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Shadow Hack

Chapter 646: 637 For You

Thor was extremely amiable, and he walked to Li Yunmu and patted his shoulder. \"After you get married to my sister, treat her well. This child doesn\'t understand so you will need to be more responsible. Her temperament isn\'t very good either, so I hope you can be patient with her. Other than this, I, her elder brother, don\'t have much to say.\"

By Thor\'s words, it was clear that he somewhat accepted Li Yunmu. His words also caused Brunhilda\'s face to instantly flush red.

But as a valkyrie, she also had her dignity and raised her head while saying with a smile, \"Elder brother, are you making fun of me again? How do I not have a good temperament?\"

Her bad temperament n Li Yunmu had experienced first hand. The memory of her chasing him into Whale City was still fresh in his mind.

Loki sneered at them. \"All of you agree to this wedding? You\'re willing to allow our Scandinavia\'s princess to be wedded to a mortal? Truly ridiculous!\"

\"Enough! My decision is final, and thou sister\'s marriage will be held the day after tomorrow. Thou best not create trouble otherwise I will won\'t forgive you easily!\"

Loki coldly snorted, then stormed off in a huff. Scandinavia\'s other numerous G.o.ds began to congratulate Li Yunmu and Odin.

It was clear that Li Yunmu was still not really accepted by everyone. Apart from the amiable Thor, others actually disdained him and kept him beneath contempt. After all, he was a mortal marrying Scandinavia\'s princess, which was the same as living off a woman.

\"Do all the mortals now wish to climb up the ladder by relying on others\' work? Not only that, they also don\'t mind living off a woman!\" some of the guests said in a peculiar tone.

\"Yes, our valkyrie has a high prestige, but she has reduced herself by marrying a mortal. Scandinavia\'s face has truly hit rock bottom!\"

\"Odin, our Scandinavia is majestic, so have you decided to abandon your daughter for all time?\"

When Li Yunmu heard those enigmatic words which seemed to be humiliating him, his eyebrows creased. He was extremely resentful and couldn\'t help but glare at those people. A hint of gloominess was also present in his gaze. He was itching to pounce on those people who didn\'t put him in their eyes and give them a good beating that very instant.

But when all was said and done, he was still in other people\'s territory. So if he took action, it would seem like he was pretentious and didn\'t understand proper etiquette. Thus, he controlled himself.

Odin didn\'t care about anyone\'s opinion and only considered Li Yunmu\'s strength. Since it was tyrannical, there was no need to be concerned about any rumors or slander. Instead, it was better to wait until Li Yunmu displayed his strength in Scandinavia. At that instant, all the rumors would be completely discredited!

However, although Li Yunmu had chosen to not care about them, the short-tempered Brunhilda couldn\'t bear hearing everyone\'s words.

She kicked the table of guests who were talking maliciously about Li Yunmu and coldly stated, \"What were you all saying just now? Try saying something about my fiance again!\"

Brunhilda\'s kick forced all the people to obediently shut their mouths. But Li Yunmu could still hear them muttering.

\"He relies on a woman to settle his matters.\"

Brunhilda pulled Li Yunmu\'s arm and told him, \"You needn\'t care about them. There are always people who don\'t have eyes. We clearly understand what sort of strength you have. One day they will also know your ferociousness!\"

When Li Yunmu was comforted by Brunhilda, his expression finally eased up a little. If one\'s wife was like her, what else would they need?

The present Brunhilda didn\'t resemble the barbaric woman who had chased him some time ago. Instead, she was extremely gentle and virtuous while also possessing beautiful looks.

If they truly married, Li Yunmu didn\'t mind following the system\'s opinion and cultivating yin and yang energy with her, which would allow her G.o.dly spear to display enormous might.

Truthfully speaking, the present Scandinavia was like a tiger that had grown wings after Li Yunmu had joined it.

He could a.s.sist Brunhilda in training with her G.o.dly spear, making the spear display its peak strength. He could also stop the offense of Heavenly G.o.ds Council, so Scandinavia wouldn\'t need to fear it. Moreover, the unknown being resided in his body.

Its existence alone was a great increase in strength for Scandinavia. This country had long ago shed its original form, which could easily be forced by Heavenly G.o.ds Council to yield.

From then on, Scandinavia could become a nation which other G.o.ds would be willing to join, unlike before when apart from Odin, its other people were of little importance.

After Odin went back, the banquet was considered to have officially concluded. Following that, the matter of Li Yunmu and Brunhilda\'s marriage also became official. The majority of people couldn\'t understand Odin and Brunhilda, but they could only accept it. Perhaps the mortal had the apt.i.tude far surpa.s.sing others?

But what they didn\'t knew was that Odin was intending to make Li Yunmu Scandinavia\'s ruler after he married his precious daughter Brunhilda.

After all, the unknown existence inside Li Yunmu\'s body was extremely advantageous for Scandinavia!

After the end of the banquet, Li Yunmu still felt somewhat disappointed. Being ridiculed by everyone was a great humiliation for him.

\"Are you still angry?\"

Li Yunmu waved his hand. \"Forget it, I won\'t take these matters to heart. On the contrary, your att.i.tude toward me seems to have changed quite quickly.\"

Brunhilda laughed and said, \"We will soon be married, so we naturally must a.s.sist each other. I cannot allow others to humiliate you. You are my, Brunhilda\'s man, so you can only hold me alone and aren\'t permitted to speak about others.\"

Looking at Brunhilda\'s loving eyes, Li Yunmu nodded.


\"Hades has been severely injured? Who dared to attack him?\"

After Emperor of Sea Poseidon returned to Whale City, the entire Heavenly G.o.ds Council was astonished. The earlier matter was an enormous humiliation for them.

The matter of King of h.e.l.l Hades being defeated by a mortal had spread among the G.o.ds around the world. It was not only Zeus that lost face from it but the whole Heavenly G.o.ds Council was turned into a joke.

\"How are Hades\' injuries? This resentment must be paid in full! Who is that person who injured Hades? I will go and settle the debt right now!\"

The Emperor of Sea Poseidon was somewhat impatient.

Sitting atop his throne, Zeus waved his hands, and a terrifying expression flashed through his eyes.

\"After this day, our Heavenly G.o.ds Council and Scandinavia cannot exist under the same sky! Prepare for war! We will wreck Asgard, which they are so proud of!\" he coldly stated.

Hearing Zeus\' command, the entire Heavenly G.o.ds Council knelt on the ground and said in a heavy tone, \"Yes!\"

Hades injuries had thoroughly infuriated Zeus, who already had a fiery temper. Whatever explanations were said, he was unable to endure the resentment in his heart.