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Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal

Chapter 950: 950 It's Not That I Am Too Strong, You Are Too Weak

Strengthening Muscles, 1000%! And at the same time, third-level dark energy!

Upon seeing this, everyone was dumbstruck!

The audience might not have known what strengthening muscles, 1000% meant, but they understood what third-level dark energy meant! To put it simply, it meant that in his current state, the young man named Levis could take Li Haokong head on!

After all, previously, when he used strengthening muscles, 600%, he was able to take on Li Haokong\'s third-level dark energy. Now that he also had third-level dark energy…

Everyone was stunned!

\"What, Levis also has third-level dark energy?! How is this possible? How can he know such a skill?\"

\"That is third-level dark energy, not some common skill! No matter how much of a genius he is, he cannot possibly be stronger than Li Haokong, right?\"

It was no wonder they were so surprised. It was extremely difficult to practice and master third-level dark energy. What was Levis\' origin? How could he actually have third-level dark energy like Li Haokong?

\"It seems like the Tower of Trials is really not bad.\" On the spectator stand, Hong Dali grinned and nodded. He said, \"Brother Levis made quick progress inside, hehe. I didn\'t expect him to be at third-level dark energy already.\"

Indeed, it was no wonder Hong Dali took one look at Levis\' current state and knew that he had been practicing hard in the Tower of Trials.

What kind of place was the Tower of Trials? Simply put, it was a place where your life was on the line.

At the threshold of life and death, it was easy for a person to suddenly understand many things that he previously could not figure out despite spending countless hours trying.

Many people tried to get through the Tower of Trials for the treasures inside, and for the status they could attain after having completed a certain number of floors.

But Levis was different.

When he lost to Aristocrat Wu Qing in one stance, he was greatly affected. \"From now on, I won\'t lose again.\" Those were definitely not just words, he really was desperately trying his best.

How many times did Levis die in the Tower of Trials during this time? He could no even remember himself.

A thousand times? Two thousand times?

Moving forward step by step, acc.u.mulating battle experience little by little. While others were practicing, he was facing death in the Tower of Trials. While others were sleeping, he still was facing death in the Tower of Trials.

Once he gained any new experience or skill, Levis would go to the Thunder Battle Arena for practice. It was no exaggeration to say that, apart from eating and an extremely short period of time sleeping each day, Levis was training all the time.

Desperately training.

Therefore, compared to when he first arrived at the Galaxy Alliance Center, it would be an exaggeration if we said he was thousands or ten thousands of times stronger, but a hundred or more times stronger than that was definitely within reason.

\"The surprises Hong Dali have for us today are really…\" Jiang Dongliu looked at Levis with glowing eyes. Now, there was someone in Shenluo City who was actually comparable to Li Haokong in terms of martial arts. This was good news!

\"This person is very strong.\" Even Li Xuancheng had to admit. \"Compared to Haokong, he is indeed no way inferior.\"

You would only know whether or not he was inferior when the fight started.

Li Haokong no longer looked proud and arrogant. With a serious expression, he looked at Levis, whose muscles had turned black and whose body was ripped like a fighting machine. He said somberly, \"I have to say, you have won my respect. Please!\"

\"Okay!\" Levis looked up at Li Haokong who was in the air, then he lightly lept up and stepped on empty air.

Six Powers, Stride in Air!

Even the Blood Demon knew the Wukong Step. As the leader of the Four Kings, he naturally mastered it as well.

As a result, the two men\'s battlefield thus moved from the ground to the sky.

The real fight thus began.

Both of them were in their strongest state and had third-level dark energy. This time, the battle was epic and waves of booming sounds were heard from the sky!

With muscle control of 1000%, Levis was unbelievably strong. After transforming with the Killer Beetle Soul Stone, Li Haokong was also practically invincible.

In this match, every punch and every kick created a terrible wind pressure. The booming sounds were endless, and the shock waves, which were visible to the naked eye, were all over the place as if there were huge explosions happening in the air.

Everyone was awestruck.

Honestly speaking, it would not be too far-fetched if Hong Dali had underlings who were able to defeat Blue and Purple-level or even Purple and Black-level Double Honorary Aristocrats. However, one who was on equal standing with Li Haokong…

Are you kidding me, brother?! How are we to go on from here?!

After this hard battle between Levis and Li Haokong, it was time for the next battle. With the real battle experience he had acc.u.mulated on the threshold of life and death, Levis fully brought out the power of the six skills on the Last Words by Tianji. Levis was like a specter in the air and Li Haokong was not to be outdone. An insect-type Soul Stone was originally the best for fighting, and he was also agile and quick in the air.

However, the problem was that the Last Words by Tianji by Mo Tianji, the number one warrior of the East Galaxy, was extremely advanced martial arts. Although Li Haokong was a genius, he was no match for Mo Tianji.

Levis was as agile as a seswallow in the sky. No matter how Li Haokong used the shadows formed by his third-level dark energy to move about in the air, he was unable to escape from Levis, who was stubbornly tagging him.

Hong Dali was a prodigal with an almost impossible imagination. In this regard, Levis had carefully learned from Hong Dali.

Although he was unable to match Hong Dali\'s ability to be a prodigal, it was not too hard for him to excel in martial arts. Therefore, if anyone was unfortunate enough to try and out-run Levis, there was only one possible outcome, to die quietly and return to the resurrection point.

Therefore, no matter how hard Li Haokong worked, he was still unable to reverse the balance of victory.

Levis\' talent for battling could be said to be horrifying. He was able to precisely avoid every single attack ofLi Haokong\'s and then parry beautifully.

After all, Li Haokong was not G.o.d and could not be invincible forever.

Regardless of awareness, speed, strength, reaction, position, and antic.i.p.ation of attack, Levis was impeccable. His stunning performance won the admiration of everyone, including his opponent Li Haokong.

\"You are really very strong, a master of masters.\" After returning from the resurrection point, Li Haokong exclaimed in admiration.

He might have lost, but his opponent was perfect, so Li Haokong was not too upset.

Levis could not be bothered to be polite. He said only one sentence quietly and immediately, the audience was completely stunned.

\"It\'s not that I am too strong, you are too weak.\" Levis looked toward the podium and smiled. \"Compared to Young Master, I barely measure up.\"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

No one expected that Levis, who had defeated Li Haokong, would say that he barely measured up when compared to Hong Dali.

If he was right, just how powerful was Hong Dali?

\"So much power was only considered as barely measuring up, is he exaggerating?\" Yes, yes, he won against even Li Haokong, and that\'s all he would rate himself? Is he joking?\"\"Indeed, now that he has defeated Li Haokong, he can say whatever he wants!\"

Numerous people were whispering to each other. Soon, on the podium, Jiang Dongliu seemed to have realized something unusual about Levis\' statement.

On the surface, Levis defeated Li Haokong, which made him very powerful. But if he looked deeper…

\"Levis.\" Jiang Dongliu suddenly got all anxious. \"Where did you get your Secrets of Dark Energy from?\"

He had finally thought of something very important.

Secrets of Dark Energy!

It must be understood that the Secrets of Dark Energy was a skill only practiced by Black-level Honorary Aristocrats. Every Black-level Honorary Aristocrat would have only one book, and they were not allowed to share it with anyone else. Where did Levis\' Secrets of Dark Energy come from?

\"Young Master gave it to me.\" This was a serious question, and Levis could not lie. He immediately replied, \"He got it from the Tower of Trials.\"

\"Tower of Trials? Level twenty-five?\" Jiang Dongliu stroked his chin. \"How long have you been practicing it?

\"More than four months,\" Levis said respectfully.

\"More than four months, more than four months…\" Jiang Dongliu stroked the beard on his chin and suddenly looked at Li Xuancheng, then two of them shouted in unison, \"At that time, the Tower of Trials had just opened, right?!\"

The shout had everyone instantly completely stunned.

He got the Secrets of Dark Energy from the Tower of Trials more than four months ago. According to the time-frame, the Tower of Trials had just opened! Most importantly, at that time, there was only one warrior from Shenluo City who had pa.s.sed level twenty-five of the Tower of Trials!

The legendary genius who had pa.s.sed level 30, the mysterious male!

\"Hong Dali!\" Jiang Dongliu and Li Xuancheng ignored all else and rushed straight to the spectator stand where Hong Dali was secretly getting ready to slip away. \"Brat, don\'t run! Stay! Before everything is explained, you\'re not going anywhere!\"

Too much, he really had too much to hide!

No wonder the legendary genius who pa.s.sed level 30 of the Tower of Trials had still not been found after such a long time. It turned out to be the brat!

Was he hiding like a wolf in sheep\'s clothing under the guise of a prodigal? The brat, he had been hiding all this while!

\"Ah, haha, haha, I\'m going out to squander some money…\" Hong Dali gave a dry laugh. \" You all go ahead, haha. Continue with your compet.i.tion, there\'s no need to pay any attention to me…\"

Before Hong Dali finished speaking, Li Xuancheng and Jiang Dongliu had each grabbed on to one of his arms. \"Before this matter has been settled, you\'re not going anywhere!\"

Hong Dali immediately screamed, \"I\'m a prodigal! A prodigal! You\'re too much, it\'s not fair! I don\'t know anything!\"

\"Hong Dali…\" On the podium where she had been watching all this while, Jiang Qianxue\'s face had gone pale with excitement. \"Don\'t tell me, it\'s you?\"