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The Perverted Evil Cultivator

Chapter 128: 132 A Plan With No Gaurentee Of Success

Finally, after almost half an hour of asking questions non-stop, which Linxin spent another half an hour to answer along with the follow-up questions Meirong had, the elder who came from the Yim Plundering Sect finally began speaking about the real reason she came here for. 

\"Are you ready to go Linxin? It\'s time to enter the Yin Plundering Sect like you previously decided.\"

Hearing the question which she only hoped to hear, but now dreaded more than anything else Linxin didn\'t say anything and only gulped hard. 

Seeing this, Meirong\'s eyes narrowed a little as she understood that something was definitely wrong. 

Did she change her decision? 

Humph! Does she believe that her opinion is worth anything?

I\'ll just knock her out and...

With her thoughts being cut short with what happened next, Meirong hastily raised her hands to try and stop Linxin before she did something that everyone would end up regretting.

\"Stop! Whatever it is that you want, I\'m sure that we can discuss and find a way to satisfy it. Just.... Just don\'t kill yourself.\"

Yup, holding a knife against her throat Linxin looked towards Meirong with endless determination from having decided to go through with Bai Long\'s plan.

\"Calm down and tell me what you want. As long as it isn\'t completely unreasonable I\'m sure that even the Sect Matriarch would be willing to fulfilling your wish.\"

What use would be there in putting on a front and trying to seem she didn\'t care about Linxin\'s life?

Given how valuable the Matriarch considered Linxin\'s Const.i.tution, if she ended up doing something ring and didn\'t manage to take Linxin back with her Meirong wouldn\'t have a life to live anymore regardless of how far she ran anyway.

\"I... I don\'t want to part with my son!\"


\"You heard me. I don\'t want to part with my son, so I won\'t be joining the Yin Plundering Sect. Please leave!\"

Looking towards Linxin as if she was crazy, Meirong couldn\'t understand what had suddenly changed. 

A few years back she was more than willing to join the Yin Plundering Sect, so what changed? 

Just because her son turned out handsome and talented, she was choosing to stay with him over joining the Yin Plundering Sect?

The unrivalled overlord of the Xiao Dao Continent?

The f.u.c.k?!

What was so great about having a son? Strength and status are all that matter!

Didn\'t Linxin even know such a simple thing?

On second consideration Meirong saw that she couldn\'t spot the ambitious and cold look in Linxin\'s eyes which she had seen when she first met her.

In their place, there was overflowing love and concern towards that brat who stood behind her.

Raising a child could change a woman so much?

Shaking her head to not think of such things, Meirong honestly said, \"That is impossible. The Matriarch has already ordered for you to be brought into the Sect as an official member. You really have no choice other than joining.\"

\"So why not stop this and come with me? Even after you join the Sect you can come and visit your son whenever you want.\"

\"It\'s not like we are going to keep you locked up inside a dark room, Linxin.\"

\"Even if you chose to threaten me by using suicide and escape, the Sect will hunt you down to the ends of the continent.\"

Not saying anything for the next minute or so, Linxin\'s face was covered in sweat while her eyes kept on moving from side to side showing how nervous she was.

\"Then.... Then I want to bring my son along with me!\"

Unable to hold herself back, Meirong ended up shouting, \"Are you stupid? A man entering the Yin Plundering Sect? Have you.... Calm down... Calm down... We can talk this through.\"

Stopping her outburst in the middle from seeing a small stream of blood flowing down of Linxin\'s neck from her pressing the blade deeper, Meirong took a step back to let Linxin relax a little.

Once Linxin pulled the sword back and no longer had it cutting her neck, Meirong spoke as softly as possible.

\"No matter how you or I feel, it really is impossible for a man to enter the enter the Sect much less stay inside it with you.\"


Hastily adding the but because Linxin seemed ready to cut her throat, Meirong said, \"But, I\'ll ask the Sect Matriarch for her opinion so don\'t do anything stupid until then.\"

Saying so Meirong brought the Ring of Transmission on her finger close to her mouth and spoke into it to send the details of everything that happened to the Yin Plundering Sect\'s Matriarch.

Then, the Matriarch would make a decision on her own about what to do.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After sending the message, the three of them remained in the same place for quite a long time because the message needed to first be transmitted, received by the Sect Matriarch who\'d then make a decision, and finally send the details of what she decided back to Meirong.

Seeing all of this, Bai Long wasn\'t too surprised from seeing the existence of another Ring of Transmission and instead was anxious to learn of what the reply would be.

Bai Long\'s complete plan today was to take advantage of how much the Yin Plundering Sect valued Linxin, and use that to enter the Sect along with her.

Other than that, he truly had no other plan which even promised as much as 20% of success as this plan did.

Sure it was a completely unreliable plan with no guarantee of success, but this was the best plan Bai Long had.

After all, if he had a better plan he would\'ve used it instead of going with such a risky and uncertain plan.

Regardless of how much he thought about it, this was the only plan that Bai Long could come up with.

As for using something like the Drops of h.e.l.l to poison Meirong and then turn her into a Yin Puppet, it was completely unrealistic due to the lack of ingredients needed to make it strong enough to affect Qi n.o.bles like Meirong.

Not to mention a Qi n.o.ble, Bai Long didn\'t even have the materials to make a vial of the Drops of h.e.l.l which could affect a Qi Child.

If he did, would Bai Long really have bothered to spend such a long time in taking down the Zhu Empire when he could\'ve just poisoned Zhu Zemin and had Wenling take over the throne?

Gulping for the first time ever since he woke up in this body from the invisible pressure he was feeling due to the situation, Bai Long could only hope that this plan of his would work.