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The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

Chapter 526: 526 Changbai Mountain's Savages

Following that, the police took them all away.

w.a.n.g Yougui and company did not lie. After all, not all of Boss Xiong\'s subordinates had turned r.e.t.a.r.ded or crazy. However the villagers selectively left out the strangeness of the drum tower and the monastery. Other than that, everything the villagers said was according to what had happened.

As the police took statements, they also learned of the reason why Boss Xiong and company had come up the mountain.

When they investigated Boss Xiong\'s past…

\"Chief, how do we handle this? One Finger Monastery seems quite odd in this matter. Should we get them to cooperate in the investigations?\"

\"Investigations? Abbot Fangzheng wasn\'t on the mountain when it happened. The only ones involved are a child, a monkey, a squirrel, and a wolf. Which one of them can give a statement that can be used as evidence or to answer your questions?\" retorted the chief.

The policeman had no answer. The child was too young, so according to the law his mental facilities were not fully developed. His words could not be used as evidence. As for the animals… The law had nothing to do with them.

\"About this matter…\"

\"Although there\'s something odd about this matter, these people deserve it. That Xiong guy has a whole list of crimes under his belt. If he hadn\'t turned into a r.e.t.a.r.d, he would probably be executed by a firing squad. But now he\'s probably suffering a situation worse than execution. None of his lackeys are any better. Just the things they have done make me want to execute them. Unfortunately their crimes are not enough for them to suffer the death penalty. Investigate each one of them and deal with them as you should. As for why they became like this, didn\'t the villagers tell us? For some baffling reason, they went mad from ma.s.s hysteria. Perhaps their guilt got to them, scaring them silly in the process,\" said the chief.

At that moment weeping screams sounded from outside. There was also someone wailing for milk or gra.s.s. It gave the chief a headache. \"Quickly get the people from the mental inst.i.tute to send people over and take these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds away! F**k, it creeps me out hearing them shout like that in the middle of the night.\"

Meanwhile in the mountains.

As the sky brightened, Fangzheng slowly opened his eyes and smiled. \"The weather is pretty good. Patrons, shall we depart?\"

\"Depart…\" We f**king aren\'t departed! Uncle Da, Mute, and Ying Zi cursed inwardly at the same time.

At that moment, Fangzheng suddenly jumped backwards.

Everyone simultaneously felt an ominous feeling.

They next saw Fangzheng turn around and run. \"Boars!\"

\"Venerable One, wait. What\'s there to be afraid of if it\'s only boars?\" exclaimed Ying Zi in a fl.u.s.ter.

Following that, she heard Uncle Da scream, \"Quickly run! They are wild boars!\"

Ying Zi turned her head when she heard him. She saw more than a dozen wild boars that seemed to weigh more than a hundred kilograms walk out from the woods. Their hooves were the ground as they grunted. Their husks were raised as though they were ready to launch an attack any moment.

Ying Zi and Uncle Da exchanged a glance as Mute ran off with Uncle Da on his back.

Ying Zi hurriedly ran after him when the wild boars began moving. However it was unknown why, but the boars actually failed to chase up to them. Perhaps it was because the wild boars were too huge or because the woods were not easily traversed.

Nonetheless, Mute and Ying Zi ran deeper and deeper into the mountains.

A wild boar looked at another wild boar. \"Boss, why do we listen to a monk?\"

\"Because we can\'t beat him!\" said the boar king in indignation. Then his eyes lit up. \"However, don\'t you find this fun?\"


\"Then cut the c.r.a.p. Drive them out. Oink! I want to stab them in the a** with my tusks!\" the boar king exclaimed excitedly.

After they ran off far away, a white-robed Fangzheng walked over and sat cross-legged in the camp. He ate his breakfast and listened to the birds chirping. He smiled in silence. \"If you like to deal harm to others so much, then have a taste of a package This Penniless Monk has prepared for you. Have a fun time in the mountains.\"

After finis.h.i.+ng his breakfast, Fangzheng stood up and left the mountain. When he entered One Finger Monastery, two policemen walked up to him and said, \"Abbot Fangzheng, while you were not around, something happened at your esteemed monastery. Let\'s talk about it over there.\"

The policemen gave Fangzheng a simple recount of what had happened the previous night in One Finger Monastery.

They had attempted to steal the bell and drum, even to the point of attempting to burn the monastery? Fangzheng immediately lost all his inhibitions towards Uncle Da and company when he heard that.

And with Xiong Benshu becoming a r.e.t.a.r.d, no one knew what Uncle Da and the other three had done. Therefore the police did not make the four of them suspects. However, the police still had to ask for an explanation, since Fangzheng was the only one out of the five who had entered the mountain.

Fangzheng did not lie about anything except for the fact that he didn\'t mention his divine powers.

\"Bear and wild boars? That luck of yours is heaven-defying,\" said a policeman with a sigh. Then the police immediately organized people to enter the mountains to seek them out.

Unfortunately Zhang Zi, Ying Zi, and company formed quite an experienced group when it came to mountains. Although Uncle Da was disabled, Mute had stunning stamina. He was still able to run at a blazing speed despite carrying Uncle Da. He was even faster when the litter of boars stabbed his a** with their tusks…

By the time the police entered the mountains, they had already run deep into the Mt. Tongtian mountain range. A few days later, they entered the primeval forest inside the Changbai mountain range. The police failed to find them at all. Even with helicopters, they could not see a thing due to the towering trees.

A few years later, a herb-picker encountered some savages deep in Changbai Mountain. The savages were actually living communally, and one of the savages was even crippled. Furthermore, these savages ran rather quickly. They always had a litter of boars chasing after them, and one of the savages was even chased by a bear. It scared the herb-picker so much that he did not dare appear.

Such rumors became more common as more time went by, but unfortunately the police always failed to find the savages when they entered Changbai Mountain…

However, it was also for this reason that Changbai Mountain attracted many tourists, as it added a mysterious flair to the mountains.

Only many years later did a white-robed monk enter Changbai Mountain to bring out the few weeping people. The moment they came out, they ran to the police station, wailing about confessing to their crimes and wanting to be imprisoned…

It left the police baffled, but after the police figured out their ident.i.ties and past, they did not hesitate to throw them into jail.

Most people would enter prison feeling as though their parents were dead, but these people had entered in joy like they were out shopping during the new year festivities. It left the policemen who were clueless about the truth dumbfounded. Indeed, there were all kinds of people in this day and age.

But that is a matter of the postscript. At this moment in time, Fangzheng was sitting under the bodhi tree, drinking his Frost Bamboo tea, and reading the scriptures. He was as carefree as he could be.

\"Master, aren\'t you angry?\" Monkey asked curiously as he sat beside Fangzheng.

Fangzheng smiled. \"Why should I be angry?\"

\"So many people were made into r.e.t.a.r.ds and mad men by us…\"

Fangzheng shook his head. \"Goodness will be rewarded, and vice will have an evil recompense. Who can blame others for the retribution that befalls them? Anyway, Jingzhen, why do you always sit like that?\" Fangzheng changed the topic of conversation.

Monkey scratched his head. \"Master, don\'t you always sit like that?\"

Monkey sat in an identical manner to Fangzheng.

Fangzheng shook his head helplessly. \"Jingzhen, why do you mimic me?\"

\"I wish to become an accomplished monk. If I don\'t learn from you, who should I learn from?\" returned Monkey with a question.

\"What is an accomplished monk to you?\"

\"Someone like Zen Master Hongyan. Wise and farsighted. Not compet.i.tive. As peaceful and harmonious as a Buddha. Carefree like Master…\"