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The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 398: Chapter 394

Chapter 394: I Like Eating Little Fish (4)

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi

The light fell on Yu Gangan\'s face and she lit up brightly. With a smile, she said, “I\'ve always felt that Nanzhen Street has the best food. I will be returning to Baiyang City in a couple of days, do you want me to take you there for some good food?”

She originally thought the man would consider her attempt to take him home with her, but Fang Zhihan did not hesitate for a second before he replied, “OK.”

Yu Gangan swayed her body, suddenly moved her chair, and kissed Fang Zhihan on the cheek.

Fang Zhihan turned and looked at her and the woman immediately moved away, lowered her head and mumbled, “Eat. If you don\'t eat, the food will go cold.”

“Little Pervert.”

Yu Gangan raised her head and looked at him.

“Come closer.”

After she moved away, there was a fair distance between them.

Yu Gangan immediately moved her chair again and sat a little closer.

“Come closer,” Fang Zhihan said with dissatisfaction.

Yu Gangan moved a little closer again. All of a sudden, Fang Zhihan wrapped his arm around her and pulled her towards him. Yu Gangan stood up, twirled a little from the force, and sat down on Fang Zhihan\'s lap.

She looked at Fang Zhihan in surprise, subconsciously trying to stand back up.

But, as soon as she moved, Fang Zhihan held her down strongly and whispered beside her ear, “How can you tease me and leave?”

Fang Zhihan\'s arms circled her waist, forcing her to sit on his lap and lean into his embrace.

The reserved woman was so ashamed that she turned her head slightly to look at him. But, the handsome man leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

Yu Gangan couldn\'t remember how many times she had blushed.

The room was so warm that even her blood seemed to boil.

When Yu Gangan sat back in position, the redness spread to her ear.

In a shy and restrained manner, she grabbed some more food for Fang Zhihan, “Eat fish, eat fish.”

But, Fang Zhihan leaned into her ear and asked, “When can I eat the little fish beside me?”

Yu Gangan: “…”

Why did this meal taste so sweet?

The meal was so long, Fang Zhihan\'s a.s.sistant, Lin Sen, had to make excuses to enter the office several times. Yu Gangan sensed, in the man\'s gaze, he was trying to tell her to leave and not delay Fang Zhihan from his work.

After eating, she sat down to chat with Fang Zhihan a little, but Lin Sen entered again, “President Han, we should be going to the pharmaceutical factory now.”

Yu Gangan stood up, “Go ahead and work, I\'m going to leave.”

If she didn\'t leave, Woody was going to chase her away with a machete soon.

Fang Zhihan held onto Yu Gangan\'s hand, “Come with me.”

“Me? Come with you? Is that appropriate?” Yu Gangan asked.

Fang Zhihan nodded, “You can help me study a little.”

Yu Gangan: “…”

Jiang Corporation\'s pharmaceutical factories covered a broad range of drugs. They had antibiotics, chemically synthetic drugs, biochemical drugs, phytochemicals, raw material drugs, as well as Chinese medicine factories.

The one they were going to that day, was a Chinese medicine factory.

The Chinese medicine factory used traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and its production was based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and traditional techniques. The finished products included traditional Chinese patent medicines, tablets, granules, etc.

Since the raw materials of the Chinese medicine factory were agriculturally produced, apart from mildew prevention during storage, pest control was important.

The raw materials were extremely important.

Fang Zhihan took Yu Gangan around and arrived at the raw material warehouse.

The new batch of raw materials were being moved and Fang Zhihan casually opened a box to look at it.

Yu Gangan followed beside Fang Zhihan and habitually picked up some herbs to have a look…