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The General Who Hates Me

Chapter 343: Chapter 346 - Sweat

May was about to cook food when she saw a very enticing scene outside. It was Riley who was busy with splitting woods with his axe that she would use for cooking. But that was not the enticing part… It was those sweat beads all over his bare chest as his muscles contracted everytime he would sway his arms to split the wood.

Riley was bathing in sweat that made May bite her lower lip as she murmured, \"So s.e.xy!\" It was as if there was a magnet pulling her to walk towards Riley.

\"Oh, I\'ll be done in a minute. Don\'t come near me. I\'m sticky,\" Riley said smiling.

\"Hmm, I like you this sticky… Yummy…\" she teased as she continued to walk toward Riley.

\"Huh?\" The only word that came out of Riley\'s opened mouth. He froze as May wiped his sweat on his face then followed by the encircling of her arms on his neck.

\"I smell bad…\" Riley muttered as his face reddened but May only ignored him as she leaned her body on his, brus.h.i.+ng his chest, making her s.h.i.+rt wet in his sweat.

She sniffed Riley but in a sensual way as she commented, \"Smells good enough for me. What bad are you saying? Your smell turns me on.\"

Riley gulped with how brazen his girlfriend was and it made him flushed hard. However, he too was turned on with May\'s body brus.h.i.+ng with his. He could feel  her soft mounds under her s.h.i.+rt.

It was too hard to control the urge so Riley ended up brus.h.i.+ng his lips too on May\'s soft and full lips. \"Oh we should get married soon or else I\'ll get crazy sometimes and take you,\" Riley whispered as he buried his face on May\'s neck after the kiss.

\'Dummy!\' his inner self screamed, scolding him for  mentioning the word marriage when he did not have a ring yet. He would want to buy May a Ring but the good shops were at the Capital City. He actually bought an available ring at town proper yesterday but he was not  sure if May would like it. He planned to give it to her tonight.

The cuddling was interrupted by the ringing of May\'s mobile phone in her pocket shorts. 

\"Go and pick it up. It could be an important call.\" Riley said as he gently pushed May away from him. May picked it up and answered seeing it was Keira who was calling.

\"h.e.l.lo?,\" May answered as she walked away from Riley who looked at her back.

Riley emitted a long  deep sigh. He wondered how long he could last by controlling himself towards May because he was already dying to take her at any moment!

\"Keira advised me to not go out in crowded places for the time being,\" May mumbled as she prepared the table for her and Riley. Keira called her to warn her about the possible attacks on other parts of Capital City.

Riley was watching the news on his mobile phone and heaved a long sigh. So many died in the explosions. \"Do you want us to stay some more in here? I think it will be safer…\" suggested Riley. They were supposed to go back at the Capital City tomorrow but he was doubting if they should  go back when there was a threat because Cobra also called him earlier regarding safety issues.

May paused and creased her forehead as she recalled her schedules for the following day before she answered, \"Yeah, we can still stay a little longer here since my next show is cancelled. I actually like the surroundings. I can concentrate more in writing my various recipes here. So yeah, let\'s stay longer.\"

Riley stood up and sat on the chair as May prepared the table. \"I will wash clothes. Give me your dirty clothes later.\" Riley said nonchalantly. May chuckled and said, \"I think I\'m the  one who should do the laundry.\"

\"But there\'s no laundry machine. You have to use hands…\" Riley whispered. He was sure May did not know how to wash clothes by hand, so he was worried.

\"So?\" May scoffed with crumpled face. \"I\'ll do it okay,\" she said as she sat in front of Riley.

Their vacation was doing well so far. Riley was able to go with his uncle to harvest various vegetables while May would watch in antic.i.p.ation. Agriculture was the main source of living in their hometown and he was happy that May seemed to be enjoying it as she accompanied him to the fields also.

After lunch, May pridefully proceeded to wash her clothes including Rileys. She looked at the containers helplessly and wondered if she should just use her feet in doing it.

Riley watched her, checking if she really knew what May was doing but as he expected, May did not know how to even start so he smiled and excitedly showed her how.

\"Use your hand like this… Rub those to the clothes,\" He said as he showed her everything.

May was playful and ended up placing bubbles of the soap on Riley\'s head while he was was.h.i.+ng clothes, which turned their was.h.i.+ng time into them chasing each other and playing with bubbles time.

The two were laughing so hard and all wet  when Riley\'s uncle arrived. He gave an invitation to Riley for his grandson\'s first birthday.

\"Oh we should by the baby a present. Let\'s go at town proper and you tour me. I\'m actually excited to see natural beauties that you\'re saying before,\" May bantered as soon as Riley\'s uncle left because she could not see those natural beauties during harvest as most women were old.

\"Even if you see one. In my  eyes you\'ll be the only one with a natural beauty.\" commented Riley in his sudden serious tone.

May blushed as she timidly smiled. Then she whispered, \"In my eyes you\'re the only one handsome\", followed by a wink and flying kiss.

Riley reddened once more. He loved how blunt and  brazen May was.


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