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The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Chapter 222: Chapter 206 Part2

Translator: JiuJiuBa

Proofreader: G.o.dlyCash

Generally speaking, villagers were very kind to the summoned contractors.

If I wanted to collect the information, I could have done it any time, even if I lacked communication skills.

But the excessive enthusiasm from the villagers was stressful, so I deliberately avoided them.

I bitterly regretted my mistakes.

It would have been a great help if I could find the precursor of the abnormalities, or find the difference between the search this time and the previous one., does anything come to your mind?

[No, I have no idea. I guess the things came up from the bottom of the lake are the source, but haven\'t we examined the lake? We even examined the bottom of the lake carefully. And… uh,  warrior.]

“Yes, I know.”

I detected the enemies in the woods while was talking.

I didn\'t know the exact numbers, but they were numerous.

Once I engage them, I can\'t guarantee the safety of Sicia and Yata, who were frail at melee range. 

Rather than fighting against enemies while protecting two other people, I\'d like to rush out and fight outside the village.

Sicia and Yata were still trying to communicate with the other teams.

I don\'t like this sensation. 


[You only call me Ahoubuch in such a circ.u.mstance. You usually call me]

“Well then,”

[Yep. Holy sword Ahoubuch is present.]

I didn\'t have to draw, he unsheathed himself. was so excited about what\'s going to happen, he flew around the accommodation.

What a carefree guy.

Sicia and Yata stared at flying who abruptly appeared.

When this happened, I felt there was no need to give an exhaustive explanation for them.

“This sword will protect you. Stay alive and hold on. You\'d better not follow me.”

I said to while walking out of the door.

Do you understand? Can you do it?

[Of course. I am Warrior\'s weapon. I\'ll obey your orders without question, the ideas of good and evil are meaningless to me.]

He doesn\'t really seem like a sword at all.

I clicked my tongue unconsciously.

I even had doubts about myself.

I don\'t know who was complaining to who now.

“Mister! Where are you going alone?!”

Even though I saw Sicia running out of the accommodation, I didn\'t care.

They couldn\'t break through\'s defense.

This was for their protection.

The\'s mana capacity is more superior to mine and he can use aura freely. could fly at a speed close to the speed of sound and is unafraid of being hurt because he has various protection magic. 

Besides, he has good judgment and is calm. He can also freely use holy magic without any cost to perform various attacks.

Even I, couldn\'t easily break through his defenses and hurt the people he wanted to protect.

Out of the accommodation, I entered the street in the village.

I traversed the empty street.

I felt unsettled as I walked down the streets since I lack an understanding of the situation.

[Are you okay?]

Asked Seregia.

I don\'t know whether I should be grateful or contrite to the worries of the usually silent Seregia.

“I\'m fine.”

Seregia said nothing else.

Does she really think something terrible has happened to me?

“I\'m fine. Everything\'s ok.”

When I arrived at the end of the street which was the entrance to the village, I could see enemies clearly.

The enemy was approaching the forest from the lake.

I couldn\'t believe such adversaries were hidden beneath the lake.

The thick forest made it impossible for me to accurately a.s.sess the number of enemies, but it must be no less than a thousand.

The problem wasn\'t their numbers, but their strength.

These opponents were only half of my waist-high. 

They were short like Yata.

They looked like the combination of the dwarves I saw on the 20th floor and the demons I saw on the 30th floor.

Maybe I can call them dwarf demons.

They are short and had dark skin.

Each of them was exuding a strong presence.

The one who stood in front screamed out.


It was a scream I couldn\'t understand.

This he skills, Time before Babel, had the knowledge to translate the demon\'s language before.

The language that this skill couldn\'t translate were runes, the ancient language that was forgotten and the slang that only a few people used.

The guy who was saying something suddenly grabbed the collar of another guy beside him and threw him at me.

It was bizarre to see him flying at me like a shot put.

I immediately pulled out the Soul Sword and fired an aura.


With a strange noise, the dwarf demon who collided with aura fell to the ground.

Originally, I planned to use my aura to split the dwarf demon apart, but he stood up as if nothing had happened.

This guy was so tough.

Previously, my aura could cut everything apart.

Therefore, their defensive ability is at least on par with the Demon King.

Although I hoped that only a few of them could be as strong as that guy, they all looked exactly the same from the outside and all exuded a strong presence.

So it would be better to a.s.sume that they all have such a strong defense.

Even more so considering this was h.e.l.l difficulty of the tutorial,


The fallen dwarf demon shouted proudly.

Does this mean that he has grasped my level?

The remaining opposition all flooded the entrance of the village where I stood.

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