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The CEO's Lovely Wife

Chapter 146: Chapter 146 - 146 Doctor's Advice

Noticing that it was already useless to talk with Lexus, Grandpa He was stomped. He was too angry that no words could be uttered out of his mouth. 

Now that he had met a young man who was full of arrogance, confidence, and oppressive air that can match his skills had only made Grandpa He realized that he really was already old. He was also like that back then. Now, he was old and his patience  was dwindling...though it was not that big in the beginning anyway. 

When Grandpa He wanted to say something back, the doctor turned around to face them. The three then stood in attention, waiting for the doctor to tell them what was wrong with October.

The doctor looked at Lexus and told him in a very straight face, a face he had perfected throughout his career, \"First and foremost, the fetus in her belly is safe and safe.\"

The three sighed in relief. But this was only one of their concerns. They looked at the doctor with eyes glinting dasngerously as if they were looking at their little prey. The doctor, being the one at the receiving end of their stare, instatly broke out into cold sweat and had his throat dry. He had to clear his throat a few times before finally continuing what he was saying.

\"Right now, the young madam is sleeping and there is nothing wrong with her for now.\"

\"What do you mean \"for now\"? Are you saying that there\'s a possibility that she would get sick?\" Lexus coldly snapped as his eyes turned sharp as if his gaze was slicing the doctors\'s neck.

\"N-no, I mean, yes. But--\"

\"What?!\" Grandpa He roared.

The doctor almost cried at their deadly gazes. To think that he had remained to be the Song family\'s doctor till now, how did he even last this long?

\'Can you please let me finish what I am tryig to say first?\'

Seeing the scared doctor being cornered by two ferocious \"beasts,\" Mother Song took the job in being the mediator. She was also worried about her daguhter-in-law and grandchild, but the doctor looked like he was about to pa.s.s out any minute longer. With that, she raised her hand and her imposing aura spread and quickly filled the room.

\"Stop. Let the doctor finish what he was trying to say. b.u.t.ting in will not make things more clearer and can only make baseless conclusions.\" Mother Song calmly said and nodded her head to the doctor to let him continue. The doctor thanked her and cotinued.

\"The young madam are exhausted. It appears that there are a little bit of dark circled under her eyes. With that, her exhaustion acc.u.mulated. She is a strong woman, that I could say. However, a woman\'s body is different from men. Saying this, their bodies have limitations. In addition to that, she works full-time in a big company.\"

This was something that the three understood and did not say anything to refute it. With the doctor saying this in a very calm voice, with no urgency in his voice, made them relax for a bit. Still, their hearts were still not fully settled since October has yet to regain her consciousness.

Grandpa He looked at his granddaughter lying peacefully on the bed. Even if it was so, his heart was still filled with anxiety and fear of losing her. This time, he would not let anything bad happen to this precious thing that his daughter had left behind.

Even if he does not want to admit it loudly, Grandpa He was at ease since someone else can also look after her and protect her wholeheartedly in case he was not there. However, he would not say this out loud, even if someone will give him billions of dollars.

\"Young master,\" The doctor paused as he scanned the crowd before returning his gae on Lexus whose face had a deep frown on his face. He opened his mouth and tried to find the right words to say. Treading carefully yet straightforwardly, \"I know that you are young and have \"needs\" that only your wife can fulfill. You also can\'t help but \"dote\" on her. However, I would advice you to lessen your \"activities\" at night. If possible, none at all.\" 

Grandpa He gnashed his teeth at Lexus. His eyes were red in fury. If his looks could, that would be too much. He can\'t let his darling granddaughter be a widow. So, he could at least hurt him, right? Right?! 

Grandpa He was itching to beat Lexus up. He was cursing him over and over. He was clearly enraged when he heard the doctor\'s words and let it sink into his head. 

This d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d was still doing those...\"activities\" when he had already made his granddaughter pregnant! If Lexus was not a beast, then what is he?!

Mother Song sighed as soon as she heard the doctor. Her gaze then rested on October\'s body with sympathy. Yes, sympathy! For she herself had also experiened this when she was carrying Lexus. Everynight, her husband was not fazed that she was pregnant. He only looked docile when they\'re in public and seemed to cower under her, but when night came and the lights were out, then that docile husband will be replaced with a savage and beastly desire, ready to lick her clean.

So she was not that surprised by this. Turns out that the fruit does not fall far from the tree. To think that her daughter-in-law will also experience this. 

\"Hmm...\" Lexus crossed his arms as he became thoughtful. His eyes never leaving the beautiful woman sleeping peacefully on the bed. He had took every single word the doctor had said to his heart and contemplated. 

He can feel the unfriendly...ominous gaze from Grandpa He but he did not flinch nor sweat from nervousness. 

Despite all this, they were all looking at him, waiting for him to say something and agree to the doctor\'s friendly and logical advice. 

All had sighed in relief when they that he was thinking hard about it and accepted the doctor\'s words. Not until Lexus opened his \"golden\" mouth that made the other three to look at him in speechlessness.

\"That won\'t do. I love my wife and it is agonozing to not do it.\" Pursing his lips tightly, he turned to look at the doctor with a very serious look on his face, \"Since you have already said to lessen it, we can at least do it once.\" 

This was a statement with a voice that did not make any room for objections. 

\"...\" The three was totally defeated and could not say anything.