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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King

Chapter 2048: 2048 Revenge 2

Once again, all eyes were on Tie Liu. \"I have heard about the manic poison but never seen it. Moreover, there are not many mussels that have acquired the human form. How will I know that it is not its usual form for battle?\" Tie Liu answered carefully.

Gu Xijiu responded scornfully, \"If you are an expert, you should at least have some doubts the moment you see the signs. You should have tested to see if the mussel was really poisoned. Did you do so?\"

\"I had not thought of that.\" Tie Liu was obviously giving a lame excuse.

\"You have not? As one of the Great Guardians of the Emperor Immortal, you have to be careful and meticulous. You should not be so reckless. After the capture, you did not perform any test on it despite knowing that something was not right. You should have investigated its whereabouts, but you did not. Instead, you put it into the stupid bottle gourd and tortured it ruthlessly. You forced it to admit that it was acting under its master\'s command. Obviously, you were trying to blame me. I believe that I have never done anything wrong to you, so why did you do that? It seems like you are the one being instigated!\"

Tie Liu was at a loss for words. He could not find a valid argument at the moment.

The other men were astonished, too. Tie Zheng coughed as he spoke, \"About that, I admit that it is our mistake. However, where is your evidence to prove that the mussel is not the prime criminal of the case?\"

\"I can be the proof.\" A man interfered. It was Long Siye. He took a turn and emerged from behind the tree. \"The mussel, along with its master, have been staying in my residence for the past two weeks. The mussel only left three days ago.\"

The four Great Guardians were shocked. The missing case of the majestic beings had been around for two weeks now. Therefore, according to Long Siye\'s explanation, the mussel was indeed innocent.

Four of them looked at one another helplessly. Tie Liu then continued to defend the team. \"The mussel is not the prime criminal of the case, but it not entirely innocent. After all, it killed three Senior Immortals and their three majestic beings.\"

Before he could finish his sentence, a shadow flashed before his eyes all of a sudden. There was a hard slap on his face.

He rose abruptly and attempted a swing at the shadow figure, intuitively. The shadow avoided his strike and teased him, \"How dare you hit me!\"

Tie Liu\'s face was still burning with pain due to the sudden strike. His cheeks were bruised, and his nose had turned purple. \"You started it first! I am only defending myself!\" He was enraged.

\"Yes, the same goes to the three Senior Immortals. Wasn\'t the mussel allowed to defend itself when they attacked it?\" Gu Xijiu answered him with an icy tone.

Tie Liu was at a loss for words, again.

Tie Zheng spoke up for him, \"Now that we know that the mussel is not the prime suspect, it is indeed our mistake for taking it in. Hereby, I would like to apologize to you. Can we let the incident pa.s.s?\"

Gu Xijiu did not seem to accept his apology. \"Do you really think that an apology is enough for the torments that you have put my majestic being through? Do you think that I am a fool?\"

\"What do you want, then?\"

Gu Xijiu flickered her fingers nonchalantly. \"Let Tie Liu undergo the same torments.\"

Tie Liu\'s jaw dropped in disbelief. Tie Zheng continued, \"Why do you have to argue a point to death, even when I have apologized? The mussel is only a majestic being. How can you compare it with a man?\"

\"In my eyes, it is even n.o.bler than any of you. I do care for my majestic being. If it is wronged in any way, I will definitely claim justice for all the suffering that it has been through.\"