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Super Dimensional Wizard

Chapter 112: Chapter 202

Translator: SumTLMan

This scene in front of him is like a fairy sleeping on a flower blossom in a fairy tale. The fairy is gradually waking up.

However, when the female fairy sleeping in the flower bud shows her true face. All the previously beautiful fantasies are like broken soap bubbles. The beauty that was present before is now hard to find.

Looking at the woman in the blossom, Angel\'s mind came up with a sentence: This may not necessarily be a fairy with a graceful figure, but a rakshasa!

And the women in the flower blossom is just like a woman rakshasa, maybe even uglier than a rakshasa.

Half of her face was full of knots. There seemed to be some slender worms coming out of the knots under the skin and into the knots on the other side. She had no eyes, and her eye holes were connected by several white fasciae which were still wriggling.

The other half of her face did not seem to have a problem, but it still had all kinds of scratches, but these were just barely visible, though.

As the petals slowly blossomed, the woman then exposed her whole body. When the petals are fully opened, countless small green dots of light spread to the dark and chaotic s.p.a.ce with the shaking of the stamen.

As the green pollen spread, an inexplicable instinct suddenly told Angel.

—The battle has begun.

Battle? Before Angel understood what this instinctive intuition meant, he felt his consciousness break away from the dark and chaotic s.p.a.ce. As if he had escaped from his physical body. His vision seemed to appear in another dimension.

He still seems to be on the battle arena floor, but he seems to also be in another boundary. He could see the expressions of each audience member in the audience stands, but all the expressions were frozen. As if time froze at this moment.

At the same time, he can also see himself lying on the ground.

As well as the green light spots swarming with the blood in his body.

His present state was like a soul going through an out-of-body experience in another time-s.p.a.ce. But he can clearly feel everything and even peek inside his own body.

He did not care why he was in this state. All his attention was focused on his body.

His blood vessels, blood, and internal organs all showed green spots of light. It was like he was being infected, and it was trying to directly dominate his body.

His instincts told him the green spots in his body were the pollen released by the green flower, and he knew what the pollen was doing.

It wants to ** rob Angel\'s control over his body!

What the h.e.l.l is going on here? Green shadow, green flower, and an ugly woman. Why did these things suddenly appear in his body and began to seize his **?

After putting all the pieces together and thinking about it. Angel finally turned his attention to Parasitic Mother, who was lying on the other side.

\"Is this you, Parasitic Mother?\" Angel was unable to make a sound, but his current state scattered his wave of consciousness.

Angel did not expect to actually receive an answer, but he did receive back a wave of consciousness fluctuations.

\"It\'s mine, ha, it\'s all mine! This ** I\'m going settle in it!\"

It was an unconscious fluctuation, and it didn\'t seem to be answering Angel but gave a spontaneous outpouring of emotion.

Angel sensed the emotion and interprets the meaning.

This is no mere coincidence. Angel once received the emotions from the Demon Eating Flowers when he was in the Nightmare Plane. He even had even communicated with emotions with the King of the Demon Eating Flowers.

\"Parasitic Mother?\" Angel tried to scatter his emotions to get her attention.

\"Ha ha ha, Lord Baroque said this is Sanders disciple. This is Great! I must occupy this **! Ha ha ha, This is it! This body will be all mine soon!\"

Angel once again perceived the crazy and wanton emotional fluctuations.

Angel was now certain he can feel the other person\'s emotions, but it seemed that the other party could not accept his emotional fluctuations.

From this crazy emotion, Angel got some information.

Baroque… he still remembers this man, the little braided hair old man on the thirteenth-floor drawing area, who is suspected of being a top official of Sky Tower.

So, this person was encouraged by Baroque to come and seize his body, and to try and replace him?

Then the ident.i.ty of this person is vividly portrayed and there is no other option other than being this person! When he entered the match pool, the only other pa.s.sive contestant was—Parasitic Mother!

What is Baroque\'s true ident.i.ty? Why would Parasitic Mother want to replace him? What exactly is their purpose? Angel vaguely sensed that this seemed to be a plot against Sanders and that he was just the cannon fodder.

Angel doesn\'t know the specific answer. But this is not the time to focus on these issues. What he should be doing now is think of a way to regain control of his own body. He also has to figure out how to expel Parasitic Mother from his body!

Watching the green pollen move through his pelvic cavity to the lower half of his body. It was not long after that the green pollen soon precipitated in all the bones in his limbs.

When the green pollen completely occupies every part of Angel\'s body, it will mean he had completely lost the \"** struggle.\"

Angel tries regaining control of his body.

However, his current state is very strange. It seems that he is not in the same world as his ** at all. He can\'t drive his body in any way at all. He can\'t even feel his own body.

\"What a weak **! It\'s almost the same as a mortal, maybe even worse than a mortal!!\"

Another wave of emotion came, and Angel only felt the blood vessels on his forehead beating after hearing this comment, if he had a forehead to speak of now.

Watching the green pollen acc.u.mulate layer by layer across his **, Angel\'s mood is beyond anxious. But he can\'t control his **, this is an established fact. He can only use his consciousness to swear at what is happening to the outside world. However, no one can receive Angel\'s conscious fluctuations, not even a wizard.

\"This is bad. The blood vessels are still damaged, there\'s too much poison in… The body. d.a.m.n it! Why would Sanders accept such a disciple?!\"

Parasitic Mother\'s emotions were spread to Angel\'s consciousness without reservation. But now he\'s not even in the mood to swear anymore.

\"Is his talent very good? No hurry, no hurry, it\'ll all be mine soon. I\'ll know when I take possession of his soul.\"

As long as they are human, emotions are spread out and scattered almost all the time. Even if Parasitic Mother did not speak, her emotions were fully captured by Angel.

Judging from the tone of Parasitic Mother, the other party not only wants to seize his body but also seems to want to occupy his soul.

Witnessing the complete loss of control over the physical body, Angel felt powerless and thought he would at least be able to go to heaven.

His body was packed to the brim with green pollen. All but his brain had been lost.

Angel\'s current state can\'t interfere with reality, watching Parasitic Mother seize his **, he only felt an infinite feeling of hatred arising.

His hatred was like piling up soil layer by layer. Before he knows it, Angel feels that his consciousness is no longer calm, but a little more irritable.

In this fury state, Angel has now felt weird fluctuations during this frenzy.

Angel didn\'t feel any kind of fluctuation at first, but as his hatred began overlapping and his violent emotions grew. These fluctuations began rising from an unknown source.

What is this fluctuation?

Steady, calm, and majestic. All of which was wrapped in a thick grey fog.

Angel has an inexplicable familiarity with this fluctuation, but he can\'t remember when or from where he felt it.

Just as Angel was distracted by this fluctuation, Parasitic Mother\'s mood came back again…

\"** is mine! Ha ha ha, this body is mine, it is mine, and your soul will soon be mine!\"

As this emotion emerged, Angel thought in his heart: \"It\'s over.\"

** struggle failed, it\'s really over!

At the same time, it also means the soul battlefield is about to be released.

\"Where is it?\" Where? Eureka!\" Parasitic Mother\'s mood suddenly soared.

In the next moment, Angel saw countless green pollen appear all around him.

That\'s right. It\'s right next to where his soul is now.

\"Ha ha ha, eureka, I found your soul. I\'ll take it!\"

Parasitic Mother\'s mood came from behind the green pollen. Angel looked behind the pollen, and an ugly woman was sitting on the original green flower.

Is this ugly woman… Is that the true Parasitic Mother?

Angel inexplicably came up with this idea, clearly two different faces, but Angel felt that he seemed to stumble upon the truth.

Now that Parasitic Mother has forcibly occupied his body, who knows if the exquisite beauty outside will continue being the host of Parasitic Mother\'s Parasitism?

\"What a beautiful soul, it\'s a pity that I can\'t take control of your soul… It doesn\'t matter. As long as I just get your memory, occupy your soul\'s mental s.p.a.ce. It will fall into ruin forever!\"

Under the control of Parasitic Mother, the green pollen flocked and rushed frantically to Angel\'s consciousness.

It was not until this time that Angel understood what had happened a little.

It turns out that he is not in a state of pure consciousness now, but has returned to a soul state?

It is no wonder that he can sense other people\'s emotions now. In the beginning, when he was in the Nightmare Plane, it was because of this soul state that he felt the emotions from the Demon Eating Flowers.

When the pollen rushed to Angel, he had no resistance.

His soul cannot move. In other words, although he is in a soul state at present, it is not the same soul state when he went to the Nightmare Plane. It seems that his soul is still fixed in a certain position in his body, so he cannot move it at all.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Angel simply cannot resist the erosion of the pollen at all.

At this fateful moment, Angel\'s dead horse acted like a living horse receiving medicine, releasing strange fluctuations that had just appeared in his soul.

That huge ma.s.s of sticky grey fog spread out from his current soul.

When the green pollen comes into contact with the eerily fluctuating grey fog, it could go no further, as if it were bound.

Did he succeed? Angel didn\'t even know what the grey fog was at this time, but it could actually stop the erosion from the pollen.

\"d.a.m.n it, what is this thing? Is that you, are you here? Milk Baron! Get out of here! Darling, sacrifice your soul to me, or I\'ll let your whole body fester like a bug in a sewer!\" Parasitic Mother also saw this strange change and began to vent her anger towards the outside world.

But she also knows she is currently in someone else\'s body. She is in a special Parasitism state. Angel is also a soul and cannot talk back at all.

Angel, regardless of Parasitic Mother\'s emotions, directs more anger and hatred towards Parasitic Mother. He just wanted to use all his means to keep his soul. Even if he ultimately fails and ends up dead, he must kill Parasitic Mother before then!

He is now a soul body and has not learned a soul spell… It seems that his only present reliance is this grey fog.

So Angel wondered if he could manipulate the strange grey fog that bizarrely appeared in his soul.

Angel subconsciously touched the grey fog with his soul again.