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The Fantastic Super Vision

Chapter 87: Chapter 87

Published at 11th of July 2019 11:24:14 PM Chapter 87
Chapter 87 I Love You

\"Honey, I want to run away from home . \" Qingshui Yilian still responded w.a.n.g Feng in a few seconds .

\"Why? And why you choose to come to me?\"

\"Because my family is forcing me to go on blind dates . I really can\'t find anyone else for help, so I can only go to you . \" She replied and added a lot of poor expression .

\"s.h.i.+t . \" w.a.n.g Feng scolded, and then began to type again . Come to him? He didn\'t open a shelter .

\"I don\'t have time now . I go to work every day . You\'d better go to someone else . \" w.a.n.g Feng replied .

\"Honey, are you going to abandon me?\" She replied, and then added, \"My family had abandoned me, and even so will you! If you don\'t help me, I can only jump off a building . \" After these words were a lot of expressions of grievance and pity .

\"Is your brain sick?\" He replied, and then wanted to close the computer .

But at this time, he suddenly received a vision-phone from her .

Though feeling strange, he still accepted it . He had never seen this wife in the game, so he was a little curious .

He got through immediately . However, he didn\'t see a beautiful woman, but some very small people and cars, and the video was shaking, which was an indication that it was taken on the roof of a building .

d.a.m.n it! Did she really want to jump off a building? He was freaking out .

\"Now, you believe it? If you don\'t help me, I\'ll jump right off here and then you\'ll never see me again . \" Qingshui Yilian hung up the vision-phone and sent a message .

What she said this time convinced w.a.n.g Feng . Who would d.a.m.n to stand on the top of the building? Was she simply looking for death?

Although he had no feelings at all for this wife in the game, knowing that she really wanted to die, he couldn\'t bear it .

There was a saying: saving a life is better than building a seven-level paG.o.da . Although he was not a Buddha, he couldn\'t watch her die .

So in the end, he could only send a message back, \"Don\'t you really have n.o.body else to go to?\" He even added some puzzling expressions in the end of the sentence .

\"No . \" She replied quickly, with only one words .

\"Then why did you decide to come to me? Aren\'t you afraid that I\'m a bad person who abducts and sells women?\"

\"No, because you\'re my husband . I believe you . \" She replied . He could think of her playful face at the moment .

But at the thought that she might be an old woman, he still got s.h.i.+vering . He replied, \"I can let you come to me, but I can only help you look for a job . Don\'t want more!\"

\"Okay . Then, tell me your address . \" She texted anxiously .

He gave her his address eventually . But he just mentioned Zhu Hai City . As for the specific address, he wouldn\'t give it to her .

\"You live in Zhu Hai City?\" After receiving the message, she sent him several words as well as an exaggerated expression .

\"Is there a problem?\"

\"No, I live in Qiong Yao City next to Zhu Hai City . I didn\'t think we were so close . I\'ll come to Zhu Hai City right now . Wait for me!\"

Then, her QQ image quickly became gray . But just as w.a.n.g Feng was about to close the computer, her QQ image lit up again and she had sent a message .

\"You haven\'t told me your cell phone number yet . \"

Turning over his eyes, he also sent her his number, trying to be a completely good man .

\"Goodbye, honey . \" At the end of this sentence, there was a kiss expression . Then, her QQ image became dark and didn\'t light up again .

After a long sigh of relief, w.a.n.g Feng could finally close the computer . As for this wife in game, he quickly forgot about her .

She was just his wife in the game, not the real wife, so he didn\'t trust her . Now there were only two women who owned his trust . One was Sister Xue, and the other was Xia Xiaomei, who had had s.e.x with him .

Thinking of Xia Xiaomei, w.a.n.g Feng frowned . Though this woman said she wouldn\'t disturb his life, he couldn\'t conceal their relations.h.i.+p forever .

But he didn\'t know how to deal with this matter now . His heart was in turmoil .

\"w.a.n.g Feng, come out for breakfast . \" At this time, the sound of Bei Yunxue sounded outside the door, which warmed his heart .

Leaving all the bad emotions behind, he revealed a smile on his face .

The breakfast was very simple . It was only a bowl of soup . However, it didn\'t smell good, but with a kind of burning, mixed with a smell that w.a.n.g Feng couldn\'t recognize .

Confused, he looked at the soup on the table . There were several pieces of ribs in it, which were those cut by w.a.n.g Feng .

He could see the ribs were already fully cooked from their color . But the soup in the bowl was really terrible . It was black, looking like sewer sewage .

\"Taste it . I cooked it especially for you . \" At this time, Bei Yunxue uttered with great enthusiasm . She held her chin, and looked at w.a.n.g Feng eagerly .

Though he didn\'t want to drink the soup, it was what Sister Xue made for him after being busy all morning, so how could he have the heart to refuse her .

Picking up the spoon, he scooped up a spoon of soup, and slightly closed his eyes . In his heart, there was now a martyr\'s mood of taking death calmly .

Pus.h.i.+ng himself, he poured the soup in the spoon into his mouth . In the next second, his eyebrows became knitted, and then immediately spread out .

\"Sister Xue, I never thought you\'re so good at cooking . \" He praised with a smile on his face .

But at the same time, his stomach was rolling up uncontrollably . This was not a soup at all! It was salty, and contained a disgusting taste . It didn\'t taste like pork ribs .

He didn\'t know how she cooked the soup exactly .

But this was specially prepared for him, and even if it were poison, he wouldn\'t hesitate to drink it .

\"Is it really so delicious?\" Hearing his words, Bei Yunxue was amused . After all, this was her first time to cook . His praise was as sweet as honey for her .

\"Of course . \" He replied and then poured another spoonful of soup into his mouth .

\"Then, I\'ll try it . \" Bei Yunxue uttered, and poured a spoonful of soup into her mouth as well .

She moved so fast that it was too late for him to stop her .

Her face had been covered with joy—she naively thought that what she made was delicious— but when the spoonful of soup was put into her mouth, her face immediately became extremely strange .

A second later, she vomited out all the things in her mouth and cried, \"What the h.e.l.l is the soup? Why does it taste so bad?\"

\"No! I think it is delicious . \" w.a.n.g Feng said, still with a smile .

\"I\'m sorry . \" Knowing that what she made was so bad—it was even not food for people, she became a little sad at the moment .

But soon she seemed to think of something and spoke to him, \"You must spit out what you have drunk . \"

\"Why?\" He was stunned, and asked .

\"It\'s too disgusting . I think it\'s poisonous . Just spit it out . \" She was almost crying .

At this moment, she suddenly grabbed her hand and said lovingly, \"Sister Xue, no matter what you cook, I think it\'s the most delicious thing in the world . \"

\"You . . . \" His words moved her deeply, and tears began to fall from her eyes .

\"Spit it out . I\'m afraid this soup is really poisonous . \" She cried loudly .

\"Not to mention it\'s not poisonous, even if it is, I will not hesitate to drink it . \" He spoke in a very solemn voice .

\"Why are you so stupid?\"

\"I am not stupid . What I drank was not only a bowl of soup but also your kindness . \" He replied, regardless whether the soup was poisonous or not .

\"Why do you treat me so well?\" She suddenly fell in his arms and burst into tears .

\"You\'re my girlfriend . Of course, I want to be good to you . Don\'t cry . \" He hugged her and patted her on the back softly .

\"w.a.n.g Feng, I love you . \" In his arms, she shouted loudly . He revealed a happier face at the next moment .

After he comforted her for a long time, her cry was reduced, but her eyes were still a little red, which made him feel pity about her .

\"Sister Xue, you can\'t cry in front of me from now on . You look ugly when you cry . \" He scratched her nose and said .

\"If I become ugly, you will abandon me, right?\" She asked, with a tendency to cry out again .

\"How come? Even if you become an old woman, I won\'t abandon you . \" He once again held her in his arms with great tenderness .

The two were wallowing in their love . But at this moment, the door of their villa was opened . It was Tang Airou coming back . She looked very tired, as if she had stayed up all night again .

\"You . . . \" Seeing them holding together, she got surprised and pointed at them .

Seeing her best friend back, Bei Yunxue was also shocked . She got rid of w.a.n.g Feng\'s arms immediately .

\"Airou . \" She greeted Tang Airou .

\"Why are you two here?\" Suddenly, Tang Airou shouted out . Looking at each other, w.a.n.g Feng and Bei Yunxue didn\'t know why she would ask . This was their own home, and where else could they be? The street?

\"This is our home . Where else can we be?\" Bei Yunxue answered confusingly .

\"You went away secretly yesterday, and didn\'t answer my phone . I thought you were missing . Now all the police in Zhu Hai City are looking for you . Even the reward announcement has been posted . \" Tang Airou uttered, which shocked both w.a.n.g Feng and Bei Yunxue .

They just came home from the hospital after w.a.n.g Feng was recovered . How could it cause such a big influence?

\"My cell phone\'s battery died yesterday . \" w.a.n.g Feng told Tang Airou the truth .

\"So did mine . \" Bei Yunxue said with a bit red face . She seemed to be a little watchful too .