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Shadow Hack

Chapter 148: Chapter 133

What truly caused Li Yunmu’s ambition to grow together with his confidence was the series of notifications from the system which rang in his mind.

[Host, Shadow Female Ancestor infant has replicated the city lord’s cultivation realm. The other party’s cultivation base is at false sage layer. If host wants to use the power of this cultivation base, then host must pour the required number of s.p.a.ce elements into Shadow Female Ancestor.]

[Ding, because of Shadow Female Ancestor successfully replicating the cultivation of the false sage layer with her newborn body, it has awakened a sage layer innate skill, a deadly Nirvana layer skill. It’s a sage layer forbidden skill, so requesting host to check it personally.]

That’s right, 30 minutes had pa.s.sed. For Li Yunmu, it was an extremely long time until the Shadow Female Ancestor finally replicated the cultivation base and floated back to sit to sit on his shoulder once more. She raised her face upward to look at him, then her gaze traveled to the wound on his finger.

However, presently Li Yunmu couldn’t take care of little Shadow Female Ancestor’s wishes. He took a deep breath and considered this matter finally concluded!

Relying on what did he want to dip his finger in one of the ten citadels of Heavenly Cloud City?

If it had been a minute ago, he wouldn’t have had any confidence, but now things had changed. He had a half-step sage layer cultivation base’s power at his beck and call. Even though it would require a large amount of s.p.a.ce elements every time he used it, but this was already enough.

The only pity was that the system’s evaluation regarding the city lord being a false flux sage was a little disappointing. Since he had used forbidden techniques to enter the sage layer, it seemed that not only did his body suffer from a backlash, but he also failed in becoming a complete sage and could only remain at a Quasi Flux Sage level.

Even a person like Li Yunmu, who had never personally come in contact with a person at this layer, also knew the difference between a Quasi Flux Sage and a genuine one. Perhaps, he also understood the disparity between the two.

However, it didn’t matter. A Quasi Flux Sage was still a supreme existence under the sage layer. If a Flux Sage didn’t appear, then others would be just like ants in front of a Quasi Flux Sage.  

\"Good, since you can make decisions on behalf of your sect, then it was worth sending Ruo child to invite you.\" A hint of gratification appeared on the city lord’s face. \"You can go now. As for the remaining details, you and Ruo can discuss them.\"

The city lord lightly waved his hand, which caused Li Yunmu and Lin Yuerou to be pushed outside by a formless pressure. During the whole way back, they had no control over themselves and were easily brushed out of the secret chamber, flying directly to the city lord’s mansion’s back garden.

At that moment, the big fish pond rockery in front Li Yunmu’s eyes began to shake violently and, in a few seconds, it disappeared within the pond.

From now on, there wouldn’t be any rock garden here, leaving behind only the lonely and old lotus pond.


Lin Yuerou took a step forward as if trying to throw herself at the pond. Tears ran down her whole face.

\"Sister Lin, we should go, I saw that the city lord didn’t have any remaining regrets on his face.\"

Once Li Yunmu saw this scene which he wasn’t accustomed to, he could only try to console her. 

This was the ending of someone who used a shortcut, a forbidden technique to become a sage? Li Yunmu didn’t knew why had the city lord done this. Was he just fixated on becoming a Flux Sage? He didn’t know what to think.

After all, every person has his own thoughts.

Fortunately, being a Temporal Flux Master, Lin Yuerou quickly controlled herself. Maybe she had been mentally preparing for such an event long ago.

Just when the two of them were leaving, suddenly two rays of light flew out of the lotus pond. One rushed towards Li Yunmu while other flew towards Lin Yuerou.

Li Yunmu subconsciously burst forth with flux energy. When he extended his hand to catch this mysterious light and took a closer look, he was completely astonished. This was a secret runed treasure, a jade pendant. On top of it, ancient dimensional runes had been carved meticulously. 

With just one look, Li Yunmu’s heart was stunned from astonishment. It wasn’t simply higher dimensional runic characters engraved on it, but those that also contained the power of laws.

It was similar to the pinnacle grade ancient freezing rune and ancient thunder runes he had obtained it the Tower of Glory. But even then, those items had only the power of one higher dimensional character carved on it. This secret treasure pendant, however, had rows of higher dimensional letters. 

Good sh*t!

This already couldn’t be described as just a precious treasure!

But the problem was that the jade pendant which Li Yunmu had in his hand was only a half. The other half was in Lin Yuerou’s hands.

\"This is a secret runic key from the Seventh Dimension. After you cultivation reaches the peak of Nirvana layer, then you can unseal the secret location with the guidance of this secret treasure. Whether you can obtain something precious or not will then depend on your luck.\"

The city lord’s final words were transferred over, and then the whole area turned completely silent.

So this is a piece of a key to a secret location. If this single half is so valuable, I wonder what kind of existence does he lead the way to?

Li Yunmu’s heart s.h.i.+vered slightly.

The importance of this incomparably precious treasure pa.s.sed onto them by a Flux Sage just before peris.h.i.+ng could be clearly imagined. But this was only one half of the pisces jade pendant, the other half was with Lin Yuerou.

Li Yunmu looked over at it, and his gaze happened to meet with that of Lin Yuerou, who was doing the same. After a brief contact, both of them turned away.

\"I will wait for you to reach the peak of Nirvana layer, then we will go.\"

When Lin Yuerou’s voice reached him, for some reason, Li Yunmu felt some intimacy in the tone of this Temporal Flux Master.

However, Li Yunmu didn’t think much about it. After all, they were truly on the same side now, for they had a single common enemy, the supreme sage of the Heavenly Cloud City’s fluxer a.s.sociation.

According to rumors, this person had become a Domain Sage and was just one step away from becoming a Battle Sage. No wonder then that he wanted to obtain Li Yunmu’s ‘battle sage bloodline’.

If a formidable character like Domain Sage war targeting him, no power could stop him. If there was anyone who could stop him, that would be a Battle Sage. However, Li Yunmu really wasn’t a descendent of any Battle Sage so hoping that one would save him was useless.

This time, his situation was extremely difficult. He wanted to quickly return to the Fifth Dimension, for only by relying on the world laws governing it could he escape this calamity and ensure his safety.

No one knew what the city lord had discussed with Li Yunmu after he went to meet with him.

Everyone only knew that when Li Yunmu and Lin Yuerou appeared in the back garden again, the hostility between them had completely disappeared.

At this moment, within the main hall of the city lord’s mansion, many powers had gathered together once again.

The representatives of the four major citadels, this time, weren’t their younger generations. When Li Yunmu returned to the main hall of the city lord’s mansion, he saw numerous Flux Masters gathered together for the first time, all of whom were representing the interests of huge powers.

Apart from the four major citadels, there were also three people representing powers of three more. But they didn’t control their citadels so they could only be considered as second most powerful families and clans.

The present situation of Heavenly Cloud City was quite precarious. There were a total of three sects and the powers of ten citadels in the Heavenly Cloud City. Among them were the Blue Cloud Sect as well as the powerful families ruling over the four major citadels. All of them could be said to be in the city lord’s alliance.

Apart from this, another sect and the powers of four other citadels had sided with the Lord Sage. In addition, there was still one more sect and two citadel governing families who were neutral.

The neutral sect was precisely Ling Shuang’s sect—Heavenly Frost Sect which was also the most powerful sect. After all, this sect’s master, who was also Ling Shuang’s master, was a Battle Sage.

\"Heavenly General Li, we don’t question the city lord’s decision to let your mysterious Li Sect join our alliance. But for entering the alliance, you must at least provide us with some a.s.surance.\"

\"Fu family master’s words are correct. We don’t intend to decline forming an alliance with your sect. However, the rumored Li Sect is like a dragon whose head is visible but whose tail cannot be seen. I would like to request that your sect’s seniors pay a formal visit to us.\"

Facing enormous profits, who would want to share a city with an outsider. How would it bring any benefit to them. If the mysterious Li Sect behind Li Yunmu really existed, then they absolutely wouldn’t dare to be so rash, but the problem was whether it really did exist.

This was still doubtful!

A middle-aged man suddenly stood up and icily said, \"Li Yunmu, you used Deity Execution to kill my Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s most powerful newcomer. If a mysterious sect really stands behind you and Tang Baichen’s words offended your n.o.ble sect, then he deserved to die and we can only blame that our Tang family didn’t discipline him properly. But since he called your n.o.ble sect’s existence into question, then our Tang family must ask you to provide a proper reply to justify his death.\" 

\"Then what do you want me to do?\" Li Yunmu sneered.

Another citadel’s second-in-power family’s representative stood up and said, \"Simple, if you want to get a share of one of the citadels, then you must display your sect’s reserves.\"

\"Good, since this is what you want. Uncle master, I would request you to do the honors.\"

Li Yunmu agreed in a straightforward manner and clasped his hands towards the void. The hearts of all people present tightened, and instantly, they also looked over in the direction where he was looking.