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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 188: Ex2 Chapter 17 Part1

Chapter 17

Translator: Jostena

Editor: s.h.i.+rubame

Outside the Dharma Cave, there were disciples reciting the Sutra of Falling into Demonism at all times, but the number of them has been greatly reduced. There was also a seven-or eight-year-old novice monk who was responsible for delivering meals to Zi Xuan.

On this day, the little novice monk came with the food box, but he did not leave. He looked at Zi Xuan, who was sitting in meditation with his eyes closed.

“s.h.i.+shu, please have dinner.\" He reminded mildly.

Zi Xuan remained motionless and seemed as if he has become a sculpture.

“s.h.i.+shu, that terrible devil is going to die soon.” The novice monk said happily. \"When he dies, your demons will naturally dissipate and the abbot will soon release you. s.h.i.+shu, can you teach this disciple martial arts when you go out?”

Zi Xuan suddenly opened his eyes, and his dark pupils were slightly red.

But he sealed those terrible memories with the fundamental law of Zhenyan sect and restored his calm after a slight tremor of the heartstrings. As if nothing happened, he picked up the porcelain bowl and started eating.

The little novice monk looked at his face carefully and saw that his expression was cold and indifferent. He could not help but bow his head, pout his lips and feel angry inside.

Zi Xuan\'s mood was clear and calm. Zhou Yunsheng\'s side was full of storms and dangers.

He escaped countless rounds of encirclement and suppression, and saw more and more people following him. Not only were all the people who had partic.i.p.ated in the extermination of the Sect there, but also many people who were greedy for fame and wealth became involved. Only then did he swagger across the city and rush to Biyun village.

Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling merely intended to kill Yu Canghai quietly, but did not expect him to be rescued by the Sage Monk Zi Xuan. Now that he acted so high-profile, and attracted the whole Jianghu people to hunt him down, the ones most urgent to get him was not them but these two people.

They were afraid that others would get their hands on him first and find the existence of \'Wuji Xin Jing\', so they sent all their death men who were secretly bred to surround Yu Canghai. Receiving the news that Yu Canghai was coming to Biyun village, Zhan Chenyang thought that it was because he couldn\'t forget his fiancee and wanted to see her for the last time. So he decided on a beauty scheme and let his fiancee wait for the opportunity to cheat him after getting what they want.

Mu Ruiling\'s impression of Yu Canghai was a person with excellent martial arts skills and a simple mind. He was very foolish. She immediately promised and completely forgot the great losses she had suffered in Yuan Kunpeng\'s hands.

Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling were well prepared. They quietly waited for Yu Canghai to come to their trap. When the time arrived, Mu Ruiling would pretend to follow him obediently. She would slowly seduce him with tender and sweet words, so that he would take the initiative to hand over \'Wuji Xin Jing\'. Then she would poison him, chop off his head, and hang it at the door to create momentum for Biyun village.

If the plan succeeded, Zhan Chenyang would not only cultivate ancient martial arts, but also form good relations, make a name for himself, and eventually unify the nations and unify Da Xia.

They thought beautifully, but they did not expect Yu Canghai to not play his cards according to their plan. When he arrived at Biyun village, he not only did not hide his whereabouts, but instead swaggered on the roof, carrying a white jade wine bottle in his hand, sometimes humming while shaking his head, sometimes pouring wine in his mouth. His att.i.tude was very wild.

A hundred and ten people soon gathered at the gate of the village, all of them coming after him. Their faces were full of killing intent.

Several of them were so proud of their martial arts that they ignored the obstruction of the village guards and flew towards the man on the roof, shouting: \"I\'ll take your life!\"

Zhou Yunsheng narrowed his eyes and sneered at them. With a gentle wave of his broad sleeves, the men flew back several feet.

In order to prevent the hearts of his persecutors from shrinking from fear, he endured very hard all the way, suppressed his martial arts by two realms to run around with them, did not dare to be brutal against them, and even deliberately exposed flaws several times, so that they thought that killing him was only a matter of time.

Had it not been for that, this group that wanted to kill him would not have become as large as it is today.

He only stayed on the roof for a short time, and the gate of Biyun village gradually became crowded with people. Some tried to open the gate, some simply crossed the wall, and all wanted to be the first to attack.

Enough audience, the good play should be on the stage, he did not hesitate to raise his hand against the people below. He can\'t kill people. But there was no hindrance to him because he has some ways to make life worse than death.

Several people struggled to climb up. Except for a little stuffy chest, it seemed that there was no major obstacle; the heart of this Sect Master indeed dare not kill, so you could brazenly fight. When he exhausted his internal strength, maybe you could drill a hole in him.

There are still many people who shared their views, so they immediately put up their swords and intended to kill. The rest went up to the roof, but the first ones who launched the attack suddenly fell from mid-air and touched their abdomen with blood on their hands.

This is… their Dantian was destroyed?

After they realized the abnormality, their friends immediately lifted their clothes and checked. They saw a black and green palm print on their abdomen. Once the internal force started running, fine and dense beads of blood oozed out from the print, which looked terrible.

What is this? It\'s so weird, without any pain, a man was quietly destroyed. They walked all over the place, relying on their own martial arts. They can only be slaughtered without cultivation, which can be said to be more intolerable than killing them.

Yu Canghai had been avoiding them, never returning an attack, and was almost killed several times. Slowly, they really regarded him as a toothless tiger. How could they know that his outbreak would be so terrible? He did not kill people, but he is now using a means that is countless times more cruel than killing people.

These people touched their bellies and did not feel any pain, but the absent internal force in their Dantian actually told them that they had become useless. Several people who stood beside them felt a little sad and looked up and shouted, “Come back, be careful!”

But it\'s too late. This time, more than twenty people jumped onto the roof. If they had not been slightly afraid of Biyun village, they would have trampled it down. Maybe everyone would have rushed up.

These people\'s movements look like lightning, but in Zhou Yunsheng\'s eyes, they are quite slow. He drank all the liquor and carefully pinned the valuable white jade pot to his waist. Then he flicked his fingertips and injected a strong air stream into the first person\'s Dantian. The other party lost his voice and fell from mid-air immediately.

Several more came with their swords and he twisted his sleeves and cut off all the weapons. His changing palms looked like white lotus blossoms. They were so dazzling but dangerous as they made them shot down in a flash. Like the shadow of a sword or saber, somebody flies back and forth, screaming and howling, with one punch, one slap, or just flicking his fingertips and shaking his sleeves.  Some people screamed and flew out and were caught by the people underneath. After their clothes were lifted the Dantian was shown as it was full of blood blurring the place and although there was no danger to their lives, they were removed from the martial arts world.

These people were full of hatred, pointed at the Demonic Master on the roof and shouted abuse, cursing and shouting, but tears filled their faces, showing that they knew their future fate. Others raised their swords and joined the scolding team, but none of them dared to rush to the roof again.

They originally thought that the demon does not kill anymore, so it should be very easy to deal with him, but they did not think that his present means are more poisonous than direct killing! They don\'t know what martial arts he has practiced. Even dozens of top masters can\'t kill him. Others are doomed to a bad end if they rush to face him.

Not one of the people who boasted that they were above the Demonic Master was in the audience. After cursing and scolding for a while, they were bored. They wanted to leave already and were afraid of losing face. They were racking their brains to think about how to end the game. Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling, who were hiding behind the door, came out quickly and rushed to the person on the roof: \"Master Yu, what grievances or misunderstandings do you have? Please come in with me, you sit down and talk slowly. Why do you hurt your harmony with a knife? There are many unarmed old and weak women and children in my village. Don\'t disturb them.\"

“Yes, Brother Yu, didn\'t you say you wanted to reveal the truth? Let us show you the evidence and you can talk over it.\" Mu Ruiling sees the st.i.tch with temptation.

OMG! That FL and her annoying ML are so stupid! Do they think everyone is as dumb as them? And seriously why are the chapter so long now XD

Normal chapters are usually like 4 pages and sometimes even 5 but these long chapters go up to 7 or 8 pages… good thing I do daily so all these cliffs don\'t drive you guys crazy XD

When those two idiots made a plan against ZYS:

s.h.i.+rubame: Perfect example of counting chickens before they hatch

Jostena: Like seriously they\'re too confident in themselves when they shouldn\'t be…