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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1158: 1158 Urgent Operation

The bad thing about expensive things is that the people buying them will spend a lot of money. But the good thing about it is that the people selling them would earn even more.

Chen Xiaobei toyed with the idea of bringing Uzuis.h.i.+ Akaihi here so he could open up a restaurant. The other chef\'s dishes might cost a few hundred spiritual stones but Uzuis.h.i.+ Akaihi would have no problem taking less than a dozen.

That would catch the attention of the Silver Plume n.o.bles. Then, Chen Xiaobei could sell each table for tens of thousands.

Chen Xiaobei smiled to himself thinking about it.

\"What the h.e.l.l are you thinking about now?\"

 Liu Chen gave Chen Xiaobei a strange look.

\"Nothing. I just thought of a friend of mine. He is one of the top chefs on Earth!\"

\"Why? He wants to open a restaurant here?\" Liu Chen laughed. \"Not to rain on your parade or anything, but no matter how good the chef is considered on Earth, he wouldn\'t know how to work with the ingredients here! It took a lady with a pure heart like Sister Hua many years to master it!\"

 \"Are you sure you\'re not exaggerating?\" Chen Xiaobei gasped.

 \"Liu Chen is right.\" Ning Yuchen nodded and said, \"If any top chef can just waltz in and master intergalactic delicacy, then the governor of Silver Plume City would have died of over consuming food!\"

\"Silver Plume\'s governor? What about him?\" Chen Xiaobei asked.

\"You don\'t know?\" Liu Chen explained. \"He is a major foodie! Every month, he will travel to 1st Street and people will offer up extravagant dishes to him! If he is satisfied with a dish, he will reward the cook handsomely!\"

 \"Foodie? Rewards?\"

Memories suddenly flooded Chen Xiaobei\'s mind.

He thought about how his earliest best friend Yanw.a.n.g was a foodie. Almost all the deities and monsters from Red Envelope Group were happy with the food that Chen Xiaobei sent to them. That was how Chen Xiaobei was rewarded with piles of Red Envelopes.

Chen Xiaobei suddenly had an idea and he grinned. \"Brother Ning, do you think he will like it if I give him a packet of spicy sticks?\"

It was with spicy sticks that Chen Xiaobei made Yanw.a.n.g gave him whatever he wanted.

But his question was not well received. They all shot him an anxious look.

 \"Why? Why are you guys looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?\"

Ning Yuchen answered, \"Here is Silver Plume city, the words spicy sticks is forbidden!\"

 \"Huh? What? Why? What did spicy sticks ever do?\" 

\"Many years ago, someone from Earth tried the same thing you are suggesting. He gave the Silver Plume\'s governor a packet of spicy sticks and he even told everyone that spicy sticks were a rare delicacy!\" Ning Yuchen said, \"In the beginning, the governor enjoyed eating the spicy sticks. He treated it like gold and would only eat half a piece every meal! The person who served him the spicy sticks was rewarded handsomely. He was even allowed to marry a n.o.ble woman and live in the inner city!\"

Chen Xiaobei exclaimed, \"Sigh, someone had already used this great idea! That\'s too bad…\"

 \"Too bad? Listen to the whole story before you make your judgment!\" Ning Yuchen continued. \"He was not the only person from Earth in Silver Plume Planet. Very soon, someone reported that the spicy sticks were a junk on Earth that you could buy for 5 cents! Just imagine, someone like the governor that is high in power in Silver Plume City esteemed a cheap junk food as a gem! In the people\'s eyes, he was no more than a fool! Soon, his reputation suffered. He was so p.i.s.sed that he sentenced the person who gave him the spicy sticks to death! He ordered the body to be fed to the Demonic Beasts! From then on, no one dared utter the words spicy sticks. Saying it is like slapping the governor in the face!\"

Chen Xiaobei was speechless for a moment.

He had also claimed that the spicy sticks were a rare gem. He used it to exchange for the Netherspirit Battlescouter, Hundred Herbs Potion, and other items.

It ended in a similar way when Xiang Yu revealed the price of spicy sticks to the group.

All the members of the group attacked Chen Xiaobei, calling him the liar. They all wanted to kill him back then!

But luckily, Chen Xiaobei had the Prime of Tongtian\'s protection.

If he did not have a powerful Sifu, Chen Xiaobei would have been kicked out of the group a hundred times over.

It looked like his idea yielded temporary rewards only. It was unreliable in the long run.

Ding Ring ring!

Ning Yuchen\'s phone suddenly rang. His conversation with whoever on the other line was brief.

 \"We have to get back to base! A group of Demonic Beasts appeared. It seemed that they are trying to get to the capital city. We have to stop them now!\'

Ning Yuchen stood up first, and the rest followed. After bidding Sister Hua\'s farewell, they all returned to base camp.

In the base camp of the 2nd Regiment.

Troops after troops of Northern Wilderness soldiers were transported with large flying military convoy to the frontline of the battlefield.

 \'Why are you only back now?\"

A middle-aged man with thick lashes and large eyes stood at the gate of the camp shouted.

\"We\'re sorry, Colonel. We didn\'t know that there is an urgent mission today!\" Ning Yuchen explained.

 \"Stop babbling and go change into your uniforms! This group of Demonic Beasts are not to be underestimated. We have to deploy all of our men!\"

 \"Everyone? Even you, Colonel?\" Ning Yuchen asked.

\"Nonsense! Can\'t you see that I\'m in my uniform?\"

Chen Xiaobie looked at the colonel\'s uniform and noticed that the paddings were silver!

That was the symbol of Silver tier!


[Cultivation: Early phase of Celestial Cultivation; Health: 70,000; Combat power: 70,000]

The rhinoceros had told Chen Xiaobei that he was a golden tier elite because Chen Xaioebei had exerted 90,000 combat power.

This confirmed that at True Nirvana cultivation, every 10,000 combat power would be upgraded to a new rank. As for Celestial Cultivation, every 20,000 combat power would be upgraded to a new rank. The more powerful the person was, the harder it was for him/her to gain a new rank.

\"You only need 70,000 combat power to be a colonel. I wonder what I can be?\"

Chen Xiaobei thought to himself.

 \"Colonel! What about Zhufeng?\" Ning Yuchen asked.

 \"Him?\" The colonel pointed at Chen Xiaobei with a look of disdain and said, \"He\'ll stay here, of course! I already said that this group of beasts are different. Even the Nine-Star Patinated Bronze Woldemar died! This guy is just a Zero-Star Black Steel. Are we going to feed him to the Demonic Beast for breakfast?\"

\"Er, you have a point…\" Ning Yuchen nodded and then turned to Chen Xiaobei. \"Zhufeng, you can wait in our room. If you\'re bored, you can go find Sister Hua. We\'ll contact you on our way back.\"

 \"Okay. I don\'t want to inconvenience you. Hurry, go and get changed.\" Chen Xiaobei conceded.

The three of them, Ning Yuchen, Hu Ben and Liu Chen hurried to their rooms.

\"Good, at least you know what to do!\" The colonel eyed Chen Xiaobie and then said, \"Be good! If you could get to Three-Star Black Metal in the shortest time possible, I will make an exception and take you into our regiment!\"

 \"Thank you, Colonel!\"

Chen Xiaobei smiled but he secretly disagreed.

\'I would never be a common soldier in the 2nd Regiment. I might not even agree to become your superior even if were to beg me.\'