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Song Tian's Farm And His Daily Life

Chapter 37: 37 Starting To Open The Farm Shop

At 4 AM, Xiao Yu, who\'s been sleeping, heard a quiet footstep and she saw Song Tian went outside, \"So early?\" she thought in her mind, and she follows him along.

Looking at Song Tian who\'s watering his crops, Xiao Yu walked closer, \"The sun hasn\'t even risen up, yet he can clearly see around him. Does this young man a spiritual beast in disguise?\" she thought as she observed Song Tian\'s working.

Song Tian who\'s watering his strawberries, noticed he\'s being observed by someone for a while, he turns his head and saws Xiao Yu, \"You already awake? Wait for me to finish my work, and I\'ll prepare your breakfast,\" he said as he picks the Basic Portable Seeder and switches seeds to potato.

Xiao Yu surprised, \"You can even sense my presence? Song Tian, are you a spiritual beast?\" she asked.

Song Tian laughed, \"What makes you think that? I\'m hundred percent human,\" he said as he\'s aiming his Basic Portable Seeder to the tilled soil from previous potatoes.

Xiao Yu said, \"You can see well in the dark places and notices my presence while I try to hide it. Even the beginner cultivation stage can\'t sense my presence if I want to,\" she said.

Song Tian laughed, \"Really? Are you sure the beginner cultivation stages can\'t feel your presence at all? Maybe the cultivator you saw was fake?\" he said.

Xiao Yu nodded her furry head, \"Yes, only middle stages and above can detect us when we intend to hide out presence,\" she said.

Hearing the cat answered seriously, Song Tian started to takes it seriously, \"Then, why can I sense you? I\'m clearly still at peak martial arts stage,\" he said.

Xiao Yu looked at Song Tian, \"You really at peak martial arts stage? I thought you\'re hiding your cultivation stage intentionally,\" she said.

Song Tian laughed, \"I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, It\'s not,\" he said.

Song Tian finishes all his farm works, including putting the fertilized eggs to the incubator. He went to the Basic Crafting Station while Xiao Yu follows him curiously. He picked the materials he needed and starting to craft.

Several moments later, Song Tian looked at the forty gla.s.s jars and jam making machine in front of him, \"Alright, let\'s start to craft shopping bag from fibers,\" he said as he started to get the fibers he got from the weeds from his farm.

Since he can transform any materials, he\'s been trying to makes some stuff outside of the crafting book, although most of them are fails, the shopping bag is one of a few products he succeeded to makes outside of the materials for greenhouse and crafting book.

Looking a lot of shopping bag, Song Tian crafter, Xiao Yu asked, \"What is this bag for?\"

Song Tian smiled, \"It\'s for customers for carrying the product they\'re buying from my shop. I\'m too lazy to buy a lot of plastic back, might as well crafted ones since the material for it is easy to find everywhere,\" he said.

Song Tian looked at the Jam Maker, \"Xiao Yi, how is this thing works? Why is this so similar to Mayonnaise Maker?\" he asked in his mind as he looked at the cylinder-shaped object in front of him which similar, but bigger than Mayonnaise Maker.

Song Yi laughed, \"Master, the cylinder shape is trending last year on my galaxy, so I thought it would be cool to make it like that,\" she said.

Song Yi continued, \"You only needs to put 5 fruits on it, and it\'ll produce one liter of jam. You don\'t need to put other ingredients such as sugar, fruit pectin, and other stuff. Just put the 5 fruit, and you\'re good to go,\" she said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, but after hearing the Jam Maker didn\'t need other ingredients for making a jam, he\'s surprised, \"Why the Mayonnaise Maker still needs the other ingredient? Can\'t you make the Mayonnaise Maker function similar to the Jam Maker?\" he said.

Song Yi giggled, \"I can\'t, your level isn\'t enough for me to access that information. Master, you need to grind. Don\'t just be a hardcore grinder in-game, be hardcore in real life,\" she said.

Song Tian shook his head, \"Nah, just take it slow. If I\'m rus.h.i.+ng like that, how can I enjoy my life?\" he said as he started to look at the gla.s.s jar. The gla.s.s jar contains 250ml, \"One liter is enough to fill four jars, huh?\" he said as he went to pick his strawberries at the warehouse.

After Song Tian picked his strawberries, he started to makes strawberry jams. He makes 10 liters of jam and fills all forty gla.s.s jars with it, \"Alright, let\'s do the final touch for my shop,\" he said as he starts to transform woods into a sign and write something in it.

Looking at the sign, Song Tian laughed, \"Alright, my shop is almost ready,\" he said as he picks the sign and goes into his shop. He put the sign near the cas.h.i.+er area, he writes the price of his farm product in it.



- $5/fruit.

- $10/kg.

- 5 Strawberries/kg.


- $8/Cabbage.

- One Cabbage/kg.


- $2/each.

- $4/kg.

- 5 Potatoes/kg.


- $2/each.

- $4/kg.

- 5 Turnips/kg

[Crops Product]

- Strawberry Jam = $3/jar.

[Coop Product]


- $5/Pack.

- 1 Pack = 10 eggs.

PS: To clear the doubt and avoid any misunderstanding, there\'s a weighing scale in the cas.h.i.+er area, or you can bring your own weighing scales. Also, you can taste one fruit for free if you think the price is too high - Song Tian.

Xiao Yu was stunned to see the Song Tian ever since he\'s starting to works, what surprised her the most is that Song Tian can even make a spiritual artifact.

Song Tian looked at Xiao Yu who\'s been following him, smiled embarra.s.singly, \"Oh, I almost forgot. Let me prepare your breakfast,\" he said as he went to his cabin with the cat.

Several moments later, Song Tian went downstairs after cleaning himself. He saw Song Li has been waking up and eats his portion of fish, he heard someone\'s knocking his door.

Song Tian opens the door and saw Su Wen, laughed, \"What\'s up? It\'s unusual to see you came this early,\" he said as it\'s still 6 AM.

Su Wen said, \"I want to see the opening of your shop. Oh, you have another cat?\" she said as she walked to Xiao Yu, who\'s eating the fish on the table with Song Li.

Song Tian laughed, \"Nah, it\'s not mine. It\'s the one Song Li who\'s been flirting with,\" he said.

Su Wen surprised to see another cat which had similar features with Song Li, she started to rubs Xiao Yu, which makes the cat startled, she began to let out meow as if she\'s an ordinary cat.

Su Wen smiled, \"Hoho, why meow when you can talk?\" she said as she kept rubbing the cats.

Xiao Yu was surprised to see the normal human can see through her, Song Tian laughed to see Xiao Yu\'s surprised face which hilarious, \"Xiao Yu, just talks. She already knows,\" he said.

Xiao Yu looked at the young woman in front of her, mesmerized by the smile of the young woman, hesitantly said, \"h.e.l.lo,\" she said, and people can barely hear her.

Su Wen surprised to hear a cute voice from the cat, \"Aw, aren\'t you the cutest one? You\'re Xiao Yu, right? I\'m Su Wen, nice to meet you,\" she said.

Xiao Yu muttered, \"Nice to meet you,\" she said in a low voice.

Song Tian laughed, \"Oh, why are you suddenly becomes shy all of a sudden?\" he asked as he heard Xiao Yu talking in a low voice.

Su Wen asked, \"Are you finally accepted Song Li as your partner?\" she said.

Xiao Yu shook her furry head, \"No, I\'m just getting annoyed by him. I\'m asking Song Tian food to compensate my grief by being bothered by his cat,\" she said.

Su Wen laughed, \"Xiao Li, you have to try harder,\" she said.

Song Li said, \"Don\'t you see that this Lord Tiger bring her to this place? It\'s a small step toward our destiny.\"

Xiao Yu snorted, \"Tiger? You\'re far from evolving to that level, yet,\" she said.

Song Tian surprised, \"Evolving? Interesting,\" he thought in his mind.

After talking for a while, w.a.n.g Hai\'s workers came, and one of them told him that w.a.n.g Hai will come at 3 PM.

Song Tian started to open his shop, notified his family and the [Springville] group. He posted his selfie with Su Wen and the cats in front of his shop to social media with the caption, \"The opening day of my farm shop at Springville.\"

Not long after he posted, he got a lot of likes and comments by several of his friends, and some of them are from his close friends.

Yos.h.i.+daKenji: \"What the fudge, farm shop out of nowhere? d.a.m.n... Sorry, I can\'t come, I\'m still in j.a.pan.\"

Yos.h.i.+daYui: \"Brother Tian, good luck with your farm. I\'ll keep cheering for you.\"

SongtheFarmer: \"@Yos.h.i.+daKenji It\'s fine, just finish your stuff first. @Yos.h.i.+daYui Thank you, Little Yui. Your best friend @SongXia has been missing you.\"

Song Tian laughed while posting the last part as his little sister, and Yos.h.i.+da Yui has always been fighting. Looking at the messages from Yos.h.i.+da Kenji and Yos.h.i.+da Yui makes him somehow miss them.

Yos.h.i.+da Kenji is on j.a.pan to study the blacksmith and his little sister, Yos.h.i.+da Yui also follows him to j.a.pan as their parents always on a business trip overseas.

Su Wen\'s looking at the sign, \"You even had strawberry jam?\" she asked.

Song Tian answered, \"Yes, I just make it earlier. Try it,\" he said.

Su Wen shook her head, \"Nah, I\'ll just buy it. I\'ll get two of these and don\'t even think of giving this free to me,\" she said as she transfers $6 to Song Tian.

Song Tian laughed, \"Fine, here... take this shopping bag, it\'s free,\" he said as he handed the shopping bag.

Su Wen surprised, \"You even made shopping bag?\" she said as she saw there\'s [Song Tian\'s Farm] written in the shopping bag.

Not long after, Mia Lawrence came to the shop, surprised, \"Wow, you already had the product, huh?\" she said as she looked around.

Mia Lawrence talked for a while with Song Tian and Su Wen and buying 2 packs of egg, 5kg of potatoes and 4 jars of strawberry jam with a total of $42. She left as she needs to make breakfast.

An old woman came to the shop, to see the shop which she heard from Tang Fu in the local market, she went inside the shop and surprised to see the price at the sign, \"h.e.l.lo, are you sure it\'s the right price? $5 for one strawberry? 5kg only contains fruits? \" she couldn\'t help but ask.

Song Tian smiled, \"Yes, this is a different kind of strawberry. Aunty, look at the bottom part of the sign. You can try one fruit for free to see whether the taste is worth the price or not,\" he said as he led the old woman closer to the display fridge and pick her one strawberry.

Song Tian was expecting this to happen, that\'s why he made a note on his price sign. The old woman took the strawberry from Song Tian and surprised to see it was huge.

The old woman started to inspect the strawberry, and she took a bite on it and surprised with the taste, \"Young man, let me buy 2kg of this fruit and also two strawberry jam,\" she said.

Song Tian smiled as he took the shopping bag and pick the strawberry jam for the old woman, \"Aunty, here\'s your strawberry jam, the shopping bag is free. Let me scale the weight for you,\" he said.

The old woman surprised that the shopping bag is free, \"You don\'t need to scale the weight of it. No wonder it\'s 5 fruit/kg, it turns out the fruits are huge. I will recommend it to my friends,\" she said as she took her money and handed it to Song Tian.

Song Tian earned $16 from the old woman, smiled, \"Thank you, aunty,\" he said, and the old woman left.

At Milverion city, there\'s a huge building. A man who looked like he\'s in his forties sitting on his desk, he heard someone\'s knocking the door, \"Come in,\" he said, and the door opened.

Looking at the man who came in, \"Andre, how is it?\" the man sitting on the desk asked.

\"Director Tanaka, according to the information I got, Song Tian already open his farm shop earlier. I\'m planning to go at this afternoon to check it out,\" Andre said.

Director Tanaka laughed, \"Good, I\'ll come with you. It\'s nice to see the young generation in this field of work,\" he said.

Andre surprised, \"Aren\'t you busy? There will be a meeting this afternoon. Old man, you can\'t just abandon a meeting like that,\" he said.

Director Tanaka laughed, \"It\'s fine, a meeting or two can be done later. I\'m also curious with my friend\'s grandson, I didn\'t expect him to take this path,\" he said.