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Versatile Mage

Chapter 572: 572 Nice Fronting

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

After dinner, the group followed Zhou Ming to the outer walls.

She was a.s.signed to the corner of the walls northwest of the city. The number of undead here was not as high as the number of undead at the front, hence it was more suitable for students to train and climb the rankings.

The group followed Zhou Ming to her spot. The place nearby was a residential area consisting of mostly small old houses. Looking down from a great height, one could see streets covering the entire area, splitting the area into four equal squares like pieces of tofu.

Zhou Ming\'s spot was the intersection between the west walls and the north walls. The walls were wide, with roads along the top. They could easily drive a few vehicles parallel to one another on the walls.

The walls were perfectly straight, too. Standing at the corner and glancing in any direction, the walls simply felt like a highway, with dense residential buildings on one side continuing into the distance.

The walls were very long too, with no visible end in the distance. One could simply see the two lines of lights growing denser, until they disappeared into the darkness.

During night time, the walls were guarded by groups of Magicians. Occasionally, the glows from spells would flare in the dark, like fireworks exploding in the sky, followed by loud blasts on the ground, where flesh and blood were splattered in the dark.

\"This is the corner guard tower. The other students should be inside,\" Zhou Ming led the group to the building.

The guard tower was constructed right at the intersection between the walls. It was most likely used for rest and replenishment. An observation tower was built at the top of the place, with a Heavenly Eagle Battlemage on duty. The white Heavenly Eagle was sitting at the top of the observation tower with its wings withdrawn, but its sharp eyes were fixed on the darkness.

As they entered the guard tower, they could see people walking around. The crowd consisted of Magicians from the Magic a.s.sociations, Hunters, Battlemages, Trainees, Students… It simply felt like a small supply station, with stalls selling medicine, Equipment, and fresh loot.

After weaving through the crowd, Zhou Ming led the group to another room.

A few people were seated in the room. One could easily tell they were from the Inst.i.tute from their outfits. They even had their school badges pinned to their chests.

Every Inst.i.tute had their own badges, and the color of the badges usually reflected the Element School the students were in. On top of that, the lines on the badges indicated their levels.

Similarly to the badges, the Magic a.s.sociation, Hunter Union, and the military also had badges to indicate their people\'s ident.i.ties and levels. It was essential for Magicians to team up, be it for completing quests or missions. Most people would wear the badges on their chests so people could easily see them.

Zhou Ming was wearing her school badge all along. The badge had the shape of a flame, implying that she was an Intermediate Fire Magician. The two lines at the middle meant her Fire Element Nebula was level two, thus showing that she was a level-two Intermediate Fire Magician.

Zhou Ming was curious to see Mo Fan\'s badge at dinner, yet the guy was not wearing anything. She had no choice but to inspect his cultivation instead.

Mo Fan had discovered that most people in the city would wear their badge, as if there was some kind of rule.

As Zhou Ming was about to introduce the others to her cla.s.smates, when an unfriendly voice spoke.

\"Those without badges should leave at once. Unauthorized personnels are not allowed here!\" The person speaking was a slightly plump young man sitting in the middle. He was fairly well-clothed, wearing an obviously proud look.

\"Senior Jiang Li, they are my cla.s.smates back in high school. They are all Magicians. They have come here to help me with my duty,\" Zhou Ming said to the plump young man quickly.

\"Tell them to wear their badges then; the Magic a.s.sociation wants everyone to strictly follow the rules, otherwise we\'ll be scolded by their people,\" interjected a handsome man wearing a scarf.

Mu Bai was well aware of the rules around here. He glanced at w.a.n.g Pangzi and Zhao Kunsan and said, \"Did you bring your badges?\"

The two quickly took out their badges and pinned them on their chests.

They were both Basic Magicians, thus their badges were clearly different from the others.

The guy called Jiang Li frowned and said, \"Our team is heading outside the walls tonight. You have to be at least Intermediate Magicians. Are you two planning to feed the undead tonight?\"

Zhao Kunsan and w.a.n.g Pangzi blushed after hearing the words, and were clueless about whether they should stay or leave.

\"It\'s fine, you two will support us close to the walls, we\'ll take over when we\'re heading out,\" said Mu Bai to the two.

\"Alright, sure,\" Zhao Kunsan nodded.

After allocating the two\'s job, the student called Jiang Li did not comment any further. He was just about to withdraw his unsatisfied gaze when he caught a glimpse of Mo Fan, who still had not put on his badge. He immediately glared at Mo Fan and said, \"Didn\'t you hear what I said, are you deaf? Do you think it\'s fun outside the walls?\"

Zhou Ming quickly interrupted before Jiang Li could finish, before giving Mo Fan an apologetic smile.

\"Your friend isn\'t friendly at all,\" Mo Fan smiled indifferently, and simply took out a badge from his pocket.

Since Mo Fan only needed to wear the badge to prove his ident.i.ty, he was not arrogant enough to take all four of his badges out. He randomly picked one and pulled it out, which turned out to be the Shadow Element\'s badge.

\"Second-level Intermediate Magician? So you\'re good.\" The handsome student seemed fairly easy-going, saying that with a smile.

\"He\'s the representative of the new students of Pearl Inst.i.tute!\" Zhou Ming added.

\"The representative of new students from Pearl Inst.i.tute is only a second-level Intermediate Magician? Guess that\'s the standard of Pearl Inst.i.tute,\" mocked Jiang Li, who showed no respect to Mo Fan\'s second-level Shadow Element.

\"Alright, that\'s enough. We should wait until we receive our orders. They should be arriving any time now,\" said a man in his thirties wearing a Hunter\'s badge.

The man seemed to be the captain of the team consisting of students, as they would need a fairly experienced person to give them guidance when dealing with the undead.


w.a.n.g Pangzi came up to Mo Fan and whispered, \"Mo Fan, please don\'t scare me like that; your supporting Element, the Shadow Element is already level two in the Intermediate Level. Does that mean your two main Elements...\" 

\"They are slightly higher,\" Mo Fan answered w.a.n.g Pangzi\'s question honestly.

w.a.n.g Pangzi was left dumbfounded!

However, he soon wore an evil grin and said, \"Zhou Ming\'s senior is being too full of himself. When you show him your true strength… hehehehe, taking out the badge of your supporting Element, Mo Fan, you\'re truly an expert, nice fronting!\"

\"I wasn\'t fronting, I simply picked one...\"

\"Tsk tsk, simply picked one...\"

\"Alright, I do feel like I\'ve overdone it...\"

\"It\'s fine, you do have the right to do so!\"