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Trial Of Love

Chapter 411: Chapter 413 - Do You Really Hate Him?

\"We need to find a way out of here,\" Elizabeth whispered to Jo after she regains conscious of recovering another piece of her memory.

\"Wait, Girlie, did you recall…\" Jo did not finish his words for it was obviously written on the girl\'s face that she has indeed recalled the place where to find Scott and hopefully the Professor as well. \"So, where too?\"

\"No, I can\'t tell you where we need to go but I need you to trust me…\" She explained seeing there were surrounded by people who were looking for Scott as well and she does not know if whether she can trust them or not. All she knows is that the place she is standing right now is the home where she and Scott use to spend their holiday away from the underground society business. However, since her memory of the past is still vivid, she didn\'t know if whether the people in front of her were people under Scott or people after him.

\"So, what\'s the plan?\" He asked in a moderate tone avoiding anyone from noticing them.

\"Let\'s continue roaming around the house, once you find an exit will find an opportunity to escape.\" She answered back quietly.

\"But, what about the mercenaries outside? How are we going to escape them? Didn\'t they say the place is current surrounded by them and your…\"

\"Hmm, then we have no choice but to fight our way out then.\" She spoke with a serious yet worried expression on her face. She has been with Jo for quite sometimes and has realized he is a good fighter but not a skilled one. She does not know how good his shooting skill is and survival skills as well. Her biggest concern is whether he can survive once they are on a battlefield.


Both of them went ahead and followed through Elizabeth\'s plans. Jo heads upstairs and checks the available open room while he snoops around to find clues for them to escape. Whilst he was checking each room, he couldn\'t help it but pause for a moment and be amazed by the picturesque image of the girl. Almost every wall corner was cover of her image but most of them were taken in a candid shoot. As if a third person took the photo seeing Scott was in most of them. It caused Jo to become more curious about who this third party could be?

\"Hmm, could this be the Professor\'s brat?\" He muttered out of curiosity.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was in one of the rooms where she was in a drift between her conscious and unconscious state. Seeing all the photos around have triggered so much locked memory of the past. Each photo\'s stories were playing repeatedly in her mind and was causing her to be in a drift of herself.

\"Professor, why is he here too?\"


\"Professor isn\'t he and Scott, not friends. So why is he here?\"

\"Liz, do you really hate him?\" Professor Petrovich looked at her with great curiosity and concern.

However, the girl kept the same distant and disturbed expression on her face as she responded, \"He is the old man\'s blood.\"

\"Well, me and Scott share the same blood with the old man, does that me you hate me too?\"

The girl\'s eye shock wide open, surprised by the man\'s question. She immediately shook her head and answered, \"Of course not, I\'ll never compare you to them, Professor. It\'s thanks to you that I get to see a little light in this pandora\'s life of mine.\"

\"Liz, are you really unhappy here?\"

\"Professor, I been here for almost half a year and yet you still ask me such a question. Professor, how can I be happy when I don\'t have freedom for my own life?\"

\"But Liz, with this life you are free from harm and you\'ll be able to enjoy all the luxury of the world.\"

\"Professor, please, don\'t compare me to those women who would die for such a life. I rather live a life or a servant than live a life of a princess…\"

\"Then be my servant then?\"

Elizabeth\'s brow knit together hearing the unwanted familiar voice. She turned around with a dark and displease look. \"I\'ll rather die than be your servant.\"

\"Then be my princess?\" He rebuked back.

\"H who would wish to be your bride?\"

Elizabeth was dumbfounded and taken aback by the boy\'s expression. She felt a strange sting seeing the solemn yet bitter smile on the boy\'s face. \"What wrong?\"

\"Nothing, they said; for every action there is always a consequence…\"


\"I just realize, I regret the action I took.\" He looked at her with a misty eye as he restrains himself from shedding a tear. He forces a smile on his face as he turned his attention to the old man. \"Hey, Black Jack, the old man is looking for you.\"

\"Why you, why do you keep calling me that you unfilial child.\"

Professor Petrovich went ahead to chase after the young man, he knew that he only did what he did and call for him for he was in pain at this moment. \"You brat! Come back here…\"

The girl was left pondering on her own as to why the look on the young man\'s face looked somehow familiar. The desperate expression an expression she vividly dreams of time to time.

\"Have we…\" She muttered

At this moment, a pinning pain was pressing to Elizabeth\'s mind.

A different memory played - she was on her knees, holding onto a small knife and a gun on the other hand. Splash of blood has painted her entire body. Her beautiful sapphire eyes looked lifeless as if she was a living puppet.

\"Liz, what happened?\" Scott came running who was covered in blood as well and the smell of gun powder was all over him.

The girl did not respond as she was occupied with the thought of what just happened. She just killed so many people and now everyone has been shouting and calling her a monster.

\"Liz, f*ck! Snap out of it! Get a hold of yourself!\" Scott continues to cry aloud and calls out for the girl yet she seems to have walked into limbo already.


Another voice came calling out for her name from a distance. As the owner of the voice came to picture, the girl looked up and smiled bitterly seeing the familiar face.

\"Is this enough?\" She spoke desperately as blood tears rolled down her face.

\"I-\" The young man couldn\'t utter any words as he looked surprised at the angelic girl who has turned into a demon.

\"What going on? What does she mean enough?\" Scott turned and grab hold of the young man by his collar as he shot a furious look at him. \"You *sshole what did the old man ask her to do?\"

\"In exchange for her freedom, a life…\"

\"What?\" Scott didn\'t let him explain as he punches him directly at his nose causing it to bleed. \"And yet, you let her…\"

\"No, let me explain…\"

However, Scott was already an exploding volcano and was on the point of no return. He was like a beast as he fought the young man hand to hand. They were both so skilled that it was hard to point out who would win.

\"Why must she suffer for?! Tell me, who is she to you?!\"

\"I can\'t tell you that, but the old man won\'t let her go, her life is not hers…\"

\"F*CK that again! Who gets to say it\'s not her life when she\'s been living it?\"

\"I do.\"

A chilling and eerie voice echoed causing the two to stop what they were doing and turned to where the voice came from whilst the girl immediately looked up in fright as she trembled in fear of seeing the person upfront.

\"I say what must be done…\"

\"Old man, f*ck you!\" Scott cursed the old man aloud shocking those around.

\"Hmm, you\'ve done well child.\"

The old man looked around and so the amount of dead body lying to waste. The smile on his face immediately disappeared and turned into a frowned as he looked displeased at the girl. \"Do you think I\'m a fool child? Don\'t ever expect to win your freedom. You shall never leave this place…\"


A shocked cry escapes Elizabeth\'s lips… She was soaked from all the sweat. She looked as if she just climbed out of a pool.  She couldn\'t disperse the terror and despair she was feeling. She was all shaken like a kitten frightened for its life. She swore the memory she just recovered was far the worse memory she ever regains and how she wished she did not recover such painful and dreadful memory. It was filled with death, hatred, blood and no life at all. Such memory should never be recovered…

\"Could this be why?\" Elizabeth mumbled as she wonders if the memory, she recovered the reason why the Professor removed her memory.