve kept you waiting. Then, it\'s time for you to die. ―― Say your prayers.\"