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Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1927: Chapter 1918 - Terrifying Arrow

Chapter 1918: Terrifying Arrow

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The pressure was mounting but Zhi Zong immortal emperor only locked onto Ye Mo with the arrow.

Ye Mo\'s heart sunk, he knew that if time dragged on the arrow would only be more power. If he had the chance, he would definitely not allow Zhi Zong immortal emperor to draw the bow open.

\"I\'m going to kill you.\" At this moment a laugh sounded from the distance. It was clearly Ling Xia immortal king. Ye Mo subconsciously looked over.

Zhi Zong immortal emperor sneered. At the same time, he shot his golden bone arrow.

He praised his sect member for being so smart knowing that he was looking for an opportunity.

The instant the golden arrow shot out, the nearby lethal force all rushed and shot at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took out a long breath. He was waiting for this arrow to shoot. Before the arrow shot, there was endless threat but after it was shot, the subtle threat had become management lethal force.

He was finding a reason for Zhi Zong immortal emperor to shoot the arrow and Ling Xia immortal king\'s words gave him that opportunity. He believed that with how cunning shadowless was, he wouldn\'t let Beiwei be in danger. When Ling Xia immortal king laughed, he immediately turned his head and released Five Lightning Spear Destruction.

Ye Mo released Five Lightning Spear Destruction earlier than Zhi Zong immortal emperor releasing the arrow.

That brief moment was enough. even with Ye Mo\'s spirit sense he can only catch a trail of the golden bow. There was no way his Five Lightning Spear Destruction could be faster than this.

The wind and lethal force swept by the arrow was blocked by Ye Mo\'s spirit sense domain and immortal monarch domain slowing it by a sliver. After a sliver of time, the bone arrow recovered its speed.

The lethal force of the killing intent was clearly locked onto Ye Mo. The first lighting spear appeared in the air and headed to the bone arrow.


A terrifying ear screeching sound exploded. The tip of the lighting spear hit the bone arrow and was broke open from the middle. Black lightning spilled everywhere and Ye Mo\'s lightning spear was tore open and dissipated.

By then, the second black lightning spear had smashed on the tip of the golden arrow.

Screeching sounds came again. The nearby s.p.a.ce kept rattling, slivers of crevices appeared devouring domain and spirit sense.

In this brief time, Ye Mo\'s Five Lightning Spear Destruction was completely torn by the golden bow.

After that, the arrow smashed on Ye Mo\'s octagonal cauldron. The octagonal cauldron made a clear crack and the arrow slowly. It still pierced the op and shot into Ye Mo\'s shoulder bringing out a spray of blood but the force of it was completely gone. It was stuck in Ye Mo\'s arm shoulder but couldn\'t blow up Ye Mo\'s body.

This all finished in the blink of an eye. Ye Mo put a few restrictions on the bone arrow and ignored it while releasing Zi Xu. He gathered the not yet dissipated lethal force and hacked towards Zhi Zong immortal emperor.

He put a restriction on it because this bone arrow was too terrifying. He didn\'t want it to be taken by and used to threaten him again.

After Zhi Zong immortal emperor shot this arrow, he was at the lower hand. How could Ye Mo let such opportunity go. And hacked out with crevice.

By the time shadowless made it here, the arrow had already shot on Ye Mo. He bit down without hesitation.

Zhi Zong immortal emperor wasn\'t worried when he saw Ye Mo\'s Five Lightning Spear Destruction stop the golden arrow. No one could stop it.

Indeed, the next moment, the arrows pierced the Five Lightning Spear Destruction and octagonal cauldron shooting into Ye Mo\'s shoulder.

However, when Zhi Zong immortal emperor saw that the arrow not only didn\'t blow Ye Mo\'s body up but was instead stuck there. He knew things weren\'t good. He took out three more arrows without hesitation and shot out.

At this moment, Ye Mo hacked out crevice. His heart sunk when he saw Zhi Zong immortal emperor take out three more. He had seen the power of these arrows. If three more came, he could only wait and die.

But soon, Ye Mo knew his worry was extra. These three looked the same as the first one but it\'s terrifying power and qi wasn\'t even one percent of the first arrow.

These three were copies, Ye Mo made this conclusion.

At the same time, Ye Mo used shatter s.p.a.ce punch.


Shatter s.p.a.ce blasted together with these three arrows. Blood mist flew again and the surroundings were blasted to nothing.

The nearby immortal emperors came over in time and blocked the fighting immortal essence waves.

Seeing Ye Mo smashed his boen arrow with his fist and only bleed a little, Zhi Zong immortal emperor\'s heart sunk. He realised why Ye Mo wasn\'t blorn apart by the bone arrow. Ye Mo was an immortal G.o.d body body refinement cultivator. Such terrifying cultivation power and body refinement, no wonder Wei Feng immortal emperor felt threatened by him.

Just when Zhi Zong immortal emperor was going to block Ye Mo\'s crevice, he felt his domain crack. Not good, there was an opening in his domain.

At the same time, Ye Mo\'s crevice suddenly sped up. The long purple sword ray sliced down.

If Zhi Zong immortal emperor knew Ye Mo could block the three arrows with his fists, he would never use it against Ye Mo.

Zhi Zong immortal emperor didn\'t have time to think about other things and smashed out his golden bow.


The sword ray hacked on the golden bow. Purple light splashed everywhere and lethal force spread.

The sword ray was diverted and sliced down from Zhi Zong immortal emperor\'s arm.

Blood mist sprayed but Zhi Zong immortal emperor already took back his arm. Ye Mo didn\'t fight over the arm, he just robbed the Golden Bow of Immortal Extermination from the broken arm.

This bow threatened him too much. If there were a few more arrows like the first one, then even if he reached immortal emperor, he wouldn\'t have any control of the battle.

Ye Mo immediately put on tens of restrictions on it and threw it into the golden page world with the bone arrow.

With his current power, even if he used golden page world in front of immortal emperors, no one would notice.

Ever since he began cultivation, this golden bow definitely gave him the greatest threat. Luckily, it was in his hands now and no one would be able to take it away.

Ye Mo didn\'t know why Zhi Zong immortal emperor only had one of those terrifying arrows but Ye Mo was certain there was more than one arrow.

The battle was very short and it seemed Ye Mo and Zhi Zong immortal emperor only touched twice and the battle was over. But just looking at the battle grounds, one could tell how extreme the battle was.

If the rest of the immortal emperors didn\'t help seal up the secret realm, this place would\'ve turned to ruins. Even so, the centre of their battleground had turned to nothing.

Wei Feng immortal emperors didn\'t attack. His face was very bleak. He knew he guessed right. Ye Mo still had many means that he didn\'t show. He also had the feeling that when Ye Mo battled Zhi Zong immortal emperor, Ye Mo was stronger than when he fought Ye Mo a few days ago.

This person was too dangerous. His cultivation level was constantly on the rise. But Ye Mo wasn\'t heavily injured at all so he could only give up on attacking Ye Mo.

Zhi Zong immortal emperor connected his arm and stared at Ye Mo with a pale face while saying word by word, \"Give my Golden Bow of Immortal Extermination back to me or I will make you regret coming to this world. I will pull your Mo Yue Immortal Sect up from the roots.\"

Ye Mo\'s eyes were cold. He didn\'t reply and just punched again.