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The Almighty Martial Arts System

Chapter 158: Chapter 157

Of course, Jiang Fei won\'t cry. When a person is confident, he is calm. No matter what kind of scene he meets, because he has a bottom in his heart, he won\'t panic. 

He took two deep breaths and put aside all the distractions, and automatically entered the realm of piano art master. And  Qiao Yiyi after a affectionate look at each other, hands finally raised high, and then gently down.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong

The sound of the piano poured out like water, breaking the silence of the huge stadium. Jiang Fei\'s ten fingers were flying on the black-and-white keys, which made a sound like the beating of the elves.

This kind of sound, in the extra quiet gymnasium, becomes more and more beautiful. If the atmosphere is as hot as the concert just now, the effect is not so good.

Therefore, Saigong\'s loss of horse is not a blessing.

These fans want to use silence to express their dissatisfaction with Jiang Fei, so that Jiang Fei can\'t afford to leave. But I didn\'t expect that they did so, instead, they completed Jiang Fei\'s piano performance. The piano is meant to listen attentively, not in a noisy state.

The only thing left was the piano to accompany me for a day

The cello that fell asleep was

quiet and old

I think you\'ve shown great understanding

I know. I know you don\'t have to

“Quiet” is a very cla.s.sic old love song. The reason why Qiao Yiyi chose to sing this song with Jiang Fei at the concert is that this song is also accompanied by pure piano.

And at Qiao Yiyi\'s concert, for three hours, she would sing nearly 30 songs. She only debuted for one year and only released one alb.u.m plus one EP. Plus a movie theme song, so her own original songs only ten. She sang all her own songs at the concert. Obviously it\'s not realistic. We need to add some songs from other singers.

This song is just like the t.i.tle of “quiet”. It\'s really a very quiet, sad love song. Jiang Fei\'s piano skill, and the singing and voice of Qiao Yiyi are the most vivid expression of this song. It was almost a perfect scene, overturning the original image of  Qiao Yiyi\'s singing and dancing on the stage.

Many fans on the stage suddenly found that their favorite perfect G.o.ddess was in their hearts. It can also be a small fresh art look!

Originally, when a beautiful girl, wearing a simple white s.h.i.+rt, blue jeans, tie a simple ponytail, sitting in front of the piano singing, it can be so beautiful!

To be honest, the fans under the stage were shocked and couldn\'t help but want to shout and scream like before. A chorus with  Qiao Yiyi.

But These fans are still very disciplined.

He said that if we want to resist Jiang Fei, whose ident.i.ty is not clear, we must resist to the end. For Qiao Yiyi\'s future happiness, for their faith, they want to let this “second generation of officials” back away!

Just at this time, when many people saw Jiang Fei playing in front of the piano, he looked serious and unrestrained. I was a little shaken. It seems that this guy, unlike some of them, is not the ordinary kind of ignorant and incompetent official generation II. It looks very handsome and charming.

Of course. This kind of charm can make them move, but should not let Qiao Yiyi move!

One song is over. With her strong singing skills and sudden changes in shape, Qiao Yiyi once again left a deep influence in the hearts of many fans and completely conquered them.

However, the black ocean is still going on. Even if three high school girls from Xia Xiaozhi occasionally scream and shout under it, it is just like a spray in the sea, which is not noticeable at all.

“h.e.l.lo, what\'s the matter with you? Are you all uncle\'s friends? Look at Uncle being bullied by these guys like this. Don\'t you know how to help him shout and cheer up? ” Xia Xiaozhi looks at Lin Moli and Bai Mangguo and says.

She didn\'t dare to ask her idol Ye Yuanyuan.

Ye Yuanyuan\'s power is too deep, which makes them adore too much. They are not afraid of anything and dare not be presumptuous in front of her.

Lin Moli and Bai Mangguo both smiled and didn\'t talk.

All of them have seen Jiang Fei\'s real ability and know how good Jiang Fei\'s piano skill is, so they don\'t worry about Jiang Fei\'s embarra.s.sment from beginning to end.

They are full of confidence. They are very confident that even if they insist on the black ocean, when Jiang Fei\'s real strength is revealed, they will set off a storm in the black ocean!

“Hey, what are you laughing at! Lin Mei… Oh no, sister Lin, what\'s going on? Why don\'t you worry about uncle at all? I think uncle will be crying soon. ” Xia Xiaozhi said with a mouthful.

Their three sisters usually secretly called Lin Moli “sister Lin”, which means Lin Daiyu in a dream of Red Mansions. They totally occupied Jiang Fei. Just now, they were so quick that they almost didn\'t shout out sister Lin.

Lin Moli doesn\'t care about these three girls, saying: “I have some confidence in your uncle. It\'s like having faith in his cooking and medical skills. Keep looking down, he will surprise you later. “

After a “quiet” song, Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei co wrote another English song, just the way lure are by the famous Mars brother.

Although this song is not purely piano accompaniment, it can only be played on the piano. Moreover, the accompaniment of this song is much more difficult and the rhythm is much lighter than that just now. So when Qiao Yiyi perfectly performed the song, Jiang Fei\'s piano technology finally showed a little bit of splendor. No matter what kind of transformation, what kind of turning point, it can be perfectly natural, which makes people feel a little bit of Jiang Fei\'s superb piano art.

“It seems that Jiang Fei, Yiyi\'s gossip boyfriend, plays the piano very well? Much better than Yiyi himself. Is it because of this piano technique that he captured Yiyi\'s heart? ” Some fans who know a little bit about music can\'t help but guess.

“Yes. But it\'s not that strong, is it? Compared with the right of the king of rap in Asia, I don\'t know how to compare it! “

“Yes! The right man is the right man. Otherwise I won\'t love again! “

A love song should have been the most beautiful love song “just the way lure are” sung by boys to girls. Can move any girl\'s heart. Now it\'s sung by Qiao Yiyi beside Jiang Fei, just like it\'s for him.

Such character reversal. Let the fans under the stage, though intoxicated by the song, also feel more unhappy.

These two people\'s appearance and expression, sometimes affectionate look at each other, sometimes a smile, shy appearance, just like showing love on the stage!

It\'s the rhythm of killing a single dog.

Therefore, many fans who originally disagreed with the two were more and more unhappy. The black ocean didn\'t have any looseness. They were allowed to perform on the stage. Below is also like a black hole side. It\'s hard to see a little light.

In fact, this situation is appalling.

If the average person — let alone the average person, even if they are used to seeing stars on the stage, at least their psychological quality is a little bit poor, they will definitely panic when they see such scenes.

Think about it. I know that there are tens of thousands of fans sitting here. But at this time, they just don\'t speak and turn on the lights. It\'s dark. How much pressure is it on the people on the stage?

Unfortunately, Qiao Yiyi didn\'t mind or be afraid. Jiang Fei will not be afraid.

Finished singing the song. Qiao Yiyi finally stood up from the stool, looked at the dark fans under the stage, and made a face at Jiang Fei helplessly. Then he took the microphone and said, “after watching, you are not satisfied with our performance just now. Well, I know I didn\'t do well just now. Compared with the later performance, it\'s the ugly duck in front of the swan. In this case, I won\'t delay much. Next, let\'s have Jiang Fei, our master of piano art, give you a real song! “

If Qiao Yiyi had just said that he couldn\'t sing well, it would be hard to hear. The following fans would have fallen out and disagreed.

But now, these fans are holding their breath. They have endured so long that they can\'t give up all their achievements. So in addition to a few individual, most of them are forced to refrain from speaking, vowing to carry out the boycott to the end!

The following is the separate performance of the gossip boyfriend. If they win the show now, how will it work later?

The moment finally came.

This time is much heavier than the last temporary performance at the white mango birthday party! It is no longer to insert a piece of music from a song alone, but to let Jiang Fei perform alone and complete a performance equivalent to a symphony with the piano!

The whole venue is quiet, just for Jiang Fei to play.

Beethoven ‘s ninth symphony!

There is no piano version of the traditional symphony. But the piano is the aristocrat of musical instruments, which can be adapted. These changes, of course, have no problem with Jiang Fei, the Ninth level master of piano art.

Qiao Yiyi pushed aside and didn\'t dare to disturb Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei also took a deep breath, and finally the performance began.

Clank and Clank!

The first movement.

In addition to a serious and grand momentum, more than 40,000 fans in the stadium were shocked immediately.

Experts know if there is one.

The ups and downs of the melody revealed in the piano sound are sometimes depressing and sometimes tragic. It seems that people can see the unfairness of fate, the scene of warriors constantly pounding the pa.s.s and looking forward to victory.

This strong sense of impact, contains the intense feelings, just like the storm, directly red. Naked, no cover to all people in the head!

Even people who don\'t understand music are completely shocked!

At this moment, all the fans who disdained Jiang Fei changed color one after another