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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?

Chapter 96: Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Emergency Summons

Even as the 3rd year rushes in, we\'re still living our day to day lives as we develop, produce, train, and accept requests over and over again.
If I were to say a thing that changed, it would probably be that Marnie started partic.i.p.ating in Barack-san and Dorn-san\'s training.

Days pa.s.sed since then, and I lost to Marnie\'s desires. There\'s no way I couldn\'t respond when she sneaks in at night. Sophia and Maria seemed to have been accomplices, and after that, they got along even better.

Early morning the next day, Hans-san of the Adventurers Guild came to visit us at home.

「Good morning, Hans-san. What\'s the matter for you to come this early?」
「Ah, Tak.u.mi-kun, it\'s an emergency call.」
「An emergency call?」
「Yes, adventurers of Rank D and higher are practically obligated to enlist.」

An official announcement of an emergency summons came from the Adventurers Guild, and as part of the main force 『Wings of Norn』, we had to partic.i.p.ate.

「I believe that Barack has the the detailed account at the Guild, so could you prepare your equipment and gather at the guild?
But I think you all will have to depart first.」

We prepared our equipment and headed to the Adventurers Guild.

The guild hall was packed with adventurers. We followed Hans-san to the guild and after a little but, Barack-san and Dorn-san came out.

「Silence! This is an emergency request! An adventurer discovered a swarm of monsters moving towards Wedgefort!」

It went like this. They said that with the sudden appearance of Wedgefort, a large fortress that radically developed, the monsters, attracted by the large number of people, gathered swarm after swarm and those various monsters moved towards Wedgefort. It\'s just that, they predicted that if we were to overcome this stampede, the monsters in Wedgefort\'s surroundings would settle down.

「That\'s how it is! D rank adventurers and higher will move to the south gate!
Also, 『Wings of Norn』, 『Lion\'s Fang』, and 『Crimson Rose』 stay behind!」

The adventurers each rushed out of the guild.
「Ah, it\'s been a while, Heath-san. Bogah-san, same goes to you.」
「Yaa, you\'ve been quite active, haven\'t you.」
「…… been a while.」

Lyle-san spit and approached me.

「Umm, I\'ll give introductions. This here is Laeva, she\'s my a.s.sistant. In my party, she\'s a rearguard magic user.
And then she\'s Marnie, my personal maid.」
「「Please treat me well.」」
「Ou, please treー no! a maid, what the h.e.l.l!?」
「You\'re too noisy, Lyle!」

When I looked in the direction of the voice, there stood a red haired swordswoman wearing leather armor dyed red. Around her were 4 other women.

「Hanh? Tch, so it\'s you, Merilda.」
「What do you mean tch?
That handsome-kun is the leader of 『Wings of Norn』, isn\'t he? I\'m the leader of 『Crimson Rose』, Merilda, this tanker is (Varalei/Valarei), the mage is Sally, the healer is Paula, and the scout is Linda.」

The ones who called out to Lyle-san was everyone from the 『Crimson Rose』 , whose party name was brought up by Barack-san. I see, their name is like that because all members are girls.

「I\'m Tak.u.mi Iruma. This is Sophia, and next to her is Maria, then Laeva, and Marnie.」
「Fu~n, I certainly get why Lyle would keep yapping.」

Merildsan grinned widely and looked at me.

「Ou! So introductions are over, yeah?! Tak.u.mi, with your carriage and Tsubaki, you\'ll reach Wedgefort in a short amount of time. Cuz of that, I want you three teams to go first.」
「Have they been cornered considerably?」
「No, the town probably wouldn\'t be defeated because of Tak.u.mi, but with it being resolved as soon as possible, it would show the durability of Wedgefort throughout the continent.」
「Understood. Shall we head out then?」

We went to the south gate and I called Tsubaki from the Subs.p.a.ce.
I took the carriage out of the Item Box and fastened it to Tsubaki. I had Heath-san and the rest get on and we started heading for Wedgefort at explosive speeds.