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The Banished Villainess Husband

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


The intense light s.h.i.+nes dazzlingly through the curtain-less window gla.s.s .
With the thin blanket I brought, I can instantly feel the hard floor directly with my body .
If I’m going to buy a ready-made bed or mattress in town today, I’ll be fine .
While convincing myself, I gently stretched out my back and twisted my waist .
Uh, my neck hurts .


The morning sun is illuminating the room .
The room is clean but a little shabby .
There are many stains on the floor, walls, and ceiling . Especially the ceiling and floor, probably due to the roof leaks .
There is a bookshelf, but the bottom is rotten .
Table and chairs… as long as you can use it properly, it’s alright . And there is no decoration at all .
Well, they’re ma.s.s-produced products for the citizens .
Bed… Lana is still sleeping, but I can’t rest comfortably because of the sunlight .
She is as bold as ever .
Also, if you think of the bed she is using, you will be shocked .
And the kitchen… the furnace is old-fas.h.i.+oned and hard to use .
With the advice I received from enthusiastic Lana yesterday, I’m going to remake it . And the rest is a bath and restroom .
I get up and throw the blanket into the chair .
When I open the bath and restroom’s door in bright daylight, it looks narrower and dirtier than I imagined .
The bath is just a huge tub .
The restroom runs through a hole dug outside .
I heard the fertilizer company processing the filth, so we have the town managing it .


I scratch my head .
What? I often do it .
For today, I’m going to go through what we needed for living and looking for a bed .
The bed is urgently needed .
Also, curtains is on demand .
It was so intense I can’t sleep .
I also want a part.i.tion .
No, I’m not sure I won’t attack you when I saw your sleeping face .
And I’m terrible at sharing working s.p.a.ce with another human, isn’t it necessary to have personal s.p.a.ce?
There is a room, but it’s already reserved for a bath and restroom .
I can divide the room using the bookshelf, but if I do that with our current shelf, it will crumble down instead .


I have a lot of things to do .
Okay, let’s think about meals .
There are left-over bread, dried meat, and vegetables from yesterday . I can make soup .
Advertis.e.m.e.ntIf I had eggs, I could cook something a little more decent . I’ll buy a mattress and a chicken for now .
I have a little money left, but shopping is a necessity .
Come to think of it, are this cookware is already here or is it something from Carleigh nii-san?
The frying pan is weighty, and it will be hard for Lana to use it . If I can afford it, maybe I’ll buy a new frying pan?
I need tableware, cupboard, seasoning, food supply, and chicken . I don’t think we need a closet yet, maybe a clothes case .
There’s a water well outside, but I want a big water jug since what we had was small .


No, please don’t get excited .

“Hmm… Good morning, Fran . ”
“Good morning, Lana . The breakfast is prepared . ”
“Thank you~ I’ll wash my face . ”
“En . ”

Lana is up .
She yawned, and her hair is a mess; she hasn’t straightened it yet .
On her way out, she’s standing on her tiptoe and stretching her back .
Ah, the well is outside .


Please don’t get excited .


Carleigh nii-san came as we finished our breakfast .
He gave us a brief explanation of the essential points related to our house and the water well and barn location .
Also, the roof leak is causing the stains on the ceiling .
The stain on the floor from the roof leak also causes rotting .
The similar thing goes for the bookshelf .
We can use the table, chairs, and cookware .
The bed is secondhand, but you still can use it .

“Will you go shopping in town today? I’ll give you a ride . ”
“Thank you . ”
“Whoa… it’s a wagon . It’s my first time…”
“Do you have many things to buy?”


When Lana heard it, she merely give a wry smile .
Sometimes she can make that kind of expression too .
I was worried when we would live as a commoner, but I don’t think I need to fret about it?
Well, everything is excellent for the moment .


“Nii-san, is there any doctor or physician in [Exy Town]?”
“Of course . There is a skilled doctor . They came from [Enju Town] . ”
“Mhmm . Please introduce us . ”
“Sure, I’ll introduce you later . As expected, Fran is reliable . ”
“If you are busy settling down, you can get sick easily…”

The way Lana looks at the wagon is full of curiosity .
Right now, I feel calm and composed, but my life has changed dramatically .
It’s a wonder that I don’t get sick .
When I thought about it, I’m surprised by our high ability to adapt, and hope I’m not going crazy over this .
Remembering how the prime minister weeping face, he must have wanted to make us bring one maid .
Even if we have one, I don’t think I will be able to pay their salary, and it will only increase our food cost .
After all of that, the prime minister didn’t ask us to bring a maid .
The regular liaison will come soon, and I wonder who will come .

“Hmpf . ”
“Eh? What?”
“No, that’s right . It was a matter of course… the lady is a good influence for you, right?”
“Yeah, but it’s not your business . Please get inside the wagon . ”
“Oof, excuse me . No, no, ahahahahaha! I’m so embara.s.sed~!”
“Seriously, I’m worried about this . ”

Urging nii-san to ride the wagon was annoying enough, he quietly followed the instruction after teasing me .
You can tell they haven’t maintained the road when you can feel the carriage shaking .

“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine… it’s not shaking this much in Lucy’s back!”
“It’s probably better to keep silent . ”

Every time Lucy takes a step on the stone, the back jump up and down .
For a woman who didn’t weigh much like Lana, it will be tough because when she jump up, her b.u.t.t floats for a moment .
And this will last for twenty minutes before we reach for 「Exy Town」 .

“We’re here . I think the last time we’re here you explained it already, would you mind to go over it again?”
“Eh- no, I usually remember . ”

“Eh? What is it?”
“Inside the town . Come to think of it, Lana didn’t hear much about it, did she?”

She’s feeling exhausted from riding a horse for the first time .
Hungry and drowsy?

“Uuu . . r-right . Please explain it again if you don’t mind . ”
“Is that so? Still, isn’t it risky for a woman to be alone?”
“Ah- no… but there’s something that a woman needs to buy alone, right?”
“Right, there’s that . This was rude of me . Then, I’ll give a simple explanation . Long ago, 「Exy Town」 was a  town inside the fortress . You still can see the traces of the remaining wall . ”
“! Eh, but I’m certain that ranch too…”
“Everything from the ranch to this area was a fort . However, it was wrecked in the battle between the guardian dragons and blown away by the tornado . ”
“… . . !!!”

Well, I don’t know what’s going down .
But throughout the continent, many anecdotes are remaining scattered all over the world about the legend of guardian dragon .
The whole fortress is a familiar story in this town .

“There is many forestry around here because the location is close to the forest . And there seems to be a lot of woodworking and carpenters too . Etto, that’s the main street . Since the market is open once a month, the townspeople didn’t have a lot to stock . At the beginning of autumn, they held a festival called 「Ouichi」 . You can look forward to it . There’s also stores, but it’s relatively expensive . I think you guys are more familiar with it . And like I said earlier, there’s woodworking and carpenter’s shop . You can visit them if you want to fix your floor or ceiling . If you give our name as a referral, they will be more accommodating . The rest are…”

…Um, so where can I buy a mattress?
Is it on the main street?
Or I should go to the woodworker’s shop?
Where do you want to go?
But I want a curtain too~ .
I wonder if we can complete this in a day?

“Carleigh nii-san, can we divide the work? Lana and I need to get our daily necessities together . ”
“I don’t mind . But what should I get for you?”
“Nii-san, can you help with the food supply? I’d like you to get plenty of preserved food . ”
“Wow, that’s a good idea! Nice! Let’s buy a lot!”

Lana looks at my banter with nii-san with a blank face .
It’s good we divided the work so we can be more efficient .
Let’s park the wagon here — first, a mattress, and a curtain .

“Eh? What?”
“N-no… something like this is a plot twist…”
“Ah, people in this country are like that . ”
“Eh? Really?”

It’s strange because each country has its own characteristics .
Well, in 「a.r.s.egios」 the n.o.ble and the citizen are quiet . And there were those guys who tried to pull each other’s leg in compet.i.tion .


Ah, Lana .
That country was a h.e.l.lish place .
Trying to b.u.t.ter up someone above your rank and treating someone below you as a p.a.w.n .
The n.o.bles’ view of the commoners is close to slaves .
I’m sure you don’t know what kind of situation the people of that country are living in .
I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing… the current King .
If that fool Alfred ascended the throne, 「a.r.s.egios」 would be in shambles, wouldn’t it?
Miss Rifana probably doesn’t receive the queen’s education . After those two people get married it will be a turning point for the throne .


Open your eyes .
Oh, well… isn’t it okay?
If we are unneeded, we are still going to do our best .
You kicked me out just because you can do it, didn’t you? Alfred .

“Nothing . Let’s find the mattress first . ”
“Ah… ah, un . That’s important . ”
“I know, right?”

Are? No objection about sleeping separately?
…It’s fine .
It’s still a long way to go for us to be a real 「Couple」 .
Wait, can we be a 「Couple」 in the first place?
…mm, I’ll do my best~ .

I think of every essential thing we might need .
I went looking around the shop, and while greeting the shopkeeper I asked what are they selling, I bought what we needed .
Thanks to that, my wallet is empty~ .

“I’ll have to work hard and earn more money!”
“Mhmm . The cost of repairing the ceiling and the floor was particularly expensive . ”
“It can’t be helped . It’s for our safety . ”
“I know . ”

Tomorrow a carpenter in charge of the restoration will come .
The people who do the abandoned ranch maintenance gave a month estimation time, and they had already said this was necessary .
We are grateful, but it was costly .
Spending 50 silver coins for the restoration are a pain in the a.r.s.e .
But I don’t want the floor and the ceiling to fall .

“The rest are farming types of equipment… it’s old, but I’m glad we purchase it . If we make a field and cultivate our vegetables with this, we can be self-sufficient!”
“Why are you so happy?”