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Versatile Mage

Chapter 1134: 1131 Counterattack With Will!

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan was breathing heavily. He had clearly surpa.s.sed the limit of his lightning resistance once again. It was surprising how resilient and tough he was because of the useless Demon Element!

Covered in serious injuries, Mo Fan did feel like he was having trouble just moving a single finger. However, the demon blood in him was a lot more active. It was circulating quicker than usual, and even his heartbeat was faster than an ordinary person!

It felt like his heart was on the verge of exploding, yet his recovery was multiple times faster than usual right now.

It was the main reason why Mo Fan insisted on staying in the match. He could sense a strong self-recovery power coming from the demon blood!

It was reasonable when he thought about it. The demon blood did not come from the Demon Element, but the first time he demonized, he somehow resembled a demon wolf. The demon wolf was well known for its outstanding recuperative abilities. A demon wolf with a higher lineage could even recover quickly in the middle of a fight!

After lying on the ground for some time, Mo Fan could feel his strength recovering. His limbs were no longer feeble!

Mo Fan struggled to his feet. His hands waved about, trying to grab onto something to support himself.

\"Even though I really don\'t want to take advantage of your precarious position, you\'re putting me in quite a tricky position, since you insist on staying in the match! I have no choice but to eliminate you!\" A man suddenly showed up. His appearance was pretty bad; it looked like his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

\"I don\'t think I have met you before, friend?\" Mo Fan took a closer look at the man, and was quite surprised that he was totally unaware that the man was still in the match.

While Mo Fan was dueling Zorro, the remaining members of the Greek team and the English team had been knocked out, too. Those that were still in the match barely had any energy left. As such, Mo Fan was confused about where the man had come from!

\"I am a Psychic Mage! Who did you think the person that controlled the mind of your teammate was?\" the man with bulging eyes chuckled. It was obvious that he was a member of the Greek team.

The cunning man had been hiding all along!

\"Your cultivation is just average, I doubt you can control the mind of my teammate?\" Mo Fan said.

\"The Saintess\' Blessing was able to strengthen my Psychic Spell,\" the fish-eyed man said with a grin.

\"Saintess… so that\'s what you call that little b**ch,\" Mo Fan chuckled.

\"Don\'t you dare insult her!\" the fish-eyed man exclaimed hotly.

\"Calm down, don\'t tell me you\'re a knight or something too! The Parthenon Temple is really amusing,\" Mo Fan said.

\"A man with no belief like you will never understand the honor of the Mages that fight for the glory for the Parthenon Temple! You better not say anything sordid! Otherwise, I\'ll make sure you suffer greatly before you are disqualified from the match!\" the fish-eyed man stated in a serious voice.

\"You\'re such a hypocrite. It\'s obvious that your soul has been hooked away by that woman, yet you\'re acting like you\'re so righteous here. Just say it if you are secretly in love with her, it\'s nothing embarra.s.sing. A toad that doesn\'t l.u.s.t for a swan\'s meat isn\'t a good Greek!\" Mo Fan stabbed the man right through the heart with his words.

Any man had their own desires. Mo Fan believed that the man had an ambitious goal in mind, since he had been hiding all along. The fact that he referred to Asha\'ruiya as the Saintess clearly implied that she was the G.o.ddess in his heart.

Mita snapped coldly after hearing Mo Fan\'s accusation, \"It\'s called admiration and respect!\"

\"Seriously, why does every man of the Parthenon Temple have to pretend that you\'re the n.o.blest saint in the world? I wouldn\'t believe that you would still utter such respectful words instead of lunging at Asha\'ruiya like a mad hound if she was fully naked right in front of you,\" Mo Fan said.

The a.s.sistant judge frowned after hearing Mo Fan\'s disrespectful words. Why is this man\'s character a complete opposite of his capabilities? His words are something that a street punk would say!

\"I warned you...\" the fish-eyed Mita hissed darkly. He said word-by-word, \"If you dare say it again, you are soon going to beg for your death!\"

The man\'s eyes suddenly emitted an icy ray, aiming at Mo Fan\'s head. It was the Spiritual Sword able to target a person\'s Spiritual World, and even stab the person\'s soul!

Mita was completely infuriated by Mo Fan\'s words, so he was incredibly harsh with his attack. He was aiming to inflict incurable damage on Mo Fan\'s soul!

The a.s.sistant judge was hesitant, unsure if she should intervene.

Strictly speaking, she was not allowed to intervene, yet if she did not put a stop to it, Mo Fan\'s soul would receive serious damage!

This idiot, why did he bother provoking the man? Most Greeks cared more about the G.o.ddess and the Saintesses of the Parthenon Temple than their own integrity!

\"An angry person is more likely going to make a mistake. Focus!\" Mo Fan immediately activated the Focus Necklace on his neck. A dark blue glow covered him, protecting him from the Spiritual Sword!


The activation of the Focus Necklace not only protected Mo Fan, but it also strengthened Mo Fan\'s Spiritual Will!

Mo Fan\'s eyes emitted a silver glow, mysterious yet dangerous. Even though there was no sign of energy nearby, it felt like a strong tide had just rammed into Mita!

Mita was stunned. He could sense the overwhelming force summoned by his opponent\'s will, and it was even stronger than his own!

The force knocked Mita flying. The man was already at his limit, and stood no chance against Mo Fan\'s counterattack.

The fish-eyed Mita flew through the air and slammed into a cliff heavily, leaving a human-shaped dent on the st.u.r.dy wall.

His chest was sunken in. The barrier of the Ring of Venice was protecting him, yet he could feel that his organs had been jarred out of place from the impact. It felt like his bulging eyes were about to fall out at any second...

He glanced at Mo Fan. The man looked as if even the slightest breeze could topple him. Mita could not believe that Mo Fan still had a trick like that up in his sleeves, despite his injuries...

To his total disbelief, the destructive Mage had such powerful mental strength too!

\"The peak of the fourth-level...\" the a.s.sistant judge\'s jaw dropped.

Which Element was supposed to be this guy\'s primary Element? How was it possible that his s.p.a.ce Element was so strong too?

\"Hehe, sorry for keeping you waiting for so long; it seems like you ended up having to carry someone else instead,\" Mo Fan grinned at the beautiful a.s.sistant judge.


The tables had turned once again, leaving the crowd in a great uproar.

At the seats allocated to the Chinese team, Han Ji, Pang Lai, Feng Li, and the others almost broke out in tears of joy.

Watching Mo Fan was like riding a rollercoaster. The ride was supposed to be rising slowly, but it suddenly fell into a deep abyss, and before they could recover from the shock, it suddenly rose into the sky again!

\"That...that guy, he has the vitality of a c.o.c.kroach, but the heart of a wolf!\" Chairman Shao Zheng slowly sat back down. He was covered in cold sweat, yet he was incredibly pleased with the outcome!

Against a strong opponent like Zorro, Mo Fan had given all he had, even though the chance of him winning was so slim. Meanwhile, when he was facing a weak opponent like Mita, he still managed to remain calm and provoke his opponent before executing his counterattack. He held onto his s.p.a.ce Element until the very last moment!

Han Ji was utterly relieved, too.

He was confused why Mo Fan was not using his s.p.a.ce Element much despite the recent upgrade...

It turned out that Mo Fan had made the right choice by keeping it as a trump card. In the previous fight, even if Mo Fan had used his s.p.a.ce Element, it would not have made any difference, since the battle was too messy. Both Ai Jiangtu and Asha\'ruiya\'s s.p.a.ce Elements were not any weaker than Mo Fan\'s. If Mo Fan exposed it too early, the others would only be cautious of it.

As such, Mo Fan had preserved his s.p.a.ce Element just to use it as a trump card to turn the tables. It was brilliant!

\"Mo Fan\'s mental strength is outstanding, yet his s.p.a.ce Element is still too low-level. He can\'t even use Blink. As such, the others simply a.s.sumed that the s.p.a.ce Element was only a supportive Element for him. Perhaps the Greek team, who\'s known for their ability to collect information, isn\'t aware of his mental strength right now...\" Han Ji exclaimed.

Marvelous, Mo Fan\'s decision to keep the s.p.a.ce Element as a trump card was utterly brilliant. After taking out the Psychic Mage that was hiding in the dark, Asha\'ruiya was the only opponent left!


\"That idiot!\" Asha\'ruiya almost had an urge to vomit blood. She purposely sent… the man whom she did not even know the name of to eliminate Mo Fan, since he was already at his limit.

She did not really care who won the duel in the end, since the Psychic Mage could easily take either of them out.

Mo Fan was afraid of Psychic Mage, and so was Zorro. She would still win the match once the Psychic Mage took out the winner of the duel.

To her surprise, the man she did not know the name of was knocked out by the seriously injured Mo Fan instead. A Psychic Mage had lost to a destructive Mage! How did such an idiot end up as a member of the national team?

The Flying Creek Snow Wolf gradually grew stronger in the Ice Domain. He swung his claw and knocked the dark horse that the Dark Swordmaster was riding on flying. The dark horse slammed heavily into the wall nearby and vanished in a puff of black smoke...

Asha\'ruiya\'s Dark Swordmaster was incredibly strong, yet he had been fighting in the match for quite a long time. Meanwhile, Mo Fan had only Summoned the Flying Creek Snow Wolf recently. Not only was he full of energy, he was further strengthened by Mu Ningxue\'s Ice Domain. The Dark Swordmaster stood no chance against the Flying Creek Snow Wolf\'s fierce attacks!

\"Contract, descend!\"

Asha\'ruiya knew her Summoned Beast would soon be eliminated by the Flying Creek Snow Wolf. She decisively retrieved the dark energy of the Summoned creature.

The dark energy flowed out of the Dark Swordmaster\'s armor like a gaseous substance. The swordsman in black armor soon vanished. The empty armor fell to the ground and dissolved into a puddle of black liquid...

The formidable, dark energy shrouded Asha\'ruiya, s.h.i.+elding her from the icy storm. The dark aura slowly turned into armor wrapping around Asha\'ruiya\'s figure.

A long, thin sword appeared out of nowhere, and Asha\'ruiya grabbed it with her right hand. A silver mask covered her glamorous face, she soon bore the icy aura of a soldier, ready to face death!