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The Talentless Sect Master Chosen By The System

Chapter 147: Chapter 148: Unstoppable Momentum

I\'m already near my limit? Nightin asked himself when the spirit energy started to overflow, his body was already br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy and yet he feels that he can go further.

His spirit energy had already manifested within his body, the flames and wind had became part of his body, mind and even soul. The firestorm spirit energy covered each and every inch of his body, yet the feeling of emptiness still remains.

Just why is this happening? Nightin wasn\'t afraid of making a breakthrough anymore at this stage, it\'s more of him being unable to sense the Martial Emperor realm that made him worry.

Is it my innate talent or is it some other reason that\'s causing this bottleneck? Taking in a few deep breaths to ease off the tension acc.u.mulated in his muscles in the panic. He opens his Samsara eyes to detect the spirit energy in the air and realised that all the excess spirit energy was leaking out from his body.

With no one to give him an answer, he closes his eyes as he takes a trip down memory lane, maybe he can recall some important knowledge and derive an answer from there.

First linking back to when he heard about breaking through the Martial Emperor realm, he remembers the few criterias stated clearly on the book even up to this day.

Firstly, it\'s only possible to seek out the first gate when one\'s spirit energy is about seventy percent of the body\'s capacity limit. Ninety percent will bring about a Vibrant gate with special characteristics while the transcendent gate will require one to exceed the person\'s limit. I\'m definitely far beyond this stage, or do I have to push myself further for some reasons?

Secondly, one must ensure that their innate talent is strong enough, the longer one takes to find the first gate, the lower their chances to smash through it. At the age of hundred, it\'ll be impossible to find the gate ever again which is why while Martial Kings roam the streets, Martial Emperors appear few in numbers. The Firestorm const.i.tution coupled with my improved innate talent also exceeds the criteria as well, just what\'s it that\'s stopping me?

The law they cultivate must also at least be of the Half Ancestor realm at this point or the gate will not even budge. The conditions were strict and harsh, but none of them had ever mentioned in detail about the mystical gate, it\'s rumored that only those who see that gate can see the future of immortality.

d.a.m.n it! Just what is it that I\'m lacking at the moment!? Nightin felt at a loss, he couldn\'t sense the transcendent gate, he felt it slipping past him as he travels forward, all he can do right now is advance forward and seek the mystical gate, which even he doubts exist.

Suddenly at this moment, the fire and wind spirit energy in his body manifested into burst of slicing flames as about twenty percent more of spirit energy can be filled.

Nightin didn\'t know why, but this only happened because the firestorm spirit energy within his body had evolved and was ready for a dual process, they had made up their own mind by taking this risk as well, for failure means death.

This might be it. Nightin hurriedly absorbed the surrounding spirit energy without giving a regard to the weird sensation he was feeling, the feeling of someone preying on him as food or treasure.

With a explosion, the surrounding spirit energy were all being sucked into the vortex of the whirlpool, the soldiers fell back in shock while the True General Lionel was captivated by Nightin\'s Awe Inspiring cultivation method.

This must be it! He must be the chosen one! Lionel confirmed to himself deep within himself without any second doubts, a grin unexpectedly forming itself before his soldiers as he bellowed \"All soldiers present take heed, I hereby order for the top thousand among your batch to follow the ninth grade n.o.ble onto the battlefield!\"

\"But, General Lionel, he\'s just a youth around our age with lower cultivation base.\" One of the Elite soldiers says, reluctance on his face even though respect was present.

\"Elite solider, I believe that you aren\'t given the authority level to retort me. Very well, I\'ll take back this decision of mine and you can regret this decision of yours in the future.\"

The soldier replied with a disgruntled look \"Yes General.\" Stepping back into the crowd, he pats his chest and prayed \"Thank G.o.d I\'m not blind in following orders.\"

Unknown to him, he had just missed out on the turning point of his life. From now on, he\'s bound to be an average Elite soldier for life unless he encounters another of this chances.

In the meantime, Nightin saw the gate after a large amount of effort, his body felt bloated and his eyes were wide open. Guess this is what it means to exceed the limit twice in a row, haha.

Allowing the spirit energy to consume him freely while he closes his energy and enjoys their shower of concern, his strength was fully gathered in the Samsara sword as he walks up to the gate.

The gate was a mixture of three colours in a perfect 1:1:1 ratio, it was fire to wind to Samsara, that\'s what the colours represented and that\'s going to be his first gate of the nine.

But still, how will his fate and future cultivation path turn out when the enemy senses the danger in advance and attempts to kill him before he even develops any further.

As the saying goes \"This world never lacks geniuses, what this world lack are those demons who stands above all the demons with a clear distinct gap between them.\"

Without any hesitation, no concern about the future or reminiscent of his past. All he sees right now is his sword, Phoenix and Charlotte and the future him.

As the gate shatters apart, particles of energy surged into his body as the two spirit energy of flames and wind within his body took on the form of two gates linked together, the Samsara gate was on its own with a sword symbol at the front beneath them.

\"How dare you attempt to pry open the mystical gate which even I failed to open even after ten times of cultivating from scratch! Just you wait as I\'ll make sure to end your life before the great calamity or you\'ll pose a threat to my position!\" It was the voice of a man, mysterious yet creepy but full of confidence and gloomy energy.

Just like how a subject would react upon meeting its ruler, the Samsara gate was currently kneeling down to the gates of firestorm.

The runes broke apart as the Lionel looks at him in shock and asks the Elite soldier nearest to him \"Hey, are you absolutely sure that he was just at the early stage Martial King realm a few hours ago?\"

His tone was demanding and fierce, but the anxiousness and worry within his heart was growing stronger with every gulp of saliva swallowed.

The soldier stammered for a moment before answering \"Yes, Elite soldier Max swears on my life that whatever the army has just reported to you is true!\"

\"Step back.\" Lionel walks up to Nightin as he asks \"So, young n.o.ble, do you mind sharing your experience with this old general?\"

His tone sounded more amusing than commanding which baffled the soldiers here, but none of that matters because all he wants is the answer from Nightin himself.