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The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)

Chapter 304: Vol 3 Chapter 143.2

Published at 11th of July 2019 05:34:43 PM Chapter 143.2

When I got to my room, it was indeed clean . It seemed they properly cleaned the rooms here . Not a speck of dirt could be seen in the room . But the room was small, and just the bed and a small table alone took over 70% of the room . The room also didn’t have the slightest bit of decoration .

Well, it is an inn town . I guess this is about what you’d expect for inns aimed at the general populace . If people are just traveling for work, then there probably aren’t many customers that stay here for two or more nights in a row . It somehow feels like a capsule hotel, but with how tight everything is, I actually don’t hate it .

…There’s nothing to see here in particular, so let’s go get some grub .


“Welcome! Umm, are you alone?” [Girl]

“Good evening . I’m staying at the inn on the other side . Here’s my food slip . ” [Ryouma]

“Gotcha . I’ll lead you to a suitable seat then~” [Girl]

When I went to the Terecy Restaurant, a cheerful girl led me to my seat . The place was packed and the voices of people laughing as they ate and drank liquor could be heard . The restaurant was big, being a two-story building, but the whole place was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the warmth of people .

It resembles the beer garden Serge-san brought me to before, but it’s a little cozier . Although there are people making merry, it feels more like families getting together .

“Sorry to keep you waiting~” [Girl]

The food comes out quickly too . This place seems to be well liked even by individuals .

Let’s dig in then .

“Itadakimasu . ” [Ryouma]

I took a mouthful of the thick soup that resembled a stew . The first thing I felt was warmth . It traveled from the top of my tongue to my throat, and all the way through the esophagus until my stomach, warming my body from its very core . My body might have been a lot colder than I’d thought .

There was a natural sweetness that oozed out from the well cooked vegetables and aroma from the herbs that erased the stench of the cut meat and gave a wild umami to the meat .

“…Delicious . ” [Ryouma]

Just one word leaked out of my mouth .

The bread was black and hard, but after dipping it into the soup, it softened and became edible . The fragrance of the wheat permeated the taste of the soup when I dipped it too . Also, with the bread around, that’s one more dish to fill my stomach on top of the soup .

The salad consisted of boiled leaf vegetables and red beans with dressing on top . There was a sweetness to the beans that complemented the moderate sourness from the lamon .

I quietly ate by myself, and eventually, my plate was completely empty .

“That was delicious…” [Ryouma]

With both my mind and my body warmed up, I think I can work hard again .

Now then…

“Excuse me . ” [Ryouma]

“Yes? Oh, done already?” [Girl]

“Yes . It was very delicious . ” [Ryouma]

As she cleaned up the plates, I went ahead and asked her .

‘I’m looking for a person called Pedro-san . Would you happen to know a person by that name?” [Ryouma]

“Hmm~ What kind of person is he?” [Girl]

According to the client, he’s supposed to be about 170cm tall and a bear man with brown hair for both his hair and his beard . His most defining trait is his ‘green nose’ .

When I told her that—

“Ahh! That man . ” [Girl]

“You know him?” [Ryouma]

“Just by face . ” [Girl]

“Do you remember when he last came here?” [Girl]

“Hmm~… I know he came here several times, but…” [Girl]

The girl became thoughtful . I quietly waited for her to finish thinking .

“…Ah!” [Girl]

“Did you remember!?” [ryouma]

“No, sorry . I can’t remember . ” [Girl]

“I see…” [Ryouma]”

“But he had people he often ate with . Those people might know . ” [Girl]

“Can you tell me where those people are staying?” [Ryouma]

“Sure, no problem . They’re situated here in this town, so I think you can meet them . They’re alllll the way on the other side of the road here . ” [Girl]

Looks like my information gathering is off to a good start!


“…Over here, huh . ” [Ryouma]

I followed the information I got from the Terecy Restaurant and looked for the people that often ate with Pedro-san . When I did, I found myself in a street with more room for the carriages than the pedestrians .

There were relatively large buildings lined up along the surroundings and there were people who looked like guards unloading cargo .

…Looks like this is a warehouse district of some sort .

Maybe it was Pedro-san’s friend who was recommended?

“Courier ‘Mountain Dog’… Ah, over there . ” [Ryouma]

In one block of the warehouse district was a large dog with sharp eyes . Or uh, maybe it’s a wolf? Whatever it was, there was a signboard with a picture of it sitting down .

“Excuse me . ” [Ryouma]

“Hmm? What is it, boy?” [Guard 1]

“You need something sent at a time like this?” [Guard 2]

After I introduced myself to the two people watching the gate, I asked them about my business .

“You’re looking for someone, huh? a.s.simo is definitely one of our employees, but…” [guard 1]

“He’s not here right now . He should be drinking at a bar somewhere . ” [guard 2]

“Would you happen to know which bar he’s at?” [Ryouma]

“Who knows? …Ah, wait a sec .  Hey, wasn’t someone supposed to take him out to drink today?” [Guard 1]

“Yeah, I remember he said something at the bulletin board… Right, wait a sec, Kid . I’ll go check . ” [Guard 2]

“Thank you very much . ” [Ryouma]

One of the men went inside .

“Still, it sure is rare for a person to go missing around here . ” [Guard 1]

“Is it really that strange?” [Ryouma]

“At most you only really get light accidents like some carriages b.u.mping into each other . We carry a lot of food supplies between Gimuru and Kereban, so we have a lot of carriages and couriers . If anything happens, we’ll quickly get word of it . Are you sure that guy called Pedro didn’t use a different road?” [Guard 1]

It’s possible . But from the information I have right now, all I know is that he normally uses the road here . I don’t have any other clues to follow right now .

“You sure have your work cut out for you, Boy . Well, do your best . ” [Guard 1]

“Hey, I figured it out . ” [Guard 2]

After getting information and being encouraged by the two guards watching the gate, I left the warehouse district .